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[Abstract] In the growing trend of population aging in the context of how to adapt to the demographic transition brought about pension issues, both to ensure sustainable economic and social development, but also to achieve good wishes to age aging population, the development of an aging industry will become a trend, which requires the actual situation in the region based on the role of the government on the basis of society, the power of the people, at all levels, on the development of aging industry attention and support.
[Keywords:] Hohhot aging population aging industry.

Aging population is an important social problem, China's population increasingly prominent structural contradictions, increasing the proportion of the elderly population, the population dependency ratio is increasing. Pension issues related to the vital interests of each family, the demographic transition is also bound to affect to the adjustment of economic structure, therefore, to develop regional specialties aging industry will become an important economic means, and actively respond to population aging. National Population Development "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan also proposed to improve the pension service system, and actively response to population aging tasks, encourage and support the development of aging industry.
An aging population status of Hohhot.

According to United Nations statistical standards, if - a country or region 6o years and older population reached 10% of the total population or the population aged 65 and over accounted for more than 7% of the total population, then this country or region already belong to countries with aging populations our country the sixth national census data show: at 0:00 on November 1 2010 as the standard, Hohhot (hereinafter referred to as the resident population of 286.66 million people in Hohhot, the population aged 65 and above 219,000, representing the city's total population of 7.64 %, indicating Hohhot has entered the aging stage ^ ^ mouth from the population age structure, Hohhot resident population, the population aged 0 to 14 accounted for 13.91%, the population aged 65 and above accounted for 7.64%. Compared with 2000 , the population aged 0 to 14 has dropped 5.53 percent, the population aged 65 and above increased the proportion of 1.38 one hundred allowed. This means that children under the age of Hohhot 14 years ago, less than the 7.53 million people, 65 years old and older increased by 6.63 million due to the fifties and sixties of last century was the peak of birth, which some people about to enter old age, along with improved quality of life and the improvement of medical conditions, aging of the population were to continue development. enter aging stage after a long series of years there will still be problems, such as senior citizens, empty nesters and other issues, the process of migration is also accompanied by a large influx of urban elderly population. Thus, the phenomenon of population aging Hohhot future performance will be more prominent.
Two Hohhot aging industry development foundation.

1 consumer market demand.

Economic and social development so that people's thinking changed dramatically, the elderly pension concepts and consumer attitudes continue to progress, accelerate the aging population increases the number of aging population, they will become a huge consumer groups, the share of consumption in the entire consumption gradually increased the proportion of their huge potential consumer demand. demand theory holds that people in meeting the needs of lower level will be higher after the demand and consumption will, in the realization of material needs will be gradually expanded on the basis of spiritual needs, so , age groups, consumer attitudes updates, both material and spiritual needs would show some consumer demand. Hohhot is an ethnic city, the nation's elderly have different consumer preferences and customs, their differences in consumption patterns Obviously, for the material and spiritual aspects of the propensity to consume different, provide the market with significant differences, prominent features of products offers the possibility, in the clothing, food, special products, entertainment, travel, day care, residential and other community supply of goods and services the potential is huge. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

2. features rich in resources.

Hohhot is a historic city, but also a family name flavor is more intense, modern city. Mongolian characteristics and culture, religion, folklore, customs and cultural Islamic Muslim northern Han Chinese farming culture intersection here. Development of multi-ethnic co-existence for the development of cultural Features aging industry provides multiple breakthrough. Hohhot peripheral also has some tourism resources such as grassland resources, forest resources. metropolitan area counties in the area's natural beauty more, relative to the cost of travel outside the region or elsewhere is relatively affordable, can be the elderly out to provide a more satisfactory choice 3. industry development environment optimized.
Medical and health conditions, the current Hohhot medical institutions totaled 916, general hospitals and specialist hospitals complement each other, ethnic minority people to facilitate better hospital for medical treatment, community health service centers (stations 138, a greater degree to meet the residents' daily medical and health needs of urban living environment, Hohhot governance in urban environments more comprehensive focus on building livable urban civilization, pollution emissions decreased year by year, the city improved the overall pollution; infrastructure, the city's green cover area of ​​5697 hectares, 5183 hectares green area gardens, parks and green area of ​​2146 hectares, the elderly most like morning, urban public spaces is to protect their activities in an effective carrier.
Three focus on the development of the industry for the elderly.

