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Paper to write network: First, the ethical basis of environmental law since the rule of law around the world have entered into since the environmental conditions on the development and evolution of environmental law and has a close relationship, dating back to the level of environmental law have, we can easily find environmental ethics of environmental law have had a decisive role.

Industrial society, the relationship between humans and the environment has fundamentally changed. As human transformation, the unprecedented ability to affect the natural increase, the core of environmental ethics from the initial idea evolved into the conquest of fear, that anthropocentrism - that human beings is the center of the biosphere, the environment has only instrumental value, which led to a series of environmental problems, such as air, water, soil pollution, environmental disaster-prone. With the post-industrial countries in the world have come through the environmental ethics doctrine of natural preservation, biological center on the other transitional stage, culminating in the eco-center theory, the object of extending the scope of environmental ethics to ecosystems, natural processes and other natural beings.

Ecology Center on the ecological community are more concerned about rather than the organic individual, it is a holism rather than individualistic ethics of sustainable development theory on the basis of production, the formation of inter-generational equity and the development of the overall concept of the time is precisely because of the relative theory of sustainable development, the correctness and completeness, making it the world's environment legislation guiding ideology and basic principles.
Second, China has proposed the construction of ecological civilization and the reasons for China's environmental ethics and environmental law to follow the same laws of development. In particular, China's industrialization, despite a late start, the development is very rapid, so that the rapid development of a number of environmental the problem.

China's rapid economic growth has long been at the expense of the environment. The industrial development is not only associated with high energy consumption per unit of GDP, has also produced a series of irreversible severe environmental pollution. Zijin Mining pollution, oil pollution in Dalian, Sinopec Songhua River pollution and other environmental disasters frequently. through the experience of developed countries we can draw this conclusion: the "treatment after pollution" way more harm than good for economic development of China's environmental problems has actually cause serious economic losses, erosion every year 5% to 8% of GDP, roughly equivalent to China's annual GDP growth rate. high-speed benefits of economic growth has been offset by the negative impact of environmental issues can no longer allow anthropocentric environmental ethics to develop.

In developed countries such as the existing eco-center theory based on the theory, combined with China's specific conditions, China has proposed the construction of ecological civilization theory of ecological civilization congress and gave specific instructions: the rise of ecological civilization is a involved in the production , lifestyle and values ​​of the world revolution, is an irreversible trend of the world, following the agricultural civilization of human society, industrial civilization, a new choice after it to the coordinated development between man and nature as a code of conduct, a healthy and orderly ecological mechanism to achieve economic, social and natural environment and sustainable development.

Ecological civilization is essentially a theory of environmental ethics and values. It centers on the ecological requirements and are not essentially different, but our theory is the construction of ecological civilization built on the basis of sustainable development concept, combines the concept of intergenerational equity, so in theory it can be said to be more complete and comprehensive in this basis, compatible with the concept of ecological civilization, laws and regulations have also introduced the Chinese want is a fundamental change through environmental values ​​and environmental regulations constrained two-pronged approach, completely reverse the current state of the environment, of course, in actual cases, still faces many challenges.
Third, China's failure in environmental ethics and environmental ethics challenges in China has experienced failure can Keno Hill, for example: Keno Hill area is located in Yunnan Province, the long-term follow slash and burn methods of production, the development has a strict environmental restrictions, which state of affairs lasted until the 1950s, but since then due to the economic development, deforestation intensified, resulting in Keno Hill, severe environmental degradation.

Keno Hill 50 years after the sudden failure of traditional ecological ethics and the West after the Industrial Revolution, the emergence of environmental issues is consistent with the principles of the new China was founded in the 1950s, the country's productivity with the help of Jino rapid increase in food increase in output, high in the short term economic benefits obtained .50 years in China, the modern sense of the ecological ethics has not yet appeared in the face of increased food production, Jino people think this is a one-sided from the natural constraints of about. Keno Hill examples can be said that environmental ethics in China's first failure. This failure is because people do not realize the important role of environmental ethics.

After nearly half a century of development, China's productivity level has been significantly improved, but also gradually became aware of the importance of environmental ethics. Since the view of sustainable development have been proposed, the first time China has introduced the concept and across the country to promote, in a series of legislation into the concept of sustainable development, proposed the construction of ecological civilization and China's own environmental ethics, however, from the state of the environment in China is not difficult to see that sustainable development concept as the representative of a new era of environmental ethics in China is still faced with real challenges. Links to free download

This is because the root causes in terms of China's economic development level not reached the desired height. Developed an advanced environmental ethics is built on the basis of post-industrialization, while China is still in the period of heavy industrialization, economic development is still important in the weight, however, the longer term, China's annual environmental costs of economic development can not be ignored, and environmental problems also caused no small economic losses. In addition, the level of economic development but also restricts the practice of environmental legislation and judicial Even advanced environmental ethics can reflect in the legislation, but if not carrying out the administration of justice, it still would not achieve in real terms, so a new era the application of environmental ethics in practice still needs further improvement.
IV Summary Overall, environmental ethics and environmental law of China's environmental impact is ongoing and far-reaching past the environmental ethics accelerated damage to the environment, the new environmental ethics should get rid of the constraints of economic development in China to play its due role in helping China to restore and rebuild the environment. pressing practical requirements of environmental issues like the Western developed countries like China can not look forward to post-industrial level of economic development to the height to automatically enhance environmental ethics, but should take the initiative to overcome the economic development the level of obstruction, the advanced application of environmental ethics to the practice of environmental protection, economic development and environmental protection truly coordinated development. Links to free download

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