Hermeneutics of Comparative Literature

[Abstract] Comparative Literature and Foreign Literature and the merger has brought many problems, one of the most prominent disputes on a range of subjects. The paper introduces hermeneutics perspective of trying to solve this problem, and further methods and research programs of Comparative Literature of philosophical hermeneutics that all interpretations are used to structure starting, is based on the creative activity of the former structure of the paper that changes due to the traditional, the contemporary Chinese people's way of thinking occurred significant changes in the Chinese study foreign literature is not necessarily a cultural exchanges, which constitute the basis for the Division of Comparative Literature and Foreign Literature. mobilize otherness him by this article, the cultural interpretation of this article to him by a foreign literary studies; fully mobilize traditional the Cultural Interpretation him by this paper in the front structure , which entered the Hermeneutics lateral areas, to achieve the integration of sight in the Q & A logical Comparative Literature characteristics.

[Words] disciplinary boundaries; former structure; fusion of horizons

In 1998, as a new discipline of comparative literature and world literature in Chinese institutions of higher learning Chinese Department was born, the two disciplines of Chinese Language and Literature. Exponentially disciplines merge the one hand, in Comparative Literature Studies and Comparative Literature improved status; other hand, a lot of trouble to comparative literature and foreign literature, inspired many scholars ponder, explore .2000 << Foreign Literature Studies >> magazine "disciplinary building workshops set thematic column launched discuss issues related to the 'Comparative Literature and World Literature' disciplines [1]; 2002, during the seventh Annual Meeting of the Chinese Institute of Foreign Literature, several scholars on the subject construction and teaching research "discussion [2]; 2003, the second boundary" Peking University - Fudan Comparative Literature Academic Forum disciplines merge and the problems caused by the depth of [3]; 2004, at the First Comparative Literature senior forum, scholars continue to discuss this topic and discussion [4] for the merging disciplines, academics have a different point of view: Some scholars said that the recognition of the merger, but think of Comparative Literature and Literary two disciplines have different characteristics 5]; Some scholars believe that the foreign literature is comparative literature [6]; some scholars are worried about the merger [7].

Disciplines merge Comparative Literature disciplinary boundaries blur, chaos of teaching, the academic quality of the lower [8], and so on, in the final analysis, by the disciplinary orientation and identity issues are decided. Comparative Literature and World Literature (and its predecessor is the Foreign Literature ) living under the same roof, their identity and site definition, divided? intricate relationship between the two will lead to each other ablation, and even the same? key to solving these problems lies in an academic comparative literature and foreign literature distinguishes The paper will introduce the concept of philosophical hermeneutics former structure to define the identity of comparative literature and foreign literature, and to further explore the perspective of hermeneutics, comparative literature study how at the outset parted ways with foreign literature, and how to step step in the fusion of horizons expand itself.

, Before the structure for the significance of traditional hermeneutics hermeneutics of Schleiermacher and Dilthey as the representative, and they think that understanding is reconstructed interpretation by this article of method. "Dilthey for this article expression of the thoughts and intentions of its author; the interpretation must own replacement income of the horizon and creative activities in order to be reborn. "[9], this idea is based on the interpretation of psychological isomorphism basis, the so-called" people with this heart Xintongcili "Mastery of the meaning of this article is not only possible, but also the pursuit of the goal of hermeneutics.

