On the Marriage Customs of Russia

[Abstract] world, every nation has its own unique folk culture and traditions of courtesy, it is deeply rooted in the heart of the people of the entire nation if Russia as a country of long history, the nation up to a thousand years of history change and development, has formed its own unique cultural traditions and national habits and should be said. Understanding of these unique and colorful folk customs, is not only a better understanding of Russia's needs, but also to learn Russian in order to adapt to the inevitable conditions of the growing Sino-Russian political and economic and cultural exchanges involved in the folk and traditional etiquette very wide range of data is very voluminous huge fan. So only introduced the custom of Russian weddings and funerals weddings and funerals of the Russian people> -3 custom is gradually in the long history of the formation. The impact of the natural environment. But more with their religious beliefs related to

[Keywords:] Russia: Marriage: Religion

Marriage Customs: Russia's traditional marriage custom is more complicated traditional rituals. Need to go through matchmaking, blind date, engagement, wedding and other necessary steps.

(1) matchmaking

Russia's traditional marriage customs like the Marriage Customs of China by the matchmaking began the tradition of matchmaking can be full-time matchmaker to do, of course. Can also be served by the man's relatives to. Even his father or godparents follow the tradition of matchmaking to choose the "auspicious". The general election in a single day. Except on the 13th, because the Russian people do not like the number 13. That the number 13 is unlucky in general. The matchmaker commissioned by the man is usually in the evening to woman home Qiuqin the. In order to avoid the outsider matchmaker to the woman home. Before the knock on the door. To hand or arm gently touched under the door frame, and then entered the room. Entered the first front of the icon sign of the cross re-open if the woman's parents agreed to a matchmaker too awful to mention marriage is necessary with a matchmaker - with around the table three times. Cross and icon painting. Then be able to talk about the blind date. ⋯ like arrangements held within seven days, f2) blind traditional matchmaking mostly male relative to the woman matchmaker to blind the this day. The young man and his parents to receive Gu Niangjia. With the girls and their parents to meet the man to see the woman. The boy and their parents through the lobby, negotiate the woman's mother side a cup of honey and water to the young man, young man took the gulp in the porch. Phase of the girl, if he only lips touch the cup put the cup to return to, is not Italian. If the blind date. Both sides to be some pleasantries, and walk three laps around the table, and then both sides will sit down and drink tea and agreed bride price suitable bride price including furniture, clothing, jewelry, household items and other Russian stove is a symbol of wealth, in a blind process . There are "look at the stove," the custom f3) engagement to engagement, Russia is a very high value due to different engagement ceremony is also a slight difference in the city, to determine the relations between the two sides and decided to get married before the date of the law, both men and women to the marriage registration Department for processing the engagement procedures for registration of the bride's family held a party on the table arrangements and a bunch of budding roses. To symbolize the future life happy. Russian samovar steaming on the table but also to predict the future life the vibrant hope. Banquet dishes. Cooked by his fiancee, to express their own housework. "Bread and salt" in the woman's doorstep in rural areas, to celebrate the ceremony by the parents of the man to the woman's parents offer her parents kiss with both hands bread, sincerity and gratitude. Then, the bride walked up the steps announced they have engaged, and we bow in accordance with traditional practices. After the engagement the girl is generally no longer participate in the labor she began to sew a dowry to wait for the advent of the wedding day (4) in many parts of dowry Russia still retains the custom of dowry dowry usually sent by the matchmaker or the woman's aunt. The five open coach the the dowry team. The first car to put the icon and samovar. A boy holding a ribbon decorative trays, tray, sweets and tea. Second car, sitting woman's godmother. Carrying a gilded silver dish: the third carriage filled with man's bride price. The fourth car coat furniture and blankets, the fifth car ride with the matchmaker, and the woman's relatives. The man's mother or married sister to greet the team responsible for the Shop marriage bed by the matchmaker and the woman's aunt. Delegated married on the eve of one to wish the newlyweds as soon as possible parenthood cooked eggs or wooden eggs (5) bid farewell to them in blankets. Girl to hold a ceremony to bid farewell to girlhood. That is, the bride farewell party was held at home the bride invited his girlfriend. The marriage of folk songs, they sing with shower and farewell with the family of God. Bride in order to bid farewell to girlhood. The head of the ribbon are then given to the girl. Share free paper download center http://eng.hi138.com

