Based on core competitiveness of enterprises on the corporate culture to enhance the strategic thinking

Abstract: to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is a strategic goal of modern business management. With economic globalization, competition among enterprises has been the development of competition to the core product competitiveness of the contest. Based on the corporate culture strategy to explore the construction of corporate culture, enhance the core competitiveness of the basic ideas.

Abstract: Promoting enterprise's core competitive ability is the strategic target of modern enterprise management. Along with the development of economic globalization, competition among enterprises has developed from the product competition to core competitive ability. Based on the enterprise culture construction, this paper probes into the enterprise culture, and enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Keywords: Corporate culture; core competitiveness; business management; Corporate Strategy Keywords:: enterprise culture; core competitiveness; enterprise management; enterprise strategy
0 Introduction Corporate culture is the spirit, it is for enhancing cohesion, enhance the core competitiveness has a key role in the British Economist Intelligence Agency's <<Outlook 2010>> Survey shows that 67% of the current global companies is based on the competition to promote the core competencies of competitive advantage, by 2010 this proportion will reach 85%. Culture is the core competitiveness of enterprises to play a key support is Yabu Kua, break than bend the spirit of the Great Wall.

A corporate culture and modern business enterprise culture is the long-term production and management practices have evolved in the sense of community enterprise features its theme refers to the production and operation of the process of evolving and establishing theoretical achievements and values ??so that refers to the dominant enterprises and their employees engaged in commodity production and business activities, to obtain natural, and social interaction, the commonly held ideals, beliefs, philosophy, values, codes of conduct and ethics of the sum of the Peter Drucker ( Peter F. Drucker) is a famous American management expert, the 'management of the road outside, people, and in the management of knowledge.' The idea has long been popular. Drucker inherited the concept of modern business management, not the man stuck out of knowledge, but knowledge of the business people to lead, everyone is willing to sacrifice the formation of a knowledge management system business in order to win in the competition, must pay attention to corporate culture of the building. corporate culture as a new management theory, has an extremely important strategic significance: to shape the corporate image by culture, corporate reputation to spread by the culture, corporate culture and to improve quality by. Corporate culture is not only the formation of enterprise management concept is a guide to business thinking and action, but also how to cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises, how to use the code of conduct.

2 Enterprise Culture and sustainable development of the core competitiveness of enterprises rely on core competencies, core competencies are technology, technology from the management, and management by the corporate culture of advanced corporate culture to improve efficiency, reduce costs, savings costs and enhance the brand gold content, increase the value of products, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. The study showed that about 30% of economic cooperation is due to technical, financial or strategic aspects of the problem and grounding; about 70% of the failure is due to cultural communication problems caused by the <<Fortune>> Magazine's 2002 Global 500 list, 197 U.S. companies, accounting for 35%, showing that the U.S. enterprise, industry, culture is a very prosperous. Corporate culture can greatly affect the values ??of the core competitiveness of degree, determine the core competencies of the advanced degree. Successful enterprise culture in the short term caused by the boost to staff morale will help companies tide over temporary difficulties, leading to economic efficiency of the recovery; from long-term development, corporate culture, depicting the effectiveness of the company's growth is a growth and the determinants of sustainable development, therefore, whether the rich cultural heritage, whether it has absorbing and unique, full of personal charm of the corporate culture, directly determine the market competitiveness of enterprises, determine the rise and fall with the success or failure. corporate culture to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises have a huge boost. Throughout the world, successful companies, such as the U.S. General Electric Company Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., with its enduring for three main reasons, namely, high-quality products, smart marketing and rich cultural heritage. and quality products, smart marketing, or service concept often arises from a deep cultural heritage .

3 construction of corporate culture, enhance the core competitiveness of the basic ideas

Core competitiveness of enterprises from the corporate culture that values ??enterprise, knowledge and ethics, so the building of enterprise culture is an important part of business, is to enhance the core competitiveness of the support system is a business management be fully reflected in both the corporate values, human resources and other aspects.

3.1 support system of corporate culture - the values ??of the shape the corporate culture building must be some tendency for the core values, to create a successful business must be able to make all staff sincerely agree with the core values ??and mission, innovative business ideas , the overall quality of enterprises improve their core competitiveness enhancement, should be guided by certain values. values ??are the support system of corporate culture is the core of corporate culture, corporate culture is the cornerstone of its penetration in the enterprise management all aspects, from entrepreneurs to dominate the thinking and behavior of employees so to shape corporate culture, is to summarize the company's core values ??to extract clear his soul of the enterprise, and ultimately used to guide the company to do, how to do, Let the soul of the enterprise culture to play a guiding role of the invisible, and ultimately enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Links to free download

3.2 The essence of corporate culture - 'humanist' philosophy of human resources is the primary resource for business, corporate culture, and ultimately comes down to human resources development, human potential of play and improving the quality of staff culture, which is the true meaning of corporate culture. to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is to enhance a sense you can say 'business people' the ability of the enterprise's core competitiveness is based on the growing integration of the human quality and performance. People-oriented, first of all to respect and value their creativity, initiative and ingenuity to encourage employees to play a full release of their wisdom and ability; Second, we must attach importance to research from a cultural point of view the various needs of employees, to create a good cultural atmosphere, the staff fully create conditions for development and value realization; finally focus on staff training, improve staff's cultural standards and business skills to achieve business prosperity and individual all-round development of the two-fold.

3.3 the backbone of corporate culture and bridges - building a culture of enterprise system enterprise system culture is the backbone of corporate culture and bridges, it is the corporate culture of material culture and spiritual culture organically integrated into a whole. Corporate culture as a system of laws and regulations legal form for companies to determine a clear code of conduct. the business system is to improve the economic efficiency of a management responsibility system is the organizational form of enterprise system culture. enterprise management systems and operational concepts have a mutual influence, mutual promotion role is bound to promote the correct and reasonable system of business concepts and employee values ??formation.

4 Conclusion famous economist Wei Jie on how to cultivate and form core competitiveness on innovation in four areas: enterprise system innovation, business strategy innovation, technological innovation and corporate culture of innovation. These four aspects are important, but only four in the corporate culture of innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises form the fundamental, it is an intangible asset, an investment, is a huge return on investment, so the corporate culture the decision will inevitably become a key factor in the rise and fall.


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