Development of corporate culture on the role of corporate strategy analysis

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Abstract: Any leave their own native culture and corporate culture, corporate strategy development are empty. Corporate culture and strategy are complementary, strategy, corporate culture, there is no guidance, no direction, business strategy without the support of culture, on the lack of soul, two peers, can really play a catalytic role in the healthy development of business continuity. In the relevant literature and empirical research based on an attempt to analyze the corporate culture and the elements of corporate strategy, corporate strategy and corporate culture and the relationship between corporate culture and ultimately make the process of corporate strategic development role.

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1 Introduction

Corporate culture since the 1980s as the fourth generation of management theory developed Western countries came to China, due to social and cultural backgrounds, in the understanding and awareness of the existence of various differences. A company wants in the increasingly fierce market competition has always been to stay ahead of the implementation of effective long-term strategies must have a mature corporate culture can be said that corporate culture is the entrepreneurs who carefully crafted corporate strategy development.

2, the corporate culture and corporate strategy

2.1 Corporate Culture

Corporate culture as a concept until the 1980s was only raised on different definitions of corporate culture scholars have different views. American scholar William Ouchi said: 'A company's culture is its traditions and culture of the composition. This culture includes a set of symbols, rituals and myths, they put the company's values ??and beliefs transmitted to employees of these to the already scarce and abstract concepts add flesh and blood, give them to life. 'Stanley M · Davis pointed out: 'Corporate culture is jointly owned by employees of the manifestation of beliefs and values, beliefs and values ??which give meaning corporate members of the one kind of treaty, and constitute a code of conduct within the organization.' tube Weili domestic scholars that: 'Corporate culture is a company formed in some cultural values, historical traditions, a common code of values, ethics and lifestyle information, the various internal forces united in the common guiding principles and philosophy under the convergence to a common the direction. '
We believe that: 'Corporate culture refers to enterprises engaged in goods (or services) in the production and operation of jointly owned by the ideals and beliefs, values ??and standards of conduct. Culture is the company's performance of the external cultural facilities, cultural and technical training and networking activities and plant facilities, products, performance is within the spirit world who rely on a variety of cultural norms, including values, ethics, attitude, behavior and life-oriented concepts, based on a sense of values ??as the core form. 'Today, corporate culture has not only penetrated into marketing, management activities, production activities and other business activities of the whole process, but also for corporate strategy development have an enormous impact.

2.2 Corporate Strategy

Strategic decision-making is an art and science, the meaning is in command of Greek art. And in the modern enterprise management, the strategy was extended to 'the volatility of the environment in order to determine their own direction of development and business scope, through the effective integration of internal and external resources, to gain a competitive advantage in the core management practices. 'corporate strategy we talked about today, including the overall business strategy, competitive strategy, corporate strategy and business development strategy, etc. Although the company strategy types varied, but they are fundamental to the enterprise, integrity and long-term planning issues.

However, different scholars question the nature of corporate strategy has its own different angles of view. Founder of Boston Consulting Henderson said: 'Anyone who wants long-term survival of the competitors have to be formed through the differentiation of all other competitors overwhelm the unique advantage to maintain this differentiation is the essence of corporate strategy development. 'Porter said:' The strategy is based on a unique business activities, the strategy is to be different, the essence of strategic choice and the public activities in different ways, or engage in business activities with competitors. 'Ansoff pointed out:' Corporate strategy is to run through the business and product and market a co-operation between the main line, which includes four elements, namely the product and market scope, growth vector, competitive advantage, synergy. '

3, the development of corporate culture on the role of corporate strategy

3.1 Corporate culture and corporate strategy development, relationship


Corporate culture is the cornerstone of strategic development

One of the most critical business productivity constitute the most primitive form the overall quality of the collection, this collection also makes corporate culture has on the whole concept of fundamental and practical significance and orientation. Davis said: 'The corporate culture is the survival and development of the concept, the company's core values ??is the embodiment of its provisions the people's basic thinking patterns and basic behavior patterns, is used to support and leverage the value chain and is always in dominant organism. 'corporate strategy development has been the business philosophy of the constraints, only the companies deliberately plan their final values ??and embodies its people-oriented spirit of the corporate culture to enhance and shape with the corporate strategy planning, implementation and development must be kept the same, so 'enterprise culture is the basis for strategic development.' Links to free download

