New Thoughts on rural issues

Abstract: At present, China's rural areas are mainly new problems: new scissors, urban-rural split is not enough to protect the interests of farmers and caused some anxiety and discontent of farmers, lack of agricultural inputs, poor infrastructure and small and decentralized mode of operation restricted the healthy development of agriculture, the township government functions distortions and part of the village organizations are weak and lax affected the party cadre, etc. This article from consolidating the party's base, to achieve sustainable agricultural development, strengthen the Party's leadership over rural work three aspects clarify the path to solve these problems, by improving the agricultural price formation mechanism, open urban household registration, improve the household land contract and a series of specific recommendations.

Keywords:: rural issues Work Research

Fortunate enough to participate in this year of the Hebei Provincial organizations helping to strengthen grassroots construction activities in towns and villages, which I learn from Dazhai village following the 1977 and 1986 after a poor village, another resident in the village close contact with farmers in Helping work, I am with the other two, Hebei Province Rural Credit Cooperative Union comrades insist with the villagers eat, live, with labor, with the study thanks to provincial attention and support of the provincial association, out of farmers' sincere emotion, we do the repair for the village cement road, power grids, built more than a dozen things for the villagers Square, recognized and praised by the villagers, where the Working Group was rated as outstanding village working group. should be said that in recent years, this is my the most ground gas, the most fulfilling and most rewarding, the most memorable of the year, however, honor and praise, but increased during the residency has been haunting my lingering fear and anxiety, which is that although the reform and opening especially since 2003, the CPC Central Committee put forward the "peasant agriculture and rural areas to solve the problem of the party's work is a top priority," since the party and the country attached great importance to rural work, to support efforts to increase year after year, capital investment increased year by year, agriculture has been the cause of showing a good momentum of development, but compared with the eighties of last century, the rural areas there has been relatively slow to improve the material life of farmers, agricultural production conditions deteriorate, some grass-roots political power are weak and lax, and other new issues. reasons for the formation of these issues and solve problems path, way, I did nearly a year of research, after much thought, now combined with the party's 18 report learning experience, to what I see, think and are summarized as follows:

First, farmers' anxiety and consolidate the party's base issue

I am pleased to see that the farmers really support the Chinese Communist Party, they are my basis for the ruling party and a solid foundation. Peasant emancipation thank the party to help them live a good life, thanks to the reform and opening up and bring them well-being of agricultural tax exemption, especially some of the older villagers, never allowing others to speak ill of the Communist Party, even though in real life there are some phenomena that they could not understand or even cause dissatisfaction, but they think, "the Communist Party 'by' is good, just let the bottom The 'Monk' to read distorted. "This is the result of 30 years of reform and opening up and the transition to a market economy in China farmers mainstream consciousness.

But I did see some farmers currently growing in anxiety and dissatisfaction, saw the party's base facing danger of erosion:

A farmers improve the material life of the relatively slow, although countries have and are taking steps to narrow the urban-rural income gap, but between urban residents and farmers income ratio still in 1985 expanded to 1.53 ︰ 1 ︰ 1 2011 3.13 (< <China is ushering in narrowing the income gap inflection >> Chen Jianwei Lai Desheng Daily April 10, 2012) of urban residents and farmers income and quality of life gradually widening the gap, the ever-changing city, where they stand elevated loop urban residents and growing increasingly neglected public services, infrastructure, public services in rural areas receive less stark contrast, although farmers' income and quality of life has greatly improved over the years, but farmers enjoy the country's economy because there is no synchronization the rapid development of the fruit, forgotten, psychological imbalance prevalent.

