Enterprise cross-regional integration on cultural policies: the Yangtze River Delta as an example

[Abstract] This paper analyzes the current cultural enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta regional integration based on the development status, pointed out the existence of cultural enterprises to develop cross-regional integration blindness, strategic use of inappropriate development of the external environment and other issues to be further optimized. Article from sticking matching, features, integration and other aspects of the principles expounded the development of cultural enterprises cross-regional integration strategies and paths.
[Keywords:] cultural enterprises cross-regional integration strategy.

Along with the rapid development of China's cultural industry, cultural enterprises cross-regional integration in some areas began to practice it for optimizing the allocation of cultural resources and enhance the performance of industrial development, improve the layout of the cultural industry has played an important role in the cultural industry, but along with the cross-regional integration level, size, type of continuous improvement and rich, cross-regional integration process also gradually exposed some deep-seated problem requiring government departments at all levels caused by industrial operators and cultural importance.
A current cultural enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta regional integration development status.

Yangtze River Delta region is the country's economic starting area, has a good basis for economic development, industry comprehensive strength. According to Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Statistics released (2011 Yangtze River Delta economic operation analysis report "shows that the Yangtze River Delta city GDP topped 16 8 trillion yuan, although the impact of the global economic downturn, economic growth slowed down, but service sector maintained a strong growth momentum, the Yangtze River Delta, 16 of value added services reached 46.5% of GDP. currently leading enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta Cultural rapid growth , consolidated operating strength has been significantly improved, with a good cross-regional industrial integration capabilities at the same time a number of innovative small and medium cultural enterprises have mushroomed cocoon, experienced industry incubation period, the interaction and integration of industrial chain, the desire to have more intense, with good industrial polymerization conditions. cultural enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta regional integration show the following characteristics. First, cross-regional integration in various forms and some stronger cultural enterprises through the purchase or equity participation in the form of off-site enterprises across regional expansion, and some size and strength of the overall business living in the same level of cultural enterprises achieved through cross-regional joint logistics channels, optimize the integration of market resources, etc., but also a considerable part of the original cultural enterprises do not pay attention to places related industries accumulation, select New enterprises, break soil the way to gain market share. two main cross-regional integration is rendered uneven Pi. According in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces, municipalities, 42 cultural enterprises inter-regional development case study results private enterprises accounted for Yangtze River Delta development of cultural enterprises to the total number of inter-regional integration 3/4, state-owned cultural enterprises accounted for 1/4 of above-scale enterprises account for 5/6, small and micro enterprises account for cultural cross-regional integration of the total enterprises 1/6 three are inter-regional integration The layout of the market showing a high degree of industrial adaptation characteristics. cultural enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta region currently has regional integration "in the loop" and "outer loop" types. "inner loop" refers to a relatively small area to achieve industrial development, for example, be achieved within the municipal industry linkage, and more presented as a county-level city fringe market or industry to expand its industrial level is relatively low, and the daily lives of the people closer together, head The area has a strong adhesion. "outer loop" refers to the cultural enterprises interprovincial layout, such enterprises large-scale, comprehensive management strength, and mostly engaged in cultural creativity, film and television services, cultural tourism, culture, cultural industries exhibition and other high-end categories, industrial added value, top-level living industry. Fourth overall business performance across the enterprise culture show good prospects for regional development. According to survey results, cross-regional integration on the development of cultural enterprises to enhance the qualitative effects accounted for 27%, with significantly promote effects accounted for 43%, 16% of enterprises believe that the role is not obvious, cross-regional integration falling instead of rising operating performance, 14% were excluded based on their own, marketing strategies, market environment, especially on the part of the international financial crisis, corporate culture categories have a direct impact on the influence of the cultural enterprise cross-regional integration as a whole showed a good development prospects.
Two current cultural enterprise integration problems across the region.

1 inter-regional development of cultural enterprises there is a certain blindness.

Some cultural enterprise implementation of inter-regional development strategy is not based on industry growth pattern or the evolution of the internal structure of the market demand. Instead, the blind pursuit of fashion commerce site expansion trend across the region intended to quickly create composite, group development industry symbols, behind Government or corporate body with decision-making sporadic impulses, there are also companies in the development of a wave seize a limited resource, bigger market increment, seek development opportunities to consider, but the lack of existing infrastructure and cultural enterprises, industrial characteristics Effective cross-connected regional development strategy, beyond the cultural carrying capacity of existing industrial enterprises, will have a direct dilution of the inherent competitiveness of cultural enterprises, due to "stall too big trade-off" and affect the sustainable development of cultural enterprises.
(2) Cross-cultural enterprises inappropriate use regional development strategies, governance mechanisms need to be improved.

