Port Economic Development Strategy and Regional Economy

Abstract: The port is driven by the core strategy of regional economic development resources harbor with its convenient location as a hub of foreign exchange, based on its unique resources to promote regional industrial structure upgrading and optimization, with its concentration, diffusion effects drive to promote regional economic development.

Keywords: port economy, regional economy, optimization strategy papers downloaded from the incoming port economy is transportation, industrial zones, trade, tourism and other related industries composed of a small economy, a significant transport cost, strong liquidity, export-oriented features such as the Asian "tigers", the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta and other rapid development of regional economy, have shown the port economy in its huge contribution to economic development and motivation.

First, the economic effects described first port, harbor area, low transportation cost is the biggest lure to attract business factors. Convenient port transportation and cargo-scale flow of international trade enterprises to become one of the factors of choice, attracting a large number of foreign investment, and promote the public infrastructure and population employment, construction and economic development into the area of ​​positive interaction. Secondly, the port logistics economy on regional economic integration effect. ports not only provide cargo handling, transshipment and warehousing and other logistics services, you can also use its information communications and information networks, providing users with the necessary market information and decision-making information. Moreover, inter-district economic aggregate, strengthen regional integration. ports in the region to achieve industrial advantages, reduce industry costs, resulting in a huge aggregation effect, strengthening of regional integration. Finally, the port multiplier effect of investment in the economy and global effects. ports directly promote economic certainty infrastructure development in the region In addition, the data show port production management and other related industries and indirectly induced economic contribution 1:5, providing employment ratio is 1:9.

Second, the port economy model processing - for example to the southern coastal city of Port quantitative research promotion effect on the regional economy, we have certain coastal provinces port throughput using linear regression functions and GDP expressed and regression simulation to establish the following econometric Model:

The letters represent the following:

Y - the coastal province's GDP GDP, used to measure the province's regional economic development;

X - the coastal province province port throughput, the port used to measure the economic development of the province;

c2 - port throughput for the average GDP impact,, u is a random error.

According to a province in 2000 to 2011, the province's GDP and port throughput to collate relevant data obtained in Table 2-l:

Table 2-1 (Y units of one hundred million yuan, X units of one thousand tons)

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Table 3-1 into the software Eviews OLS estimation, test results and reasonable. After eviews aided analysis, we get the following model:
Y = 0.04420114036 * X +1073. 272641
[36.13056] [3.076984]
(0.0000) (0.0105)

Where [] are t-values ​​() within the P-value

R ^ 2 = 0.990884 F = 1305.417
The economic significance of the model could be interpreted as: the province's port throughput growth of 1%, the province's average GDP growth of 4.42%. 3-1 can also be seen from the figure, the original data and the fitted data fitting is relatively good, between the two variables involved in the calculations can be approximated by a linear fit, that we can use the original regression model, whereby Description: Through this port economy is about 1: 4 between the multiplier Regional Economic play a multiplier effect.

Third, the regional economic integration strategy to optimize the port economy although the reform and opening up, China's port economy effectively promote the national economy overall hair tie, but its geographical coverage and level of development is still insufficient, and its comprehensive service functions relatively weak economic effects range of radiation is still a large potential for development, international transit hub is not solid enough, and even more from Japan, Korea and other foreign ports stimulate competition in the context of economic globalization, optimizing port economic development, and promote regional economic upgrade never seems particularly important.

3.1 to develop port industrial base, the economic development of the hinterland of the port construction as an effective support to the port hinterland economy of large capacity, high throughput characteristics as the fulcrum, the formation of complementary advantages, ecological coexistence, such as Japan's "three Bay a sea "is a success story.

3.2 Construction of regional coordination set of sparse traffic network system. Around the port economic transportation advantages, focus their efforts on improving areas within the railway, highway and aviation construction, forming a port as a starting point to highways and railways as the backbone to provincial trunk highways, rural roads to complement the amphibious complementary, comprehensive, convenient transportation port transportation network, give full play to the port in the flow, logistics and transport in the main channel.

3.3 round opening for institutional innovation, effective integration of resources, the implementation of port policy. Freeport policy for port development has brought a lot of transit cargo ships and containers.


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