2 new "scissors" objective reality, which is mainly manifested in the prices of agricultural products to enhance the rate is much lower than chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other industrial products, and price increases for migrant workers, labor and employment practice unequal wages and benefits dispatched two aspects of There are 1.3 billion people, the current urbanization rate of nearly 50%, but "if in accordance with China's current urbanization urbanization caliber to calculate the household, it will drop 1/3" (quoted from the Central Leading Group Office of Chen Xiwen, director of rural urbanization in China high-level international forum on the theme of speeches LONDON March 25, 2012, which means that China is still about 900 million farmers .9 million peasants to 400 million urban residents to provide cheap agricultural products and cheap labor, contributed to the rapid development of urban and residents' income increase, which is the new "scissors." because the country has not yet formed a unified agricultural market, the current minimum price of agricultural products, although protecting the interests of farmers, but can not reflect the true cost of production, coupled with the state as the main grain market grain enterprises difficult to achieve open purchase, not only makes the state subsidy circulation is much higher than subsidies to farmers, but also a number of rich Daomaidaomai middlemen.

3 the process of reform and market interests of farmers concerned about inadequate protection due to poor access to information, is difficult to directly reflect the aspirations of farmers to decision-making in rural areas should not merge the already weak institutions merge a lot of farmers enjoy the social public goods and services in some areas less than the eighties of last century, the emergence of rural schooling, medical care, loans, buy genuine difficulty in our conversations with farmers, many farmers showed supply and marketing cooperatives to their village in the past, credit agency stations, cooperative medical point, the village primary school and was often agricultural village remembrance service technician, I personally think that these institutions should merge speaking has its rational factors, but it was after all should listen to the views of farmers and do not be too hasty to engage across the board all these years despite increased state subsidies to farmers, but the farmers did not all get the benefits, such as subsidies for farm machinery and appliances, many farmers in the purchase of quality encountered problems falling or rising prices.

4 Some farmers lack confidence in building a new countryside. Household land contract bonus gradually disappeared, some villages with irrigation facilities damaged disrepair, peasant economy dependent on the weather, poor information, weak anti-risk ability drawbacks began to emerge, plus do not make money on the farm, the farmers are not enthusiastic about farming, especially the younger generation in rural areas, "farming without land, no post office, no city households, guaranteeing that no copies of" village Daibu Zhu, wage discrimination, the majority have been perennial not at home, in the work of migrant workers or homeless status.

5 Some farmers moral landslide occurred with residency experience over the last century, I have a bad feeling that some farmers are now more concerned about their own interests showed little concerned about the collective or caring for others, collectivism Hubang Mutual concept is very weak. village just this year, we have to see past the villagers welcome to village cadres above the warm, they generally think that we can not live in the village, it is impossible to do any real work for the village, they said: "Ten years , and have not seen the provincial cadres overnight in the village and township cadres to which is to be left for a while. "spiritual and cultural life of farmers eighties of last century more than the poor, in addition to listening to the radio from the past becomes watching TV In addition, no other basic cultural life. "From the land contract, the village all the villagers will be opened no, there is no organized learning" the villagers said. advanced ideology and culture in the rural areas are not widespread, feudal superstition, gambling phenomenon took the opportunity to rise. Even more serious is the problem of outstanding individual villagers petty theft, corn and vegetables not yet fully mature, the village farmers rushing to recover the house, or is likely to be lost, and we have also dedicated to the village installed 11 cameras and electronic monitoring systems, which are also considered during the residency run by practical one.
The party's 18 report on "must be more conscious of the people-oriented as thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development the core position, and always realize, safeguard and develop the overwhelming majority of the people's fundamental interests as the party and the state all the starting point and foothold, respect their creativity, protect their rights and interests, and constantly in achieving development results shared by the people, and promote the comprehensive development of new achievements "aspects of discourse, is that we solve all the problems of farmers theoretical basis and guide to action. based on my personal thinking and understanding, made the following recommendations:
First, we must establish the farmer is the ruling party and the state based on the status of our government is the people's government, Comrade Mao Zedong in the Chinese Communist seven oral report states: "The so-called masses, the main is that farmers", "forget the farmers, on the Without China's democratic revolution, without China's democratic revolution, it is not China's socialist revolution, there is no all revolutionary "(<< Mao Zedong's theory of peasant question the reality of the new rural construction Significance ZHANG Lei Shandong Agricultural Administrators' College 2006 No. 06. Farmers population is still far more than urban residents, and the majority of urban residents moved liberation of the farmers, farmers should become masters of the country, the state should reflect the will of the demands of farmers and I personally do not agree to farmers called "vulnerable groups", the farmers as masters of the country, including of course their fundamental rights as urban residents the right to share the achievements of reform and development, rather than relief and objects of charity. established farmers from the ruling party and the state based on position, is We solve the problem of farmers' standpoint, the starting point, the concept reached this level, it is likely to harm the interests of farmers once again make decisions or actions.

