Corporate culture based on sustainable development management of strategic analysis

[Abstract] enterprises to achieve sustainable development, culture building and management is crucial. Through the establishment of an advanced culture, and the implementation of sound management, and improving employee cohesion and enthusiasm for work, enhance corporate image in the minds of consumers, to encourage enterprises to carry out production and business activities to better promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

[Keywords] corporate culture and cultural management of sustainable development in the 1980s, corporate culture management theory into China, and by the continued attention of academic and business community. As time goes on, with the wave of reform and opening up, a large number of domestic enterprises to establish and consolidate their unique corporate culture. [1] through the effective management of corporate culture and use, setting the employees, increased employee collective sense of honor and enhance enterprise value in the hearts of the staff's position, effectively improve the business the competitiveness of the construction of enterprise culture is the enterprise from a focus on survival to a focus on sustainable development of the necessary means, only those with accurate, reasonable, cohesive corporate culture, a business to survive in order to effectively carry out business activities, to achieve the sustainable development.

First, corporate culture management, content

Corporate culture is an organic whole, an enterprise set up the development process including the formation of a business philosophy, spirit, morals, customs and other regulations of the collection. It provides all the staff of the basic mode of thinking and behavior patterns, so employees to form a habit, in the face of the appropriate thinking about things that do not pass out on the performance of the behavior. an excellent corporate culture allows employees to form the hearts of the same corporate values ??and mission, prompting employees to make progress, and promote organizational change and development.

Cultural management consists mainly of three meanings: values, behavior patterns, production and cultural management of shared values ??which are the core of corporate culture, management, including entrepreneurship, business philosophy and values. Founder of the company's corporate values ??of the formation has important role in the first generation of leaders tend to their good personal values ??into corporate values ??in their thinking, behavior patterns also tend to affect the business habits of all employees. behavior is corporate culture, management, external appearance, There are systems, structures, codes of conduct and so on. Production and cultural management is the identification of areas of cultural management. Corporate culture management for the production of culture, rather than the management of consumer culture.

Corporate culture management mainly include signs management, communication management, culture management in three areas. Sign production and operation management is the process in summary form on behalf of the enterprise's core business philosophy of managing a series of specific signs. By mark set, you can always contact with the staff experience of the concept of business, creating a way of thinking inertia, carved deep inside the business philosophy of the mark. Communication and management within the company that is creating a great importance, respect, mutual understanding, mutual support of a good cultural environment, actively encouraged among the general staff, general communication between employees and managers to link to reach a tacit understanding between employees, leaders time to teach the concept of enterprise related to employees, so employees feel at home. Culture management is outside the corporate culture of a way out through enterprise features trade fairs, to promote corporate characteristics and culture, establish a good social image, and enhance social awareness through good external environment for the building, effectively promote the business activities, and enhance their competitiveness and achieve sustainable development.

Second, corporate culture, management and sustainable development of the relationship between the companies to ensure their own survival and the pursuit of sustainable development in the future, there are many factors to consider. In addition to considering how to achieve corporate business objectives established, how effective means to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and thus get a better competitive position, it also need to consider how to consolidate the existing business has been leading the field of competition and how to other related areas for effective expansion, so as to maintain sustained profitability of the enterprises have the ability, the ability of long sustainable development within each company, as the existence of a single individual, has its own characteristics, and thus the sustainable development of various business models are not identical However, there is still some basic similarities of factors. Culture is the business of sustainable development must be an important factor overall strength of corporate culture as an important component of sustainable development of enterprises has an indispensable role.

1 material and cultural aspects of business bigger and stronger, improved products and services is essential, how will the corporate culture into products and services, is the company's products and services with a distinct personality is enterprises can sustainable development strategy must be addressed. enterprises in brand strategy, improve product quality, while ensuring product quality, performance at the same time, the corporate culture into one, to enhance the cultural quality of the product, so that consumers use to purchase, use understand the process of the product to the products that contain a rich cultural heritage, so as to enhance consumer loyalty to the enterprise product, is conducive to business sales and follow-up R & D in services, personalized attention in today's age, services provided to consumers must take full account of the psychological, targeted to provide personalized service, with a good service to enhance the corporate image, promotion of corporate culture. Through the corporate image design, corporate identity design, corporate culture, according to the content inherent in the construction of the plant to personalize, enhance corporate reputation advertising, etc., the corporate culture and business of production and business activities closer together, help promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

