Shape about the On Liu Yongyan word and the image of women

Liu Yong: Prostitutes spokesperson

This is not only the history throughout the Tang and Song, Liu Yong is a very compelling. "Wells to drink at the the Jieneng Yong Liu Yong word" point of his words reached in the Northern Song Dynasty, but also in its words with have a special, different from orthodox literati secular people of color. changed the "Ya" as "vulgar" and pains of life and sentiment of the public performance with the popularization of the language. occupy most of its word is brilliant. words, Liu Yong is the way women writing and shaping many of the female image, to become the most competent female voice in the era of his life.
Liu Yong was born in a feudal officialdom family, who are good Confucian education, and then with his brother, three complex were negative text name, the Bank said, "Liu's Ruin. Liu Yong, formerly known as change word King Pingzhuang, after renamed Wing, word Qiqing, Fujian Sung (now Fujian Wuyishan City, ranked seventh, it is also known as the the willow seven, the official Mita YuanWaiLang, the Bank said Liu Tuntian.
Began with my family, Liu Yong was born in a courtiers family, the early years by the great influence of the mother. Liu Yong's mother is a typical life under the patriarchal system of traditional Chinese women born literary family but married into Liu's after, also had to fall into a patriarchal woman in the center of the patriarchal family his father long northward Taming the Yellow River, Liu Yong almost his mother raised. mothers often write miss his father his mother has women's frail words: "just another parting and reunion unknown what day is the return date? hope the book long grudges horse line late. word of tenderness Acacia Chuan Jin, Autumn howling Send Zheng Yi know a cavity mind Lai Jun. gas and before Fu gas are unreserved passed on to Liu Yong and his mother on behalf of the women of the feudal era, power was ruthlessly stripped at the bottom of society, little Liu Yong felt in the heart of the uneven Liu Yong in the same status and they will be able to an equal angle to take care of each other from this perspective, Liu Yong Later in Ci of female endorsements writing is not absolute and the source of it.
Liu Yong, is born in an official family, he can not help but official career with World will develop a pursuit. But on the other hand, his romantic nature, particularly loves music, good command of music, it is "multi-tour Courtesan, good for the lyrics, The Musicians of Jiaofang every A new chamber will seek permanent for word, before a world." [ 1] and his way of life in that feudal ethical society and how can we tolerate naturally talented non-line prodigal son, and his word is also depending dismissed Yinmi's for his romantic nature of its persistent use World will is a contradiction, but he wants to both perfect, after all, only tragedy., however, it is such a tragic fate doomed his extraordinary life, the church he stood on the point of view of the full humanity to care for society and life, "stomach outdated" Geisha are encountered together, to be their spokesperson.
However, Liu Yong is not the start to gain insight into the the Prostitutes sad, young during the Liu Yong in Beijing exam when it is in a period of peacefulness. Youth he was such a bright and flashy, romantic rambling , debauchery, dissipation into the city, he is also an addict, and pursuing a carpe diem, which most of his words to write a bright and beautiful mountains and rivers and Qinggemanwu showgirl:

"World stunner partner. The light good waist. Incense the curtain Shuiqi, the hair makeup liquor strong that, cop apricot spring."

The Heart Mother childhood song and dance, the intention of moving all economic Chu. "

Crisp Niang one to take hold waist delicate back snow Ying dust all do wonderful.

These women is as if there is no sorrow, only Qinggemanwu enjoy This reflects not thinking and personality symbol then the female characters created by Liu Yong, Liu Yong refers only to these women stay in their appreciation of the level of the playing is the so-called juvenile I do not know real depression ah! However, first get the job, he wrote << crane towering >> incoming emperor ears did not expect, and provisional results would be released, especially fall of saying: "and go to the odd glass humming, what you want to Ukena ! "recognized" the odd glass humming "in Liu Yong and Liu Yong's" Fuming "as an excuse to deprive forced Liu Yong played under the banner of" for granted lyrics "The blow from the highest dignitaries said fatal suddenly into the bottom of society, can only learn from their mistakes after being forced to accept the fate of the arrangements. since then, pharyngeal tears loaded Huan, cynical, indulge in the land of the Yan Liu.
Liu Yong clinging with World will like Li Bai harbor "I'm Born belief, but his long section stranded Bianjing destitute holding out the low life of Liu Yong," I not famous monarch married, all is not as good as people? "with the world people meet, why have known each other." mentality, lower their own identity, to lay down their disdain for the rich and powerful "white Qing Xiang" shelf, heart to heart start pen toward them that long is not concerned about the world "he was living in the city, familiar with the situation on the bottom of society women, he sympathized with them, and often express their endorsement of the unfortunate. [2] integration of their tragic fate and his own frustrations encountered has revealed a "same desolate sense of the world of people". Perhaps it was this relatively narrow emotional destiny heart enlarged Prostitutes emotional resonance I believe that incorporated Love Poems of Qin Guan "the students a sense of when to play a certain extent," had an impact. reposted in the free papers Download Center
Qinlou Chu Museum showgirl Maiko, Liu Yong living a life that "according to Red cuddle Tsui" With this thorough understanding and experience, he began his writings toward the lower inner world of women's depression sorrow in my heart, tell them "ten thousand kinds offer all kinds of the Iraq affection upside do guess the amount of his creation on the one hand can eliminate explain stuffy, on the other hand they can earn a living.
In China's feudal society, women's low status, Geisha's position is even more humble, there is no independent personality, the more they will not as Acura object to written works. Liu Yong due to a sense of his personal life, equal attitude towards them, its sorrow, grief, its pain is pain from multiple angles and multiple levels of writing them.
First: his wholehearted enthusiasm depicts a group of young and beautiful, Mind gentle Geisha image of his characters the Geisha, flowery demon burn, clean water, orchid fragrance he used beautiful words to praise them. < <teen idol shake cents wear >> in shaping such a beautiful woman: "is a third-comb, unusual words, win how many Shu-li? intends to name flowers than ...... contention such as this passionate accounted earth, Enchanting life off not solitary. vows mandarin duck was. "word woman can be described in the United States if the angel, very lovely." accounting world, Enchanting "love at first sight of the love of the heart Dunsheng It is in this image, filled forward to Liu Yong those oppressed, the love of the damage, is an advanced, timeless aesthetic emotion.