The second is to establish a fair and reasonable system of agricultural price formation. Rationalize prices of agricultural products is the basis for solving the problem of farmers. Should capitalize on the current Internet has a highly developed conditions, so as to establish a unified national agricultural markets by removing market barriers to timely use of market detection and correction agricultural prices and in turn guide the agricultural production. States should establish agricultural price support policies, through the establishment of industrial and agricultural products between reasonable "parity" proportional to protect the interests of farmers. agricultural minimum price should be barren land cost of agricultural production basis, or can not solve the problem of land abandonment, minimum price should also include the inflation and gradually narrow the income gap between urban and rural elements, or in the case of base disparity, the same or a slightly higher growth in rural areas the proportion of urban residents will remain with farmers widening the gap between the life from the perspective of economics, the price elasticity of demand for agricultural products is less than a majority of agricultural products in favor of unilateral price increases total social supply of aggregate demand does not produce inhibition. Additionally, the state also should make good use of WTO on agricultural "green box", "basket case" requirements, continue to increase subsidies to farmers to support from several aspects to enhance the enthusiasm of farmers.

Third, accelerate the opening up urban residence. Farmers into the industrialization process of any country prerequisites have not heard of any country because farmers into the city and economic development of this country harm, because China is the homeland of the complex difficulties of farmers away, so long as prices of agricultural products and industrial products can do with the income level of residents simultaneously improve, farmers will be able to effectively suppress the urge to blindly into the city, they can choose whether to allow farmers into the city, but do not need indicators, tax age and other restrictions. difficulties and building a moderately prosperous society focused on solving the problem of farmers, the biggest domestic demand are 900 million farmers, as soon as possible to break the urban-rural division of the dual structure, accelerate until the full liberalization of the household registration restrictions, and gradually make progress City farmers and urban residents enjoy the same basic housing, children education, pension health care, social assistance and protection of rights such as wages and benefits, will effectively stimulate domestic demand, and to provide sufficient labor resources of China's industrialization, and compensate for an aging society reduction of the "demographic dividend", is likely to give our economy a long and rapid development of strategic opportunities.

The fourth is to strengthen the construction of rural socialist core values. More politically impartial and incorruptible cadres dedicated socialist core value system is an important component of the core values ​​of society as a whole has an important impact on the formation of all levels of party and government organs and agriculture-related departments should conscientiously implement the "to ensure that the people are the masters as fundamental to enhancing vitality of the Party and the state, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people as the goal, expand socialist democracy, accelerate the construction of a socialist country ruled by law and develop socialist political civilization" (quoted from eighteen Great reporting requirements, so that all decisions involving the vital interests of farmers should fully listen to the views of farmers, those who damage the interests of the masses must resolutely prevent and correct practices, resourceful and benefit farmers, farmers fear for multiple solutions, to solve most farmers concerned about the most direct and practical interests, take the initiative to resolve conflicts, close party. should strengthen ideological and cultural construction in rural areas, with the core values ​​of socialism led rural social thought. "People always want a little spirit" (Mao-eighth Second Plenary Session of speech, do not just stare at the money and want everything from their own interests, or harmony and stability in rural areas, agricultural industrialization and modernization are out of the question. establishment of core values ​​in the rural areas, improving the quality of farmers and rich moral spiritual and cultural life of farmers, especially the township party organizations at all levels, the village Party branch should play a greater role.

Second, weak agricultural foundation and Sustainable Development

In recent years agricultural commodities provided to the community is indeed increasing year by year, mainly due to two: one ZiZhong and breeding methods to bring change. ZiZhong scientists like to thank Longping, corn, rice, wheat and other bulk agricultural crops of seed revolution, production has doubled over the last century, the eighties, the effect of planting patterns change very obvious in the past raised a pig to slaughter takes eight or nine months, and now time is shortened by nearly half. two farmers' own consumption is reduced due to improved living standards of the farmers themselves eat much less than in the past, based on the lack of manpower and health and safety and other reasons courtyard raise livestock and swine and sheep chickens and rabbits have very little to eat grain plus migrant workers dishes reasons, some farmers own consumption substantially reduced.

