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Abstract: crow> American poet and literary critic Edgar Allan slope on behalf of poems. <The crow> beautiful form, highly rhythmic musicality to the performance of the theme of the poem "Death of a U.S. woman theme, format and language of choice reflects the poet's creative philosophy, and the successful practice of the poem also confirmed the theory.

Keywords: Ellen • Singapore, crows, theme, form, musical

Edgar Allan • slope is considered to be the pioneer of the esthete, he is known as 19th century America's most creative three poets Whitman, Dickinson Ellen slope "for poems The poem "point of view determines the aesthetic tendencies of his poetic works, the form of his poetic works fine beautiful, phonology. Allan Poe >> << poetry principle, wrote:" I think what the long poem does not exist, 'long poem' itself is a contradiction in words. poetic reason for poetry, because it can be exciting and elevate the soul. the people excited brief is inevitable psychological. "created to give readers stay impressed by the wealth to the beauty of the poetry, according to his statement, the length of the line up and down the 100 poems ideal.

Allan Poe, his book << creative philosophy >> detail expounded his idea of ​​literary creation, first proposed the theme of the death of the "beauty" he pointed out in the text: "Beauty is the only orthodox areas of poetry", "depression is the most authentic of all poetic mood" and "death" is a melancholy theme of "melancholy," When the death of close contact with the United States together "the most poetic. Ellen slope thus concluded that" the U.S. woman's death is undoubtedly the most poetic theme - this theme, such as by the memory of the dead lovers mouth say is more appropriate than 's. "<< crow >> is the theme for the keynote.

<< Crow >> Ellen slope on behalf of poems, the slope of the beauty of the theme of poetry advocate, the form of beauty, the beauty of the music to be fully reflected in this poem. Slope of the poem << creative philosophy >> the creative process, he consciously chose crow unknown bird to sustenance. maximum grief and despair ", the theme of this poem is the slope of the most enthusiastic brought about by the" death "of the" melancholy beauty of " , that is the beauty of the theme.

"Crow >> poetic form is unique. Ellen slope for poetry to achieve the overall artistic effect before the creation of the length of the poem, the poet was seriously considered, and that a poem should not be too long, too long, then the reader easy fatigue, or vulnerable to interference, unreadable, a poem or too short, too short a bit like aphorisms, can not achieve a certain effect. Allan Poe >> << creative philosophy says: a works only one sitting, or its sense of the unity of the United States will disappear, because the earthly chores can interfere with the so-called long poem, Milton << Paradise Lost >> actually composed of many short poems that its overall effect is a lot of short-term effects of the slope in determining the scope and length of the poem, using knowledge of mathematical calculations and logical reasoning, and psychology, design the optimal length of time can read the - that is < <the crow> 108 line << crow >> poem by of 18, each section has six rows, the first five lines of words similar syllables considerable (all 15-16 syllables), the last line of the number of words and syllables only half of the first 5 rows 18 6-line poetry group structure of the poem. therefore, uniform whole poem from a formal point of view, apparently, of the commencement of poetry is straight, rigid, also It is this stereotype is highly consistent with the atmosphere of the whole poem, performance described by sorrow and numbness to no complex plus degree.

Musical beauty << >> The most prominent feature crow, very strong sense of rhythm and melody in the >> << poetry principle, the slope that only poetry can find the largest areas of the development of poetry combined with music, he back to poetry under a brief definition: "the rhythm to create rhythm crow >> << >> << creative philosophy slope design trochee. Each line of the first syllable is unstressed syllables while second syllable unstressed syllables. Firstly, the three lines of the octave step two, four lines of seven semitone steps appear alternately, the last line of the three semitones step contains a triple end rhyme Diego late. paced format always ABCBBB. creation of such poetry skills throughout the whole poem, for the poem to create a mysterious atmosphere of terror, this is precisely corresponding with the sad feelings of youth and the faithful performance the poem keyed sad, painful and desperate tone this rhythm to create a life to death, sad and sentimental and maximize the grief and despair, so that readers appreciate the beauty of death "the subject while deeply stunned visibly moved. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

Poe << crow >> originality lies in this fixed rhythm and meter design, the various ingenious combination of extensive use of alliteration, line rhyme, rhyme and repetition, to connect the poem as a whole, the youth sorrow mood throughout, expressing the mood of the youth choked not sigh and endless self-suppression pain.

