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[Abstract] "The Eagle Shooting Heroes >>,<< Condor Heroes>> representative of Mr. Jin Yong, Guo Jing to get the majority of which fictional reader's favorite, many scholars for their research, which is also a lot of controversy. In these two novels, like other martial arts novelist Jin Yong did not promote the martial spirit, but from human nature, an ethical perspective to examine the character's personality ideal, spirit in the evolution of life and improvement in pw. read the text, will Guo Jing found in people who have a deep "filial piety" and "righteousness" of the traditional ethics birthmark, and with the deepening of the story, filial piety and righteousness are also entangled in the inner character and evolution.

[Keywords] Guo Jing Xiao Yi tangled and evolution

<<Legend of the Condor Heroes >>,<< Condor Heroes>> is a modern martial arts master Mr. Jin Yong's masterpiece, in which the majority of fictional Guo Jing to get the reader's favorite, many scholars for their research, which is also quite controversial and more. In this paper, the novel character Guo Jing's upbringing, starting from the traditional culture that Guo Jing character in Jin Yong's novels is the most traditional and cultural significance of the characters, is a perfect traditional ethics paradigm in these two novels, Jin Yong did not Like other martial arts like home to promote the martial spirit, but from human nature, an ethical perspective to examine the character's personality ideal, spirit in the evolution of life and improvement in pw. read the text, you will find the people who have a deep Guo Jing "filial piety" and "righteousness" of the traditional ethics birthmark, and with the deepening of the story, filial piety and righteousness are also entangled in the inner character and evolution.

A tradition of filial piety in Chinese society, parents and teachers honor, loyalty to the monarch is a feudal society, the ethical core of filial piety to their parents, partly because the source of life for the children, their parents, on the other children to repay their parents for the upbringing of Well, it should be the line of filial piety. Confucius, filial piety, benevolence such feelings and behavior as the fundamental, is different from the most basic characteristics of animals, while loyalty is an extension of filial piety, strong out. Mr. Jin Yong also said that "'filial piety' is absolute. For no matter how bad the parents must also be filial ... ... the so-called 'filial piety', vertical type of morality, it is very powerful. "[1] Xiao Jin Yong's novels, mostly because of its orphan hero, Therefore, thanksgiving and respect for teachers, especially even for Yue Buqun such a villain, Linghu Chong bringing their grace is always not forget, not because of their lack of filial piety without justice and the Chinese people has always been one day as a teacher, parent's traditional respect for teachers, "students for the apprentice, the master and respected his father in the same position, should be like a father to respect respect the master." [2] So I believe that Guo Xiaotian, I buy, Yang Tiexin, Chengjie Si Khan , south seven strange, Zhebie Master, Qigong and Ma Yu, and Guo Jing's eyes are in the "parent" image, and Guo Jing is the ethical relationship between the vertical type, Guo Jing to be filial to their line in the novel Guo Jing is not strange because the first teachers of martial arts southern seven inferior position of inferiority and loss respectful of the heart is the truth, of course, a manifestation of filial piety in Guo Jing who can be seen everywhere in the novel, but is most concentrated expression of revenge for his father, the master revenge on. "revenge" in the modern social reality, of course not allowed, but in the martial arts fantasy world and the traditional society, but it is a basic moral responsibility. <<Big Dai Kee • Zeng made the system>> said: "Parents of hatred, not with the same students, brothers of the hatred, not with the country together ... "Miss Margaret, had said:" when looking at martial arts, I think that should not realistic perspective 'revenge', but from the symbolic point of view , the 'revenge' for the secular society's moral responsibility and rights specified. Guo Jing 'reported Fu Chou' goal is simply 'to be a good man', as part of fulfilling social obligations. "[3] the most important and filial. Revenge of the novel job of all to start around the plot to kill Duantian De, killing Wanyanhonglie is the key to the novel's plot. Another strange when the South seven killed in the Peach Blossom Island, the face of love and Master Guo Jing dilemma, the hero of the psychological balance suddenly tilted. Although Guo Jing mistaken I buy is to kill the master of the enemy, which is not Huang Rong, and only at the expense of love, sake of filial piety, because in the traditional society is a personal act of love, and filial piety is the morality in family In addition in the traditional society, the younger generation, the "filial piety" is "smooth", it is often said that "filial piety." according to his father's testament, Guo Jing, Yang Kang must keep good, according to Yang uncle's testament, to be Mu Nianci married his wife, along Chengjie Si Khan's meaning must marry Hua Zheng these some did, some did not, but Guo Jing are best-effort, because filial piety is deeply rooted in his heart, not discounted.

Second, the meaning of Jin Yong always thought: the most important Chinese folk morality, first filial piety, and the second is the meaning. Filial piety and righteousness, but also Chinese traditional ethics of the most fundamental principle of what is justice? Jin Yong said: "No matter << Three Kingdoms>> or <<Water Margin>> also stressed: not only about friendship, but also sense of obligation, friendship, mainly from feelings of loyalty contains a good sense even if one person and the feelings are not deep, but should do so in order was co-principle, often make significant sacrifices, and that is the so-called loyalty. "[4] According to Cao Brad's argument, in Jin Yong's novels, the meaning of air filling the novel is always," loyalty became a Jin Yong novel character of the collective unconscious. " loyalty while maintaining the traditional backbone of the community plays a role, from a sociological point of view, filial piety on the reproduction of race, have an important role in maintaining social order, unity and loyalty for loyalty, have a significant effect of competition for survival. "[5] In this regard, read Jin Yong's novels with deep feeling, <<Legend of the Condor Heroes ", <<Condor Heroes>> Guo Jing in the sky cover is a righteous hero, get it all pour the spirit of righteousness. Links to free download Center

