Organizational behavior research horizons in commercial chain simple analysis of corporate social responsibility

Abstract: This paper studies organizational behavior from the perspective of research and analysis of corporate social responsibility issues, mainly with organizational behavior research activities of social issues and the role of perceptual organization and the interaction between the environment and other specific aspects of the chain in social responsibility, fulfill their social obligations and other aspects of the necessity and implementation approach to explore a chain of commercial enterprises in the new rural construction, the rural surplus labor force, environmental protection, community relations building sense of social responsibility.

Keywords: Organizational Behavior Chain Corporate Social Responsibility

Domestic research overview

From the basic concept of social responsibility, the current proposed social responsibility covers a wide range of content, whether corporate social criteria for what should be the issue, domestic academic Many scholars have mentioned SA8000 standard system, Zhang Wenxian (2008) , Zheng Qifu (2008) have proposed that China should SA8000 modeled develop in line with China's national conditions of corporate social responsibility standards, from legislation to promote the construction of corporate social responsibility. Zhang, Chun-Lei Liu (2008) argued that the concept of corporate social responsibility for knowledge to combine with the business activities are closely related to the special social responsibility to carry out, they believe, a special social responsibility Corporate social responsibility is the most central part. LI Qiu-hua (2008) confers on our corporate social responsibility with a new significance that building a harmonious society in the context of corporate social responsibility will help to fulfill a number of different levels from promoting harmonious development of society. Questions about the ways of social responsibility, some domestic researchers are given a variety of ideas, green marketing, charity events, green logistics and so become a concrete manifestation of social responsibility of the content, Miao Wei DPRK, Wu Xiaoyi (2009) proposed the establishment of a clearer scientific community Responsibility rating system, and that corporate social responsibility will be the construction of green logistics positive impact. Zhang Wenxian (2008) believes that the social responsibility evaluation should include financial indicators, cultural indicators, welfare indicators and market indicators such diverse evaluation papers to write.

Commercial chain enterprises is a special form of economic entities, with their own unique mode of operation, is currently in the high-speed growth, the emergence of chain business makes the combination of commercial enterprises and society is not limited to a few cities, but also through continuous The enclosure expansion and extension services, directly deep into the rural areas, the rural and urban consumption activities, production activities through the chain business tightly linked, for the majority of rural social life produced a series of significant impact. Meanwhile, the study field of organizational behavior will help the business and social environment between the basic use of behavioral science theories and methods to further understanding and clear in order to further explore the importance of corporate social responsibility, as ways to fulfill major issues, based on this, this paper mainly around the commercial chain of corporate social responsibility to use the basic organizational behavior research methods and research perspective for analysis.

Commercial chain definition of corporate social responsibility

Organizational behavior theory is that organizational behavior must pay attention to environmental constraints, organizational change and development is inseparable from the role of environmental constraints and decisions, so choose what kind of organizational behavior both by the organization to uphold the values ​​of the impact of more stringent restricted in the environment of the organization's requirements. In this sense, commercial chain enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility that is required for their own development, but also social development. For commercial chain concept of corporate social responsibility, it is first necessary to clarify the definition of social responsibility, according to Carroll's view, 'corporate social responsibility encompasses economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility and the freedom to decide responsibilities'; country The definition now scholars have made more consistent understanding is generally believed that the so-called social responsibility 'is a broad sense of the code of ethics, is an enterprise seeking to maximize profits at the same time, the entire production process in the negative Some maintain and promote the interests of society's responsibility and obligation. ' The definition given is based on ethical perspective, perspective view from the study of organizational behavior, corporate social responsibility is essentially a business based on the results of a particular sense of interaction with the environment and behavioral responses. Therefore, this article attempts to give from the perspective of organizational behavior on the definition of corporate social responsibility: the so-called corporate social responsibility refers to itself as a business based on the role of the social role of awareness and sense of responsibility, according to the special nature of their environment, focus on the sustainable development of enterprises, based on improving the organization members and the quality of work life of members of society caused by a series of behavioral responses.

(A) Corporate social role

From the perspective of organizational behavior, organizational behavior and organization of all the roles of self awareness of a great relationship. Role of cognitive activities are perceived as an important perceptual performance, which reflects the perception of the body for the specific role of the basic cognitive status. Usually we think that the roles and responsibilities, behaviors are interrelated, closely linked, as shown in Figure 1: From the perspective of the role of cognitive, role in the perception of social activities is not just some sort of identity representative body, the body also requires perception clear that capacity must bear responsibility, and have a sense of responsibility and specific behavior patterns and associated put into action. This is the role perception of the basic requirements. Therefore, enterprises in the social activities we must first define their social role played by what? Pinpoint their position in the social activities, analysis of society gives such a social role what kind of role responsibilities, and on this basis to clarify their role behavior.

(Two) the particularity of corporate social responsibility chain

Chain particularity of corporate social responsibility is mainly reflected in the main characteristic, that is, chain enterprises own particularity. Generally, commercial chain enterprises and traditional commercial enterprises comparison, has the following distinctive features: First, its business model contagion. This business model, determine the chain of business enterprises for the social life of the penetration depth and breadth. Followed by a chain of commercial enterprise unified distribution system. Such uniform distribution makes the logistics and transport costs are significantly reduced, in connection both rural and urban, and residents of the table fields on this point shorten the transport distance, making the delivery of reducing agricultural cycle and improve the efficiency of agricultural production and farmers become possible. Finally, the commercial chain enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises. This current increase the employment rate and improve the central region of the absorptive capacity of the labor force, especially for a large number of rural surplus labor force to absorb great significance. Therefore, the chain of commercial enterprises can take advantage of these features to their full range of service to the community, to fulfill their social responsibilities.