3.1.2 Culture as a successful corporate strategy to provide power

Implementation of corporate strategy and development of the necessary conditions for the success of the corporate culture is one of the construction and innovation to form a company jointly owned by all members of the values ??and ethical standards must have excellent corporate culture and this culture to highlight the characteristics of the enterprises . and companies to develop unique, unique strategy also needs distinctive corporate culture. Corporate culture is the environment, ability, experience, absorption and integration, but also the business of the entire staff was widely accepted way of thinking, values ??and behavior norms of the embodiment of companies have to adapt to environmental changes and to continue development. As mentioned above, if a business has a distinct cultural characteristics of, its specificity on the performance values ??for all employees, which allows companies to form a distinctive, unique business strategy and strategic development for the most original power and laid the foundation for its success.

3.1.3 Corporate culture is the key to implementation of the strategy

Reality of the market environment, every business regardless of size in its ongoing process of development will gradually form their own distinct morality and values, so that enterprises can promote the formation of a business development and growth and gradually achieve the strategic objectives of the cohesion of their own It is precisely because corporate culture has a pool, incentive, create, promote and so on, when the enactment of corporate strategy, will be to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, corporate members will be unity of thought and will, all members of the corporate strategic objectives will be to actively effective co-ordination, they will in order to achieve this goal and their continuing efforts and struggle to effectively implement and develop corporate strategy.

3.2 Corporate Culture role in the development of corporate strategy

3.2.1 Corporate Culture on the cornerstone of corporate strategy development

Corporate culture plays a cornerstone role in corporate strategy, its development has provided a correct guiding ideology present in the fierce market competition, some companies can be strong from the weak to become the industry leader in objective and subjective reasons, though many, but common is: the strategic development of these great companies are the basis of their own culture and conform to the requirements of market economy, just like Haier Haier's success is due is based on the strategic development of all members, based on the full range of Haier Culture is the same, so I believe that corporate culture is the soul of enterprise development, and the values ??of all employees is the core of corporate culture.

3.2.2 Corporate Culture on the role of corporate strategy booster

Corporate culture on the strategic development of the role played booster, just like the rocket engines from the corporate culture, employees can get clear guidance, the cohesion between employees is enhanced. Enterprise culture and education staff have correct attitudes and behavior can help employees to regulate their behavior and attitude, so that employees from the heart to accept the management of business rules and regulations, and businesses expect from standard to guide employee behavior. From this, the company has a unified system behavior can reduce the strategic development of personnel occurred during the friction and communication costs, from the financial, human and material resources to save on the cost of doing business, to achieve a rational resource allocation and use of the whole enterprise has a role in promoting the business, making the development of corporate strategy be accelerated.

3.2.3 Corporate Culture on the development of corporate strategy polymerization force

Corporate culture plays a strong corporate strategy not only for the boost force makes the company's strategic goals based on a solid foundation, but also for corporate strategy also plays a significant role in the polymerization force. Corporate culture can make people believe that the business idea, employees to achieve their goals in life, for the collective interests, and actively contribute to the enterprise when the employee developed entirely agree with the philosophy of the company, they will also value their own life into the company's future development, employees from the collective identity of the values ??obtained great satisfaction, but this can also increase employee satisfaction more confidence so they will be positive for business services, construction companies would wholeheartedly. staff will also produce a sense of community, and form a unified and business ideas, so that members of the same pace, if a company and all employees agree that this company has formed the core of a unique corporate culture - values, then it will be excavated the enormous potential of all employees, to form a great cohesion, but also amazing burst of power.

4, Conclusion

If a business metaphor for a band, then the band's commander is the business leader, the band's music is the company's corporate culture, employees and business behavior norms play a role, and only able to understand the music and the performance of the musical content of the conductor in order to make a beautiful piece of music the band play the gorgeous and now, for the building of enterprise culture to enhance corporate management level, regulate employee behavior, enhance cohesion plays an irreplaceable role, so that more and more business leaders are more clearly to recognize and gradually reached a consensus: entrepreneurs and corporate culture is the spiritual home of all staff to share, but also the power of enterprise development, but also the soul. Links to free download http://www.hi138. com


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