Agriculture does not mean the provision of goods increased agricultural production has increased dramatically, China's food security and the effective supply of major agricultural products are still very concerned about the party and the government needs a major problem I see is that the current agricultural foundation is weak and unsustainable development issues In some rural areas have behaved more prominent:
1 Tillage extensive and I have in the village of 163, 655 people working outside year round workforce of nearly 200 people. Because farmers do not want their own children also when farmers, the vast majority of young people do not want the village will not be kind , and thus the basic farming at home is elderly and women left behind. part of the land abandoned, and some engage in primary tillage plowing land, plot, sending manure been rare, extensive use of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and so shallow tillage technology, soil toxins desertification, land compaction of the problem has been very prominent, if not difficult to imagine that a new round of revolution seed production will increase substantially the same quality and safety of agricultural products is also very worrying.

2 seriously lagging behind the construction of farmland water conservancy facilities and some villages in the eighties of last century before the construction of water conservancy facilities have been used for many years due to or close to retirement, when the irrigation channels, has been largely flat to make farmland shelterbelts, water retention capacity of the land lacks water, groundwater Bit declined year by year. stakes have been eating and exhausted, the new has not yet built, irrigation infrastructure debts too, has affected the sustainability of agriculture.

3 land use efficiency is not high because the land contracted by farmers bear the rural poor while living security role, the state provides long-term stability household land contract remain unchanged, but 30 years after the last new contradictions emerged: Death and relocate There are accounts of people, the new generation of farmers not born, it has been neither peasant migrant workers are unwilling to farming the land subcontract, who want to kind of be farming land but no ground or lack of land utilization is not is also reflected in the high idle abandoned homestead in rural hollowing issue, where I currently abandoned and idle village homestead has more than 1/3, but also accelerating tendency to expand from the Internet check, the National Rural homestead is equivalent to 2.52 million mu of 168,000 square kilometers, which does not include the village roads area. chronic lack of village construction planning and management of land has been accounted for housing accounted for, the new building is constantly occupied land, the peasants had Multi homestead occupied in the past been engaged in governance, but with little success. this problem is not resolved, to ensure that no less than 18 million mu of arable land red line sooner or later will be exceeded.

4 missing agricultural financial services. Agricultural loans exist points wide, the amount of small, high frequency, high operating costs, a large affected by natural disasters, lack of collateral and other unfavorable factors to consider for profit maximization, since the reform of state-owned commercial banks have since been established in rural areas merge outlets, rural credit cooperatives also undo the village an agency agency, the abolition of the legal status of village-level institutions currently finance "off the farm" and "pump" the trend is very clear, so that agricultural production harder than the eighties of last century to get financial support.

Based on the above is put into labor, capital, land and other agricultural production conditions, factors of production problems, could not cause us concern about the outlook for agricultural development.

