On the FC-TCR type SVC project design and construction

Abstract: FC + TCR type SVC project what effect the quality and construction of a great relationship. Only in engineering design, engineering procurement selection, construction of three technical aspects of the project site, and communicate with the owners and supervision of personnel involved in the project management and other aspects of the division, everything, the whole project can be successfully completed, the entire project put into operation before we can achieve desired effect.
Paper Keywords: FC + TCR type SVC, design, engineering procurement, site construction, project management, reactive power compensation increasingly important role in the power system on. Necessary for power system reactive power compensation, can stabilize the grid voltage, improve power factor, reduce losses and improve transmission capacity, balanced three-phase power, the system provides voltage support, improve system security. In recent years, with the continuous development of modern industry and the power industry, from the power transmission is growing and increasing system capacity, industrial users of power quality requirements are also increasing. However, widespread use of power electronic devices business, especially in recent years the existence of the application and impact load of large power thyristor device such that the power supply system power factor is low, voltage fluctuations increase. Thus, in terms of improving the transmission capacity of the transmission grid, reduce losses, improve system stability, improve the quality of power supply or from the point of view, we need a large number of installed reactive power compensation device. From the current situation, SVC technique is already quite mature and have achieved a wide range of engineering applications, and in the country has a large number of successful project implementation. In common SVC type in FC + TCR type SVC accounted for a large share.
1. FC + TCR type SVC basic principles of its principle is as follows:
Site construction
TCR type static var compensation device (SVC) filter branch by the FC and TCR device component. FC bins quantitative capacitive reactive power, while absorbing load harmonic currents and harmonic currents produced TCR; TCR device uses phase-shift trigger controlled reactor input voltage, thereby controlling the TCR current and reactive power.
2. FC + TCR type SVC design 2.1 overall design cost TCR SVC means a considerable proportion, thus reducing the capacity of the reactor in order to reduce the cost of compensation device is important. TCR fundamental current and harmonic components and reactance values and phase shift control function has a complex relationship between the angle, if excessively low reactance value of reactor, harmonic current will increases, the adverse impact on the grid will increase.
According to the compensation system to the total rated power, power factor, run time maximum load, power factor, bus voltage harmonic content of each period, the analysis need to eliminate harmonic frequencies, but also calculate the corresponding maximum inductive reactive capacity and Minimum inductive reactive capacity, thereby fix FC capacity and TCR capacity.
2.2 civil engineering design this is the entire periphery of the construction project the first step is the most basic step, if there is a problem period will be greatly extended. First, according to the owners of the premises, consider layout scheme. Because generally applied within the substation, the venue is not very loose, to meet the operational safety situation, give full consideration to maintenance needs and area minimization principles.
Civil duration usually within one to two weeks, then two weeks later in order to carry out installation and construction. Generally do first electrically grounded foundation, buried iron certain place, in strict accordance with the production and casting engineering requirements.
Usually in the design should pay attention to the following aspects:
(1) from the center of each buried iron must be controlled within one centimeter. Re-design of the reactors on the drawing preferably 6 leg design, to avoid 3 legs program will phase in the construction of one hundred and eighty degrees.
(2) In the design phase control reactor concrete base must be taken into account when coordinated with the wall bushing position, avoid wiring installation support live wire end to the difficulties.
(3) In the design phase control reactor zone bus busbar support base, pay attention to the location and size of each pitch phased reactor connection phase coordination. In particular, consider supporting insulator and the lead position with a conductive aluminum row stagger.
(4) In the design valve cabinet room, you must pay attention to the door of sizes have sufficient margin to make the thyristor valve cabinet security upright into the interior. Indoor cable channel Note waterproof, height should be slightly higher than outdoors.
(5) in the design of each support column (including isolation knife support column, bus busbar support columns, etc.), you should consider mutual position, avoid installing conductive aluminum row when the distance is too long or difficult to install.
(6) Design TCR or FC fence, if the use of iron materials must be noted that the fence should not be completely closed to prevent the induced current circulation phenomenon.