(6) wedding

Marriage Customs of Russia, the most distinctive, lively scene than the wedding. In accordance held a ceremony. The wedding can be divided into two kinds of traditional and modern.
The most traditional wedding in the church. Classical and grand. There are countless manners throughout the wedding day, bridal shower with his girlfriend who girlfriends side to the bride dress along the garland, braid. While singing a farewell song. Waiting for the groom to meet the bride and pro l02 Qi friend, the groom I will have to continue to meet the bride, accompanied by the best man, friend, matchmaker, and the wedding host in accordance with tradition, the groom will be the summer of multiply i horse carts to the Bridal. Winter to take the three-horse sleigh. Use of ribbons, flowers, garlands, decorative body. From the body to the the thill Department also on the train bell groom boyfriends along the way and play guitar. Pulled the accordion, the sound of music, the joy of pleasure. Escorting convoys singing and dancing. Departure to the home of the bride for weddings on the road. Home of the bride will be based on predetermined routes lizard some small obstacles each encountered an obstacle. The best man in the car will use wine or a variety of small gifts to pay for these small obstacles ". To buy traffic road to reach outside the home of the bride. Redemption lively scene of the road will once again appear as a kind of folk customs. Into the groom, there is redemption of the activities of the groom seat in both of the parents to the new offer blessings after. Going to church held a formal wedding ceremony in the wedding team to go to church before the wedding. The bride and their families, relatives and friends crying in accordance with the traditions and customs, symbolizing the girl gone from her parents. Its reluctant mood of the performance of their loved ones this is a turning point in the wedding traditions and customs requirements. The girl only leaves her family to go to church wedding to cry. Since then, no longer crying voice of grief. But only laughter of a wealthy family of the bride and groom in the Spring and Autumn wedding and walk into the church but also marching flowers. Groom holding the bride to the church through the front of the stage. The priest began to recite the prayer text. Sing a church hymn. And drink three glasses of light wine and good wishes to the newlyweds. Then the marriage Guandai their heads Finally, the bride and groom exchange wedding rings. Wedding declaration from the church after the end of. Groom the bride and groom and take the car back home at this time. The groom's parents at home in front to greet awaiting the newlyweds returned from church. Hands holding bread and salt "and offer blessings for them as usual, the new people to kiss their parents three times to show respect. And then hold the wedding traditional wedding. To put into a "II" shaped. The middle of sitting newlyweds, if the bride is older brother. First by his toast for the bride and groom The bride and the head wrapped in a scarf. Mostly do not participate in all recreational activities. While guests in the banquet room again and again, shouting "suffering!''" Suffering! "This is a special language for guests require the bride and groom kissing the bride and groom kissing in the cries of the guests frequently for the past girl married the beginning of the pain of life. now shout "much suffering" is the irony I wish, I hope the new married life happy and sweet side on a variety of sweets or biscuits, the guests will get up to dance the dance usually Midnight end, even through the night the Russians modern wedding has undergone tremendous changes. repeal a lot of tedious stereotypes Vulgar added a lot of the new etiquette of the wedding day the newlyweds have to buy a large bouquet of flowers to wear on the wedding dress. by cars.

In Moscow and other cities during the holidays El able to see the marriage floats in many rural areas. Floats next, there are often motorcycle team escorted the wedding. Female bitch was wearing a skirt the color is very bright. Closely with the bride wearing a white dress, holding flowers behind Moscow's modern wedding is more than "Marriage Palace, has been seldom go to church after the wedding ceremony began under the guidance of the host, the bride and groom walk arm in arm in front. followed by both parents, witnesses, best man, bridesmaids and guests. slowly along the ladder covered with red carpet to enter the marriage palace hall. Held a grand ceremony of the registration ceremony include: answer Moderator problem, confession voluntary desire to marry, the marriage certificate to sign the host officially announced that both men and women married, etc. and then the bride and groom exchange rings, took the marriage certificate and a congratulatory letter. Circling a circle. Accept everyone's congratulations and hugged each other and with the guests kiss followed by the newlyweds, accompanied by the best man's. Both came to the Victory Square or Sparrow Hills (formerly Lenin Hill). Enjoy Moscow the beautiful scenery and some also went to the tomb of the martyr, presented the first bouquet of their new marriage in accordance with the habit. The marriage also held a celebration in the evening.

Traditional wedding etiquette is very different and the marriage customs, traditional marriage customs of its most ancient way, passing the intangible cultural heritage, follow the chain of human civilization can be reinforced, a loss of a valuable asset .


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