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  • On alert one-child syndrome
    Part of the child's physical, character and personality are varying degrees of deficiencies and distortions, an education scientist predicts: the crisis in our country's future is not external aggression, but worrying only child of the status quo can be said about the n

    Sep 17,2011

  • Community-based population on urban mobility Management Model
    Abstract: This paper concerns focus on the management of floating population, a new approach - community-based management model, the floating population to grasp the subject through the application of community-based urban management in the perspective of the management

    Aug 23,2011

  • Analysis of the reasons for delaying birth and measures Measures
    Abstract: In this paper, Yongjia County, West Village, Township six dragons born Survey, respectively, from parity, gender, legal law, birth place, the management of the child before birth in the five analyzed the status of delaying births there. migrants from poor mana

    Aug 23,2011

  • About Guangdong population aging on labor supply
    Abstract: According to an aging population and labor supply characteristics, analysis of the development of Guangdong and the distribution of population aging characteristics of the future aging of the labor supply trends and analysis of the impact, and propose solution

    Aug 10,2011

  • On the issue of population aging for the pension system thinking
    Paper Keywords: population aging; pension system Abstract: Based on China's aging population status and trends analysis, summarized the characteristics of China's aging population, perspective of population aging on pension system to bring the plight of proposed build

    Jul 17,2011

  • For the rural population based on the current structure of Social Security Seminar System
    [Abstract] since the founding. China's agricultural economy has made considerable progress, both agricultural output per unit area, or have raised land productivity, but I imperfect, with the effect of the gradually emerging fertility policy, the rural population struct

    Jun 14,2011

  • Analysis of the rural population stratification
    [Abstract] China's rural society before the founding of the historical period, little differentiation between farmers. Reform and opening up, along with the development of market economy brought about by the changes in rural society, which the rural social stratificatio

    Jun 3,2011

  • On the economic development of Henan population aging
    Abstract: The population is an important economic and social variables, demographic change on economic development will have a profound impact. Population aging refers to the proportion of the elderly population growing process. Study found that Henan has a large aging

    May 17,2011

  • Patterns of the Aged in Xinjiang - Consideration of new apartments for the elderly
    Abstract: The aging population in Xinjiang's pension and other social issues have become an increasing attention, the paper analyzes the status of the aging population in Xinjiang and from the comparative advantage in apartments for the elderly is to solve the contempor

    Apr 27,2011

  • New mechanism of work on family planning and population development of management science
    [Abstract] reflect a new mechanism for family planning population management science. Recalling the history of the development of population management, research from the old system of family planning move to a new system, and population management science from traditio

    Mar 30,2011

  • The normal operation of village-level organizations and their Countermeasures
    Abstract with the current situation, by analyzing the normal operation of village-level organizations, the main factors proposed in this paper, the normal operation of the promotion of village-level organizations have some significance. Keywords village-level organiza

    Dec 15,2010

  • Analysis of demographic characteristics of Shenzhen integrity and standards of modern society the Conflict
    Paper Keywords: integrity, code of conduct, cultural integration Abstract: To establish a contract in good faith at the core of the social rules of the game is to adapt to WTO requirements and cultural platform. Shenzhen high population expansion, the complex sources

    Dec 5,2010

  • On the Explanation of the population thought
    Brief Explanation of a popular late Sui and early Tang dynasty poet, the era of his life, because from the war to the peaceful reunification of the split, rapid population growth. He was concerned that in real life, popular in the Five-character poem, conveying some of

    Nov 30,2010

  • Rural Social Transformation of Social Security for the elderly - W Village Guizhou Province as a case study
    [Paper Keywords] rural social security social transformation Ageing [Abstract] China's reform and opening rural social transformation of the traditional "rural China" into a modern "movement in China," which is no doubt the majority of rural and social development to

    Nov 17,2010

  • Human health and sustainable development: factors and functions requirements and limitations
    Paper Keywords: human health, the health needs of health resources for sustainable development elements of functional limitation Abstract: Health is the basis for human survival and development, health, human development is the eternal pursuit. Sustainable developmen