(Three) chain of the core values ​​of corporate social responsibility

Importance of organizational behavior research requires organizations to change and development, and social responsibility to fulfill organizational change and development is a major influencing factors, to establish the correct concept of social responsibility, it establishes the correct concept of change and development, and corporate the direction of change and development. How to establish the core values ​​of corporate social responsibility is a measure of an important aspect of cognition.

Based on the above analysis, I believe that the current enterprise value to the overall work of the quality of life as the core values ​​of corporate social responsibility. The so-called quality of work life values, originated in Britain and other countries, mainly refers to the relationship between employees and businesses aimed at improving, to improve productivity and employee satisfaction guidelines and management philosophy, the author proposed the concept of the overall quality of working life is relative to the front only for employees and business relations are concerned, and refers to the emphasis on the relationship between employees and the company will further extend the vision on the basis of social life, which is emphasized in the development of enterprise and change not only the importance of internal employee satisfaction, greater emphasis should be members of society outside the enterprise satisfaction with the role of a responsible member of society the image to meet the various needs of society and improve the quality of life of social work. Since commercial chain enterprises and social life from very close, to the community is also very clear demonstration effect, chain commercial enterprises in particular. I believe that the chain of the forms of business enterprise with its own characteristics, to perform a comprehensive quality of working life as the core values ​​of social responsibility will be more socially practical significance.

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chain business corporate social responsibility specific content and implementation approach

Chain business corporate social responsibility implementation approach, shown in Figure 2.

(A) actively building good community relations, enhance corporate image

Community, whether it is the city's communities, neighborhoods or rural areas or towns, is a lot of chain of service objects, is also an important customer groups ghetto, building good community relations and conduct aggressive public relations campaign, there is enough on improving corporate image. Supermarkets and chain stores, can be organized to participate in community safety and security, the establishment of public interest organizations, lives of the poor and other activities to promote positive social values ​​and the behavior of public order and good morals. Also note that the supermarket chain business stationed in the community, not only bring high quality low price of goods and services, will bring some negative effects. According to some foreign research institutions to Wal-Mart as an example of research shows that the development of large supermarket chains, on the one hand makes it easier and more abundant goods and services into consumers' lives, but also because the supermarket squeeze, leading to the supermarket around the original rely on a large number of small-scale sale of daily living convenience store closed down shops and residents, it has also become part of the population unemployed, living in straitened circumstances. Therefore, the development of community supermarket, but also pay attention to this phenomenon, the initiative through the implementation of re-employment assistance work to make more detailed and in-depth community responsibilities.

(Two) play channel advantages, the development of agricultural Green Logistics

The product has a unified chain of commercial distribution system, network operators and can penetrate into urban and rural areas, can use such channels to actively develop green logistics system of agricultural products, through sophisticated planning, centralized purchasing, a lot of direct procurement of agricultural products, including grain, vegetables and agricultural by-products and deep processing of agricultural products, the urban residents of the table, basket and farmers fields linked both through scheduling production to ensure the supply of agricultural products, low-cost, high-quality, but also can improve rural agricultural marketing some information channels bottlenecks, as soon as possible to help farmers achieve sales, improve agricultural productivity.

(Three) to absorb surplus rural labor, services, new rural construction

There is a large number of surplus rural labor force in recent years, as China's eastern and western regions of the income gap is reduced, the original flow to the large number of rural labor force in eastern choose to stay in the local employment, but the central and western regions the proportion of tertiary industry generally low, unable to stay in the local migrant workers to provide a large number of jobs, so that these migrant workers are unemployed, the formation of new employment problems are more likely to affect social stability.

The typical commercial chain enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises, can provide a lot of jobs. Therefore, enterprises in the rural market expansion process, pay attention to the rural surplus labor force through training, on the one hand to improve their quality of labor, so that they can adapt to the needs of modern business management, but also by providing jobs and solve the hidden rural areas unemployment problem, therefore, supermarket chains into the rural areas, not only promote the development of local commodity markets and prosperity for our country's reform and practice of building a new countryside has great significance.

(Four) promote environmental protection concepts, their environmental responsibilities

No matter what type of business must focus on the construction of two types of society to develop their own, the same duty commercial chain enterprises. Enterprises in itself does not ensure the discharge of untreated to the environment 'three wastes', you can also use their own outlets, penetrate deep and wide contact surface characteristics to promote environmental awareness to the community concept, through business premises (supermarket or store) the layout of the environment, waste recycling, packaging materials use, etc. to convey to consumers the concept of green consumption and environmental awareness, and actively participate in community environmental conservation activities, and actively publicize and promote environmental protection concepts and behavior.

Summary above, the rise of chain business is our business development of tertiary industry as an important symbol, but also brought about the chain of corporate social responsibility thinking, the author in this article only the perspective of organizational behavior theory chain particularities and built on the basis of this characteristic of social responsibility were discussed, trying to organize sustainable development from the perspective of the significance of social responsibility, there are many questions have not been covered and in-depth discussion, pending future research further expansion.


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