Cultural enterprises inter-regional development is a relatively complex process. Needs in different regions of the industrial layout, market space, the audience and even the structure of local government ruling ideas such in-depth analysis and argumentation. At present, the development of cultural enterprises across the region there are the following adverse tendency (a one-sided to be done quickly. with "missed market opportunities" as an excuse, cross-regional integration in the overall development of enterprises involved in decision-making on major projects lack the necessary decision-making process, decision-making argument weakened or missing links, leading to decision-making conditions are not sufficient, leaving a larger development risks. (two-sided seek large, inter-regional development of cultural enterprises are hierarchical proposition, collaborative environment based on different needs, objects, etc. to determine the different types of integration, integration of scale, etc. At present, the individual cultural enterprises in inter-regional ignoring the actual development of industrial development, the blind pursuit of development levels and the magnitude of the standard, the loss of some good opportunities for development, but also on the integration process of promoting the development and integration bring new instability. (three-sided demand Lee. all cultural enterprises in the inter-regional restructuring process, simply focus on each other horizons such as land resources, the potential market value of the stock, while ignoring the inherent quality of the cooperative enterprise comprehensive survey, resulting in some format mergers some advanced culture industrial categories backward cultural enterprises, some cultural mergers of some quasi-cultural enterprises, industrial level, structure, categories of unequal development but to make the original has certain advantages and characteristics of cultural enterprises to carry a new burden. (four-sided shape demand Some cross-cultural enterprises in the form of regional development, one-sided focus on the combination of the neglect of cultural integration in different regions, resulting in the development of inter-regional enterprises encounter ideas, behavior and other barriers, leading to the development of enterprises friction. these phenomena generated Behind most of the internal corporate governance mechanisms and culture are closely related to the imperfections, how to build and market development to match the relatively perfect modern enterprise system is the inter-regional development of cultural enterprises and other strategic choices must be the primary solution proposition.

3. Cultural enterprises inter-regional development of the external environment needs to be further optimized.

Cultural enterprises involved in the development of inter-regional enterprise and different regions of the hardware and software elements of the interface between which depends on local governments to be more open vision, a more tolerant attitude, a more pragmatic attitude, more innovative initiatives to optimize enterprise development environment, establish and improve the talent, land, capital and other relevant policies and safeguards for the introduction of business, retain business, the development of enterprises to create good conditions. Currently, some areas for the expansion of foreign enterprises showing a "polarization" of the attitude one is close to the even beyond the bottom line to give businesses some preferential treatment to compensate for regional industrial categories, especially in a highly sophisticated industrial categories on the cultural gaps to better complete the annual investment targets, while the other is the blessing of individual regions of local enterprises through administrative means development, expansion of foreign companies to take to prevent sticking attitude. two different attitudes, reflecting the different ideas, but also vividly sketched increasingly guided by the interests of the main line, whether it is the former or the latter, are on the market running order pose serious challenges to the rule, to a certain extent, a departure from the industrial development of the law. Though cultural enterprises are only recipients of these ready-made rules, but it is also necessary channels through their own discourse and discursive ways to help local governments to better understand the industry development internal rules, rather than simply enjoy the "super national treatment", or face barriers in the industry do not stop before. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com
three cultural enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta Development Strategy and Regional Integration Path.

Cultural enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta regional development should adhere to the principle of matching Majesty, the implementation of scaling ordered, hierarchical progressive strategy inter-regional development of cultural enterprises must clarify three points, first, on the basis of their own development and thus determined cross regional development potential and necessity, the second is in a certain range of time and space industry prospects and the market space and the third is to be landing in the region's economic and cultural conditions and the degree of perfection of various policy measures, etc. In the development of inter-regional cultural enterprises must adhere matching principle that the law of growth with the industry itself to match the effective demand and the market to match the region's economic and cultural conditions and match to implement a relatively flexible dynamic development strategy. Deal with "progress" and "back" the relationship between the inter-regional development, it is necessary to have leapfrog development initiatives, but also according to industry dynamics, there can be modest industry contraction. Dealing with "fast" and " slow "the relationship between both have good at seizing opportunities, and quickly occupied the market of decision and execution, but also with the realities in the scientific hierarchy progressive mentality and stable development strategy. dealing with" big "and" small "The relationship between cultural enterprises cross-regional integration, which can be greatly joint, it can be a little joint, joint size, big or small joint, especially the core intellectual property rights should be good for the engine, drive cross-regional integration of a variety of industrial elements. dealing with "new" and "old"

