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Abstract: From the perspective of human values, the spirit of the Olympic contribution to human society, including: the promotion of world peace, people in the competition to achieve self-transcendence, the pursuit of 'truth? Good? The United States,' the unity? The Olympic spirit of modern human society 'people-oriented?' national and patriotic spirit? idealism? fair sense of competition and other aspects of collective expression? Olympic cultural value of the Humanistic Education have important implications for the Olympic spirit to establish a college patriotism, dedication and collective ideas, re- involved in? entrepreneurial spirit, civic awareness and spirit of fairness, encouraging college students have a sound character, enrich the Humanistic Education, promote human civilization and social development?
<<Olympic Charter>> pointed out that the Olympic spirit is mutual understanding? Friendship? Unity and spirit of fair competition? Purpose of the Olympic movement is not carried out any form of discrimination, and in accordance with the spirit of the Olympic sports under the guidance of the education of youth, so as to create a peaceful and better world to contribute? Olympic ideology from the overall structure, the system in the Olympic spirit is an important and indispensable part? If there is no mutual understanding? friendship? solidarity and fair competition Olympic spirit, the Olympic idea can not be implemented, the Olympic movement will not be able to achieve their promotion of world peace and to build a better world goals? With the establishment of socialist market economic system and the rapid advance, not only to China's economy has brought profound changes in social environment also will be a huge change? contemporary college students are of social concern groups, active in their thinking, it is easy to accept new ideas? However, today in a wide range of values, the education of college students process, the students how to build a spiritual home, the use of current students attention and actively participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the opportunity to develop and progress of human civilization has a significant impact on the Olympic thinking, effective undergraduate education to explore ways and means has an important practical significance?

A contribution to the Olympic spirit of humanity

1.1 to promote world peace and establish a better world

The realization of peace is inseparable from politics? Economy? Military and a series of complex factors? But wish for peace? Pursuit of a better life is the common aspiration of people around the world? Olympic sports competitions trying to communicate with each other among the peoples understand, in different ethnic groups? between people of different cultures to form friendships and promote world peace, international disputes and reduce the threat of war? because the spirit of the Olympic movement and the progress of human society, the pursuit of the just cause consistent with the objectives? now promote the Olympic Movement become an important part of the cause of peace, while sports diplomacy has become an important means of communication in international relations?

1.2 focuses on participation, never give up, to achieve self-transcendence in the competition

'Faster? Higher? Stronger' Olympic motto, the full expression of the Olympic movement and progressive? Hard work? Insatiable spirit of struggle? It is a highly condensed summary of the Olympic spirit, the Olympic stadium, it always inspires athletes to climb the peak of sports, continue to better ourselves? than others? athletes rely on it is this spirit, the hard work of a sports arena and continue to create another world record, or a hard day after day training and hard work, the efforts to achieve the goal of the pursuit of a better, even knowing that the vast majority of athletes want to slim, still pay a sweat to achieve beyond the limits of self?

1.3 reflects the human community 'really? Good? The United States' pursuit of a unified

'Friendship? Unity and mutual understanding' of the Olympic spirit is the spirit of fair competition principle, let the world through the Olympic movement to seek a mutual understanding? Friendly and treat people? Equal exchange? United together cultural practices? Olympic moral human solidarity? friendship and peace, her creation and development of the human race is a better vision of the future? Olympic movement embodies the human spirit 'really? good? the United States' pursuit of unity is a reflection of human nature? Olympic Movement 'true', the unique nature of human performance, it showed the spirit of fair competition, sports, sports ban 'doping', uniform rules, to maintain a fair referee, sports is the pursuit of 'true' expression; 'good' performance of the sports culture of the international and borderless, it is not nationality? race? ethnic influence, away from the politics of the founding principles of the Olympic Games and the Olympic movement by people of the world, providing an equal exchange? friendly and treat people? friendship ? ideal environment for the pursuit of peace, the desire and pursuit of human performance 'good' means of ultimate concern; 'beauty' not only the harmony of the collective competitive U.S.? individual sports of athletics United States, and the performance of the human spirit of the pursuit of perfection ? Olympic Games focuses on participation? never give up, only the strong? not the weak fighting spirit, it is human 'beauty' of the eternal pursuit?

2 reflects the Olympic spirit of human values

2.1 Olympic spirit is people-oriented modern society embodies

Olympics, changing, change is consistent human spirit? In order to survive, people must have a strong physique? Sound mind and iron will? Olympic spirit emphasizes people-oriented culture, people as a goal, rather than the tools appear In the course of this activity, is a human self-realization and self-esteem? Olympism to set up a sports idealistic goals and direction, which emphasizes human values ??of sport, sports should be emphasized harmonious development of man services, thus contributing to a preservation of human dignity? the establishment of a peaceful society?

2.2 Olympic spirit is unyielding national spirit? A strong manifestation of the spirit of patriotism

Patriotism is an important spiritual pillar of the country, Olympic sports arena of sports is the competitive spirit of the nation, with a nation's politics? Economic changes? National strength or closely related to national revival? Fortunes Sheng, sports Xing, a country the strength of the strength of the Olympic Movement is its economic strength and an important expression of national spirit? It is from this window, the world's people see the strength of a country's strength? where the national flag raised? played the national anthem , on behalf of the country's honor, reflects the unyielding national spirit and a strong love for athletes
National spirit? Whenever this time, to arouse the spirit of the whole nation is exciting and intense patriotic fervor? At this point, in people's minds, the motherland's interests and honor above all else? This spirit not only in the sports arena incentive the hard work of athletes, but also improve the cohesion of the nation state? Olympic spirit, promote the Olympic movement is thriving spiritual power, but also to promote the progress of human society and all-round development of the spiritual power?