First, older product processing industry, mainly for older consumers with a variety of instruments, equipment, food, supplies, etc., including manufacturing and sales, service and other projects. Currently, older product market demand for larger, older but related lack of supply of products, specifically for the elderly less special life products, even if there are some essential goods of life, there is also a single product category, product uses a narrow, unable to meet the consumption needs of the elderly. Hohhot selection for specific industries can include the following aspects: First, the aging supplement. Physiological function in the elderly population, the degree of flexibility will continue to decline with age, life need some auxiliary tools to help them to walk, scooter or provide some convenience , for the elderly can develop some crutches, wheelchairs, physiotherapy equipment, etc. two older dairy products. elderly relative vulnerability physiology, in the daily diet needs special care, the amount of dairy products help improve their physical quality, tasty diet also allows them a pleasant stay, dairy processing in the region has a comparative advantage in new product development and product quality can be a breakthrough, can develop high calcium foods, low fat, crude fiber foods Third, elderly apparel processing.
Hohhot is a multi-ethnic mixed urban, ethnic older people dress different preferences, but in reality the elderly apparel choice available to them less clothing material models do not meet their needs, so you can produce some soft, breathable material, various styles of all kinds of old clothes, making older people dressed in the spirit, and I feel comfortable.
Second, the elderly services. Mainly for elderly life care, housekeeping services, spiritual solace, health care and other services, both tangible and intangible various services market. Specialized services for the elderly quantity and quality can not meet the market demand. According to the survey, the elderly living services and health services for the needs of the largest, modern family structure changes and pension shift in attitudes, more older people tend to old age people are concentrated pension services life, and the reality of a small number of services, quality of service less. elderly daily to strengthen their own health care inputs, they are more for the physical and mental health needs of the industry for the development of such opportunities. Industry-specific options can be: elderly services, focusing in apartments for the elderly, elderly welfare, elderly health centers, managed care for the elderly, meals, medical care and other services. Additionally, some choose home endowment of the elderly domestic companies need professional assistance for life, providing basic household hygiene, cooking, spiritual escort services.
Third, the elderly leisure activities, mainly sports and entertainment activities for the elderly services and leisure travel services China's consumption level, more and more people choose to increase spiritual consumption, the elderly have a lot of spare time, colorful life can make them healthy. Hohhot current main activities focused on residential squares and parks, all types of people are more older people are often reluctant to go because of too many people. specific industry may increase in the urban elderly Friendly number of elderly activity increased professional societies, etc. In addition, in the mountains, reservoirs and forests can build a number of nearby leisure tourism projects for the elderly, both economic and affordable, but also can play a relaxing effect.
Four development proposals and countermeasures.

1. The introduction of relevant development plan.

Introduction of relevant policies for industrial development has an important role in guiding the current aging according to regional status quo people of different ethnic pension model suitable for the development of the industry as well as certain specified types of development ideas, the main task of economic development and the introduction of appropriate safeguards and policies. draw mature experience in developed regions, with emphasis on the development of pension service agencies to make a fuss, to encourage private businesses to invest in private pension services, improving the level and quality of service of employees, and gradually achieve a balance of supply and demand.
(2) part of the industry to speed up the construction of the pilot.

According to some industry development needs of aging can be built from the factory, set up shop began to market research, product development, product manufacturing, product marketing began to form a relatively complete industrial chain, to create an advantage for businesses and special services agency.
In some developed provinces have been actively planning the construction of a number of pilot operations base to seize the market. Hohhot, regional specialties can be combined with ethnic and cultural strengths and building a number of strong cultural heritage tourism and leisure base, relying on leading dairy companies as well as universities, research institutions industrial and R & D strengths, designed in part for the high quality products specifically for the elderly, built aging food manufacturing base.
3 increase in the number of senior industry professionals.

Aging industry lies in the development of high quality with a greater ability of the professional services team. Firstly, this part of the professional staff, including pension service centers, elderly services advisory body, senior industry service personnel, they are the main force to promote aging services, Therefore, to strengthen their basic ideas, expertise, professional level training to improve their management and service levels, and secondly, we must also strengthen the volunteer team building, especially a large number of Mongolian and Chinese bilingual service personnel and advocacy personnel to supplement the number of community care services team.

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