Agriculture is the foundation of national economy, is the relationship between people's subsistence, economic prosperity, national security, the foundation of industry, agriculture sustainable development issue has always been highly concerned about the party and the government issues this end, based on my own thinking to mention the following recommendations:
First, we must establish the development of modern agriculture-oriented. Way and sustainable development of agriculture is to achieve scale agricultural operations, mechanization and scientific kind of pipe, that is, to achieve agricultural modernization, while China's current household contract management can be regarded as the world's smallest scale agriculture, small and decentralized mode of operation does not support the socialization of large-scale production, limiting the use of large agricultural machinery, agricultural science and technology promotion, famous brand products and the formation of price advantage, but can not cope with multinational companies competition. realization of China's agricultural modernization, I think the need to solve three interrelated problems that raise agricultural prices, open residence restrictions and achieve reasonable transfer of land, because only raise prices of agricultural products in order to improve farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain, re-integration of the rural resources, prevent farmers blindly into the city, only release the residency restrictions allowing farmers settled into the city in order to lift peasant life, pension and other worries, alleviating rural population carrying capacity of land, lay the foundation for the large-scale agricultural operations, and only realized reasonable transfer of land to expand the production scale, the implementation of mechanized operations, thus achieving agricultural modernization. Among these, the land transfer contain political factors can be described as the problem of problems, after all, the history of Chinese peasant uprisings are several large-scale mergers and related land , the so-called farmers' hands of food hearts do not panic. "It should be noted that China has now entered a whole industry can be nurturing agriculture and cities can absorb a large number of farmers," the latter half of the mid-industrialization phase "(<< China into the later stages of industrialization >> CASS research Qunhui Deputy Secretary Huang Xinhua News Agency February 28, 2012, the industrial economic development for the realization of agricultural modernization has provided unprecedented opportunities, in such favorable conditions blindly worry if you still hesitate, it will delay our modernization. household land contract has lasted 30 years, I personally think that has to be perfect when you release the household management and a sound social security system based on movement, pins farmers contracting land and homestead should be recovered, the young generation of farmers in the village farming land should be assigned to the new round of land contracting and idle rural depopulation should be out by the village collective land and homestead together, first paid or contracted to industry leading enterprises farming experts. establish the land as soon as possible transfer market, so that the true market value of the land to explore. want to provide preferential policies to guide farmers to organize themselves in a professional manner cooperatives help each other to achieve production, supply and marketing of organic convergence, accelerate the pace of agricultural mechanization and modernization.

The second is to strengthen the scientific planning of agricultural development from the big side, what areas for the development of what industry, what varieties suitable for cultivation, suitable to build what brand? Need to use science to guide the planning of farmers, from small side, irrigation, forestry network, roads, villages how to build? village itself can not be a solution, but also should have an overall planning of agricultural development planning must seek truth from facts, according to local conditions, do not mess a pattern across the board, or is likely to occur both costly and achieving the desired effects of the problem, such as a sharp decline in the population of the village will soon disappear, should help farmers solve major face life, production difficulties, and do not help build hardened cement road, otherwise will increase future recovery the cost of land.

The third is to increase investment in agricultural infrastructure due to weak nature of agriculture itself exists, governments are given the necessary support to agriculture Our country has also increased investment in agriculture, but because of too many outstanding loans still significant input into deficiencies present agricultural inputs institutions, mechanisms are also problems, the farmers of the allocation of funds, the process of using an informed few layers of extracting management fees, service fees, and frequent rejection of embezzlement, making part of the country's agricultural inputs used in the village a real level is greatly reduced, problem solving drop in the bucket, so in addition to the need to increase investment in agriculture, the current need to solve as soon as possible disbursement of funds for supporting agriculture channels and problems in management mechanism, so that all of the village's agricultural inputs directly with Villagers meet, can project funds directly allocated to the village, to make "two committees" involved in choosing their own construction team or the organization of construction, can accept all the villagers and the joint supervision of the higher authorities. To illustrate this matter is necessary, give an I I encountered examples: in accordance with provincial requirements, residency working group to build a 60 square meters this year qualified health room, the national and provincial financial subsidies 42,000 yuan, according to local farmers building standard basic enough, it is indeed is a good thing, but in the implementation, the authorities claim to the unit by a qualified exploration, design, budget, organization bidding, health department approved organization qualified construction unit construction, completion of final accounts to audit by the authoritative department, before the Financial Fang I funding. As costs County Health Department gives a preliminary budget for 10 million, requested the Working Group or the villagers out of 50,000 yuan. repeated several times eventually find their own construction team built the village health room, but also a barrier walls, Brick paved road, built flower beds, a total expenses 51,000 yuan. Currently clinic has successfully passed the city, county and acceptance, financial assistance funds are still not in place. people do not understand is why the program cover a few bungalows to do so complex, if it is not so can not guarantee the quality, then the house is now possible to live in rural areas people do?
The fourth is to accelerate the development of agricultural information and agricultural science and technology is currently the source of farmers' access to information is very full, making the adjustment of agricultural structure tends to herd into a price rise, price drops quitting en masse reincarnation Open Internet, marketing enrichment projects, selling information products auxin like a lot, but mostly from their own interests, which also lack fake decoy ingredients. now necessary to set up a standing point of view of the national associations of farmers engaged in agricultural information collection, collation, communication, publishing, feedback, and timely to provide farmers with agricultural information and impartial authority to reduce the farmers in the decision-making mistakes. of limited arable land, grain crops and a variety of vegetables will be few, vegetable prices will be more , food prices will be less, so from the fundamental point of view purely agricultural planting structure adjustment does not increase income for farmers, agricultural production and income primarily have to rely on agricultural science and technology development and the promotion of modern farming techniques with the eighties of last century compared to the county agricultural science and technology institutions in part by the full expenditure becomes poor fill or self-supporting, the township has diverted a lot of agricultural technicians He industry, primary agricultural science and technology popularization efforts declined. want the country to be highly concerned about and solve this problem, accelerate the improvement of agricultural products and agricultural technology to adapt production, learning and research, experiment, promotion, popularization of agricultural science and technology system, organic whole, in order to improve our agricultural production, embedded value and competitiveness in international markets .