(2) cultural dimensions of behavior in the production and operation process, employees help each other and support each other, deal with the relationship between people, which naturally produced a cultural phenomenon is the behavior of corporate culture corporate culture based on behavior employees can be divided into different levels of the behavior of business leaders and other employees of the behavior of two parts. business leaders is the core of the whole enterprise, if you are a business like a man, then, business leaders is equivalent to the brain. business leaders in production and operations model, business development, corporate strategic decision-making on both the right choice, right or wrong and thus the behavior of business leaders is the key to business success as a successful business leaders, in addition to the need of the market, the enterprise global awareness on the outside , also need to have a global business based on existing knowledge to make the development of decision-making capacity, knowledge and decision-making are two different stages of understanding the accuracy and rapid decision-making is necessary for successful leaders of the two basic aspects of quality. ordinary employees the cornerstone, the leadership needs of their staff to participate in the decision-making to complete, so how will the development of enterprise leadership thinking well communicated to employees so that employees think, act, consistent with the leadership of the enterprise need to be resolved. Corporate culture is the link between leadership and employees bond through the development of a system of rules, cultural propaganda, so that employees understand the corporate culture, which regulate employee behavior. employees to shape group behavior is an important building of enterprise culture component of stress in today's society people-oriented environment, companies should do so that each employee of the business feel at home, a sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility and sense of accomplishment, and thereby mobilize staff enthusiasm and creativity, to promote enterprise can be sustainable development.

3 level of respect for the institutional culture of the modern enterprise management, should be based on scientific management philosophy as a guide to establish appropriate rules and regulations, including management structure, operational procedures, discipline, etc. at the constantly changing market needs, corporate culture also need to constantly change to adapt to this change, to keep up with market trends. corporate culture into enterprise systems, enterprise system must abandon the old concept of the original, to adapt to market trends and establish a new concept. enterprise system of strict normative , fairness is directly related to employees of the company's recognition. to establish a standardized enterprise system can be integrated with the behavior of employees, to conform to the corporate culture development needs. fair and reasonable reward and punishment, can give employees a level playing field platform, employees work full enthusiasm and creativity in the reward system of incentives, each employee to fully mobilize their own capacity, in the completion of tasks at the same time, creative play better. This work actively to innovation behavior is also an important part of corporate culture. advanced enterprise system can effectively carry forward the corporate culture and improve their sense of belonging and sense of responsibility, enterprises can effectively retain the talent, but also through cultural propaganda model to attract more outstanding talent to business effectiveness. full utilization of human resources is the fundamental needs of enterprise development, and only continue to have more talent in order to ensure that companies carry out production and business activities to better promote sustainable development.

4 is a spiritual and cultural aspects of corporate values ??shared by all employees of an enterprise search criteria for recognition, but also the core of corporate culture through training, publicity, etc. to inculcate corporate values ??to each employee, and in the daily course of business well reflect the corporate values ??through repeated enhance enterprise value in the hearts of the staff's position, so that employees fully understand the recognition they have in common values. successful corporate culture can increase the cohesion of the enterprise, in good times, companies have expanded rapidly in the adversity, all employees work together to overcome difficulties, to promote sustainable development of enterprises. a kind of corporate employees feel a sense of responsibility of the enterprise, a sense of belonging, the company's overall development as its own responsibility, and actively working, positive thinking, suggestions and ideas, to promote enterprise development, self-worth has also been achieved. excellent corporate culture can promote employees continued progress to improve the quality of their own, in order to better contribute to the development for the enterprise, enabling businesses to better adapt to market changes . Links to free download
Third, to improve corporate culture management, and promoting sustainable development of enterprises enterprises to better develop, enhance corporate culture is essential. Corporate culture management theory into practice need to perform their duties, training, construction, resulting in optimization of enterprise culture is the core of cultural management. Corporate culture management is the automation of corporate actions, standardization and rationalization of management. Use reasonable measures to optimize the corporate culture, improve the effectiveness of cultural management can be good for sustainable development of enterprises.

1 the values ??of building advanced enterprise and corporate values ??shared by all employees agree on the development of objective things, whether on business value, and owned by the size of the views and understanding of the value of each company in the long process of production and management , have formed their own unique values, but some companies are not to be concluded, and some successful companies in the summary of the values ??at the same time, its a very good improvement and promotion, making corporate and business guide common indicators of employee behavior through advanced training values, enhance the ability of staff awareness of things, the formation of companies and employees agree that the value system. advanced to cultivate values, business leaders need to fully consider the characteristics of their own development needs and follow-up, combined with staff's views on enterprise development through promotion of advanced corporate values ??to mobilize employees of the company's responsibility to promote sustainable development.

