Corporate culture and strategic management of the power problem analysis

Paper Network: [Abstract] With the deepening of the power system, power companies face increased competition, increased business risk. Power companies to better survival and development, not only to further expand business, improve service and management level, but also all awareness and enhance the cohesion of a unified staff. In short, the corporate culture within the deep support should masterpiece, with a common understanding of the concepts, values, leading the development of staff to overcome difficulties to achieve corporate strategic objectives together hard.

[Keywords] corporate culture; business management 1 power management and enterprise culture is the development of a corporate philosophy and corporate culture is the spirit and soul, all employees within the enterprise to become a common program of action and ideas of cognitive criteria, reflecting the business development trends and values, outside the enterprise become a means to survival and operating principles, showing the vitality and momentum and ultimately reflected in the corporate image which exists in the production and management of a variety of regulations and activities of each business can reflect a company's management philosophy, management ideas, prospects and staff attitude, spirit, overall quality.

Have their own corporate culture, corporate culture is excellent, complete, in fact, able to measure a company's management and how the overall strength, because that reflects a comprehensive enterprise management level and strength, not only technology, equipment, size and other factors, there is cohesion, innovation, staff development and mental strength, character, style and other spiritual and cultural aspects of things.

Corporate culture rooted in the fertile soil of the enterprise, penetration in business management and operations within the body, is by all the staff together to create long-term practice of spiritual wealth has a strong corporate culture and originality, it is not exotic, not simply by external forces can be formed and learn. enterprises of all rules, regulations, ordinances, standards, planning, methods, etc., are a source of enterprises and carriers of cultural development, corporate culture, the performance of the core values, business philosophy, shared vision, etc. is actually a business management system, regulations, management standards such as extraction and distillation. Can be said that corporate culture is spiritual, but also of material nature. Because of this, the corporate culture must change with the continuous development of enterprises and rich sound, not always stay in a level while standing still, out of the enterprise business management practices culture will lose its vitality.

(2) electricity production and management practices in the corporate culture in the formation of system power industry in the long-term production management business practice, the basic form of the power system of corporate culture, especially after the power system, while maintaining the fine tradition, based on the corporate culture and power With the new development.

Dedication, the rate more, integrity, service eleven core concept of the power of corporate culture. Electric public utilities, the basic industry of national economy. The core concept of the concept of 'people power industry for the people' of the industry the purpose of a market economy electric power companies and employees in the pursuit of faith and conduct. Only so can the power industry to be healthy and rapid development, to maximize the community and the public to provide quality electricity. Service to the community for the benefit of the people - the power of corporate culture and values. That is, to seek to maximize the interests of the people, credibility, and customers a common destiny, and with the development of society, so that 'customer satisfaction, the Government assured the community approval.' Is As to the value-oriented, many power companies develop a 'first-class enterprise' goal, opened the '95598' customer service hotline to provide quality, efficient service.

Safe and efficient operation, high quality standard of service, sustainable and stable development - Electricity ten feet of development. To promote the benefits of improved safety, and seeking cooperation in the competition, in co-operation in an orderly competition, to strong quality inside and outside the plastic image, to establish brand awareness, class consciousness, the establishment of efficient and effective service system. dedicated, professional responsibility and sincerity in others - the power of corporate culture sense of responsibility and ethics, which is the power company to win the trust and win faster development opportunities and good economic foundation is strong internal power an important guarantee.

3 Power boost corporate culture, corporate culture management system reform in the electricity power system and corporate governance standards in the brewing process of the formation of the building, and power companies to develop standardized management system and corporate culture are inseparable from the background, so the power companies management systems and standards in addition to reflect the company's business characteristics, technical requirements, business property, considering the company's business objectives, development prospects and other factors, but also must reflect the characteristics of the power of corporate culture.

Electricity management system and norms of contemporary business management theory in line with the direction and state laws and regulatory requirements under the premise, it must be: employees can be recognized, in line with the common understanding of the core staff values, people-oriented, able to fully mobilize the staff enthusiasm and initiative; facts, not engage in empty formalism provisions.

Enterprise management system and corporate culture and business managers of management thinking, management philosophy and values ??of employees has a direct relationship, which in turn with the business operations and management is closely linked to the objective reality. The objective world is bound to cause changes in the management of enterprises philosophy and values ??of staff changes, thus breaking the corporate culture and business management system, the balance between order to achieve a new balance, from the perspective of corporate culture change and improve the existing rules and regulations, so that the industry adapt to the new external environment appears to be is necessary. so, and formed a new management model, and to further improve the corporate management level, which is the corporate culture to promote the power management mode and management system of continuous improvement and development process. Links to free download

4 Improvement of the power of enterprise strategic management strategic management measures 4.1 in conjunction with the development of enterprise scale business does not mean the actual economies of scale through the use of a variety of assets that that means a lot of the bad assets into their own business and in a short time rapid expansion of the form 'scale' pattern of profit-oriented business leaders should avoid the idea, do not keep thinking to achieve rapid growth, leading to catch up as soon as their competitors. corporate objectives in the development of strategic management, from business reality, not one-sided pursuing big in fact, only firm size and its ability to adapt to the resources, the scale can play.

4.2 pairs of elements of strategic management of re-integration of the enterprise's strategic thinking, strategic objectives, strategic focus, strategic stage and strategic responses by the five elements of the new problems facing the WTO, new requirements for re-integration, the development of business objectives, business ideas, resources, structure, major issues such as business research and analysis and comparison of the system to make it more in line with WTO ever-changing market environment.

4.3 Selection and training to adapt to new requirements for strategic management managers managers must have forward-thinking, long-term awareness, global awareness and contingency awareness, which requires corporate managers must do: first, quick, far-sighted, can predict the development and changes of things, make decisions and act early, and the second, as a strategic manager should always consider the long-term problems, enhance predictability, the third, must always be filled with corporate global mind, consider the enterprise as a whole. interests of safeguarding the company's overall business and handle the relationship between the external environment, the fourth, in the strategic planning and implementation process, all must be realistic, specific conditions, be good to play under the initiative, creativity, flexible to deal with the problem.

4.4 Strategic Management System to build a dynamic strategic management innovation is not only a static re-integration between the various elements, but also to build a scientific, dynamic and timely feedback with the management system. Strategic management system to promptly accept the end of the market kinds of information feedback loop, correct the parameters of the center management system, re-integration of the output to the terminal, to achieve the strategic management of the 'interaction', and improving the ability to avoid the risk of system control, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

4.5 Strategic management of innovation and strengthen core sense of self-management to renew our concept, free from the shackles of the old system, establish a market economy under the new management thinking. Should realize that only the reform of enterprises to adapt to social development trend, get out of the mire of chaotic management, remodeling brilliant. Thus, China's enterprises should consciously change their thinking and ideas, according to market economy as soon as possible to locate the management of enterprises, standardize enterprise behavior, and facilitate change management thinking enable enterprises to truly become the pursuit of effective corporate entities and competitors, which is the prerequisite to achieve the strategic management of innovation and important content.

It can be concluded that the corporate culture is the power of enterprise management mechanism reform lubricants and boosters at all levels should pay attention to the power company's corporate culture construction managers, and with the corporate culture to promote, improve enterprise management.


[1] Yang Bin. On the corporate safety culture and its construction [D]. China University of Geosciences (Beijing, 2006.

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