On alert one-child syndrome

Part of the child's physical, character and personality are varying degrees of deficiencies and distortions, an education scientist predicts: the crisis in our country's future is not external aggression, but worrying only child of the status quo can be said about the next generation of red light has been lit!

Laziness on the delicate physical

'School is really no other way to say it weekly flag-raising ceremony, only a few minutes, there are three or four students fainted, and the students parents to come to, to have a say now the students as 'glass man' like a sports injury is necessary. 'This is a primary school principal issued a helpless feeling. a teacher say such a thing: Ching Ming Festival, the school organization school students to the martyrs cemetery there more than a dozen kilometers away, in the middle also rest more than 20 minutes, they still had an accident, the students one after another collapsed, but the symptoms are very obvious.

I remember I was a kid, whenever school, and a large courtyard on the crazy kids playing, what hide and seek, jump rope, Tiaopi Jin, playing the glass ball, jumping grid, etc. regardless of seasons, have to adapt to seasonal fun of the game, parents to make dinner every day, and repeatedly shouted 'go home for dinner' before they agree to give up. And no matter how cold the day, the children always played with a small blush flushed, covered with steaming, and sometimes not a year will be cold, looking at the people like. But today's kids, who are very familiar with the game, or did not even listening to their concerns, are computer network, pop, hip language; interest only <<>>,<< Warcraft Legend >>,<< terrorism>> and other online games. the children every day, whether in school or at home, are like 'little adults' like, more than quiet time to move when the 'small glasses' are also increasingly more.

It is understood that the past two decades, China's young general decline in physical fitness, according to a recent national survey of adolescent health: in addition to morphological appearance was tall or overweight than the children of the function, quality indicators, such as endurance running , flexibility and strength and other indicators, radiate a serious decline, far behind many Western countries, to alarming proportions. To this end, the United Nations health agency also survey the health status of our young people showed the red card. one each year to the officers to Fangzheng Bing exclaimed: 'I do not know the child is now in the next war, to do anything about, not to mention what they can grasp the strategy and tactics, they can see what could get from what? '
Some people say that children's poor health, we must first blame the school. But the industry there is a stomach grievances, 'We dare to students with physical and a lot of sports training, the kids simply must not touch, untouchable, and always Here the fracture, it broke. who lost starting it! In fact, there are sports there will be injuries, this is normal, the key is the attitude of parents to school, it is too harsh a. '
Many parents think: children's learning is now the burden is too heavy, has already lost due lively character, all buried in the yard work and examination papers. And some parents think: children learn the most important thing is to keep up, As for physical fitness, they feel at a loss, that it is a matter of schools so that children with physical exercise to improve, it becomes a bubble.

Character of selfish indifference

Last September, Jiangsu Tongzhou six students to go out swimming, including a teenage boy unfortunately drowned, while the other five students have neither the implementation of rescue, and no adults to help Qu Han, but hurriedly buried the deceased's clothes together, and hide death responsible for handling the case of a judge is very painful to say that similar cases are now so clear upward trend.

Last <<Yangcheng Evening News>> have a message: the night of October 23, Guangzhou Haohao 11-year-old boy, because of her mother's nagging discontent, when sleeping in the parents, with 502 adhesive to glue the mother's mouth. ' ago when my mother scolded me often said, his mouth and then give you long-winded stick together, why the mother can, I will not? 'Haohao look of doubt. father see his wife pull was too great because of mouth began to bleed. it rushed her to the hospital. children after all, to see her mother in the hospital was a big sin, crying with fright, that no longer do that, it will be easy to listen to her mother's words. After surgery, the mother's mouth finally open up, but buried it in her heart a long time can not heal the pain. just a 11-year-old children, adults it is difficult to communicate with him, and how should the future of education in him?
Child are the major things, demonstrated by the selfishness and indifference, it is difficult to understand in a psychological screening, the parents of their children generally fill the first shortcoming is the willful, self-righteous.

Of course, if only willful, then perhaps we can understand. A language teacher revealed the true face of today's students one day her students to read a very touching deeds of the hero in reading the most moving episodes of self-sacrifice , her eyes wet again. But when she looked up and saw the face of indifference class, and some are playing in the hands of the pen, and some fall asleep. The work of the two positions in education ten years of the teachers said: 'My heart is all about cool! husband had an affair, left me, I did not fall off a tear. But that day, I did not even eat dinner, many days are 打不起精神 to now how the children are friends, I really can not think of any good way to move their hearts in the end they care about what? 'Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

I have asked my colleagues the children in school want to learn from Lei Feng, do some good? His eyes with a very strange looked at me, 'What school? Lei Feng? Uncle you do not have disease, and let me in front of the class' was big eyes' you, I did not do the kind of stupid does, so I will let others Masi, and I no longer friends. 'I ask:' So, you have difficult, others to help you You think? '' That is probably something he also asked me, so very fair, since I will help him on the line. '
I remember kids in elementary school and junior high school, the teacher let the students fill in forms, giving the parents are doing the work, and even family income is. I do not know what the reason, the school to do so. And this young soul laid to the indelible mark, that is, money and status of the parents to decide his future life, schools, a community of a cell, can not avoid the temptation of money, power and status. Children may not know too much truth, but they understand: the parents who have status, who will be popular in the class; learn physics and chemistry, as there is a good father; home by their parents, go out to rely on friends; star is touted out , Super Girl is 'speculation' out; short, all the truth are false ... ...

Incomplete on the vanity of personality

Shaoguan City, a 16-year-old high school student Mary (a pseudonym, their brains together with her boyfriend planned the kidnapping, ransom to his mother .2006 July 2 at noon, Miss Tao to his daughter Mary to play small well-informed, can answer the phone the man is a ferocious voice, claiming that if Miss Tao sent 7500 dollars is not on time, never see her daughter. Miss Tao hurriedly reported the matter to the police, and Mary has been described is an obedient boy, and never wasteful After police surveillance of multi-party, and finally to Mary and her boyfriend arrested. Mary said: no money for two people dating, Mary to come up with kidnapping his own way now Tao is always in the spirit of Ms. lowest point, she could not want to understand how their good girl is turned into a pack of lies and hedonism of strangers.

<<Southeast Express>> The report said: Nanping City, a middle school, two girls, jealous of their own class, a girl taller than beautiful, and good academic performance, will actually help six youth who raped girl This leaves two girls in a name, a Xu, both under 14 years of age.

The same incident have been too many similar news has gradually lost its novelty, of course, we should be sure that today's children, the vast majority are good, the absence of such crimes face of the child, we may as well give them draw like: seemingly tall robust body, can not afford any wind and rain; seemingly casual and disillusioned words and deeds, to cover up the extreme selfishness and imperious rebellious attitude in their subconscious, close every night eye, the whole earth to stop rotating; behavior toward others, they always creed is - do I fair?
This contemporary self-righteous and self-willed child indulgent character, can not afford setbacks and 'thinks,' outlook on life is literally in front of us so that we can not avoid the problem. So how to save our next generation it? Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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