(2) foster the spirit of good corporate spirit of enterprise employees is common with the ideological level. The spirit of enterprise is to enhance corporate values, corporate employees to raise awareness of the values ??from the approved state. The spirit of enterprise needs to establish its full values ??of information and guidance, and make it into the daily well production and management process, so that employees always able to appreciate the value of the business. after a long period of promotion and practical implementation, the staff will deeply understand the corporate values ??and enhance to the ideological level, to guide their daily behavior. outstanding entrepreneurial spirit can make the employees form a morale, a highly cohesive morale, and thereby mobilize the initiative of employees for business development services. once a good corporate spirit, the enterprise will be hard work, positive, vibrant atmosphere, and promote sustainable development of enterprises.

3 rules and regulations is to establish a sound corporate culture, organizational support systems, corporate values, ethics, codes of conduct and regulations of the concrete. Corporate values, ethics and codes of conduct can form only through the integration of business rules people's thinking and behavior in order to regulate employee behavior, the behavior of the staff, thinking to go along with the pace of business. a variety of corporate employees, thinking, behavior is not the same, bound by rules and regulations to establish a good employee behavior, values, advocacy incorporates the thinking of employees, the employees gather into one force, for business development services. to establish a sound and reasonable rules and regulations for the orderly production and operation activities carried out, the relationship between leadership and coordination of staff and staff enthusiasm, initiative has a positive role to play.

4 the formation of elegant custom custom business etiquette is a variety of customs, habits, ceremonies and other collective activities, a collection of elements of corporate culture is one of ritual practices in the business long-term growth and development of long-term accumulation of convention, is enterprises with a unique corporate culture. The essence of corporate values, the spiritual realm and a form of precipitation and reflect. business activity when the formation of habits, a practice-oriented, even without the regulatory constraints, but also very conscious employees to comply, is relative to the rules and regulations of soft presence, with enduring, popular origin characteristics. habit formation of etiquette, can enhance the sense of belonging to employees of enterprises can increase employee loyalty, better for business development services.

5 promote corporate heroes heroes have a special contribution to the enterprise, can become an example of advanced individuals or groups who can be both the creator of business, leaders, employees can also be a model. It has always been a hero worship complex, like to imitate the hero's thinking and behavior, which is the effect of the so-called heroes. Enterprises in order to better promote the values ??and better pool of employees, should be introduced one or a few heroes, but also a fair competition mode, select the hero business by developing or selecting the hero mode, the values ??of good publicity for businesses, employees and backed by the recognition, but also to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, to the heroes learn, and even become a hero Through this model, values ??get good publicity and consolidation, employees work to mobilize the enthusiasm of the enterprise security and sustainable development can be achieved.

6 to create an excellent business environment conditions and material internal to the community to provide the material results collectively referred to as the physical and chemical enterprise environment enterprise environment, including physical and chemical plant equipment, technical equipment, green, products, services, etc., is the physical manifestation of corporate culture For businesses, only the spiritual and cultural transformation of the labor enthusiasm of the staff, thereby creating their own value of material goods, be considered as forming a complete sense of the corporate culture, but also to pursue the ultimate goal of business is located. to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, we must have spiritual guidance, it also requires support in terms of the physical environment, as described in Maslow's theory, the basic material needs are always the most essential needs. employees only material and spiritual to be double satisfied in order to really mobilize their initiative, better learning, living, working, and better for the sustainable development of enterprises to provide power.

7 create a good corporate image corporate image related to business survival in the development of good corporate image can be good to promote the sustainable development of enterprise culture and corporate image of all the elements of a comprehensive system performance. Corporate culture training, optimization, The ultimate goal of management is the formation of a good corporate image, including the internal image and external image. on with the enterprise, a good corporate image can mobilize the enthusiasm of staff. the external community, consumers overall corporate image strength and corporate culture, the most important factor status, therefore, to cultivate the corporate culture in the process, need to shape the corporate image as an important strategic measure has been in shaping the corporate image process, need to be the overall image and product image, leadership image, the image of the staff combined organic shape, the overall grasp of the details of a breakthrough, and promote sustainable development.


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