Analysis of results and the reasons rural reconstruction in Guizhou

Abstract: Rural reconstruction is a major livelihood projects, is an important measure to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, building a new socialist countryside. Guizhou as the country's first pilot provinces, rural reconstruction and the country's first comprehensive rural reconstruction of pilot provinces, effective measures, with remarkable results, this article discusses.
Paper Keywords: rural reconstruction, the effectiveness of the effectiveness of the measures, Guizhou, a rural reconstruction in Guizhou achieved (a) of the masses has been significantly improved housing conditions. Implementation of rural reconstruction in Guizhou poverty alleviation through institutional and solve basic minimum living guarantee poor people on a major initiative to solve the basic living conditions of the masses. Since 2008 the implementation of rural reconstruction 'households pilot', by the end of 2010, the province has accumulated 601,700 rural reconstruction, for the majority of farmers to solve the 'Housing' problem, make their living environment greatly changed. As Qianbei houses, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong houses, Shiban Fang Buyi Guiyang, Bijie Prefecture apartments for the elderly and other rural reconstruction point, into a road beautiful landscape. Farmers not only live in a new house, he said goodbye to break down the wall gallery, rickety thatched cottages, walls room, realized grandparents unthinkable 'dream move' and spend the environmental cleaning of daily necessities of life level has been improved, so that 'development for the people, development depends on the people, the fruits of development shared by the people,' the goal.
(Ii) village appearance has changed fundamentally. Guizhou rural reconstruction process, through the strengthening of village environmental remediation and water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure construction, rural 'road difficult, difficult to drink water, unpleasant taste' or even mixed and livestock situation is significantly changed, showing rural construction 'trapped by the security of their home, Home Lucke industry, the industry Hing their village,' the new look. Rural communities have emerged one by one modern, conventional single family lifestyle is quietly changed. Huaxi District of Guiyang City as slew tribute party Wuxiang village, after the implementation of reconstruction projects __________________________
About the Author: Wu ten days, Ethnology and Sociology teacher Guizhou Institute for Nationalities, research direction: rural issues and national culture; Wang Weihong, Ethnology and Sociology teacher Guizhou Institute for Nationalities, research direction: Rural work management; Chen Yanan, Guizhou Institute of Ethnology and Sociology, Ethnology postgraduates.
Village appearance look, people spontaneously raise funds to build a 'drink from the source Pavilion', kiosks and contained the inscription said:. 'Renovation of dilapidated buildings livelihood security, the whole village to promote feelings of the people rich party people today, Houde Huimin get new homes'; Liping Tsui Yung Jia County township, after 106 Miao and renovated dilapidated buildings, the villagers put on their holiday best, singing and dancing, with the Miao dance party thank kindness. Ideas of the masses, lifestyle also changed greatly, building a better home enthusiasm, they enthusiastic about public welfare, protect public facilities, pay attention to public health, to develop a healthy and civilized lifestyle and positive spirit, Rural social security improved markedly.
(C) become more coordinated urban and rural development. Rural reconstruction project is coordinated urban and rural development, promote effective carrier building a moderately prosperous society. Guizhou provincial government attaches great importance to the reconstruction project with a combination of industrial restructuring, promote industrial restructuring through village renovation and promoting the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. Xingnong Wei, the provincial Water Resources Department, the Provincial Forestry Department and other departments, also combined with rural reconstruction project made a detailed industrial planning, integration of reconstruction funds to help people to develop breeding industry. Huaxi District of Guiyang City, the introduction of such merchants transfer of land contiguous planting more than 100 acres of watermelon, led reconstruction techniques while working side door; Dafang County, the introduction of small businesses led Zhunxiang talc village reconstruction households planted 800 acres of prickly pear; Meitan, Yuqing other places in the implementation of the reconstruction of the supporting industries for the masses to do the planning, integration of resources to help poor people in developing industries. In short, across the province, especially the poor people in areas of the east through rural reconstruction, develop characteristic agriculture and rural tourism, rural industrial structure adjustment, more coordinated urban and rural development.