Second: Praise the the eolian fireworks sincere woman, faithful love of man that perhaps all Road Prostitutes skittish play fast and loose, but they did in six a lovestruck woman's incarnation is dedicated to the pursuit of love and happiness passionate woman. << >> Cloud: Telephoto line "Yongri painting Lanna pondered Duyi Telephoto line, South the street Chuncan quiet return ride" hopes to sentiment the other to win the love also write a woman but not monarch Sijun Resentment, such as "Ding Feng >>

Pathetic state worry since spring red heart things cocoa day fancy Orioles wear the willow with pressure Jew Hong quilt lying ... all day, tired tired of Salisbury wrapped without that limit fickle one go sound book one as early as know ye what regret had not carved saddle lock the chicken window, only quite letterhead image converter the structure-beam teach Yin lesson. town go hand in hand, Mo throwing hide. needlework the idle twist mix Iraq sit, and I am free to make young optical Yin.
Third: Geisha critical condemned man Boqingguayi. Liu Yong Majesty, not all women are gentle and weak, but also bold personality, shrewish woman. << Kam Tong Chun >>: "pursuant to the preceding after the Old Testament, and even had to earn my steal shears Yunhuan. Was returned when Xiang Ge deep off. Want to be in Iraq, especially cloud, wrapped embroidered quilt, not with joy. make deeper sections asked in the future more dare unprovoked? write a woman not for courtship make compromises personality.
Fourth: the points the fireworks woman wants to turn over a new desire and mind of man. The Song Dynasty prostitutes Yan Rui << Bo Suanzai >> word cloud: "not love eolian, seems to be the leading edge of mistaken blossom since sometimes, the total Laidong Jun Lord. eventually have to go in and live but also how to live. was Yamahana studded head, Mowen slaves depart. "reflects both involuntarily depression, and expressed her hope to jump out of the fire pit. ransom from the good, to regain the freedom of desire. Liu Yong << fans cents in cited >>: "Miles Dan Xiao, why not join hands and go back. Yong abandoned but fireworks companion, Free teach people to see the concubine, asakumo Muyu word reaction laugh life prostitutes sell disgust and eager to get a real desire to love life, "Miles Dan Xiao, why not join hands and go back".
Fifth: Liu Yong pen Geisha are full of wisdom and intelligence Song showgirl, not only smart and beautiful, sing and dance, but also writing poetry lyrics, and even some can and Liu Yong and words, such as << Xichun Lang >> "genus and new words Toshiyuki grid dare Total Qing enemy hate teenagers, wasting their sparse mad, not earlier met with Iraq." This affirms their value, and mapping them look real.
In the Song, there are many scholars, such as Ouyang Xiu Yan Shu's pen appeared many woman, but the woman, based on their own for the estate, standing on a viewer's angle, they want from their beauty, gentle enjoyment, passionate, but not an equal exchange or emotional life as part of his temperament, but not all of life. "[3]" Liu Yong different, he always directly enter Exquisite , experience, or assume that all the joy plaintive voice shouted Boudoir's own heart. "[4] and sometimes he even personally act as the protagonist of the story, threw himself into their emotions which.
In short, in the history of China's ancient words, Liu Yong was the first stood comprehensive perspective to observe and understand the fireworks woman found in The Sound of Music from them, on behalf of and describe their embrace, do their loyal, competent spokesperson which makes his brilliant words full of female charisma, came a little bit of humanity!


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