Binhai New Area foundation for the development of strategic emerging industries and spatiotemporal coupling

Abstract: In this paper, the Binhai New Area development of strategic emerging industries environment, infrastructure and benefits analysis, the district development strategy of strategic emerging industries, timing and route choice for long-term planning and regional development regional strategic choice has important reference value.

Keywords: Binhai New Area, strategic and emerging industries, development of basic, spatial and temporal coupling

With the central accelerate the development of new energy, new materials, bio-medicine, environmental protection, electric vehicles, information industry, new generation of mobile communications and network convergence industry and other strategic emerging industries to further clarify, the Binhai New Area, the development of strategic emerging industries welcome to a new opportunity, but also the Binhai New Area to meet the international industrial transfer trend, accelerating economic and technological change, to seize the commanding heights of future technology, enhance the comprehensive strength, improve production efficiency and people's living standards, and achieve sustained and rapid economic and social development of New inevitable choice. correct analysis of the development of Binhai New Area on the basis of strategic emerging industries and advantages, strategic emerging industries to determine District priorities and goals, deal with strategic emerging industries and development space at the mercy of timing arrangements, Binhai New Area will be the development of strategic emerging industry, the key to success.

A, the Binhai New Area development of strategic emerging industries environmental analysis

(A new trend of international industrial transfer, the development of strategic emerging industries district provides a rare historical opportunity
1 international investment diversification and investment flows to the new trend.
As the financial crisis on the impact of the weakening of the Western economic entity, the current world economic center of gravity increasingly diverse and international capital flows further east Pacific Rim gathering, a trend that has accelerated from two aspects Pacific Coast regional development process of high-tech industries : on the one hand help to break the small number of Western countries in the world for some cutting-edge technology monopoly, forming a competitive high-end technology supplier market, on the other Western capital to enter, including China's direct investment in East Asia and Pacific region, is conducive to play the advantage in these areas.

(2) to promote international industrial transfer, the new changes in the international division of labor, division of the value chain to become a major new international division form.

Further developed the international financial crisis forced to give up heavy industry and traditional manufacturing and processing industries such as automotive, equipment manufacturing and some mature services, by investing in our country, promoting new industrialization process, while the development of new industries occasion provided an opportunity, according to estimates that in 2015 the environmental protection industry output will reach 2 trillion, information networks and applications market size of at least tens of thousands of yuan, digital TV terminals and services in the next six years to spur nearly 2 trillion yuan of output value ①.

(Two develop strategic emerging industries are industries and functions of Binhai New Area an objective requirement

A third growth pole national strategic positioning requirements.
Binhai New Area in order to assume the third growth pole of historical responsibility, as the development and transformation of advanced manufacturing base in northern international logistics center and an international shipping center in the Bohai Rim region to play a greater role in the radiation and service functions, we must break conventional development model, priority to the development of strategic emerging industries.

2 National Science and Technology Innovation urban construction.
Tianjin Binhai New Area was identified as the Ministry of Science and Innovation in 2010 the first national pilot city. To 2015, the initial construction of Binhai New Area will become a high level of manufacturing R & D transformation base, a major north internationalization, research into the integration of modern Industrial Technology Innovation Center. strategic emerging industries invariably to the "scientific and technological innovation, science and technology lead" for the character, 2015, Binhai New Area identified six strategic emerging industries, will drive the region's high-tech industrial output value accounted for the proportion of industrial output more than half.

(Three New development of strategic emerging industries are upgrading the industrial structure of the actual needs

A modern service industry lags behind, the independent innovation capacity is insufficient.
Binhai New Area, the service industry, refrain modern service industry lags far behind the current economic development, has great room for development and potential, and they turned the second industry manufacturing-based primary level, a serious shortage of innovation, especially lack of technical originality. accelerate high-end manufacturing and modern service industry development, which calls for the support of emerging technology industries.

(2) production from two internal structure, with initial processing, resource extraction type-based, value-added is generally low.
Communications equipment, computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing, oil and gas extraction, petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing industry, transportation equipment manufacturing and ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry, these five industries accounted for 72% of total industrial output.

3 from the three producing internal structure, the traditional tertiary industry in the tertiary industry proportion is too large.
Transportation and warehousing, post and telecommunications industry, wholesale and retail trade and catering tertiary industry accounted for more than 60%, the emerging service sector, especially in the low proportion of finance and insurance, finance and insurance accounted for only 2.13%. Others such as culture, tourism, entertainment and other emerging industries although increased in recent years, but the proportion is still low.