(7) Note that the entire project area around the cable to consider cable channel direction.
2.3 Electrical design electrical design to reliability, practicality, economy according to design principles. It every step of the design directly affect the project cost of procurement, installation and commissioning as well as maintenance costs. Electrical design should pay attention to the following aspects:
(1) when the power cable is designed to fully take into account the safety and economy, choose the appropriate model.
(2) In the design of the communication cable when fully consider the number of cable cores have a spare, and the model as far as possible not to be too much, otherwise difficult to purchase and install.
(3) in the design of various electrical equipment connected with a conductive aluminum row, pay attention to surrounding equipment and safety distance.
(4) In drawing electrical equipment in time must be clearly marked and identified consistent with the actual device.
3. Results Engineering Procurement Engineering Procurement choice will directly affect the subsequent construction and commissioning is smooth, and the size of the equipment maintenance costs has a direct relationship. Equipment quality must be strictly.
(1) reactor, capacitor purchase requirements prior to the completion of civil works design drawings for the entire capacitors, reactors have a rough idea of the market. When you purchase a capacitor, the best harvest enough equipment, easy installation, reducing assembly debugging time. After the reactor manufacturers identified certain aspects of the design drawings in understanding good communication, and easy desoldering welding firm nodes must avoid transit damage or desoldering.
(2) valve cabinets and thyristor valve cabinet sourcing procurement requirements, they must consider adequate electrical safety distance, there is sufficient strength of rings, there is a large enough space to be able to facilitate wiring and maintenance. Thyristor purchase, it must require manufacturers to parameters similar thyristor packet delivery, reduce assembly time.
(3) isolation knives and other items of procurement requirements in the procurement of isolation knife when taking into account if the device is used in a conductive aluminum row, then the choice of aluminum isolation knife better. If the copper isolation knife, requires the use of copper and aluminum adapter plate connections. The conductive row selection when it comes to aluminum row more economical, but it must take full account of its hardness, sectional whether national standards. Mounting screws require detailed consideration models and materials in reactors connection, the need for the use of stainless steel screws, other general local high-quality galvanized screws satisfied. Project needs a small amount of silver paint, number hoop, cable outlet pipe, can choose to buy locally.
4 project site construction site construction project, including civil construction, electrical installation, electrical commissioning three major time periods.
(1) must be installed in strict civil construction civil construction design drawings for construction, to minimize errors, buried iron must be placed in place, housing construction windows and doors as much as possible to meet the design dimensions. We can not pre-embedded pipe burying ground and other unified hardening after the completion.
(2) the electrical installation that period is longer. Reactor installation time, relatively simple, pay attention to lifting safety. Mount capacitor equipment, the best equipment manufacturers to send technicians to guide installation. Note that fit between the devices. Isolation knife debugging more negative miscellaneous, experienced personnel must carefully debugging. When connected with a conductive aluminum row of each device in a safe, beautiful prevail. Prohibit installation appears unreasonable aluminum row shaking span is too big and so on.
(3) Electrical Test before commissioning good control, protection and control cabinets, and then debug communications, definitely better with the Party during commissioning and superior protection devices to coordinate. Power debugging on a device, to be in charge of experienced engineers.
5 other in construction and is sure to encounter this kind of problems, communication with the owners and project supervision is essential. Pragmatic principles of harmony, flexibility.
On staffing, business negotiation, civil and electrical design drawings, engineering procurement, on-site installation guidance and coordination, system design and debugging ,, every aspect of the person responsible for the overall co-ordination project manager. Each participant must understand the progress of the construction period, the basic situation of the project, a summary of the day site personnel, the company headquarters staff involved in the project schedule by segment are summarized.
6 Summary With economic development, the need for more investment in reactive power compensation equipment. Many engineering and technical personnel to join the SVC project. The author has participated in and presided over many FC + TCR type SVC projects. From a technical aspect, coordination, personnel management, roughly talked about some experiences related projects. From the current situation, SVG is not under very mature, grasp the implementation of relevant knowledge FC + TCR type SVC projects necessary.

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