Harmonious Society Perspective on ethical significance of the building

[Abstract] In the profound traditional Chinese culture, Chinese traditions of ethical attention, and "harmony" is China's major areas of ethics, but also the main features of traditional Chinese culture. Sage that people living in society, Whether the country, man, housekeeping, people, culture, from education, business, ethics should be the top priority, and consciously accept the constraints of the ethical code of ethics, to form a harmonious interpersonal relationships and good social order.

[Keywords] harmonious society; ethics, market economy

From ancient times, ethics has become an ideological and moral values ​​formation of the foundation, and permeated every aspect of life, affecting people, man and society, the relationship between man and nature, thereby affecting the development of society today, China Communist Party put forward to build a socialist harmonious society, the same can not be separated for abandoning the traditional Chinese ethics.

First, the traditional ethical and moral construction of a harmonious society

(A traditional concept of harmonious spirit of fairness and justice

For hierarchical and unfair patriarchal social system, the pursuit of justice has been China's traditional core of the concept of ethics <<pipe situation the solution>> reads: "days fair and impartial, so the United States who did not follow evil, to fair and impartial, so everyone big or small set. "<<pipe pastoralists articles>>:" No scarcity and uneven distribution, poverty and suffering is not suffering from anxiety. "<<I>> said:" The heaven, loss can not be replenished. "Han Xu Shen <<Shuowenjiezi>> For the" public "explanation is the" split of from eight from the Si. eight still back it. "These views, with a strong equal the color. ancient peasant uprising, the slogan is the pursuit of equality, such as "spreading the wealth", "and equal", etc. in a special historical period, this narrow concept of equality has a certain legitimacy, but did not rise to jurisdiction of the sense of equal rights to know, certainly have irreparable defects. The reason why the ancients attached so much importance on fairness and justice, fairness and justice on the one hand shows the importance of social stability and harmony, it also shows that as an ethical ideal , fairness and justice is the common pursuit of social and individual and any society era, only fair to be reflected, justice is done, people can live in peace, to prosperity and social progress.

In modern times, the concept of fairness and justice demand that all aspects of interest are properly coordinated, contradictions among the people and other social conflicts been handled properly, social equity and justice has been effectively maintained and implemented. It requires the party and the government in the formulation of the principles and policies , the logical starting point must abide by the principles of fairness and justice, fairness and justice in the society must each class, each group or each person to be fully reflected, therefore, fairness and justice as today we seek to build a socialist harmonious society and efforts to achieve values ​​where we must be clear, fair and today we are advocating is not egalitarian, not spreading the wealth, fair reflects a basic human right of equality, fairness is a citizen's social return and pay the same in the primary stage of socialism, limited by the overall level of productivity, social justice will also be some degree of influence, which is an objective reality, the problem is the development process, the more so, the more should try to do justice, fairness and justice because the people of hope.

Harmonious social fairness and justice is the core of civilization and progress of society, from social justice to create their own structure, and living in the framework of social and civic consciousness of the ethical and moral ideas of fairness and justice and practice. In reality, Everyone needs justice, I hope to get justice, but justice as an ethical and moral standards. The need to abide by each person, we can not just fair or just want to enjoy themselves and not just come in to do justice practitioners, and only every citizen of the tireless efforts of fairness and justice, when the grand building a socialist harmonious society ideals into reality.

(Two traditional harmony and the spirit of courtesy and integrity and honesty

The Chinese nation is known as the "ceremonies" in the world, etiquette culture in traditional Chinese culture plays an important role, from the country and bringing peace initiatives, down to the individual's behavior and activities, all guided by the ceremony and constraints. "Ceremony" as a "law" necessary complement plays in social life the important functions of regulating human relations from a broad sense, China's ancient "gift" generally refers to laws and institutions, social norms and the corresponding section of the text of the rules ceremony . Xunzi said: "The ceremony, who Oita Law, class of this discipline also ."(<< Xunzi Encouraging Learning" In addition, the famous Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucian Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi also said: "The ceremony, who were the norms." ("Henan Cheng Cui made>> These are the broad sense of the ceremony, covering the social life. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Market economy is an honest economy, harmonious society is a credit society into a harmonious integrity of the basic elements of modern society. Courtesy and honesty to deal with people, man and the collective, human and social relations between countries as well as the moral guidelines, lack of good faith, whether national, collective or individual, no Lishenzhichu. <<Mencius from the Lou>> in: "A sincere person, heaven also, Si-cheng who live also." Han Yu in <<the original Road>> say: 'Yuxiu its body, we must first is its heart, desire is his mind, sincerity of its intention first. "Zeng in <<re-coupling G Zhong Cheng He>> said:" The reason why the endless land stolen by industry, state the reason why Li, Yin Renzhi The reason can be big business for a long time, all of whom are sincere. "integrity as a moral requirement is essential to every citizen's personal intangible assets, integrity constraints not only from the outside, but from our mentality and self-discipline its moral force.

