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Agricultural Mechanization Management Agricultural Commissioner is a "window" is to promote rural economic development an important part of the current, Agricultural Commissioner is facing many new problems have an urgent requirement agricultural supervisors changing ideas to improve their overall quality. Therefore, we must strengthen the agricultural supervision of team building, training and bringing a high-quality agricultural supervision team to better serve the people.

First, the problems facing agricultural supervision team.

1 agricultural supervisors political and ideological quality needs to be improved and some agricultural supervisors lack of overall awareness, political acumen is not strong, poor ability to distinguish right from wrong, poor mental state, enthusiasm is not high. All individuals to "money" Look, life deviation, distorted values, divorced from reality and the masses.

(2) Cultural Theory lower quality supervision team from the current culture of agricultural structure, there are highly educated, low-level phenomena, and some agricultural supervisors cultural level of the real and theoretical training and job need not suited to the profession still exists Not counterparts, and because the lack of knowledge updating, resulting theoretical quality level of knowledge and agricultural supervision services are unable to meet the development needs of the new situation.

3 operational capacity is poor and some people do their jobs said layman, do act outside of the agricultural production safety laws and regulations, poorly understood, and some even general business knowledge Agricultural Commissioner did not understand; some old ideas, accustomed to the old ideas, old ways, old tools, suited to the needs of new developments.

Second, strengthen the agricultural supervision team building initiatives.

1. Strengthen ideological education, improve the political quality of agricultural supervisors. Agricultural Commissioner ideological and political work is work and all other work lifeline, the theory is the precursor of action, there is no scientific theory as a guide, to deal with political and ideological work is difficult to imagine Faced with ever-changing requirements of the new situation, the majority of agricultural supervisors should unswervingly adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" and the scientific concept of development arm our minds, playing for the ideological foundation of serving the people, adhere to the people-oriented, strengthen ideological and political work is to improve the quality of agricultural effective way.

(2) intensive training to improve their operational capacity. Agricultural Commissioner staff to have extensive knowledge of the business, as well as certain social experience strong business practice ability, which requires agricultural supervisors abandon old ideas in the past, to accelerate the updating of knowledge, and actively explore improve the quality of agricultural supervisors of new ideas, new methods, a comprehensive grasp farm machinery safety supervision, the promotion of new agricultural technologies new theory of modern management. insist regular business training, regularly organized agricultural supervisors to carry out policies and regulations, political theory and professional skills, etc. training and education, through the development of business training programs, increase training, and continue to broaden channels for business training, examination and assessment and to develop training and education measures and incentive system, through job training, self-study, job rotation combined with the changing of the guard, there are plans to sending young agricultural supervisors ability to further their studies in colleges and universities, and the implementation of the elimination system, the business ability, sense of responsibility is not strong supervisory personnel DaiGang learn but also to play the information network technology, online education establishment platform, learning farm machinery safety supervision knowledge, the promotion of new agricultural technology, agricultural product quality and identification of knowledge and other related business knowledge. Meanwhile, cadres and workers organizations to seriously study modern economic knowledge, scientific knowledge, social management knowledge and legal knowledge, business knowledge to accelerate updates to learn, continuously improve the knowledge structure, so that our knowledge and progress with the times, so that the idea of ​​all the staff consistent with the actual development, and constantly improve the work forward, foresight and initiative to improve the ability to solve practical problems.

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3. Enhance service awareness, improve the level of serving the people and our powers are given by the people, therefore, agricultural supervisors should always put the people's fundamental interests first, establish service agriculture, services farmers, service machine hand ideology, do the people who cares, close friends and we want to adjust the focus of Agricultural Commissioner to grasp their management responsibilities, changing concepts, so that the work achieved by the Agricultural Commissioner traditional single administrative management model to a modern integrated service-oriented transition. agricultural Supervisory personnel should service center, serving the overall situation, serve the grassroots, service machine hand into all aspects of work, to correctly establish the cause for the development of agricultural machinery, the development of the rural economy the concept of service. Agricultural Commissioner departments and personnel to completely get rid of the door hard, ugly face, difficult to deal with the bureaucratic style, to establish a correct outlook on power, with more power in the hands of the masses to do practical things, solve problems, the "governing for the people" purpose concrete implementation work in various fields in the work should focus on people's production and life issues to deploy, to expand, to implement, so listen to the voice, respect public opinion, close to the people, to understand the people's livelihood, to help the masses to alleviate hardship for the people to make money and bring affordable. masses of people to solve the problem, they can not resolve to actively help, not buck-passing, the impact on people's minds the image of means to improve supervision, the introduction of advanced and practical agricultural safety testing equipment, with scientific means of management, using modern equipment to provide services for the machine in hand, we should be in strict accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out a "civilized supervision, quality service" model window requirements for the activities, over the years, members of the Agricultural Commissioner "Administrator" the changing nature of the "waiter" nature of the function up.

4. Strengthen the legal awareness, establish a good image of law enforcement Agricultural Commissioner. Machine is the Agricultural Commissioner staff administering the tasks and responsibilities, but also to do the work of Farm Machinery Safety Supervision important way to some of the agricultural supervisors are still accustomed to the traditional ideas and ways of thinking work without the supervision according to law, strict supervision and people-oriented, quality service combine stiff regulation, a simple law enforcement more common.

Supervision is not an ordinary administration, but important administrative law enforcement, law enforcement must all laws, regulations, rules as the basis, compliance procedures, so no offside, no vacancy, a good bit. Law enforcement to do the main specification , standardize law enforcement procedures, law enforcement norms, establish a good image of law enforcement Agricultural Commissioner To completely change the past "heavy law enforcement light service" phenomenon, first of all necessary to further expand the community to conduct << >> China Agricultural Machinery Promotion Act, Road Traffic Safety Law >> << publicity side, raise the legal awareness of the whole society, and enhance the safety of farmers machine hand sense of responsibility, to create a good public opinion environment that enables machine hand to consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations and accepted agricultural law enforcement officers enforcement actions. Secondly, every one agricultural supervisors must cherish the party and state enforcement powers conferred, the first study of law enforcement, law enforcement first understanding, the first law enforcement. The only way to achieve the goal of education law, in order to show his method to the bailiff who can truly serve agricultural regulations machine hand farmers and peasants.

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