(Iv) promote farmers' income, expanding domestic demand and promoting the development of new achievements. The implementation of the province's rural reconstruction, bringing employment opportunities, a large number of migrant workers trained directly into the reconstruction, the effective expand employment, promote farmers' income. At the same time, through the implementation of rural reconstruction in Guizhou, direct investment over ten billion yuan, driven more indirect investment, effectively stimulating the development of construction, building materials and other related industries, promote the home appliances, furniture and other household goods sales, expanding the rural investment and consumption, mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to develop the economy, to stimulate the vitality of rural economic development and become a new growth point of urban and rural economic development. In addition, as mentioned above, but also across the province to rural reconstruction as an opportunity to local conditions to develop tourism agriculture, rural tourism, special planting and breeding industries, rural industrial structure has been further adjustment, continue to broaden the channels for farmers' income.
(V) Rural closer ties between the party, the party in power in the rural areas to further consolidate the foundation. The construction of housing is the people's life events and even a few generations, the implementation of rural reconstruction, it is to the masses 'Housing' the desire to become a reality, the loving care of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council into people's well-being. In order to practice the party's purpose, cadres and care for the people, with a sense of spirit and a strong sense of responsibility, race against time, motivation to fight, fight will make every effort to put into rural reconstruction, helping them solve practical difficulties and problems, close up ties between the party and masses relations and promote social harmony and stability in rural areas, has been the wholehearted support of the masses, the party in power in the rural areas to further consolidate the foundation, a strong impetus to the study and practice the scientific concept of development to the depth and breadth. Rural reconstruction project has become an unprecedented public projects that benefit.
Second, rural reconstruction in Guizhou achieve results mainly rural reconstruction is an unprecedented engineering innovation, there is no ready-made experience, we must proceed from reality, despite the difficulties. In this regard, Guizhou Party and government departments at all levels and cadres and the masses bold practice, and actively explore and take a series of effective measures.
First, strengthen leadership, establish and improve the responsibility system. Guizhou provincial government attaches great importance to the work of rural reconstruction, as the party and government at all levels will be the 'number one' project. This is done :( a) to establish a strong leadership. Provincial, municipal, county and township were set up by the party and government leaders responsible for rural reconstruction project leading group and working body, formed up and down through efficient operation, strong organizational leadership step by step implementation of catch; (b) establish and improve the responsibility system. Promulgated the 'Interim Measures for the construction and management of rural reconstruction project in Guizhou Province,' and so on, provincial, municipal, county and township (town), village government leaders signed their letters of responsibility at all levels, the formation of 'overall responsibility for provincial and municipal negative management responsibility, bear the main responsibility for the county, township directly responsible, the village bear particular responsibility 'responsibility system and the' layers of accountability, the responsibility to implement the cadres, the parties work together to catch rebuild 'a powerful work force; and (iii) the establishment of improve the supervision system. The development of 'Guizhou Province rural reconstruction project party and government leaders accountable approach' to establish incentive mechanism, improve quality, funding, assessment and management system, the formation of an effective supervision mechanism; (iv) the establishment of rural reconstruction point of contact system, the the province more than 200 departments and units responsible for the province slice designated 88 counties (cities, districts) of rural reconstruction-related work, to accelerate implementation of the project.
Secondly, innovative mechanisms, integration of resources. Guizhou large number of dilapidated buildings in rural areas, involving disadvantaged groups and more capital investment is the key to innovation, and effectively address the shortfall. To this end, the provincial government has taken the following approach: First, innovative financing mechanisms. Focus on co-ordination arrangements, more channels to raise funds, in accordance with the 'channel chaos, toward the same overall arrangement, bundled, each note its power,' the idea to take the 'peasant self-based, supplemented by central and local government subsidies, Bank credit and social donations and other channels to raise 'approach, solve financial problems of rural reconstruction; the second is the integration mechanism innovation projects. Provincial government gives county governments to co-ordinate and integrate the right to bundle the rights-related projects and funding, poor rural housing reconstruction, village renovation, village greening projects and incorporating the use of funds, the formation of 'a number of channels the water, a water pond, a faucet turn on the water, 'the integration mechanism, focus investment in rural reconstruction; Third innovation support mechanisms. Take the relative concentration of personnel, materials, multi-raising and other measures, the effective integration of human and material resources, focus their efforts on implementation. At the same time, fully mobilize the whole society to participate actively to encourage and support the party and government organs, enterprises, institutions, people's organizations and community donations, helping their counterparts.