Fifth, we should set up a special service for the rural financial institutions is necessary to solve the problem of agricultural debts, but also to accelerate the modernization of agriculture, a lot of money demand financial investment alone is clearly not enough, most of the money needed to finance sector provided agricultural population less developed western countries, not the proportion of agriculture in the national economy, but mostly a non-profit dedicated to the farmers for the purpose of providing loans to financial institutions, and our strictly speaking, there is no one of this financial institution. too much emphasis on the current financial reform financial institutions to maximize profits, the emergence of a single market-oriented financial and organizational structure tends to be identical, similar business model tends, performance evaluation tends to identical conditions, financial institutions from the rural capital market. " pumping "and then flows to gain a guaranteed large enterprises and projects, directly facing the agriculture and farmers loans generally are declining. If this problem is not resolved, is bound to restrict the pace of agricultural modernization order to solve the lack of rural financial services problem, Chen Wei comrades and I have been writing articles urging the current transformation of rural credit cooperatives to become not-for-profit dedicated to the farmers, urban poor and small and micro enterprises to provide financial services to financial institutions (see << accelerate financial services for low-income groups >> See Section 35 within the People's Daily "Total No. 1076" September 9, 2011, hoping to attract attention.

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Third, with the strengthening of rural grassroots party organizations and lax leadership problem in rural work

Rural grassroots organizations mainly refers to two township and village party, government organization, is a national exercise of power tip, is to contact the party and the bridge between the government and farmers from the whole, the current rural grass-roots organizations are conscientious, good and better The majority; grassroots cadres low wages, poor working conditions, sharing things complicated, very hard, on the whole should be affirmed, but can not deny that "some grassroots Party organizations are weak and lax, a small number of party members and cadres ideals and beliefs shaken, purpose consciousness, formalism bureaucratic issues outstanding, extravagance and waste serious "(quoted from eighteen reported problems in the rural grass-roots organizations in the performance is relatively prominent.

Let me talk about the problems faced by the township government:

1 functions of township governments distorted. Compared with the 1980s, when the township government's main function is to organize agricultural production and water conservancy construction, agricultural grain tax levy and the "three mentioned five reunification", the organization and management of education and health Hongo public utilities, to promote agricultural technology and agricultural machinery to fulfill family planning management functions, work more "real." Most of these functions are now no longer exists, leaving only the management of family planning one, but most farmers have been reluctant to health, family planning management work difficulty decline, the newly added functions mainly to maintain social stability and investment, but strictly speaking, maintaining social stability should be the main part of the police station and other political and legal departments, investment is a market and business behavior, can not be considered township Government should assume the functions of the real. << People's Republic of local people's congresses and local people's governments at the Organic Law >> Article 61 provides the township government has seven terms, and now it seems one by one is not really able to fulfill more. "real" work, though a small, but because of county agencies become ever more finely, the township "virtual" work is more and more, meeting, entertainment, hospitality, reporting, figures, reports, and complete all kinds of text materials have become the important work of the township.

