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Abstract: The application of science and technology triggered a series of ethical issues, resulting in some of the more far-reaching negative effects, but we must not be said that the rapid development of science and technology and ethics contrary, the key is how to correctly understand the science, technology and ethics relationship is only by means of scientific and technological development the right ethical and moral guidance, in order to favor the direction of healthy development of the human To fully grasp the profound science and technology and the complex relationship between ethics, science and technology and to promote ethics, coordinated development.

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The new century, knowledge-based economy of the sun is rising, people of science and technology and ethical concerns can be described as unprecedented. The Internet, the cloned sheep, the human genome, have made the relationship between technology and ethics of some sharp new problems that need We are serious in-depth thinking.

A current scientific and technological development and the performance of ethical conflict

(1 triggered the development of modern science and technology with a deep ethical conflict impact.
For example, cloning technology, cloning technology will allow humans to manipulate the birth of genes, to break the boundaries of species, human beings can alter species composition and function of genes, but from the ethical point of view, the cloning of human intervention in the natural development of mankind, to change human genetic relationships, breaking the concept of human fertility and traditional fertility patterns of these conflicts than have technology to bring the conflict of life more serious and profound.

(2 caused by modern science and technology development in the field of ethical conflict involves more extensive.
For example, euthanasia, artificial insemination and other bioethical issues stemming from the research; network technology to bring the network ethical issues, the use of a virtual network, disorder, and other features led to an open network of crime, predators, etc.; nuclear energy, the peaceful use of nuclear weapons ethical issues raised and so on.

(3 conflicts triggered by the development of modern science and technology more directly and more acute.
For example, high-tech applications due to environmental pollution problems caused by cloning the human capacity to determine the problem, caused by the development of nuclear energy security and world peace issues, which are directly related to human survival and development of the most fundamental and critical issue.

2 the relationship between technology and ethics

(1 on the ethics of science and technology impact.
In the history of human civilization, scientific and technological progress are directly or indirectly promote the progress of the human ethics of Science and Technology is to promote moral progress, including the development of civilization, including great power, must be scientific "truth", to promote the moral " good "in order to achieve truth, goodness and beauty of unity. the development of science and technology to expand the field of ethics in any era, technological development and scientific and technological applications of the results will inevitably lead to the expansion of the field of human practice. technological advances in the field of ethics expansion, the specific ways and means are varied, from medieval Europe to the Renaissance, the religious rule of science, is the continuous progress of science and technology, which makes the medieval religious ethics have been seriously affected, thus promoting the continuous development of human morality promote the formation of the new ethics addition, science and technology activities on the formation of personal moral excellence, but also has an important role. As the scientists said Sutton ": science is the best cleaner of the human spirit, it abandoned all religions, only to take up the faith."
Ancient Greek philosopher that wisdom and knowledge of ethical behavior constitutes the most important part of their moral knowledge is proposed. Students of modern German physicist package Seoul believes that scientific knowledge is constituted an important aspect of human morality. He believes that the evaluation of one's knowledge can be used as a standard measure of the spirit of the times. Thus, the science and ethics have a deeper level of internal Contact.

With the development of science and technology, human beings continue to civilization, to ethics, from primitive to modern, ethical and moral progress, I do not know how much, no wonder that modern ethicists have knowledge of the degradation of mankind, has strongly opposed the view They believe that scientific and technological knowledge is conducive to mold people's character, to create material wealth, make a happy life.

