Advanced culture and strategic vision of the campus under the analysis of culture and practice of the Independent Commission Against

Abstract: Independent campus culture construction of socialist advanced culture from the strategic height to be recognized and valued. Self clean up the campus special education courses are the main channel clean culture and the main front, full use of schools, educational resources, advocacy Independent culture, and promote honest spirit, and strengthen the consensus of the Independent Commission Against culture and theory-driven in advance and deepen the Independent Commission Against cultural construction, so that six combined measures to ensure the effectiveness of the Independent Commission Against culture.

Abstract: Construction of culture of clean and honest government in university should be understood from the strategic hEight of advanced culture construction. Setting up the course of honesty and moral is the main way of constructing the culture of clean and honest government in university. Fully take advantages of various educational resources, initiate the culture of clean and honest government, develop and expand clean and honest spirit, strengthen the common view and theoretical orientation. Implement the six combinations in the promoting and deepening the construction of culture of clean and honest government to insure the actual effect of construction of culture of clean and honest government in university.

Keywords: advanced culture of the campus culture of integrity, honesty and self-cultivation courses, six with Keywords:: advanced culture; culture of clean and honest government in university; course of honesty and moral; six combinations

A clean campus cultural construction of meaning and cultural construction of the strategic position of Independent Independent Independent for the ideological content of culture is to culture as a cultural manifestation, is the construction of clean government and cultural product of the combination. To be honest culture to culture as the carrier, and cultural development should include clean content, integrity and cultural sine qua non. Corruption is a negative cultural phenomenon against corruption is not only a political struggle, but also a cultural struggle. Hu Jintao, general secretary of the party's congress in the report, proposed to build a 'clean culture', the formation of long-corruption education effective mechanism in the Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Comrade Hu further stressed that 'we must clean the construction of socialist advanced culture as an important part of culture.' clean culture to improve the building of socialist advanced culture, strategic CPC Central Committee issued The <<establish and improve the education system, both the supervisory system for punishing and preventing corruption Implementation Outline>> in, clearly stated that 'great efforts to strengthen the Independent Commission Against culture and actively promote the Independent Commission Against culture into the community, families, schools, businesses and rural,' the task requirements of advanced construction of the Independent Commission Against culture is an important part of the organization culture, but also to achieve a harmonious society, an effective means. a harmonious society is a high degree of rule of law and the unity of virtue. Independent Commission Against culture, not only manifests itself as the rule of law and rule of law requires, and manifests itself as the moral values ??and ethical requirements from this sense, the Independent Commission Against culture and moral culture of the rule of law and cultural integration, building a socialist harmonious society is an important measure. the construction of the Independent Commission Against culture, on the one hand and promoting cadres in accordance with statutory authority and procedures for the exercise of power, promote all law-abiding members of society, the rule of law is conducive to the implementation of the strategy to better realize and safeguard social fairness and justice on the other hand, they strongly encourage all members of society, especially party members and cadres model compliance with social morality and common honesty to enhance the social and moral responsibility to maintain and vigorously strengthen the building of the Independent Commission Against culture, further promote the anti-corruption work of an important and positive significance. Independent socialist advanced culture, culture is an important part of culture, armed only with the Independent Commission Against the minds of party members and cadres, education, the masses, in order to establish the integrity of the whole society values, develop the concept of the pursuit of honesty, and gradually eradicate corruption from the root of cultural conditions. the construction of the Independent Commission Against culture, by fostering the spirit of the people against corrupt power, there Chong Lim corruption conducive to the formation of social atmosphere and the environment, expand and enrich the content of socialist advanced culture, play an advanced socialist culture in the role of anti-corruption work. Campus Independent Commission Against China's socialist cultural construction is an important cultural construction part of. College students party and our successors to the cause of socialism, is rejuvenating, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the new generation of college students is the main back-up the next group of public officials to carry out the integrity of education for college students, to form a sense of honesty and integrity of the kinds of awareness of the potential for corruption, just as their early vaccination 'anti-vaccine', it has immunity against corruption to ensure that they grow into healthy social mainstream, the whole society is not only an important part of anti-corruption, but also college students Independent of ideological and political education and campus culture, the proper meaning and priority. Links to free download

2 self clean up special education programs, build a campus culture of integrity the main front of the main channel and the construction of campus culture Independent schools should follow the ideological and political education and the objective laws, the creation of clean cultivation special education programs, included in the teaching plan, organize classroom teaching, making the campus culture of honesty and the main channel and the main front.

2.1 a clear course of nature, tasks and goals honest self teaching special education program aims to cultivate the ideological quality of integrity, are honest and a campus culture into the ideological and political education classes. Course the socialist core value system as fundamental to the socialist concept of honor view of the main line, follow the school education and the ideological and political education law, integrated use of the Marxist stand, viewpoint and method, through the methods and visually interesting discussion Analysis of rational thinking and inspire students to enable students to cultivating awareness of clean from the emotional to the rational level, and constantly improve their sense of moral self-discipline, and enhance mental corruption of good quality, to develop the concept of self-discipline and quality.