Second, the vision of a harmonious society under the ethical significance of the building

Harmony, tracing its etymology, meaning harmonious coordination and who, Mu also, that work together, within the pass along the outside, harmonic who together also, with smooth coordination and complementarity meaning as the scope of ethics, "Harmony," a word has a long history, from Confucius, "and different" to Mencius's "Heaven" contains all "and" and "integration" of the essence of cultural ethics.

Chinese traditional harmony rich and profound ethical thinking, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Confucius, and other forms of human life not only in relations between people have a thorough discussion, but in a very clear philosophical speculations also contains a general relationship between man and nature principle that a person should follow the natural code of conduct and guidelines for how the Fulfillment of these methods, raised respect for nature, respect for heaven and earth, no people-off days are not in Heaven wins environmental ethics and harmony between man and nature code of ethics, ethical thinking to create a harmonious set a precedent for the Chinese traditional culture to promote relationships of "harmony" theory is very deep, it can regulate social conflicts so as to achieve appropriate, timely, appropriate and harmonious state, and bring stability and harmony of the Chinese nation would be "harmony" for interpersonal relationships, is able to "width is too public," to treat a wide and attitude will get everyone's trust. They advocated the idea of ​​harmony between man and nature have for us today is very instructive and only in harmony with nature, and rational use of nature, human society in order to maintain and develop the civilization created by mankind, in order both to meet the generational needs and achieve intergenerational equity, but also with the natural symbiotic and harmonious development, but the ancient Chinese idea of ​​harmony with its historical limitations, it's ethical thought is the idea of ​​serving the ruling class, there are a lot of dross elements must also be be discarded and transformation, making us build a new, harmonious part of ethics.

Third, build and adapt to the market economic order, the harmony of ethics

(A through institutional innovations to promote building harmonious ethical

Rules of market economy is the economy, everyone must abide by the conditions of credit and acting under the law, each business must comply with the law under the conditions of credit and production, operation, free to choose cooperation, trade, transfer, loss of business enterprises to declare bankruptcy compensation, government action must also be legally binding manner. to build a harmonious economic order must promote a market economy system construction, system innovation and promote harmony with the ethical construct, which is the ethics of the market economic order, an important way to build.

First, the credit system through innovation, strengthen credit restraint mechanism, the ethical promotion of market economic order built. Credit system, including personal credit system and the social credit system, improve the credit system must create a personal way to get through the credit capacity to pay for consumption, investment and business system, the establishment of credit rating, credit investigation, information consulting agency in management and supervision of the establishment of social credit system, followed by strengthening the legal protection of credit and maintain credit order. clear from the legislation on liability, from the implementation of judicial and law enforcement responsibility thousand, so that laws, strictly enforced, and violators are prosecuted. This constraint can be achieved through moral restraint system hardening, so that up to the individual's moral will and moral will of the group, so that people in the compliance system, the law to achieve from his self-discipline necessary to freedom from beyond. Obviously, system innovation is the prerequisite and guarantee ethical construct.

(B perfect fit with the market economic order system of ethical constraints

Construction of the socialist market economy system of ethics, to promote the construction of modern morality, is the ethical basis of the content and construction. First, the ethical construction of a market economy must be the law of the socialist market economy and its development is based not only to establish the interest-oriented , equivalent exchange, the social market economy demand that determines the production of basic ethical concepts, but also to continue with collectivism, socialism and moral education to serve the people and other publicity. Second, the ethical construction of a market economy must reflect the basic characteristics of market players and intersubjective ethical relationship to promote blood ethics, geopolitical ethics, relatives and friends of ethics to fit the entire market and society in general ethical development of universal respect for human life, property and freedom of the main responsibilities of ethics, emphasizing the rights and obligations consistent of the addition, construction of market economy must be the ethical choice ethical system, inheritance, combining innovation, we need to inherit the traditional Confucian ethics, because it is good for the values ​​to the value of the main groups of people, and continue to carry forward socialist ethics, emphasizing the sum of all social relations, selfless, collective collaboration of Western individualism, self-interest ethics to selectively innovation, absorb the utilitarian value orientation to the individual as a moral subject ethics of rational factors. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

(C) to strengthen the moral social actors coordination

Construction of market economic order lies in the ethical implementation and operation, therefore, is inseparable from the moral structure of the coordination of social organization. The first is regulation by government ethics, to guide the behavior of market players do not deviate from the target market to ensure the orderly conduct of the market economy, followed by strengthening the social structure, including consumers, industry associations, intermediaries and other moral supervision and management. In addition, To create a public opinion environment, through education and advocacy for moral evaluation, moral education, to promote standards of ethics, ethical constraints and the constraints do not observe the behavior.

Fourth, the conclusion

Social existence of human society and social consciousness, including the two aspects of ethics as a form of social consciousness, of course, reflect and serve the community there, but it is also a role in the social consciousness itself, which is not only social progress and development needs, but also enrich and improve their own human needs when political, legal and ideological power through coercive means to regulate people's behavior and adjust the order of social, ethical and moral way of sweetness and light can be used to strengthen the people's law-abiding inner conviction.


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