On network technology and ethics

Paper Network: [Abstract] rapid spread of information networks, to bring the convenience of mankind, to promote the integration of the whole world, but the attendant, but also because it existed and the ethical and moral issues, so to strengthen the construction of information network ethics.

[Keywords] information network, Internet ethics, ethics in the 21st century, people feel the computer network technology to human communication, learning, work and life greatly facilitate, promote the comprehensive development and social progress, but also by computer viruses, hackers, and yellow information harm and feel anxious or panic disturbance. In order to better use the Internet, the need for the network society to constrain illegal misconduct.

Ethics is used to regulate social relations between people of conduct, is a certain social and economic infrastructure and social relations reflect, in some form, and human interactions with the production and lifestyle changes. Network Ethics is the process of interaction in the network generated, it is the people living in the network information is generally accepted moral values ​​and standards [1].

First, the performance of a network of ethical issues. Information pollution, improve network utilization information of fraud and computer technology have resulted in a plethora of information on waste, but also increasingly evolving into information pollution, such as e-mail in a variety of spam, the the spread of pornographic websites while the information is also frequent cases of fraud, some unscrupulous only use the Internet to deceive consumers, online Piancaipianse, financial fraud and other acts of people fear [2]. The second network society as a human living space, has become a new area of ​​criminal activity by some "hacker" online theft, sabotage, fraud and other activities, and some terrorist organizations, cult organizations use the Internet for propaganda, to create disturbances .

(2) privacy control the Internet is a global integrated open system, its structure is distributed on the Internet, people can log on any computer access to a wealth of information resources, naturally including the extraction of personal information in the network era, people's privacy is very easy to violate. people's behavior on the network is no longer a trace ", computer users can access on weekdays from data left behind when a person's lifestyle, habits, whereabouts, social relations and other information. personal privacy on the Internet by the serious violation of personal, social, and countries can easily violate the privacy of others, it will be very scary. an invasion of privacy will not only undermine the peaceful life of people, giving heavy psychological burden, and even lead to personal injury and other serious incidents, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the network itself.

3 interpersonal emotional indifference and interpersonal alienation of virtual social networks for different regions, different ethnic groups and different occupations to exchange an equal attitude, this "time instead of space" communication methods so that many people indulge in the virtual network life [3]. With the global popularity of the network, people communicate on the network, their conversation is converted into a binary language, the human voice and facial expression to digital on-screen character mode transmission, have become digital presence. The Internet has changed interpersonal way communication, so that communication between people becomes a people-to-machine communication, communication between people less and less emotional, more and more relaxed group link, resulting in a weak sense of community and the kinds of groups loosely structured.

4 extreme worship hacking

Network of "hacker" culture refers to the Internet "hackers" behavior for the sake of a cultural phenomenon, according to statistics, the global average per second invasion took place in an online event web site hackers are several reasons: First, to show off its superhuman computer technology, the second is to steal information website, third, protest or express dissatisfaction with the site, and other personal factors, which often gives rise to a crisis of confidence between people, security needs can not be guaranteed, while the network due to be "hacker" culture, the impact of the moral sense of anomie and behavior of some people on the network that the intrigues of the virtual environment of Chiang Kai-shek gradually lost the basic sense of responsibility and sense of justice.

Second, strengthen the network of moral management measures along with the computer network technology, widely used in social life, enhance network management, prevention among young people in the advanced technology in the loss of self, moral bankruptcy inevitable.

(1) Strengthen the campus network security technology R & D capabilities, control of the invasion and spread of bad information is an open Internet, interactive virtual network, we can say who should master advanced technology, will have control over, we only strengthen the network security technology R & D capabilities to develop more advanced technology hardware and software products in order to block "pornography, gambling, drugs" against undesirable information to identify and control harmful information, and be killed. For example, firewall products provide the protection between network and external network access control, filtering through the various pre-set rules to determine whether the data through various networks, or whether it can provide a variety of network services in the use of monitoring and early warning system, the system configuration can make the system as much as possible to the historical record more information through the use of monitoring and early warning systems, in a short time we can make the computer automatically and efficiently analyze the system log, look for the bad system access and malicious attacks, as we found a variety of prevention and counter-attacks to provide strong support. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

(2) improve the network of laws and regulations in recent years, China has developed a network of related legal documents, the implementation of these laws and regulations to combat cyber crime for us helped, but should also be noted that in recent years about China's rise in cyber crime have a greater The trend due to laws and regulations are not perfect, although many laws in our country, such as <<Intellectual Property Law>> on the network protection of the work, <<Penal Code>> of intrusion into computer information systems, destruction of another's computer information system provisions on charges, but because network symbol, anonymity, high intelligence, so that the original laws and regulations are not fully fit and not easy to detect, so a sound network of the legal system, the establishment of specialized institutions to combat cyber crime, cyber-police force set up to be necessary, but also to strengthen international cooperation.

(3) Strengthen the individual self-discipline and moral training to improve awareness in the network society, network from the root to prevent the phenomenon of anomie, mainly have to rely on moral force, by the main network of inner conviction and self-cultivation. Is itself an intrinsic moral norms, Its main feature is voluntarily of course, who is in violation of the moral, but also by public criticism and condemnation of the heart, there will be some pressure on the governance and stability of the network society, the legal and moral are complementary and any technical are neutral, as long as the main ideological and moral standards improve, we can ensure a neutral Internet to create more benefits for mankind, not harm, we should be adept at the traditional virtues of Chinese culture, publicity and education influence the majority of Internet users should be allowed to "Do unto others, do not impose on others", "loyalty and forgiveness of the Road" and continue to play its due role.

4, and sound ethics network monitoring mechanism to seriously learn from developed countries and advanced research experience, such as the American Association for the computer organization, the Canadian Information Processing Society, have developed their own code of ethics of information, some agencies have developed the e-language format, communication network protocols, e-mail signatures detailed specifications, network behavior on people's moral constraints played a positive role in the university campus to establish the appropriate maintenance mechanism as a self-built network security ethics such as accelerating the building of network technology, especially the network terminal technology monitoring mechanism, the electronic monitoring system to monitor the actions of citizens, the school should increase the network of moral propaganda, network behavior for timely evaluation of students, the campus network to create a healthy culture, the formation of public opinion monitoring mechanism.

Third, the Conclusion

Information network is a double edged sword, it has brought us many benefits, but also brought more non-ethical, or even to commit crimes, many negative factors [4] as long as we face the new situation facing and new problems, to strengthen the network of ethical and moral education of Internet users will be able to overcome the negative factors as far as possible, so that the computer network to better serve our construction of socialist material civilization, but also to better serve the spiritual civilization.


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