Heidegger front structure introduced in the understanding that real change hermeneutics.
Explain never not starting from a blank sheet of paper, or in a vacuum, "he thinks, all explained all activities have already pointed out, the 'first' structure. Comprehend any explanation helpful without exception, has yet to be explained things somewhat understand. "[10] Heidegger will explain the grasp of things called" first "; the first explanation angle or orientation called" first depending See; would things pre-conceptual grasp called "first mastered with a first, first viewport and first master constitute understand the structure of the first or the former structure. [11] Gadamer further open up the space of philosophical hermeneutics., hermeneutics is not just humanities methodology is not subject to understand the object of subjective awareness activities, but the existence of basic human activities. understanding of the process is launched by the world to human process. "explained start on the front grasp before grasp may be more appropriate grasp replaced; It is this ongoing planning process constitutes the understanding and interpretation of the meaning of movement. [12], humanity is revealed in the world understand the inherent possibility of interpretation of Gadamer theory "by philosophy as a central source rapid radiation to literary criticism, aesthetics, law, history, theology, political science, sociology, and even the field of history of science, spread by continental Europe to the Americas and the Orient, and set off a worldwide of academic trends. "[13] If we hermeneutics horizons distinction of Comparative Literature and Foreign Literature reflection may be problems with new understanding.

Second, before the structure of the traditional concept of comparative literature comparative literature and foreign literature belonging to two different subject areas. Comparative literature is based on the 'inter-civilization' and 'cross-cultural' 'cultural context' of comparative thinking " research on the interaction of world civilization and culture and literature. [14] and "World Literature (Foreign Literature) can not be an independent discipline, it can only be implemented to a specific country, the national literature, such as 'American literature', 'English literature', 'Russian Literature'. [15] However, behind the seemingly obvious distinction, but hidden traps and misunderstanding.

Mr. Nie Zhenzhao, believes that "defines both from the point of view, point of view or from the history of the development, curriculum and teaching materials, foreign literature is essentially comparative literature. [16] Mr. Nie main strong point to make this judgment is that the basic characteristics of foreign literature in China is many countries on the comparative study of this view is debatable. undeniable part of the study of foreign literature, many countries put together a comparative study. foreign literature History textbooks, Zhang Yushu edited << >> Introduction to 20th Century European and American literary history section that examines the entire European range of factors such as political, economic, literary trends and national literary interaction [17]. kind of research does have the nature of comparative literature. However, there are a large number of studies in the foreign literature that does not have a leap of foreign literature as comparative literature, put a large territory of the foreign literature planning to go, and it lost the vesting of Chinese society Academy of Sciences Institute of Foreign Literature data group compiled the first half of 2003 of the nation's major newspapers and foreign literature research articles index >> research articles of foreign literature is divided into four categories: Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, General and national literature. which literary theory class received a total of Article 44, Comparative Literature class 26, class 12 General country Literature 91. [18] can be seen from the above data, literary theory, and National Literature class in a foreign country literary studies account for a large proportion of these studies is not, as Mr. Nie said "many countries together for comparison. Needless to say, the study of foreign literature, there are overlapping part and Comparative Literature, but only see this part is obviously blinders generalized. Corresponds with a leap of Comparative Literature, Foreign Literature or should the main eyes into a single national literature. Them.

However, another problem loomed: Since comparative literature across the Chinese people to study foreign literature, whether across nature? Such a leap of the decision on whether foreign literature is comparative literature? Idea is Interpretation theory-based traditional Chinese culture our history, Chinese people will inevitably before the structure is different from the culture of otherness, before the structure is bound to play a role in the interpretation of the process of this article, is a blend of different The dialogue between the culture of dialogue and contact between the different nationalities, country and language literature is the comparative literature features, so the Chinese people to study foreign literature must belong to the category of Comparative Literature.