2 of township agencies incomplete. Vast majority of our law enforcement powers conferred on the county level and above units, the township government law enforcement would not be able to follow, so the body will inevitably incomplete from the beginning of this century, township law enforcement charges Most stations have the right to withdraw gradually county authorities, but the actual work of the township government, but in the case of lack of enforcement powers to assume more and more of the ultra vires law enforcement tasks.

3 township fiscal nominal. Township finances without their own local taxes and tax sharing, all sources of funding for the county financial allocations in previous years for the completion of tasks lack idling higher taxes, buying tax, and the formation of a hidden deficit spending is not small, insufficient financial resources, not to mention the provision of public services and performance of public management functions. example in my village where the township, the township cadres, 73 people, 22 were part of the fiscal full wages, only to the county finance 51 per month 540 yuan subsidy, meager public funds, but the village almost every day all visitors are required to reception, also raised three car indeed very difficult.

4 undisciplined individual work style of cadres of township. Township cadres full financial expenses also more than one thousand yuan monthly salary, less the difference between the wages earned some township cadres themselves or allow relatives to find work. Township cadres to seek livelihoods in another part of the special fund had contact with agriculture, coupled with the county and township authorities are sometimes unavoidable because of lack of funds earmarked in agriculture in the article do, it makes part of the agriculture in the use of funds for both companies to find qualified units or, centralized procurement tender worth mentioning, only increase the cost and reduce the quality.

Based on the above four reasons, coupled with the higher requirements of the township too unrealistic and numerous "one-vote veto" hanging sword, making the individual township leaders to take the practice of bullying on the pressure, with the township cadres then called the play "firewall" role in this side "firewall", the lower the real situation is less than or superior understanding of open eyes closed eyes, the higher the spirit and requirements are difficult to carry out that decision. barrier "firewall" cadres work by writing, numbers guesses, compiled by experience, honor by blowing, the harm can be described as big Yan.

Besides problems of village-level organizations:

1 village cadres are not properly protected. Village cadres subsidies did not rise much and basic channels, when the cadres steward will inevitably offend people, offend people stir up trouble, township generally could not hold it back, especially petition is to offend people to the city, county, and if it is not a matter of principle, the village cadres generally "sit wax" in office offended many people, regardless of superiors after stepping down, the village is being criticized, so part of the village cadres, it is not reasonable and necessary go steward.

2 village money work. Implementation of contract responsibility system in rural areas, the vast majority of the village collective property has long been sold try splitting the original village enterprises or closed down or sold to individuals, their eyes a few years ago the village the villagers mainly work aside funds received State "tax reform" Cancel village set-aside, the set-aside into agricultural attached, because they no longer use the village cadres to collect the money, and the village received on township finance it, the "village fiscal township tube." After the abolition of agricultural tax, agricultural tax plus stay in the township and village level becomes higher financial transfer payments to this part of the money in addition to the village cadres individual subsidies are partially trapped towns, most of the village cadres did not even know there was such a sum should Use of funds belonging to the village and some even want to do at the village's practical good road digging, because the money can not be implemented,
3. The village did not work autonomy earmarked superiors down a lot to farmers, "thing" for supporting self-financing "of a proposed" After receipt of money from the peasants give the money handed township or county supervisor account designated by the department, by the township or county authorities unified management and use, as to how to use the village cadres and farmers rarely able to participate in the use of funds and have to bear the main responsibility for reimbursement. and often pay a lot of money to do something bad , tired finish the long march by the curse, with twice the power and a half, making some village cadres have nothing positive to work,
4 part of the village cadres have no energy to steward. Village cadres are generally contracted land, and some or engage in farming, or the kind of greenhouses, or open canteen, their own natural no effort to live too much work to take care of the village. These years and Xing When entrepreneurs concurrently village cadres, the idea is to let the lead the masses to get rich together, and in fact some of these entrepreneurs when the village cadres nothing more than to their own county and township leaders mixed Lianshu, in order to facilitate the development of their own business, energy is not in the village .