2.2 clear class, credits and assessment methods related to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education documents, the creation of a semester course clean cultivation, 1 class per week, total hours for 18 hours, the course credits to a credit arrangement in teaching, classroom theory teaching arrangements 12 hours, six hours of practice teaching arrangements The course assessment is divided into theory and practice of teaching examination teaching assessment, performance assessment of teaching the theory course examination grades, accounting for 80% of the total assessment of practice teaching performance assessment results of 20%.

2.3 well-designed project-based teaching content in the curriculum content of the arrangement, according to the curriculum and teaching mission objectives were set: clean cultivation - general topics and always pursue the mission of cultivating college students and features a clean, honest and learn from the tradition of self-cultivation, cultivation of clean objective requirements and characteristics of the times, college students and the way the orientation of clean cultivation, cultivation of a high degree of integrity in our society and the difficulty of the six topics, a clear teaching requirements. Moral Education to ensure clean and attractive, appealing, targeted and effective.

3 depth campus clean culture, and create a positive educational environment Delicate Air Independent School campus culture is an important part of culture, the Independent Commission Against culture in the campus culture of specific performance, the teachers and students to rectify the style of study, correct teaching style, optimization style, to strengthen the campus clean culture, we must rise to the anti-corruption education, cultural level, party members and cadres in colleges and universities to deepen anti-corruption education in the faculty, students, promote and guide efforts to increase clean, party members and cadres, teachers and students to promote school employees abandon evil and promote good values ??and basic concept of the formation of life, focusing on deepening and development in practice, to create a campus culture of integrity, promoting clean campus culture. the focus of the campus clean culture should focus on training teachers and students about the content integrity , re-clean and good moral character, a correct, positive and healthy ideals and beliefs, moral values, legal awareness and social responsibility, building a clean government and anti-corruption work long-term mechanism, the integrity of education and the socialist concept of honor education, construction harmonious campus, building anti-corruption punishment and prevention system integrated into the work, and to the teachers and students throughout the day to day work, study and life, with a variety of activities as the carrier, the use of schools, educational resources, promoting clean culture, propaganda Independent typical carry forward the spirit of integrity, and strive to create clean governance of the school, corruption-free governance to teach, clean and harmonious atmosphere in campus scholarship, education and guidance of the teachers and students to actively participate in deepening the campus culture of integrity, strengthen, 'Sung Lim, Bong Lian, Lian Chan,' the consensus and public opinion, for school construction and development of the idea to create a good public opinion environment, while insisting on aspiration and construction and management of local bonds, commercial bribery and other special work of combining the university education is clean and teach each other the process of teacher-student interaction, Educators should be the first to education, to clean and education into aspiration and construction, in the specific work to strengthen discipline in all aspects of education law, honesty and self-education and warning and education so that the process of governance has become for the majority of faculty clean the education process, to create a campus Fengqing gas is the education environment.

4 implementing the six combined to ensure the effectiveness of the campus culture ① clean and ideological education combined. Around the 'three clean' simultaneously, teachers from teaching integrity, honesty and self-cultivation of students, to clean all kinds of ideological education and school education Synchronization, synchronous deployments, sync check, synchronous implementation. ② combined with moral education students would be honest moral culture into the school system, fully implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council <<on Further Strengthening and Improving Ideological and Political Education>>, in accordance with educational laws and the characteristics of physical and mental development of students, make the best use of education to carry out the socialist concept of honor, so that the 'Eight Honors and Eight Shames' rooted in the minds of students, students correct world outlook, values, distinguish right from wrong, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, promote the integrity of the law, moral integrity and self-discipline, good students into the real sense of conscious behavior and the basic moral sentiments. ③ combined with classroom teaching, actively promote the work of the Independent Commission Against culture into the classroom. classroom teachers to be effective, orderly and dynamically integration of various disciplines inherent in the material, 'King William frugality' educational resources, enhance penetration in teaching, 'King William frugality' thinking, to further enhance the effectiveness of moral education. ④ combined with reading, according to the students condition the accumulation of knowledge to guide students to select, clean and honest at all times to read the story, motto, pictures and cartoons, and book review and essay writing. some of the school library editing the contents of the Independent Commission Against culture of books, set special cabinet to encourage students to borrow, to enable the students to read. ⑤ types of theme activities and students combined. organizations at various levels, students and student organizations, student work cadres at various theme activities, we should clean and education into one, through the activities, students of good moral qualities. ⑥ and campus combination of culture by posting motto, epigram, exhibit painting windows, singing, organizing essay, speech contests, studio movies and television, and to increase the students clean the content of education in the arts festival, and many more forms, more honest way to carry out education, the formation of a strong The 'King William frugality' campus fashion. Links to free download


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