This view is very doubtful. Unreasonableness of the first is the understanding of the traditional concept of the traditional culture is not to be changed, just a comfortable existence since as it? Answer is obviously no. Tradition has been in constant changes Among As Gadamer said: "even the most realistic and the most rugged tradition also not inert because of pre-existing things naturally itself, but a sure grasp and culture. tradition by its very nature is saved, in the history of all changes, it has been active in the [19] of traditional Chinese culture in the world-wide is one of the to retain most complete culture But in recent times, due to the impact of modernity, the traditional Chinese culture was destruction. May Fourth period, traditional culture has been hit almost historical nihilism, has been extended to after the founding of such a blow, the climax of the Cultural Revolution. Vulgar social Darwinism, the traditional ruthless abandon, played a dominant role Western cultural development of modern rationalism. "An important feature of this cultural period is common when the shaft with a serious tilt and imbalance lasted axis, took the axis atrophy, the synchronic axis to obtain a dominant position. lasted axis atrophy lead to a sense of historical depth loss of historical depth, digestion, and the rest is just one of many plane stacking and collage. [20] Currently, our view of the world, values, understanding, attitudes toward science closer to the West Modernity, instead of the traditional culture. Combined with traditional culture on which this article is written with a wide gap between the classical and colloquial, which further increased the traditional barriers. Traditional culture in our interpretation of the former structure, able to occupy much weight? the young traditional culture nourishing Yan Fu, naturally with the structure before the traditional culture to understand outside of this article. Hartz, American scholar Schwartz << Search of Wealth: Yan Fu and the West >> a book written preamble said: "Yan Fu standing on the stance of the Chinese culture not yet undergone modernization changes suddenly discover and seize these European works 'collective ability to elaborate' theme. "[21] but Yan Fu is not confined to the West observation, he has been trying to find the Western thoughts consistency. his efforts may be "a means of teaching, designed to familiar vocabulary to explain that people are not yet familiar with things, to explain suspicious respectable ancient classic. novel ", or is" proud "of the nation's intelligence, but he" really felt the similarities of the two cultures. [22] Lin Shu also specific to the traditional Chinese literati literature --- historic biography and the Tang and Song dynasties faction classical --- as 'pre-understanding', looking in a Western novel aesthetic meeting point "[23] He used classical humanitarian law analogies on Western novels, praised << Uncle Tom's Cabin the day in a "V pulse of the opening, then shoots junction point everywhere both in the classical home righteousness law. known Chinese and Western grammar, different but the same persons." [ 24] As can be seen, Yan Lin not intentionally comparative study, but profound traditional culture and skills in their structure to make them in the face of Western culture, he when, consciously or unconsciously, Western culture on its own contemplation. traditional for the middle - Xiqi chalazal accurately capture, they reflect the closing of the human spirit, this is the Comparative Literature purpose and one of the tasks. However, the moment can have a serious forest before structure? knowledge of traditional culture can be preserved, but the huge change our way of thinking, can significantly enhance productivity greatly changed the modernization of the world along with a modern ideology avalanche modern three main ideology evolutionary history, nationalism and socialism are not in the local produce Although the traditional and the modern view antagonistic dichotomy is worthless, and the acceptance and understanding of the Chinese people above ideology local, "into the traditional factors, but integrated into the traditional factors have been "less easily identifiable" [25]. modernity in China is certainly different from the characteristics of Western modernity, but it is from a variant of the modern Western ideology, which There is little doubt in this case, we have confidence to say, the Chinese people to study foreign literature is different qualitative cultural exchanges, belong to the scope of comparative literature? understanding inevitably among the former structure. "explained no need already discarded his heart before insights direct contact with this article, but to examine the legitimacy of his heart before insights, that is, examine its roots and effectiveness. "[26] For a Comparative Literature , before the root of the structure and effectiveness of the inspection is even more important. Explained outside of this article, you first need to explain the traditional, to clarify the proportion in the tradition of the former structure, to examine the variation in the modern context, and this variation may be in the article illustrates the significance and role. Therefore, we We need to further strengthen the delivery of traditional culture and education. although we can not return to the tradition, but we can through classic in this article, to observe the traditional way of thinking, seeking a lost self, in return, as the self-existence in the history of the self. perhaps the only way dialogue with traditional comparative literature researchers to be able to in the face of outside this application has been relatively reserves former structure.