4 From the ownership structure, large state-owned and municipal enterprises accounted for a large proportion.
State-owned enterprises dominated ownership structure, resulting in a lack of localization industry, industry chain extension is limited in most foreign companies for their own interests, its products or key components and raw materials supply through the international supply chain, or in the host country related to corporate procurement, making the foreign-funded enterprises to form a "two out" situation, production and R & D is relatively low degree of localization, technology diffusion limited, local businesses is difficult to incorporate into the global division of labor.

Second, the Binhai New Area development of strategic emerging industries based analysis after 10 years of development, Tianjin Binhai New Area has formed electronic communications, oil exploration, petroleum products processing, marine chemicals, modern metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals processing, electronic information , biomedical, optical and electrical integration, new materials, new energy and environmental protection industries and six seven leading high-tech industrial base for the development of strategic emerging industries and lay a solid economic foundation.

(An innovative technology based on existing Binhai New Area high-tech industrial output value accounted for the proportion of total industrial output value reached 42%, accounting for 78% of high-tech industries in Tianjin. Currently has a electronic information, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology and modern medicine, new energy other competitive industries In 2009, the Binhai New Area, the largest pillar industry of electronic information accounted for 79% of high-tech industries, including the formation of communications equipment manufacturing, computer and networking products, electronic components, digital audio-visual products, software and integrated circuit as the main relatively complete industrial system, occupies an important position in the country.

Field of advanced manufacturing output value of 48 billion yuan, accounting for 8.7% of high-tech industries, which, escalators, auto mold, electric vehicles, gear machinery, engineering machinery, rubber machinery, and other areas of product and technology is the leading domestic and international advanced level . areas of biotechnology and modern medicine output value of 35 billion yuan, accounting for 6.2% of high-tech industries, the formation of Chinese medicine, Western medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals go hand in hand, drug substances and drug products pattern of coordinated development of new energy industry has shown a good momentum of development, output value of 14.2 billion yuan, an increase of 27%, the initial formation of a green energy storage batteries, solar and thermal products, wind power equipment consisting mainly of new energy industries.

(Two industrial chain and supporting system has improved constantly emerging industrial agglomeration effect.
Binhai New Area has formed six industrial clusters, promote regional industrial development of electronic information industry, for example, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, including mobile phones and electronic imaging industry production base two industrial chain. Samsung digital camera TEDA Investment Microelectronics Industrial Park, the park is being gathered to form the third digital camera industry chain Motorola, Sanyo, Samsung and other well-known multinational companies have a strong industrial agglomeration effect, attracting more than 200 domestic and overseas mobile phone supporting manufacturers in Tianjin, supporting up to 400 products multiple, annual production value of nearly 26 billion yuan. currently has five mobile phones supporting production base, including Samsung, Panasonic, as the representative of the Roma chip RC components production base, Freescale, SMIC, represented by integration circuit manufacturing base to the power of God, the blue sky, Sanyo, represented by green energy production base, Xi Disi, generic devices represented production base, matt Nypro represented injection production base.

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(three industrial innovation support system has been strengthened with the Binhai New Area into national "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, TEDA functional position by a modern manufacturing base expanded to modern manufacturing and R & D transformation base. Binhai New Area government grants each year to 60% for technological innovation, and establish a science and technology development fund, technology platform construction funds and venture capital funds in recent years, Tianjin emphasis on industrial innovation support system, support enterprises construction of research laboratories, technology centers, engineering research centers, innovation infrastructure, enhance independent innovation capability and industrial capacity for sustainable development by 2009, the city built a national and 24 provincial key laboratories, including national Key Laboratory of 5, 25 engineering research centers, including 11 national engineering research centers, national and municipal enterprise technology center 230, including 25 state-level enterprise technical centers.

Third, the Binhai New Area, the development of strategic emerging industry priorities and scheduling based on the existing foundation for the development of Binhai New Area, combined with domestic and international environment for the development of strategic emerging industries to determine District priorities and scheduling. Focused on the development of biological medicine, aerospace, information technology, new energy, environmental protection, new materials and marine science seven strategic emerging industries.

(A Binhai New Area development of strategic emerging industries focus on focus on the development of the seven strategic emerging industries, a good foundation for the current, one or two years should focus on supporting breakthrough biological medicine and new materials technology, industry basis of good, basic research should be strengthened belonging IT and marine technology, has just started, need to focus on training, have broad application prospects of the future is eco-friendly and aerospace.