    Oct 29,2010

  • Minority Population in the western region and Countermeasures
    [Abstract] the implementation of the new century, the western development strategy, is to revive the country, the prosperity of the Chinese nation's great event. In the implementation process is bound to encounter many difficulties and problems, including population, es

    Aug 31,2010

  • On China's urban elderly Sports In Review
    Abstract: Using literature review, observation, interviews, analysis, on the physical fitness of urban elderly carried out analysis and research. The results showed that the proportion of urban elderly population, a higher sports, activities, frequent, longer event and

    Aug 26,2010

  • Innovative New Ideas for family planning advocacy
    Abstract: The main task of the New family planning work to solve the population problem began to co-ordinate and promote the comprehensive development of metastasis. However, challenges are very severe. How to seize opportunities, our minds, ideas and innovation and met

    Aug 18,2010

  • Our comprehensive College of Health and Population Management Research and
    [Abstract] This paper analyzes China's family planning policy and effectiveness of the measures discussed over the government in controlling population growth, focus on improving the quality of the population. Explore new campus population and family planning management

    Aug 4,2010

  • I see China's population problem
    [Abstract] This paper describes the use of a large number of data analysis features of the development of China's population, the current situation and the increase in population and the relationship between the development of the national economy, an objective that the

    Jul 24,2010

  • Aging of the elderly population in Shanghai and Impact
    [Paper Keywords] aging, the elderly population, aging, old age peak, Shanghai [Abstract] the information in the elderly population in Shanghai based on the analysis, pointing out that an aging population aged 30 years, Shanghai will be the future mainstream of populat

    Jun 22,2010

  • On the eradication of rural poverty in the path of the elderly population
    Paper Keywords: rural old-age poverty, Social Security, social assistance Abstract: When China entered the aging society, the rural poverty of the elderly population has become increasingly prominent. In the long run, establish and improve rural social endowment insur

    Jun 21,2010

  • History and culture of protected areas to properly resolve the problem of population
    Abstract: Beijing's historical and cultural protected areas, protected areas, the population problem is the difficulty updated the article to the Beijing Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chongwen, Xuanwu District, the population of protected areas in four districts to solve practica

    Apr 28,2010

  • China's rural population flow and comparative analysis of Japan's single to his new post
    Paper Keywords rural population flow, single appointment, China, Japan Abstract analysis of China's rural population mobility and the phenomenon of Japanese single to his new post the background and current situation, and compares the similarities and differences betw

    Feb 24,2010

  • Analysis of demographic modernization of Xinjiang
    Paper Keywords: Xinjiang, people, modern Paper Abstract: Xinjiang, the number of students per million population was increasing year by year trend, indicating that the quality of the population in Xinjiang has been improving, but the population of Xinjiang, years of e

    Feb 23,2010

  • The elderly exercise and nutrition
    [Abstract] aging of the population has a serious case of China, while the elderly with cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes have a higher prevalence, severely affected the quality of life of older persons. Health and a number o

    Feb 7,2010

  • With regard to Beijing's population Thoughts
    〔Abstract〕 population problem was Beijing's need to make efforts to solve a major problem. The coming period, Beijing's population will remain a large-scale growth trend, China's urbanization process in today's environment of accelerated under the strict control is not

    Jan 19,2010

  • On the aging of society barrier-free design
    Paper Keywords: China population aging height difference on the ground enclosure space for people, vehicles and divert brightness contrast Abstract: Old people, with the decline of bodily functions, hearing, visual and other sensory function decline. This function will

    Dec 26,2009

  • Talking about the plight of China's population policy family planning and Countermeasures
    Paper Keywords: China Population and Family Planning Difficulties and Countermeasures Abstract: In the dawn of the new century, overpopulation remains our primary concern, even though Child Policy in the control of the population has achieved immediate results, for the

    Dec 10,2009

  • Why did China's population of more than European
        Papers Key words: Population fundamental factor     Abstract: From ancient times, China's population is relatively rest of the world are more than the total population of Europe. Combination of Western history, from t

    Nov 14,2009