On the ancient Greek sculpture of the true perfect

Abstract: This paper sculpture in ancient Greece, the aesthetic characteristics of the 'It's the perfect' as a starting point to analyze the aesthetic style of ancient Greece, which is not only in sculpture, and more in people's lives at that time. The human body and living in the proportion of containers, the unique design of Field can be a little indications of this. analysis of their basic form, and now there are some creative guidance.

Key Words: Ancient Greek sculpture

In the ancient Greek philosopher and the artist's eyes, the body is a natural part of the world, is the most well-balanced and harmonious, solemn and beautiful features of the aesthetic object. Thus, the ancient Greek art, body sculpture can be seen everywhere and reached a high artistic level. If the aesthetic ideals of ancient Egyptian sculpture is the pursuit of 'eternal', and the aesthetic ideals of ancient Greek sculpture is the pursuit of 'true beauty.'
In the cultural history, usually beginning from the expedition to Egypt, Ptolemy Alexander Wang Chaochen service in the history of the Roman Empire period known as the 'Hellenistic period'. 'Hellenistic period' a rich subject matter, there's a wide range of areas, from a sense the expansion of the formation of a culture, its influence covers the whole of Europe, and became the foundation of Western art, and its respect for objective truth is the culture of the United States pay attention to the speculative nature of Western civilization, really pay attention to the objective of the first embodiment. Greek sculpture has created a beautiful synthesis, for the human body itself is also full of praise, which we can learn from this period can be realized on a number of nude sculptures Conversely advocating customs but also to the naked language of the play with realistic head sculpture the opportunity.

In the ancient Greek philosopher and the artist's eyes, the body is a natural part of the world, is the most well-balanced and harmonious, solemn and beautiful features of the aesthetic object. Thus, the ancient Greek art, body sculpture can be seen everywhere and reached a high artistic level. This concept of the Greeks special in their eyes, the ideal figure is not good at thinking of a keen sense of soul or mind, but the descent is superior, well-developed, well-proportioned, agile skill, good at various sports naked. This ideas expressed in many ways, first, people around them Li Tie, Gary, etc. are almost all close to naked as the alien shame, only the Greeks do not mind to take off their clothes to participate in gladiatorial combat and race walking. Sparta with young women's movement is almost naked.

The ancient Greeks in the classical form of ownership based on the view of the world, compared with other ancient world view is an improvement. Private ownership of social existence determines the classical view of the world is the importance of individual personality, but the principle of coexistence of the public, but also determines its collective and national attention, thus forming a classical democratic thought, of course, because of time constraints, the classical view of the world, in essence, does not leave the idealistic world view that areas of religion, but on the other hand it is the recognition of the noble and great . the classical view of the world's dominant ideology is people-oriented, who is the subject of the standard, is the measure of all things worldly, and God's people but is ideal, although God lives in heaven, people living in the ground, but the nature of God and Exalted with no kind of different. God who is essentially embodied in people's own, the praise of God is essentially the affirmation of man's own with the closely related concept is the kind of sacred undressed, and thus led to excellent condition is a more direct physical exercise naked young people and athletics, which in a sense is the model of universal artists.

Secondly, when the people in the beach, in the practice field, dance in worship, in public sports, often seen naked and nude action. They focus on the particular favorite is the performance of strength, health and lively shape and posture, they tried to make the body grow into this type of form, to develop this type of position. Among the several hundred years, the sculptor who is such a correction improve, develop the concept of physical beauty. In fact, for us today is the concept of the ideal human body they began in the end of the period of Gothic art, pizza, Nicholas and the first batch of modern sculptors out of traditional church , to give slender ugly, emaciated body, when, with regard to surviving or Newly Unearthed Greek relief as a model.

Again, and sports in ancient Greece is linked with religious activities, so the social life at the time of special significance, and in the eyes of the ancient Greeks more a sacred color. Thus, included in the Olympic Games the actual content has been far from 'Games' concept can accommodate. In essence, it has become a cultural phenomenon contains a deeper, national cohesion and the axis of the symbol of the Greek national spirit even recognize some of the Gentiles to the Holy Land Olympia as the capital of Greece every four years between the two Olympic Games called a 'moral Olympus,' it is an ancient unit for dating, the history of 776 BC the first Olympic Games held in the year, was Annals of Greece as the beginning of future generations. With classical peak sports flourish, especially in training and competitions naked body the formation of culture, people outside the formal beauty of the human body has been further developed, and from theory made standard on the famous sculptor Polly Kerry Santos has made in this contribution, he is the author of the naked image of athletes has become a model at the time, especially noteworthy is that he and his observation and performance of the model The entire artistic vision made a summary of research on the great achievements in the theory, later to complete his set of rules called 'French.' Polly Kerry Toth's 'French' carved on later had a profound impact, even in a certain period of time has become the golden rule of character modeling. After them was also a breakthrough, but this shows that the post-classical Greece, people who own understanding and grasp of the United States rose to a new level. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Ancient Greek artists created countless image, and again and again to the human body to make a theoretical summary and specifications, so that the prosperity of the history of Greek art in the world occupy an important page. Beauty is born, The people of ancient Greece, the pursuit of beauty sucked more strongly manifested, to the pursuit of perfection, which is what I long for. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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