Analysis of the reasons for delaying birth and measures Measures

Abstract: In this paper, Yongjia County, West Village, Township six dragons born Survey, respectively, from parity, gender, legal law, birth place, the management of the child before birth in the five analyzed the status of delaying births there. migrants from poor management, assessment index is too high, the waiter is not working in-depth village and township cadres, village-depth investigation thoroughly and not normal, the health sector with identity cards, marriage certificates and other valid documents confinements strict five areas that there is reason for delaying birth. Not timely reported for birth problems, given appropriate measures and countermeasures.

Keywords: reasons for delaying birth measures

Yongjia County in Zhejiang Province in southeast, is located in the lower north shore Oujiang, and Wenzhou city across the river. The county a total area of ​​2698 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 38 townships and 906 administrative villages, 33 neighborhood committees, 2,239 villages, the end of 2010 the total county population of 946,318, of whom 270,074 were women of childbearing age, the total population, 28.54%, married women of childbearing age 206,493 people, 21.82% of the total population, 75,402 women of childbearing age who have one child, one child was 36.52 %.

Yongjia County family planning work started in 1980, a total county population of 46 million fewer people, the total fertility rate of women of childbearing age (ie, women of childbearing age in different age groups through the entire child-bearing age and can live to the end of childbearing age, the average per thousand women will be the number of children born) dropped from 3.5 in 1980 to 1.9 in 2008, more children, more happiness has been basically eliminated the concept of fertility, but the people of childbearing age the situation is still severe illegal reproduction, fertility is not easy to grasp as illegal, birth statistics exist Kuayue, New Year's Eve reported cases. birth is not reported timely, not only affects the smooth progress of family planning, and leadership decisions will bring errors.

Delaying the case for the birth, I was in early December 2010, deep into the six dragons Yongjia County, West Township village from 2006 to 2010 birth of the investigation reported in the survey held a forum to visit party members and cadres in rural areas and insiders, and check the home, now the situation is as follows:

First, the basic situation of the investigation

Yongjia County, West Township comprises the 38 administrative villages with a total population of 40,511 people from 2006 to 2010 who were reported born in 2455, the village survey taken six dragons. VI Loon total population of 2909, accounting for the township 7.18% of the total population, 2006 to 2010 reported a total of 187 births, of which 122 were planned, girl 85, one child 112, the second child of 61, more than 14 children from six villages of the investigation to see the dragon , 2006-2010 births Kuayue, New Year's Eve to report the situation is more prominent, which reported 114 month, accounting for 60.96%, Kuayue reported 62 people, accounting for 33.16%, reported the New Year 29, accounting for 15.51% .

(One from the parity analysis: the higher the parity, the less time reported in this survey of 112 one child born in the month reported 74 people, accounting for 66.07%, 27 Kuayue reported, accounting for 24.11%, New Year's Eve reported 11 people, accounting for 9.82%, two children 61, 32 reported the month, accounting for 52.46%, Kuayue reported 15 people, accounting for 24.59%, reported the New Year 14, accounting for 22.95%, more than 14 children, reported the month 6, accounting for 42.86%, 4 Kuayue reported, accounting for 28.57%, reported four New Year's Eve, 28.57%.

(B to analyze gender: girls when boys reported much lower than the rate from this survey of 102 boys to see, report the 69 month, accounting for 67.65%, Kuayue reported 22 people, accounting for 21.57%, reported New Year's Eve 11, accounting for 10.78%, girls 85, 48 of which reported month, accounting for 56.47%, Kuayue reported 18 people, accounting for 21.18%; year with another 19 people reported, accounting for 22.35%. shows that girls born in the year when the reported rate far lower than boys, this is the year of birth sex ratio is higher than reported immediately after the reported sex ratio of the reason, it is indicative of the mass grave of patriarchal ideology, often without the knowledge of the girl students are not reported, so birth to a boy then submitted to the township government.

(Three from legitimate birth, to analyze the fertility law: the legal birth of this 122 were investigated, of whom 96 reported the month, accounting for 78.69%, Kuayue reported 25 people, accounting for 20.49%, reported a New Year's Eve, accounting for 0.82 % law 65 born, of whom 17 were reported to the month, accounting for 26.15%, Kuayue reported 19 people, accounting for 29.23%, New Year's Eve reported 29 people, accounting for 44.62%. legitimate birth month reported that though not very high, but the month did not report the birth can also be reported in the year basically out of the month and legitimate birth rate is much higher than reported illegal birth rate of 52.54 percent reported month. law to report birth rate than New Year's Eve New Year's Eve to report legitimate birth rate of 43.8 percentage points, indicating more serious omission birth year, birth year annual report which is the rate of family planning than the actual reason for the high.

