On the art of teaching music and art and cultural infiltration thinking training

Paper Keywords: music art thinking training arts and cultural infiltration

Abstract: The purpose of music education is not just music to enable students to master certain basic knowledge, basic skills, but it is important to think through art training to enable students to master the basic knowledge and basic skills, while constantly improving students' artistic appreciation and artistic thinking. teachers in the new curriculum philosophy, art and culture and to promote the effective penetration between music teaching.

Music teaching in the traditional teaching mode, once the impact of the concept by the examination-oriented education is mostly considered to be dispensable school subjects in the curriculum arrangements, although symbolically arranged a few lessons, it is often other disciplines misappropriated their time, but with the constant infiltration of quality education, especially in the new curriculum and standards implementation, music teaching has been given due attention. music as improve their overall quality and the importance of artistic disciplines, gradually embarked on a formal teaching track, but we need to pay special attention to the music teaching, we not only enable students to master certain aspects of the basic musical knowledge and basic skills, more importantly, in the teaching process as much as possible into the artistic elements, students of artistic thinking, improve their artistic accomplishments.

A music teaching in the integration of the importance of artistic elements

1, in music teaching discipline itself into the artistic elements is characteristic requirements.
The discipline of music is its itself is an art of our music teaching in music to teach students basic knowledge and skills in the process, but also demonstrate to students the art of musical charm of this discipline. Example, music staves, from the surface patchwork, it gives the joy of beauty, gives a sense of jumping, therefore, is widely used in many fields and, as a creative art form prototype if we in the music classroom, From an artistic point of view does not organize the classroom to teach the knowledge, they will lose the artistic charm of the music itself, the music feels dull, dry flat.

2, in music teaching artistic elements into the new era of education requirements.
Under the new curriculum ideas, we pay more attention to improving the overall quality of students, but also reflect the artistic accomplishments of young people an important part of the overall quality of the music and art courses and language, mathematics and other disciplines than in the artistic accomplishment and appreciation improve student capacity is even more important, so how do we combine music and art to promote their mutual penetration, improve students' artistic accomplishments has become an important task of teaching music.

Second, the music can cultivate students' artistic thinking Mang

Artistic elements into the music teaching in many ways, however, it is particularly important to do a good job training in this part of the art of thinking students and only students' artistic thinking ability is improved, and they were able to understand music from an artistic point of view, learning music, interpretation of the music students the art of thinking in a day, requiring teachers to take the appropriate way, in accordance with the principle of gradual and orderly progress of scientific guidance in music teaching, guiding students to artistic thinking should do the following two aspects:

A science classroom environment creation

Good classroom environment is to induce students to environmental basis of artistic thinking, the teacher has been carefully prepared, in the classroom in a timely manner to guide the students in the classroom, teachers can be based on teaching the content, from the perspective of inquiry teaching classroom settings problem to guide students to use the art of thinking, in-depth reflection. This environment includes multiple aspects, including teachers' own dress, blackboard, teaching equipment, etc., in addition, there are classroom atmosphere of the soft environment created soft environment in the classroom, we should fully consider the introduction of multimedia teaching, we introduce computers and other multimedia devices later, we can provide students with sound and light show and other multimedia tools for students to create visual, auditory and other sensory involvement integrated environment, stimulating students to follow tips and guidance teachers in art thinking.

2, highlighting the position of student body

Under the new curriculum ideas, the emphasis is the development of the students themselves, teachers in the classroom can no longer follow the traditional teaching mode, cramming, to highlight the dominant position of students, transfer students enthusiasm and initiative, can not let them just passively receive education, to make their new knowledge and curiosity, a strong desire to demand the students in this state, will take the initiative to think, no longer passively waiting for the teacher to inform thinking results in the process of thinking among the learning process feel beautiful, independent thinking to enjoy a sense of accomplishment after getting an answer, and further stimulate their independent thinking, problem-solving skills encountered in the study once the ability to develop independent thinking, students will take the initiative in the music classroom thinking, problem solving, and of course, music classes more problematic is the art and, therefore, contribute to the improvement of students' artistic thinking ability.

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Third, music and art education to cultural infiltration

In improving students' ability to appreciate the art of music, the only enhance their artistic thinking is not enough, but also let them have some basis for art and culture music teaching and other disciplines difference is the music itself is a form of art, we can not ignore the artistic characteristics of the music itself, therefore, is inseparable from music teaching art and culture, art and culture is to promote the importance of music education and cultural foundation, we do the following two aspects to promote music education in arts and cultural infiltration:

1, identify the teaching content and artistic and cultural point of integration

We say to the introduction of arts in music teaching cultural elements, nor is it regardless of the severity, prioritize the introduction of the blind, to fully understand the content of teaching materials based on the introduction and textbook content reflects the relative concentration of art and cultural elements, which requires us the majority of well-known music teacher in teaching materials, based on the teaching content and identify the combination of art and culture, there are some programs have focused on introduction of cultural elements. courses enable students to study music at the same time, enrich artistic and cultural heritage.

2, multi-strategy simultaneously introduced in music teaching elements of art and culture

In music teaching method of introducing elements of art and culture is very much relying solely on classroom teaching is not enough, we can classroom teaching and student extracurricular activities combined skillfully. Example, we end in the classroom, students can give leave some after-school thinking questions, these problems can be closely real life, try to combine things of interest to students of art and culture to guide students to learn and think. Besides, we can use time student extracurricular activities, organize some reflect the different artistic and cultural themes and sports activities. Anyway, to multi-strategy simultaneously, enhance music education and the arts and cultural integration.

With the deepening of education reform, people are more and more attention on music education, therefore, we should fully understand the characteristics of the discipline of music based on strengthening the integration of music and art to improve students' artistic thinking, constantly abundant Student Art cultural foundation to truly improve their virtuosity and overall quality.


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