Since these four reasons, some village-level organizations play their role really well, some villages it paralyzed too.
Township governments and village-level organizations current situation is caused by various factors, of course, not entirely to blame the village cadres, but the current situation is indeed to become farmers on social discontent and some local party cadre deterioration of the important reasons, should cause us great concern and efforts to solve this reason I propose the following:
First, we must strengthen the party correctly grasp the scientific connotation of Rural Work Leading the Party's leadership of the party for rural use of their high political authority rationing of social resources, and guide farmers to achieve political goals and social development process, while the party's rural pole high political authority from the farmers' trust and support is given to farmers from this point of understanding, I believe that strengthening the Party's leadership over rural work is essentially a party peasants constantly learn wisdom, and gathering strength, and thus do not realize adapt to the development of rural productivity production relations and the superstructure for change and improvement, and promote the development of productive forces, the process to achieve the aspirations of farmers whose purpose is to wholeheartedly follow services for farmers whose basic approach, one is to promote and mobilize farmers, namely, by propagating and implementing the the party's line, principles and policies, farmers cultivate the spirit of collectivism and hard work, promote new socialist culture to unite the rural social forces, and the other one is to believe and rely on the farmers, namely the masters up through farmer responsible for monitoring the party and the government and its work personnel to ensure the right of the people. "must adhere to the dominant position of the people" (quoted from eighteen major report is the fundamental idea of ​​socialism with Chinese characteristics is the bottom line and life, but also out of Huangyanpei called "History Periodic Law" forever Celebrex Party and the socialist countries youthful political magic.

Second, the government should clarify the boundaries of the rural social management on the one hand to improve the grass-roots mass self-government mechanisms and implement eighteen report of the "governance in urban and rural communities, grassroots public affairs and public welfare undertakings in implementation of the masses self-management, self-service , self-education, self-monitoring is the people directly exercise their democratic rights according to the law an important way to improve the grass-roots party leadership vibrant grass-roots mass self-government mechanisms to expand the orderly participation, and promote information disclosure, strengthen consultation procedure, and strengthen supervision over power为重点,拓宽范围和途径,丰富内容和形式,保障人民享有更多更切实的民主权利",另一方面要尽量缩减政府对农村经济社会的直接管控.充分发挥市场自我调节和农村社会自治机制的作用,重新梳理县级政府的职责,"深化行政审批制度改革,继续简政放权,推动政府职能向创造良好发展环境、提供优质公共服务、维护社会公平正义转变."(引自十八大报告三是要把村级组织建成坚强的战斗堡垒.村级组织稳则农村社会稳,"基础不牢地动山摇".我认为改变当前村级组织软弱涣散现状需要多措并举,切实做到村级组织有职、有责、有权、有钱和村干部有理想、有精力、有能力、有保障:"村财乡管"不符合村民自治原则应交权归村,国家对村级组织的转移支付、农业专款补贴应直接拨付到村,实行"一定三有",在对村级组织和村干部确定任期目标和年度工作责任的同时,做到村干部在任有待遇、干好有希望、老年有保障,落实<<村民委员会自治法>>各项规定,实行村务公开,办事要符合村民意愿,工作要接受村民监督,加强党员队伍建设,提高农村党员的质量和素质,充分发挥党员的先锋模范作用,加强农村文化建设,坚持不懈地用马克思主义中国化最新理论教育党员群众,用中国特色社会主义共同理想凝聚力量,用热爱家乡建设新农村的美好前景鼓舞斗志,用社会主义荣辱观引领风尚.需特别提出的是,基于当前村级组织面临的问题,从县、乡选派优秀党员干部脱岗驻村担任村支部书记,我认为确实是个行之有效办法,一些地方已经实验并取得显著成效,建议有关部门在及时总结完善的基础上形成制度,普遍推广,此外,从各级党委、政府抽调优秀干部组成驻村工作组对落后村帮扶,既是维护发展农民利益之所在、也是密切党和政府与农民群众血肉联系夯实党的执政基础的现实需要、还是锻炼培养干部的育人工程,我认为很有必要,关键是要抓实并取得实效.



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