2.3 to reflect the soul of the spirit of the Olympic Movement the spirit of idealism

'Faster? Higher? Stronger' Olympic motto, the Olympic movement's ideology, but also athletes and progressive? Tenacious struggle and the struggle will never meet the ideal? That idealism is not only the spiritual power sports arena and more progress of human society is spiritual power? 'faster? higher? stronger' the essence of the Olympic idea is to go beyond? is innovation, which requires people to keep making progress? constantly innovate to pursue new perfect? ??is from this ideal spirit, the human society can continue to move forward?

2.4 Olympic spirit of fair competition reflects the moral and the pursuit of human

Olympic spirit of fair competition, the Olympic ideal of athletic competition guidelines? Olympic movement advocated 'fair play' (fair play), is a humane spirit of equality comity? One of its significance, is to find a venue in the Olympic under the same conditions, the state fair? fair competition; second, through the Olympic spirit of fair competition, to achieve non-racial differences in the relationship of equality between people? Although today there are many of the Olympic stadium is not contrary to sports ethics justice factors, but the Olympic spirit of fair competition, but it is always the human pursuit of sports ethics?

3 Olympic spirit of human values ??revelation Humanistic Education

Human qualities, including cultural awareness? Artistic accomplishments? Ideological and moral qualities, and many other factors? Humanistic Education is mainly reflected in the cultural literacy? Aesthetic taste? Ideals? Values? Way of thinking? Habits, etc., and the Olympic spirit of human values ??of university students Humanistic Education has many inspiration? Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

3.1 to guide students to establish a patriotic devotion and collective ideas

In contemporary China, the theme of patriotism is to build socialism with Chinese characteristics, law-abiding, conscientious dedication to work and make greater contributions? College students as pillars of society, should be through the Olympic spirit of understanding and learning, more love for the motherland, enhancing national pride and cohesion, and to overcome the inhibition and social ethics guidelines and rules and regulations contrary to the interests of improper personal and narrow interests of a small group? their personal ideals with the motherland's future destinies are linked, in the great practice of building socialism encourage them to tap their full potential and create more social value to the initiative to raise awareness of social responsibility?

3.2 focuses on participation of students and positive spirit and hard work

'Faster? Higher? Stronger' Olympic motto calls on people in terms of ideology to reach a new level, constant pursuit of progress, overcoming obstacles to strive for greater success, the Olympic educational value? And Physical Education Curriculum Reform mainly three aspects of students the ability to acquire new knowledge that is the ability to analyze? problem-solving skills and lifelong learning skills? So, to borrow the Olympics 'motto' concept, is to train students in an effective way to entrepreneurial spirit?
Physical Education should also enhance the quality of education students, students inquiry-based learning methods, the formation of lifelong learning and lifelong physical habits? Therefore, we should 'to the Chinese nation's rejuvenation? To each student's development,' starting science? Reasonable development of teaching goals? teaching objectives necessary to take into account the current situation of students, can be divided into several different levels, but also must be 'advanced' sense, so that students in physical education has always been able to maintain a spirit of continuous improvement? This spirit is a man of inner strength, self-improvement of human society? thrives indispensable noble quality? and to migrate to this noble quality of school life today and the future work, no matter how many hardships, encounter any resistance? obstacles? dangerous, must have 'Nothing is difficult, as long as the man who will try,' the heroic spirit?

3.3 improve the students awareness and civic spirit of fair competition

With the development of market economy, people's competitive spirit is growing, and in the market economy, society and some people thought mercenary mischief? Lack of honesty? Sense of fair competition, dilution, or even the loss of democracy and legal system is not conducive to harmonious social development? Therefore, correction of deviation of these ideas students can use the Olympic movement, 'the spirit of fair competition' education students? in the Olympic Games, athletes are in a mutual recognition by the international community's 'rules' under the strength of the confrontation, regardless of race ? nationality and religion, participants in the playing field is fair, who can not enjoy the privilege, no one can go beyond and above the rules-based? Olympic spirit of fair competition in the communication to the community played a very a good role model? for human society and establish a fair competition and regulate competition model, to guide students to improve the spirit of civic awareness is important?

3.4 encourage college students have a sound personality

The perfection of human nature? The harmonious development of body and mind has been the cultural values ??of the Olympic spirit embodied? In teaching students with special emphasis on character education, teachers should conscientiously implement the 'altruistic orientation' principle of education? This kind of education is to enable students to learn the principles of change bit of thinking, to put themselves for the sake of others, to experience other people's feelings, resulting in helping behavior, and ultimately the formation of good moral character of the personality characteristics? college physical education is a special kind of social and cultural activities, the fierce fight competition, frequent interpersonal and various forms of physical activity, both for the implementation of 'all character education' provides a convenient condition? teachers to give students the opportunity to try a variety of social roles, to make groups of students to adapt to the needs of individual behavior, with peer establish a coordinated relationship, learn to take the initiative to care for others, learn from each other? help each other? common progress? is to teach students how to behave, not only to make students able to comply with the basic code of ethics, but also a spirit of solidarity and cooperation? a sense of responsibility, This can be beneficial to the community of people?

College sports to teach

School activities not only to teach sports to give students the knowledge, but also to pay attention to cultural interpretation of the modern Olympic spirit, Olympic spirit into full-hui of human values? So long plagued the university not only to correct all the errors in physical education, and promote China's Physical Education innovation, promote human civilization and social development?


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