However, with the appropriate structure before the Chinese people engaged in foreign literature study on certain comparative literature? Proper interpretation to be made on this issue, and also need to look at the front structure play a role in the interpretation of the way. Occurred in the former structure visits may be able to discover the true distinction of Comparative Literature and Literary Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
three structure before the fusion of horizons and disciplinary boundaries Elaborating on the two levels play a role on the first level for the instant reaction, which is a preliminary, immature, may be a knee-jerk reaction, for example, subject to the tradition of the former structure, readers may think too lengthy foreign novels. too complicated psychological description or narrative structure is not reasonable, or find it difficult to understand the behavior based on religious sentiment. particularly evident when this case in foreign novels just to enter the Chinese Lin Shu 's Cabin in the translation << slaves > when said: "book precept door thing hole, learned its original slightly cumbersome by Wei Jun sections go." [27] Fu Donghua said: "There are some lengthy description translation of Gone with the Wind >> << and psychological analysis, it has little to do with the plot development, and make the reader tired "the" bluntly throughout abridged. "[28] the interpretation of this reaction is its former determined by the structure of the traditional factors, but this interpretation does not achieve a true fusion of horizons. Yao Adams pointed out that the three cross-sight experience: The first one is the "sense of alienation", "people of rejection emotions "; second temptation flu", "want something new into themselves to risk"; third experience was "discovered", "leading to the sight of others may become each other Contact. "the first two experiences," just across the surface horizon: If a person is still with his own sight, and still want to maintain their sight, or just a strange sight marvel not want exposure to in the meantime, then, then he can not be understood, can not be obtained from a different Perspective else different from their own experience. "[29] Yao Adams cited the first two experience instant reaction to this article. preliminary the subconscious interpretation of experience and can not bring meaningful literature study.

Real thinking, so as to achieve the third experience if you want to do in this world, we must play a role in the second level of the former structure, that is consciously used to mobilize before the dialogue on this article. Dialogue, before structure will emerge from the dormant state before the structure is not monolithic, but by different split board before the structural composition of traditional Chinese people are no longer not changed appearance of traditional Western culture is not the flavor of the Western culture blend with each other, but they are the basic features or looming interpreters needed to select a different dialogue contents of this article., Comparative Literature and Foreign Literature distinction appeared before the structure of Western culture, if mobilized Western this article to explain, clearly does not belong to the category of Comparative Literature. (of course, need to mobilize Western culture) only mobilize the traditional culture of the former structure, dialogue with the West in this article, is the comparative literature study.

"Relics zone between unfamiliar and familiar, but with history means that frail old object and the middle ground between a traditional membership. Hermeneutics real position there in this middle ground. "[30] Gadamer in concern for the traditional understanding of cross-cultural understanding applies equally concerning the former middle ground between the structure of this article, the former structure decisions about mobility of the different aspects of the the structural future direction before leaving. departure from the exotic culture before structure interpretation of the exotic in this article, the interpretation in the longitudinal zone, belong to the scope of foreign literature, for example, British Prose to Mr. Wang Zuoliang << > [31] the plain prose main line, combining linguistic analysis and literary interpretation, examines the development of English prose, rheological, reveals the essential characteristics of the prose. Mainly former structure of English literature as the basis of the interpretation of the English literature. Comparative literature exists in the the lateral zone between the tradition before understanding the exotic cultures. Article illustrates seen as adventure go out with the former structure , different equipment and direction decided to step into a different area, resulting in a different experience fusion. Comparative Literature and Foreign Literature departure direction by starting to choose and decide.

Into the lateral zone of comparative literature, and how he who dialogue? Front structure with other article how a relationship? Gadamer pointed out that "the all the Hermeneutics conditions in the most prime conditions always before understanding, this before understanding exist that are associated with the same things. "[32] of traditional bound to others the elucidation of the things that concern, and we understand others this article, this things is bound to have an understanding.