Alliteration, alliteration is one of the basic form to obtain phonological harmony, it contains language musical beauty and neat beauty makes the language sound and emotion blend of sound and meaning one has a very expressive and appealing. << Crow >> Music on the United States to some extent depend on the use of alliteration. use of alliteration made both musical effects to enhance the mood of the poem. example, the first line of the first section, weak and weary "for the poem laid melancholy, dull tone, the sentence to read as if to get the hero can feel tired, depressed the mood, the third line "nodded.nearly napping" describes youth hear the knock sound in drowsiness extremely when dynamic sound and silence heavy hearts the sadness of the night as well as young people form a strong correspondence, a terror suspense. readers personal experience to the hero in the midnight, sleepy dream suddenly heard the door sounded gently "Benedict, Benedict" knock sound, thus rendering the whole poem, the mysterious atmosphere of terror.

Inline rhyme line rhyme refers to pause in the middle of the line of poetry or repose before the stressed syllable of the last stressed syllable rhyming. << Crow >> 1,3 line of each verse, poets use line rhyme to emphasize the poetry of the music, the echo effect. still first select its first verse as an example to be analyzed: In this poem we noticed Ellen • slope carefully arranged "dreary" The Celtic Woman Shane "napping" and "tapping" as well as the next verse, "uttered" fluttered words. The continuous line within rhyme form poetry a high degree of unity, lay a melancholy and mysterious tone for the whole poem. Makes the whole verse with a strong sense of rhythm, generate a strong music recital.

Rhyme rhyme rhyme of the poem, the end of the line endings, repetition of consonant rhyme is the most important means of music in this poem as slope "creative philosophy >> that he deliberately chosen loudest long vowel "O" as poetry rhyme, it is clear that the poet deliberately emphasized this sound and use it as the whole tone of the poem this loud, long and deep and full of plaintive voice full poem full of deep, dark, The four lines charge sound. "in each section of the poem six lines of the poem /) :/ rhyme, four, five, six lines, the poem /) :/ rhyme and a total of 72 lines, in order to nothingmore. evermore nevermore end o /) :/ rhyme continuous complex now strengthened the internal relations of poetry, one link and one repeated roundabout awesome soul phonological like a choked by grief, not emotional words. performance keyed to the poetry, pathos, pain and despair tone poem rhyme use infinite sadness will arouse the reader's mind, so that the reader and the youth with feeling sad, savor this pain until the last youth heartbreak, frenzied.

Repeat. Poe's poems, he frequently used words and phrases repeated to emphasize the music of poetry. Poe << crow >> This poem at the end of each verse repeated use of a short overlapping words, sound effects to enhance the poetry. Given that the whole tone of the poem is sad, so in order to ensure that its overall effect is to repeat the word best is the significance of a single, loud, short powerful to achieve artistic effects and music aesthetic, slope Select "O" add "r" constitute a response to the long vowel at the end of the nevermore term. And let rational thinking animal mouth repeat out from this ominous crow body, you can not, it seems the crow constantly gnawing eclipse the heart of the young people, youth grief, despair.

Poet fusion nevermore's repeated and described the feeling of sadness and give it a different meaning in each section of use: the last line of the previous seven except Section II with nevermore, and the remaining six are nothing more, from eight until the last 18, the last line of each section are to nevermore the end. were repeated 11 times, but in the first context its meaning is very different: nevermore 9, 12 the section name Italian for crows is called a "zero" Crow stereotype of the hero of a series of questions to answer to the last one from 10. these answers than a grotesque, it sounds like the answer to my question, but very apt. crow again and again with a hoarse raspy nevermore in series that originally absurd scenes hallucinations, sublimation of the theme of the poem to a philosophical exploration of the meaning of life and death.

nevermore repeated use, not only aptly contrast << crow >> melancholy, sad theme, rendering the sadness, depression of the atmosphere, contribute to the expression described by grief extremely mood, and to enable readers to fully appreciate the text spoken charm, to fully appreciate the poem. both express the theme of the poem, but also enhance the musicality of the poem Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

<< Crow consuming four whole poem the metrical neat, creative art the phonology is beautiful. Superb slope called the poetry of classic aestheticism is what this poem is the poet laid the immortal status of the literary world. << Crow >> Poe perfect combination of poetry and poetics, but also form the perfect combination of content in the >> << poetry principle, the slope of emphasis on language as to render the beauty poetry music media. Therefore, the rich vivid language, singular imagination and wonderful phonological perfect combination of clever musical beauty applied to show the subject of his classic "Death of a U.S. woman, the poem's hero kind of lost the love after bleak, melancholy and despair expressed most vividly. theme of the beauty of poetry, formal beauty, musical beauty makes readers to be able to share their feelings with the Narrator, the poem of sadness, fear, despair linger in the reader's mind, and soul resonate.

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