Again, highlight the 'two most' whole. In the reconstruction process, Guizhou adhere to the countryside 'housing the most dangerous, the most dangerous people in financial difficulties' as the most important transformation, centralized resource, priority transformation. For two years, the province's total transformation of the 'two most' dangerous 244,000, accounting for 94.25% of the total has been transformed. At the same time, bold innovation, integration of resources, focus investment, overall progress to resolve outstanding issues supplies, technical guidance and other aspects to improve the overall efficiency of reconstruction. Guiyang City as the 'whole city to promote', 10 counties (cities, districts) carry out a comprehensive renovation of dilapidated buildings in the city, increase capital investment, improve propulsive strength, only a year to fully complete the task of rural reconstruction in the province He played a 'walk in the forefront, do exemplary' role. In addition, the province's 18 counties (cities, districts) to carry out 'the whole county to promote' reform, of which 11 counties to fully complete the task, for the renovation of dilapidated buildings to explore new ways of accumulated experience, we played a demonstration effect.
Fourth, good job, 'Four - Combination', expand the overall effect. Rural reconstruction is a systematic project involving a wide range, with the overall interests of the peasant masses, the long-term interests are closely related. To this end, the Guizhou provincial government from urban and rural development, promote new rural construction of a strategic height, the rural reconstruction in conjunction with the following aspects :( a) and village environmental remediation combined. Through repair village roads, solve the sewage drainage and garbage disposal, water supply facilities and other supporting measures to make rural living environment and improve the quality of life of farmers and improved; (ii) and industrial restructuring combined. The ultimate goal of implementation of the reconstruction is to make a better life for the masses, Guizhou adhere to the rural reconstruction and rural industrial structure adjustment and optimization and long-term development of the combination of conditions and resources guide around the bit advantages binding region, according to local conditions, the development of eco-leisure tourism , sightseeing agriculture, special planting and breeding industries, broaden the sources of income to help farmers increase their income; (iii) the national culture and local characteristics combined. Guide farmers to build with local culture and national characteristics of housing, construction of infrastructure facilities, rich cultural characteristics of the village.
Fifth, adhere to fair, just and open principles, to ensure the smooth progress of the rural reconstruction. The farmers are the main reconstruction and mobilize and rely on the masses, so that people are satisfied, it is the fundamental requirement of the rural reconstruction work. To make this work truly reflect the fair, just and open, the Guizhou provincial government requirements for Party and government departments at all levels and strive to do: First, we must rebuild public policy transparency. From the ideological mobilization started, much speaks to the masses in the form of multi-channel policy, so that policies and regulations, and standard public subsidy objects, so that they understand and master the basic policies to eliminate psychological dependence, and give full play to their initiative and creativity; second, transparent review system public. The development of 'rural dangerous Guizhou Province Interim Evaluation Standards', to 'my application - Mass Recommended - Panel Review - needed publicity - village audit - review township - county approval - municipal filing' process to determine a reasonable transformation of objects, ensure review open and transparent process, to eliminate the phenomenon of gifted affectionate friends, so that reconstruction work has been recognized by the masses; Third, we must adhere to quality as the core. Development of rural reconstruction project construction management, technical guidance and acceptance measures, in accordance with the 'Who acceptance, who is responsible for' the principle of strict building inspection and acceptance of responsibility and room filing system, the implementation of total quality supervision and management, and truly rural reconstruction a 'safe room', 'satisfaction room'.
For this reason, rural reconstruction work in Guizhou has moved forward, forming a unique 'Guizhou mode.' Its successful experience, was identified in the nationwide promotion Central Housing and Urban-Rural Construction.

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