This existence is associated with a platform for dialogue between literature, culture, dialogue can be the basis for the presence of Mr Qian as the older generation of literary scholars in China, its the voluminous grand work << tube cone articles >> Professor Chen Sihe said should be the "China Comparative Literature immortal cornerstone and, comparative literature students, regardless of which direction the compulsory teaching materials. [33] We view Mr. Qian is how Elaborating on building a platform for dialogue. "Road to Road, very Avenue name that can be named, the very name" Mr. Qian first investigated a tradition for the "Road", "name" mainly "name" On the opening of the language << I >> explained: "name" is the "name" raised objections 'name' and 'word' Shugong different interest "after further demonstrated that the" very name that can be named "token lists a large number of Chinese and foreign, including Liu Yuxi, Tao Qian, Liu Xie, Tingjian, Hegel, Nietzsche, Spinoza, Huo Boshi, Bentham, Dante, Goethe and others on the language its referred to the gap between the point of view of the things he went on to invoke the ancient Greek " 'Road' (logos) Chief 'reasonable' (ratio) 'Introduction' (oratio) righteousness "Heidegger said" 'Man is a rational animal' intention 'people are able speech of animals' to interpretation of "Road", pointed out that the sentence "first truth 'Road', pun sky character asks 'Road' the truth see character asks, 'name', then submitted the 'famous', 'nameless' double socket to. "At this point, << I >> first sentence of the perfect interpretation of the end he again quoted Plato" as early as the so-called verbal text the the thin inferior, it is unbearable contained Road, the names are very, wrath << I >> [34] Qian Zhongshu's research reveals how to build a platform for Chinese and Western dialogue, that is "associated with the presence of" looking between the tradition of the former structure with others in this article, and further dialogue on the platform in order to achieve real blend of culture. Finally, a link is also very important aspect is to take what method to study the Chinese people to study foreign literature course, can not be called comparative literature studies, and random analogies between different literary, cultural equally does not belong to the real comparative literature. and Professor Xie Tianzhen criticized a decade ago x + y mode [35]. U.S. comparative literature scholar Stephen Owen also pointed out that, "When I read in the historical context of their literary make interpretation of a Chinese poem or English poetry, I tend to learn something, "but at the same time, I also found that, when I read the article a comparison of Chinese poetry and English poetry (or other European poetry) I often have nothing for either a traditional, "such as Li Bai is a Romantic poet, and compared with Wordsworth, Byron and others, which makes the" romanticism "has become a popular category , to give up the special historical context. "This comparison literature what did not tell us." [36] DEFINITIONS school experience is a dialogue that has the form of a Q & A logical. "to understanding an opinion, that is understand it as the answer to a problem. "[37] otherness article become the object of understanding means that it asked the interpretation of a problem, and the answer lies in him by this article being he who proposed in this paper the problem is a challenge, in order to respond to this challenge, we must be in their own field of vision to reconstruct the issues raised in this article. reconstruct the answer to the question could not stay in the Perspective of the alien this article, it must be explained by sight questions, is to open the possibilities of meaning, and thus let something meaningful to enter their own views. "[38] to make meaningful things into their own as the domain is the fusion of horizons. reconstructed problems in the process is to break through the two sight, resulting in a larger process of sight. precisely this new generation of sight comparative literature pursuit of the goal.

Conclusion Now we tried to the Comparative Literature next Hermenutics sense definition, that is, "the full application of the former structure of the culture of their own (national language) interpretation of the literature of other countries (national language) interpretation of the research work. "This definition First Comparative Literature and Literary District distinction in the study of foreign literature, understanding the call before the structure of foreign literature, culture, comparative literature call their own traditions with him by this article dialogue. Secondly, this definition of staff engaged in the study of comparative literature the basis of the requirements of the discipline: to continuously enrich and improve their understanding of the former structure, only with a different background structure, will it be possible to explain the process to build exchange platform, to further stimulate researchers to explore the various meanings of the possibility. Finally, within the scope of Comparative Literature, or accept Comparative Literature training people in contact with him by this article must recognize, reflect on their own before structures, and open itself to enable him to get the performance of this article in our former structure or existence, in understanding the possibility of endless fusion of horizons found to continuously push forward in the Q & A logical. Comparative Literature targets is planning significance for the survival of mankind.


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