Binhai New Area recently various functional areas of strategic emerging industries List (Two high-level preparation of strategic emerging industry development planning district planning Binhai New Area development of strategic emerging industry system guarantee the direction of the development of the main land development, industrial layout, infrastructure construction and other aspects should be to maximize the benefits for the whole district oriented, strict industry positioning and spatial layout guidelines, Binhai New Area as a whole "unified planning, zoning step by step" development strategy in accordance with the "three-year paid off five years," the requirements of good long-term development plan , particularly in the context of the preparation of five-year plan, from the industrial guidance, personnel security, space layout, funds to implement other aspects of a comprehensive strategic emerging industries do Binhai New Area development plan, and strive through five years of development, with the characteristics of the Binhai New Area the initial formation of strategic emerging industries, the proportion of high-tech industries accounted District proportion of the region's industry more than 60%.

(Three strategic emerging industry chain extension did not form a complete industrial chain of Binhai New Area is one of the major drawbacks of the current industry. Development of strategic emerging industries to plan ahead, plan ahead, take advantage of the industrial chain to increase industrial agglomeration, to create industrial clusters, improve product value-added, the establishment of product chain and industrial chain supporting system, improve regional product chain and industrial chain supporting capacity, thereby attracting more advanced international industrial transfer to the Binhai New Area is also possible through the product chain and industrial chain system to improve local Binhai New Area internationalization of the firm level, for the development and growth of strategic emerging industries to create the conditions.

Fourth, the Binhai New Area, the spatial layout of emerging industries of strategic emerging industries of strategic adjustment of Binhai New Area, the layout adjustment is accompanied by functional area to adjust the administrative system in place and carried out, the first to recognize the existing management system for the adverse effects of the development of emerging industries , then let's analyze the emerging industrial layout adjustment direction.

(An original Binhai New Area administrative system for the development of strategic emerging industries adversely affected in the original administrative system, the Ribbon industrial orientation is not clear, the economy is not its intrinsic spatial aggregation mechanisms and associated industries, based on interdependence and mutual specialized division of labor cooperation mechanism has not yet formed. the result is that the respective functional areas develop in isolation, resulting New Products correlation between enterprises is not high, the interaction between industries is difficult to form a direct impact on the combined effect of the play. Moreover, since the functional areas and urban areas in the management system independent of each other, cut separately model of development, resulting in Binhai New Area, the overall spatial structure is unclear, layout loose, inefficient land use development and construction show "everywhere" feature, to large-scale land investment , capital investment to support economic growth, continuation of the previous extensive development model which reduces the capacity for sustainable development of Binhai New Area.

(Two functional areas to accelerate the development of the integration of strategic emerging industries

November 2009, the State Council approved the adjustment of administrative divisions of Tianjin, Tanggu District, Tianjin revocation, Hangu District, the establishment of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the original three district administrative region of Binhai New Area administrative regions, increase functional area integration efforts, the formation of "9 +3" spatial pattern, functional area will be the main carrier of economic development district, is mainly responsible for social affairs administrative functions. strategic emerging industries will further have to conditionally or function-based economy are concentrated, information technology to advanced manufacturing industries are concentrated, biological medicine, new materials, new energy and focus to the Binhai New Area, the aerospace industry to the airport industry are concentrated, marine science and technology to the harbor logistics are concentrated, eco-friendly industry to the center Eco-city focus. functional area and will lead the integration of the spatial structure of district reorganization, integration of functional areas and urban isolation status quo development momentum, breaking the existing administrative boundaries, the formation of functional areas and urban integration of the development of several major subregions.

(Three industrial clusters in accordance with the "one city, two ports, nine district support, leader-led" space layout and strategic requirements, and actively build strategic emerging industry clusters Binhai New Area to take positive measures to attract domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and aggregate R & D center, and build Binhai New Area on original strategic emerging industries and industrial base, through a flexible way to encourage research achievements into, and enhance industrial clusters technological innovation in the Tianjin Binhai New Area to establish a national non-listed public equity market, As a multi-level capital market is an important part of the gradual exploration industry funds, venture capital funds and other products OTC transactions. overall planning, weaknesses. achieve customs, taxation, foreign exchange management and other functional departments joint office, simplify procedures, speed up the import and export clearance speed, promote trade facilitation, government functions and institutions will set further deepen the reform, the establishment of fair and honest, full of free market for high-efficiency industrial cluster development can provide an institutional guarantee.

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