On the combination of Chinese traditional culture and the general college education.

[Keywords:] the General Education localization of traditional Chinese culture

[Abstract] today China University core curriculum courses and more focus on the external classification to emulate the United States general education courses, and rarely seriously examine the purpose and specific requirements of American University teaching general education courses, the lack of the Liberal tradition of higher education in China the educational philosophy excavation, resulting in a general education in China the acclimatized's plight article pointed out that the development path of Chinese University General Education localization lies in the combination of Chinese traditional culture and general education in the curriculum, traditional Chinese culture general education should be the core of the Chinese University of Liberal Studies.

A concept of traditional Chinese culture and general education of traditional Chinese culture is a thing of the Chinese nation in the history of accumulated material, spiritual, system characterization and general term, refers to a way of life and value system of the Chinese nation as a whole, covering the evolution of the Chinese civilization together into the national character, national character and national spirit. latitude from the time point of view, the traditional Chinese culture mainly refers to China's ancient culture, that is, in 1840, before the Opium War culture ①.

Liberal Studies (General Education for professional and vocational education and, ultimately points to the freedom of the people, comprehensive and rational development of educational philosophy and its concept originated Aristotle (Aristotle advocated "freedom of education" (Liberal Education.19 century, higher education began to face the challenges of utilitarianism, pragmatism, scientism and the only market-oriented, professional division of labor within the higher education system is getting smaller, the barriers between the school faculties, professional also more prominent free disciplines of the Free Education flourish in the United States, the evolution of the concept of "general education", and gradually affects some famous comprehensive university curriculum reform, including the University of Chicago, Harvard University, the university in worldwide curriculum reforms have had a profound impact.

University General Education Development plight by the impact of social and economic development, to the end of the 20th century, China's undergraduate education is still mainly dominated professional education departments strictly professional barriers, the concept of general education has not been introduced .1995 To rectify the past too much emphasis on professional education, ignore the drawbacks of the humanities and basic education, the former State Board of Education has set up a "strengthening of the Universities' Cultural Education pilot Collaborative Group Cultural Quality Education in colleges in a planned, organized manner to carry out, to strengthen include: moral, and cultural qualities, professional qualities, physical and psychological qualities. sought to strengthen education, improve the cultural taste of all the students of humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, aesthetic taste and humanities qualities. this trend, many of our famous comprehensive university, begun proposed the a similar undergraduate training mode. cultural quality education and general education "achieving the same educational philosophy, many domestic scholars consensus as Li Manli Dr. and cultural qualities of the Chinese University education is general education ②, is a reflection of the traditional concept of professional education and mode.

However, in the implementation process, many universities have focused attention focused entirely on external classification emulate Harvard core curriculum courses, few seriously examine the teaching objectives and specific requirements of the general education curriculum of the American University American University general education courses undergraduate "core curriculum" of the previous two years, the domestic "compulsory", the teachers and students, there are stringent teaching requirements and academic training requirements, these courses also become the essence and style of these universities where China's Quality Education general courses in status does not belong to the undergraduate curriculum and the basis of academic training, just as most of the Chinese University of Liberal Studies in the core subjects other than "expand" little interest in and knowledge of the students. limited general courses cut into five six seven eight categories of pursuit categories complete, all-encompassing, arranged in parallel between the categories, misplaced priorities.

History from the historical point of view, the Chinese University of curriculum system is established in the local "Western model", the ancient Chinese higher education system to read the Confucian classics as the core curriculum to focus on the moral character of the center point to the all-round development of education concept in the process of modernization of the Chinese University of disappeared. intrinsic core value of the American university courses have not experienced the "Chinese-style" course interrupt blindly in the form imitation of Western models of general education, contrary to pass general education communication modernity and tradition, humanity and technology, to keep the University Road, without causing civilization fracture ③ substance.

Third, the combination of Chinese traditional culture and general education inevitability of China's General Education urgent need to walk a localization development path should be noted that the China the ancient Higher Education contains general education philosophy of holistic culture as ancient higher education total program << University >> begins to be expressed: "University Road, Mingming, in Xinmin, in striving for perfection." the university Road to exposing the personal perfection of virtue "Mingming" The starting point, "Xinmin, through teaching and learning, to cultivate oneself Liren, appreciate others, Huamin ChengSu update people improve the social climate, to require a lifetime of effort to pursue the ultimate goal of" striving for perfection ". bigger learned, its ultimate purpose is not knowledge while learning, but all seeking good to hone the comprehensive development of self-cultivation and the benefit of society as the goal. Confucius himself compiled the six classics, through six arts Kung, practitioner of terms to six arts, including the "ceremony", "music", "shot", "Imperial", "book", "number" Six Classics teaching covers the ceremony Act Jie Du, books, culture, logical thinking , music literacy, sports and other aspects of itself is a sample of general education. << Analects >> that "gentlemen do not" << moderation >> erudite, interrogation of, deliberation of, discernment , Dusing "learned advocate that the Liberal philosophy of traditional Chinese culture, traditional moral culture as cultural resources of the reproduction and development of general education in the soil, rich in humanity, empathy and education materials.

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In recent years, with the strong rise of the Chinese economy and overall national strength is becoming increasingly powerful, Call of traditional culture and a renewed emphasis on the way people search for their roots, has become a serious proposition the seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session conscious culture, the so-called "cultural consciousness", to borrow a famous sociologist Fei Xiaotong point: it refers to people living in a certain cultural and historical circles have self-knowledge of their culture, and their have a full understanding of the course of development and the future in other words, cultural self-awareness, self-reflection, self-created. universities as the main venue for the heritage and create excellent culture, cultural development and prosperity in an important position, cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence leader , its primary mission is to foster understanding of the profound Chinese culture, and enhance China's cultural influence intellectuals consciously.

Therefore, the combination of Chinese traditional liberal education and general education, both in personnel training, adhere to the cultural consciousness, and cultural power, building characteristics to ask culture response to the theme of the times. Meanwhile, the fine traditional Chinese culture as the resources necessary to develop learn the essence of "humanities general education and values ​​education, response to the plight of China's General Education is a departure from the University of the Road.

Fourth, the implementation of the general education of the Chinese traditional culture proposed combination of traditional Chinese culture with the Liberal is still in its infancy, also need to select from the course content, teaching methods explore.

The choice of course classic piece Chapter take modules ways Selected as the materials used to Selected scope of the concept of classic works, can be summarized as: man and nature, man and self, man and society, man and the supernatural, people and history, thinking . convenient for teaching, under the above range, then in accordance with the different eras, such as the pre-Qin and Han Dynasties Chief times vary depending on the be divided, a semester teaching 16 or 18 weeks. eternal the center of the proposition, for example, the meaning of truth, goodness, beauty, justice, life as a to compile classic textbook. Meanwhile, attention should be paid to the contemporary cultural context, to respond to contemporary Chinese culture. discussion of any question can not be separated from the specific language of the culture environment, contemporary Chinese culture general education first to attach importance to China's current cultural context, to respond to the real problems of the contemporary Chinese culture.

Teaching methods should be promoted student dialogue, cultural and historical knowledge of the memory instead of spoon-feeding education law to develop students' critical awareness of equality and freedom of the teacher-student dialogue the same time, Chinese culture and general education in order to achieve the ideal teaching after school, you should pay attention to the state of mind of college students, strengthen their sense of identity in the Chinese culture. requires in-depth understanding of the ideological and cultural conditions of contemporary college students to enhance their knowledge structure, ideological purport, and the investigation of the basic attitude of the Chinese traditional culture and research, thus individualized.


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