The relationship between the intrinsic fit with industrial, resource integration efficiency as the basic criterion to determine whether the old and new industrial categories integration and how to integrate.
Cultural enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta regional development should adhere to the principle of specialty, the implementation of industrial concisely, strengths extraction strategy differences with other types of businesses, cultural heritage of corporate culture origin, has a unique cultural gene, this gene is reflected in the culture of corporate culture business categories, industrial features concisely, and is also reflected in the development of cultural enterprises build on the concept and corporate culture in the process of inter-regional development of cultural enterprises, the cultural enterprises should always adhere to the principle characteristics of Pi, based on actual business competing with the overall pattern of , bigger and stronger characteristics of industrial categories, better refine characteristics attachment factor behind the industrial categories, such as region-specific cultural resources, cultural traditions and cultural characteristics of the spirit of the cultural and creative originality or intellectual property rights of a core of a new cultural industry formats, etc. Especially in conjunction with a relatively well-developed Yangtze River Delta economic and cultural, private capital abundant advantages, focusing on the development of information services, animation and game industry, design services, culture and leisure tourism, cultural exhibition industry and other high-end category of cultural and creative industries, focusing on the characteristics of cultural resources in the Yangtze River Delta development and sustainable use, etc. To combine different categories of characteristics of cultural industries, not rigidly adhere to the established formula, with the formation of cultural enterprises to actively concisely characteristics of business model, which requires both highly intensive culture industrial park, but also a creative workshop and other flexible development style. should strengthen the building of enterprise culture characteristics, refining their core values, enhance corporate image CI system construction, based on a common vision and entrepreneurial spirit inspiring people, inspiring people and unite people. never be because the scale of business expansion, foreign capital involvement, casual indifference with replacement enterprise features and operating characteristics of the industry, entrepreneurship and cultural ideas, leading enterprises in the development of inter-regional "lost focus", "blur sight ", but has shaken the existing business base, bringing greater industrial expansion" consequences. "

Cultural enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta regional development should adhere to the principle of the integration of I students, the implementation of UCO and horizontal integration strategy elements in the development of cultural industries across the region, with particular emphasis on play industrial adhesion effects of which there are two modes, as offsite New cultural enterprises, to focus on new business and industrial area between the attachment, including human resources, hardware resources to absorb and supply, both to reduce costs, but also in close contact with the area, optimize the development environment. For the merger to take way to integrate off-site cultural enterprises, but also to focus on its existing market channels and re-sort of social relations and strengthening, reducing landing and development period of transition. Should pay attention to the aggregate effect of industry, culture and business inter-regional development is not a simple "1 +1" format combination, but to realize the inherent composition from the industry, the profit mechanism, the enterprise culture to the spatial pattern of market regrouping existing market players maximize their inherent potential and achieve both embedded development, By integrating elements with complementary advantages, the formation of fusion Pi, integrated development pattern. To pay attention to the extension of industry effects extended effect divided into two aspects, one is through cross-regional development in order to promote the expansion of enterprise scale enterprise overall development orientation, governance structure and even re-adjust industrial layout, the formation of enterprise development reverse traction and the promotion of force. two is through the new regional industry coverage, the new regional policy, land, human resources, capital and even the location and characteristics of a network edge into the enterprise development vision into business development of the favorable factors, such as the Yangtze River Delta some areas is the famous "hometown", with good overseas ^ chant advantages to cultural enterprises to expand across the region as an opportunity to play a good "hometown advantage", will help companies better develop overseas markets. Again , 2011 << economic development of Zhejiang Ocean demonstration area planning >> formally implement the State Council approved the establishment of Zhoushan Islands District Zhoushan has a unique advantage of the development of marine culture industry in this region does not have the cultural industry leader in the case through the introduction of foreign culture leading enterprises, the development of new marine culture industry, after all, and local cultural enterprises win-win strategic initiatives.
Yangtze River Delta regional development across cultural enterprises relying on the Yangtze River Delta economic integration background. Its development model has distinct regional characteristics Yangtze River Delta region and the regularity of their own development of cultural industries characteristics, but it developed the idea and practice of the process of trying to still other areas of inter-regional development of cultural industries and the industrial structure of the Yangtze River Delta upgrade path has important implications significance Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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