Discussion on Project Safety Management Account Management Content

Abstract strengthen water conservancy construction projects for basic safety management, security management accounting project introduced the main content.
Paper Keywords: safety, safety management accounting project management include: the basic situation of project accounting, subcontracting team management accounting, equipment management accounting, construction design and construction program important single project accounting, safe use of special funds accounting, security check ledger, ledger safety education, safety technical disclosure accounting, contingency plans and exercises accounting, security assessment and reward and punishment 10 sub-ledger accounting, safe production responsibility at the core of the safety management compilation system, production safety target management and implementation responsibility exploded two compilation compilation, totaling 12 content.
First, the basic situation of project accounting include project name, type, structure type, total construction contract cost, the main contract date, the owner, design, surveying, supervision unit name and contact name, phone, open the contract completion date, contract security objectives , temporary construction facilities, personnel and equipment entering the time, the business model, project main roster, contract completion time, equipment personnel exit time, set up temporary removal time.
Related Information: The above documents and evidence related to the original or a copy, store department, custodians, and other staff roster.
Second, sub-teams include subcontractor management accounting, professional subcontracting team name, responsible person, qualified situation (qualification category, level, the certificate number), safety production license, three types of personnel certified registered, the work undertaken content , contract date, contract advance and retreat field time, the number of actual arrival time, comes with the device, the three education time, pay security deposit cases, the actual exit time, this job evaluation.
Related Information: qualification certificates, safety production license, certificate copy three categories, personnel roster, subcontracts and security management agreement and so on.
Third, the device management accounting including device names, specifications, station number, manufacturer, date of manufacture equipment, equipment sources (such as its own, lease, sub-teams bring their own, etc.), operator name and ID, the arrival time, three acceptance time, inspection conclusion, the use of inspection period, the maintenance, the exit time.
Related Information: The operator copies of documents, equipment three inspection table, periodic safety inspection records. There should also be special equipment inspection inspection data.
Fourth, the construction organization design and construction program important single project accounting unit project preparation stage include general supervision engineer or approved by the quality supervision department, division, sub-items (unit) engineering division table, important divisions, sub-item (cell) Engineering an acknowledgment of the important equipment and facilities. Such as: excavation and precipitation, cofferdam and diversion, blasting, demolition, external scaffolding, crane, people and goods lift, gantry and Tic-Tac-frame, lifting 30 meters above the high-altitude operations and the like. Implementation node schedule, programming, review, approval date, technical tests, the implementation of the actual time, actual end time, the implementation of supervision and inspection records.
Related Information: Statistics of important programs to recognize, after the program, technical tests, the book, the implementation of supervision and inspection records, the facility completed three inspection records, inspection records on a regular basis, operating personnel documents, copies of certificates of qualification of the construction team.
Fifth, security including special funds to use accounting to determine the safety of the project started as soon as the special funds use plan, the total amount, representing the proportion of the workload, plan to use the site or purchase account, per month usage plan. Monthly usage registration form. Info: To purchase copies of invoices.
Six, including regular safety checks ledger, daily, seasonal, holiday and special security checks summary tables. Time various types of inspections, the participants, check the site, check the contents, discovered accidents (quantitative description), responsible rectification, rectification period, review people, review time, review the conclusion whether to close the case.
Related Information: safety inspection record card, hidden rectification notice, review records, penalty records.
Seven, including the full safety education safety education accounting records, new workers, reorientation staff, new staff entering the three education records, special operations personnel holder and education records. There is safety summary education records, education records of each record card. Detailed records of education time, place, class education, speaker, educational content, signatory of education per person. As exam exam papers, registration score after marking.
Related Information: team personnel roster (including name, gender, age, home address, ID number, type of work, engaged in this type of work time, approach time, exit time, operating permits and number, etc.), team personnel education registration form, education records, papers and so on.
Eight, including safety technical disclosure accounting part of the project, and each of the various types of machinery and equipment operating safety technical tests, the book. Detailed records of tests, time, place, tests, people, tests, content, tests, per person to be a signature.
Nine, including contingency plans and exercises accounting hazard identification carried out after the project started, evaluation, large and major hazards list, according to a list prepared contingency plans, the details of each plan for the exercise recording.
Ten, safety assessment and reward and punishment including monthly assessment of the situation of accounting records: the assessment period, assessment people were evaluation subjects, assessment content, assessment conclusion, handling of records. Project is based on incentive record company documents: the man is rewarded, rewards reasons reward amount, approval procedures. Safety penalty records: be punished, the punishment reason, according to, penalties, personal signature, approval procedures.
Eleven, the safety management system including safety production responsibility system assembler (including all departments and all positions), safety production target management system, safety assessment of rewards and penalties, safety inspection system, safety education and training system, safety technology system, security system to extract funds , safety evaluation system, accidental injury insurance system, mechanical equipment management systems, protective equipment management system, team system safety activities, civil construction management system, casualty management system, construction site emergency rescue plan and other relevant safety management system Total 16 . Construction site also includes various types of technical operation and safety of each machinery safety procedures.
Twelve, safe production management by objectives and responsibilities of decomposition compilation including project implementation unit of production safety management organization network, the project full roster, the company and subsidiaries, branch offices and security objectives responsibility project department, project department and each subcontractor Security units have signed letters of responsibility goals, project managers and project the department, each work area team, goal signed letters of responsibility for key management personnel, the project department safety objectives, safety objectives responsibility assessment regulations and assessment records.
Conclusion project safety management accounting content of a lot of very rich, it is the main content of the basic management of production safety work, but not all, content. Basic safety management work also includes the contents of a safety culture, security, rule of law, security, science and technology. The establishment and use of project safety management accounting, the project can be based on engineering practice, enrich and improve project safety management accounting, to play a greater role in guiding.

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