(Four from the birth place of analysis: 74 Kuayue, New Year's Eve born children reported, is one of the township students, accounting for 1.35%, township outside the county Health 2, accounting for 2.7% of the county outside the city's Health 10 , accounting for 13.51%, one outside the city in the province, accounting for 1.35%, 60 people outside the province, accounting for 81.08% .74 a Kuayue, New Year's Eve reported children born outside of the town accounted for 98.65%, showing that these birth is not reported timely, are basically caused by the floating population to go out, especially outside the province accounted for 81.08%.

(Five children born from the management to analyze the situation before: in the month, 74 reported no birth time object, is within sight of birth of 32, accounting for 43.24%, 42 eyes births, accounting for 56.76%. It can be seen , the object was born out of the situation, it is difficult to grasp more than half of. Links to free download

Second, the main reason for delaying births resulting

From "general" clean-up since birth inventory situation, when the reported birth year and only about 75%, 25% of births are by four to five years out of the report after the event was reported. The six dragons Village West Township survey analysis, the main reason for delaying birth in the following aspects:
(Out of a population is caused by movement of the main reason for not timely reporting of birth. Yongjia County, population mobility to go out, go out to migrant African marriage (that is, serious attention births, illegal reproduction of these objects in order to achieve the purpose of long-term escape from home, some even out of the whole outdoors, making it impossible to grasp them out during the marriage, pregnancy, fertility dynamics, so these objects were born out of the situation, it is difficult to grasp, resulting in reported birth Kuayue or New Year's Eve.

(Two due to the high indexes, individual village cadres are not promptly reported to the law was born. Family planning is a wide range of large social systems engineering, is difficult, but because of the higher target for the planning work higher, individual village cadres taking into account the requirements of being able to fulfill the accountability index, "a veto" and affect the interests of the village, so glossy, the law had not promptly reported to the birth, until the second year, before gradually repay.

(Three village-level family planning attendants not working depth. Village Family Planning staff, did not play its due role in the duties, per month have been reported only some of the legal arrangements for birth and fertility have been treated the illegal township government born of the object not open their birth attendant did not find out the background, even if they know it will not timely reported, resulting in reported Kuayue or New Year's Eve.

(D township cadres in-depth investigation thoroughly enough to normal. Cadres did not go deep into the villages to towns villages and households to understand the situation, illegal adoption and the daughter of farmers who implement the long-term contraceptive measures the complex object do not pay attention to pregnancy, resulting in birth reporting is not timely On the other hand, did not do the whole object has been vetting process management, leading to management object within sight or New Year's Eve after the birth of Kuayue reported.

(Five health sector with identity cards, marriage certificates and other valid documents strict confinements and some objects in order to avoid illegal reproduction management of township government attention, intentionally false name, address so that some part of the birth mother's name and address as an error, Finally, unable to timely implementation of the township to which the statistics are not reported to cause birth time.

Third, the measures and countermeasures

(A township and the village-based family planning cadres should often go to the village (neighborhood investigated thoroughly, and to strengthen its cooperation with public security, health, civil affairs and other parts of the contact and interface to leak turnover, promote each other. For those who do not cause birth depth not timely reported to the responsible person, should be dealt with seriously.

(Two towns on the birth of the objects in the Year, in the process of Shengyu Zheng signed with them when the deadline for reporting births agreement.

(Four non-health sector <<Shengyu Zheng>> pregnant objects, strictly by virtue of the couple (especially the woman's identity card or marriage certificate confinements, and within 24 hours must be promptly notified to return control to the township mothers, while To strengthen the management of illegal deliveries.

(E to enhance the floating population family planning management of the floating population family planning should be based on land-based two-way flow management, the city's floating population to achieve as soon as a game management, which can be reduced by half for the county of illegal reproduction. Into the ground based management planning work should be included in the annual assessment.

(Vi) strengthening the responsibility of members of village-level Family Planning To establish a comprehensive accountability village Family Planning staff, village staff remuneration and responsibilities must be linked, and cash rewards to pass the examination, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of village-level staff work.

(Seven pairs free <<Shengyu Zheng>> birth of the object, to provide for a reporting period of birth, active in the declaration of birth within the specified time, to determine the appropriate policy of leniency, such as the actual situation on Yongjia County, Taking into account the continuity of policy, can make the following provisions: where the initiative within 30 days after birth declaration of birth, and can impose standards on the existing levy rate of 5-10 per cent lower (ie more than the second child can be reduced to the lowest fertility <<Province Regulations>> the minimum requirements. Links to free download

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