Analysis based on cultural differences in cross-cultural perspective to explore English Education

Paper Keywords: English cross-cultural education and cultural differences

Abstract: With the continuous development of our society, the globalization of today, various cultures have a mutual penetration, cross-cultural communication in real life has become increasingly important, so in English teaching, teachers are not should still old English teaching mode for teaching, to increase cultural learning of English to be able to make the learning of English has a more practical significance.

With China in the world economy has an increasingly important role, but also between China and the countries have a lot of trade, but the existing knowledge of English education has been far behind the needs of the development of the times, the needs of modern English language skills to be able to and from English speaking countries for barrier-free communication, if English is still the basics of education and the word grammar as the main teaching content, must have been difficult to meet the needs of modern society in English talents. article from the following aspects of intercultural education in English some discussions.

First, the impact of national cultural differences studied English language learners if later, and foreign language when talking to users, because they do not understand the culture of the country they can not be properly understood their intention to speak, but say some slander They then make their misunderstanding, it is very impolite behavior in real life business negotiations, which is even more important, probably because of a rude language, resulting in a great loss on the business so and foreign language users are able to communicate between the barrier, not only in English words and phrases, grammar learning and, more English-speaking countries and our response to cultural differences in terms of learning and understanding, and only really grasp the cultural differences, to the true sense of the English language for application.

Second, the use of cultural differences in the actual communication reflects (one involving personal privacy issues Westerners personal privacy very seriously, they are extremely concerned about their age, marital status, religion and wage issues such as privacy protection, you must and communicate with them to avoid such problems of communication, it should not involve changing some of the privacy issues, not because of cultural differences and Westerners exchanges have led to difficulties, or even unpleasant will happen, though Chinese people ask each other ages considered care about each other, but Westerners think for privacy, the right to intervene in other people, so in exchange, it must be able to focus on privacy aspects of cultural differences.

(Two ideas in the West and Westerners on the differences in communication when, not only to the importance attached to its privacy conversation should also be aware of the gap between the Western ideas, Chinese people will be modest as its excellent traditional virtues that since Qian is the respect of others and polite, but even if we think so, nor can impose on foreigners who thought that if rigid in their own subjective consciousness as the focus of communication, it is likely to cause the failure of communication, and even lead to greater conflict and conflict, because Westerners do not think so, they think they can do the necessary to the proper treat others praise, as a response to a thank you can be, if the performance of excessive modesty, would be considered is hypocritical, visible communication in English but also to focus on ideas differences.

As can be seen from the above, in English communication, countries have very many cultural differences, these two points are only between China and Western countries as part of the cultural differences, there are many cultural differences need to know, so in English Teaching should focus on cross-cultural learning.

Third, the current of intercultural education in English on the problems with the new curriculum reform, China's English teaching made a lot of new requirements in the context of globalization, our country should focus on cultural differences in learning English Although the new curriculum ideas have slowly infiltrated into English teaching, but there are still many parts of the teachers did not change their teaching philosophy, in English, only the basic learning as a top priority, at the expense of English national culture of learning, so that trained English talent is difficult to adapt to the development of modern society, can not be the true sense of the correct application of the English language, so China should be on education reform at the same time, allows teachers to teaching activities in real for English-speaking countries attach importance to cultural learning in order to change our current situation.

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Fourth, implement intercultural education measures (a teacher should change the original concept by many teachers still teaching the English education understood as purely based learning, such as words, statements and syntax, etc., thus ignoring the cultural differences of English learning, great for students of English is not conducive to practical application, therefore, as a teacher to be a change in the original teaching philosophy, classroom teaching to enhance the penetration of cultural differences , able to guide students to learn English national culture.

(Two in English teaching, attention to cultural elements Teachers in English education, the basics of learning materials should be based on the content of textbooks to join the corresponding national cultural knowledge to explain in English, so that students can learn English the country's social and cultural , habits and some customs, etc., because life between East and West have great differences, in order and the use of English and fluent English-speaking countries for the exchange of people, we must fully understand the cultural background of the Western countries, such as personal privacy, reaction when faced with praise, as well as master invites you to dinner, etc. What is the meaning, if you do not know these, only in accordance with the Chinese national habits and foreigners, it will certainly make communication create an obstacle, such as the Chinese people in when visiting someone's home, are squeamish, you can not open your heart to eat whatever you want, we will consider a lot more care about other people's eyes, but if in a foreign country, no one would exhorted guests to eat, eat all you want guests are If they do not understand, you can only starving or to an awkward scene, so be sure to make students feel the real importance of learning English national culture.

(Three students from the ideological understanding of Western culture to education in English, not only to the English-speaking countries to penetrate the various practices, but also to enable students to establish the same ideological thinking in Western culture, and guide students into Western culture world, to understand their thoughts, feelings and different Chinese and Western culture connotation, can pay foreign teachers in English culture play an active role in education, teacher itself from Western countries, they are very understanding of local culture and the West, is an activity Textbooks should be strengthened between Chinese students and teacher interaction, so that students truly feel the exotic culture and customs, from the ideological right to have a certain understanding of Western culture.

(Four mobilize the students interest in learning English cultural interest is the best teacher, in order to enable students to deeply understand English the country's cultural heritage, it is necessary to establish a student's interest in this regard, if we can use some of multimedia teaching technology, put some videos about the English, from movie scenes of life in English-speaking countries can understand people's living habits, so that through the intervention of the senses, making the students learning English culture more deeply, and be able to get rid of boring speaking of teaching, greatly arouse students' interest in learning, for learning English culture has a very positive effect. Meanwhile, teachers in the education of students in English, pick some students interested in animal words, such as swans in Chinese Swan represents only itself, with beautiful and noble meaning, but in English-speaking countries, there is a more profound swan meaning, representing the very talented poet, because the Greek legend, the god of music into a beautiful soul Swan, in order to produce a fable: the soul are distinguished poet into the swan's body, so the swans in the English-speaking countries have a deeper meaning, Britain has an area producing oysters are the best, good oysters are showing tight the state shut tight, so take this to describe taciturn, tight-lipped people, like these cultural differences in the cultural difference in only a very small part, in order to learn more about the cultural differences, must be based on some examples to enhance students' English national cultural curiosity, to enable students to pay more attention to English culture of learning, lay the foundation for the English communication.


With the new curriculum reform, teaching English has put forward higher requirements, the past can no longer be carried out in English teaching philosophy of education, but to the English educational activities, more emphasis on English in practical applications, with greater emphasis on the cultural differences between countries in English education, students are only in English to correctly grasp the country's culture in order to communicate with foreigners without language barriers on the idea, so to train the teaching of modern social development suited to China's English language skills, seen, for cross-cultural study of English education is of great practical significance.


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