But Guo Jing who demonstrated the meaning of martial arts with the general meaning of the body are not the same, although there are some Mohist taste of injustice, but into more of a principle of Confucian ethics in the <<evil ", Guo Jing against Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu's love, because love YANG's apprentice, contrary to what he considers the ethical and moral principles, that is, the principle of justice, therefore I strongly oppose. more difference is, I believe that Guo Jing, respectively, at different times show different sense of justice. There are three levels: an early show and the main body, like the meaning of the traditional Ranger, "knot personal relationships, sense of obligation, re-pledge, light of life and death, Promises must be kept and action must be resolute, do not love the footer, helped people in difficulty. "<<Historical Records. Ranger Tales "in the text there are many of this performance, but the most prominent place is <<Legend of the Condor Heroes>> in 郭靖与黄蓉 met the most wonderful. Zhangjiakou played Huang Rong in the fashion of young men dressed in ragged appearance, Guo Jing was confused by the illusion, on behalf of the money she paid the meat buns, meat buns she has to feed the dog. Then he ordered dozens of bowls of vegetables, cold and then drained, re-point hot. 折腾了半天 only from the restaurant out, shouting hungry, to get into the most high-end local Changqing floor, but Guo Jing is no care about them, only to find her extraordinary conversation, knowledgeable, sincere hearty, then and she was very congenial, even hit it off. parting Guo Jing even gifts to Diaoqiu. Second, in the early and mid-righteous brothers demonstrated accordance with Mr. Jin Yong said: "Traditionally, Chinese people believe that brother is more important than the feelings of the couple, said there is old saying: 'his wife, such as clothing, brother as brothers, clothes broken, still sewing, hand-foot-off, non-renewal. '... The Chinese say Yijiejinlan, through a ritual, a different surname friends sworn brothers at home, vowing:' though the same month on the same date, I hope In the same year died the same day. 'In Western society, only the warm love of lovers, will vow with death, but in China, the heavy social loyalty, friendship than love, more attention. "[6] Therefore, Guo Jing to make friends, made many different surname brother, Yang Kang, Tuolei, Zhou Botong are his sworn brother. and in their hearts, the brothers justice than love, affection is more important details from two easy to see, at the same time the face of Yang Kang and Huang Rong, the so Huang Rong jealous, Guo Jing in the heart to himself only his brothers, at the same time the face of the enemy's son Yang Guo and Guo Fu, they determined to atone arm cut off her daughter. Third, the performance in the latter part of the country and the people of cause, but also defined the highest level.'s suicide note found after Yue Fei, Guo Jing suddenly found the real aspirations and ideals, to find the most valuable meaning. Guo Jing Jin in leading the war against the Mongols, after a very tough test of reflection, he finally established "for the nation and the people" as the lifelong goal. <<evil "in the Xiangyang told Yang Guo Guo Jing said:" I practice Weapons generation, Why? chivalric, economic distress is certainly one part, But this is only Man of the small ones. rivers and lakes so known me a 'Guotai Xia,' I really respect for the country because the people rushed to help keep Xiangyang, ... remember only hope firmly in your mind 'for the country people, Xia's the larger 'these eight, later to become legendary by the million people respected real heroes. "
Third, filial piety and righteousness and the evolution of a tangled life to make various choices, especially a moral one is perfect. Guo Jing in the growth of traditional ethics for a perfect paradigm of the process, the tangle is a lot of heart, but drinking the milk of traditional folk ethics Guo Jing grew up, though stupid, they can always stick to the traditional ethical and moral principles, resulting in Mr. Jin Yong Guo Jing this on the shaping of characters very successful.

As has been said that when faced filial love, love, affection meaning brother encountered, Guo Jing and Huang Rong are sacrificing mother, brothers sake of filial piety and justice, even against the moral principles of justice brothers, Yang Guo also severing of course the protagonist Guo Jing's tangled far more. As mentioned earlier, Chengjie Si Khan, Zhebie Master Guo Jing is the "parent" image, Tuolei is the sworn brother Guo Jing, but when the brothers justice, filial piety and the national interest (for country and people of the righteous) conflict When Guo Jing when making a choice is very tangled. Although revenge is piety, but also revenge, how to kill Duantian De decisive, but also how to kill Wanyanhonglie hesitation and tangled. Guo Jing, "the thought of 'revenge' two words, the tragic story of the massacre Huacizimo immediately in my heart. to myself Fu Chou, although complex, has killed so many innocent people, the heart, how can security? seems that revenge thing, is not necessarily right. "filial piety and What a tangled meaning, but in any case, in order to "Man of the looms for the country people," the perfect completion of ethics, to sacrifice their loved ones, and even himself at the expense of the novel in detail: several times in danger Guo Xiang, Guo Jing are did not help, he is doing? The answer is obvious, of course, in practice the people's cause and for the country. Also, Huang Rong They originally thought the last minute to get out by means of the Ferghana BMW, Guo Jing and resolutely opposed, Huang Rong had to sigh: "I original knowledge is inevitable that this day, stop stop stop, you live I live, you die I die that is! "Ultimately, Guo Jing as Qiao Feng as to sacrifice justice in the city of Xiangyang over the completion of the traditional ethical perfect paradigm of the great freeze-frame. Links to free download

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