Technology development and application of scientific and technological achievements to promote the ethical and moral progress. The development of science and technology-round development of the moral subject and created favorable conditions for moral progress, and its role in promoting the moral development mainly in the following aspects: ① to promote ethical improve the quality of the main scientific and cultural, moral, scientific and cultural qualities of the subject is the moral construction of the foundation and prerequisite of modern technology, information technology era, from an objective scientific and cultural quality of workers put forward higher requirements in under the conditions of modern technology, workers no longer based on physical strength and experience, but in intelligence and knowledge-based, scientific and cultural quality of workers have generally improved, the community has a role in promoting ethical and moral development. ② modern science and technology help to improve the moral subject of democracy. democratic consciousness is an important part of moral development, but also the moral level of one of the signs. The study showed that the democratization of political life and there is a function of scientific and cultural level, scientific and cultural level of people The higher the stronger the sense of democracy. armed with scientific knowledge workers usually have a strong sense of democracy. In addition, with the emerging science of systems such as the rise of science, systems thinking and other modern ways of thinking gradually replaced the traditional way of thinking, people improve the level of intellectual, political participation and naturally enhance their awareness and ability. ③ promote personality development of the moral subject. On the one hand, modern technology, the overall quality of workers put forward higher requirements on the other hand, science and technology application of the results also raise the level of awareness of the moral subject and thinking skills, promote the formation of its scientific world view, and the comprehensive development of their personality and create favorable conditions Links to free download http://www.hi138. com
(2 ethics of science and technology impact.
Technology is the first productive force to promote social development, the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization is an important social behavior, social responsibility and bear the moral responsibility. Once the technology is not used correctly, will have adverse effects. Technological development must pay attention to ethical norms in order to promote the positive benefits of science and technology, to curb its negative effects, better for the benefit of mankind. In this sense, technological development must comply with certain ethical standards, all incompatible with the ethics of science and technology activities will meet the people objections against, was brought to court and even moral sanction by law and some scientific and technological activities, especially the modern high-tech activities, the existence of possible or potential risk, they need to ethics, to prevent the occurrence of adverse consequences or disaster, such as cloning people issues, genetic engineering, the application of genomic and genetic information privacy issues, genetic discrimination, genetic diagnosis and gene therapy issues, genetically modified food and genetically modified crop issue, the protection of genetic resources and diversity, and gene weapons, etc., not a rather full. they relate to individual human security and national security, biodiversity and ecological environment and other major issues, quite a lot. Just think, if human cloning to allow freedom of science and technology activities, then, a lot of unexpected social problems may pile up and to: confusion of human relations, gender imbalance, Hitler's eugenics theories rampant, so it should be banned. Another example of genetic engineering technology can break the genetic barriers between species, it is easy for a variety of in vitro genetic recombination, to create a possible a "monster", a direct threat to human life or damage to the ecological balance, so that such work requires not only ethics, but also to develop some special rules and regulations to regulate their behavior to reduce negative impact to a minimum. genetic weapons Recently, the press is often talk about, according to the genome diversity of different ethnic groups, using genetic engineering techniques, there may be design, developed a genetic weapon against a race, a race and thus create a potential national security and huge threat. In this regard, should reach an international ethical declarations and agreements, and the prohibition against such science and technology activities.

3 to correctly handle the science and technology and the relationship between ethics

We should look at the dialectical relationship between human and technological means, the relationship between people is the goal, the means of science and technology, science and technology are human services. Science and technology development is human development, people have the ability to control technological means from nature continue to be free, at the same time, he also needs to respect the rules and tools for system performance, subject to operational requirements tool. Any time there is no absolute freedom, freedom of man from nature is based on the necessity of understanding and compliance. then people obey the technology tools, but also to follow the laws of nature, tools, systems based on artificial devices reflect the way the laws of nature. tool technology for people with a certain degree of control and repression, which is inevitable, therefore, unilaterally development of science and technology, and can not make sure to be happy and satisfied. to mitigate and reduce the technological means of control and repression of people, we must require ethical concern. ethical representation of the spiritual world is the human body as a person kinds of self-awareness, human spirit to attempt to identify those people or require people to become something of man as man, to the poor end of the day to trace how a person who exists, why would people who have things that are as a subjective measure, ethical morality is the essence of the history of accumulation and concentration of power performance, it is a human activity as the subject of all internal basis it is an intrinsic human-centered, respect for human dignity and values, to protect the status and rights of people to achieve people's aims and ideals of human consciousness, signs of human life value and meaning of the pursuit, is the core of the human spirit and soul. science and technology is neutral, so the science and technology is used properly, is reasonable, it is science Technology itself can not be solved, because this is not a technical problem, to a large extent it is an ethical and values, so as to ensure the rational science and technology, when used, should be used to coordinate the development of ethics to play on the technology-oriented and normative role for science and technology development of a genuine service to humanity.


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