On the Chinese traditional culture to modern interior design

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Abstract: China has a rich and splendid traditional culture, modern interior design and cultural development, seen from the profound role and influence of its traditional culture, strengthen the attention of traditional culture, emphasizing the traditional culture in the interior design support and source of role.

China, as one of the four ancient civilizations, has a history of 5,000 years of civilization, history, heritage and cultural heritage created a splendid and brilliant of the Chinese nation. Infinite charm of Chinese traditional culture, the influence is beyond imagination social reality in every field, every industry, every corner imbued with the wisdom and strength of traditional culture in our daily life, work and study, the role of traditional culture is seen everywhere as interior designer who always want to innovation in the design of their own works, to break the so-called "traditional Chinese culture" shackles, engaged in the avant-garde design, but the actual situation is whether the designer works how novel or traditional culture be explained, and always has all the characteristics of the traditional culture.

Reason of modern interior design originated in the West, China's modern interior design always biased in favor of Westernization, of course, the Chinese (Ming and Qing main design except but many interior designers came to realize that the Chinese people out of traditional Western culture do not understand, you can not really appreciate the design connotation and implication blindly imitate and copy the West, it will only make the work lost its national character and become nondescript. brilliant so in order to create the interior design must be built on the traditional Chinese culture on top of the traditional culture into one.

What is traditional culture? Traditional culture since ancient times human social practice created all the achievements of civilization, the culture that we create today, to a certain amount of time has become the traditional culture in various aspects of interior design has always been the influence of traditional culture. an interior design work can be roughly divided into three levels - the shape (surface features, ideas, charm.

Reflects the shape of the traditional culture in the exterior design reflects the design aspects of traditional culture never raw moved according ultra, but on the basis of traditional styling combined with today's popular fashion elements to transform and innovation, modern aesthetic determine the design style, or to reflect the national characteristics through the application of traditional culture to express the idea of ​​designer For example, the tiles which are often used in interior design, we often see the shape of a bundle of tiles pieced together, convey a casual paste twelve kinds of mood, or a bundle of TV backdrop was deliberately broken tile debris made, or restaurant corridor walls and ground to form a very strong sense of decorative murals and ground rendering effects, but in these designs are, without exception, showing traditional cultural factors, first of all, the the tile itself penetration ceramic culture in China for thousands of years, full of traditional art heritage and skill, ceramic culture throughout the thousand years of civilization, but also convey the rich history and culture emotions. designers did not rigidly to copy the image of the ancient pottery patterns, but with a very modern geometric patterns, there is a modern style of presentation, virtually the traditional pottery " integration into the modern interior design.

The famous Macau Hall of the Great Hall of the People by Wang Wei Yu design, he frequently used in ancient China Garden Design Hasuike jade and pavilions Park pavilion, Bamboo Yangliu, peculiar mountains and stones, the traditional form of caisson ceilings, all clever placed in a modern interior, both ancient Chinese garden south beautiful, handsome, solemn another northern gardens, luxurious design, extensive use of traditional elements and ingenious application of modern interior design, and indeed known as a model of the ancient and modern combine like now emerged many imitation Ming and Qing interior design style teahouse and restaurant, as well as throughout Beijing antique shop and so on.

These instructions are in the shape of the traditional culture in the modern interior design, modern interior design gives new life of traditional culture, traditional culture, giving them a modern interior design deeper meaning, it has a more intense art.

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two, the traditional culture of the modern interior design ideas modern interior design pay attention to the people-oriented, respect for the forces of nature, and stressed that "the overall layout and space partitioning gas circulation unobstructed experienced designers also applications where traditional Chinese feng shui theory, and feng shui theory has begun to receive attention in Western architecture and design, these are traditional culture to give a modern interior design include other design concepts on a huge impact.

Chinese modern interior design in the space the split took office contingent to follow the ways and means of the ancients left, such as screens, Shelf, coat racks, fly cover, fish tank, curtain and a the traditional features split appliances or large number of applications. Between man and environment harmony and unity in the interior design has never been ignored, and also virtually confirms the traditional culture advocate "harmony between man and nature, man and nature harmonious symbiotic" relationship.

The concept of environmental protection has become another criteria to be followed by the interior design, modern interior design abide by the selection of the material can be reused to degradation, and pollution and other environmentally friendly principles, promoting the use of natural pollution-free cleaning materials, such as the sun , wind, geothermal, etc..

The rapid development of modern interior design, decoration materials, equipment, facilities, furniture, appliances, replacement soon, the designer should have a vision of sustainable development, reasonable design space, adhere to the eco-friendly materials first, always a good grasp of the artificial environment in harmony with the natural environment view, dynamic and sustainable development concept, which called the indoor designer has taken into consideration the development updates variable, but also taking into account the developments in the areas of energy, environment, land, ecological sustainability. these modern design philosophy no not come from the traditional culture as early as three thousand years ago, I wrote: << Te Ching >> Dawson, one two, two three, three things. "He believes that on everything in the world by the Road born, everything in the world of all things must follow the law of road, otherwise you will be punished. founded by Buddhist of karma and six reincarnation doctrine, is to educate people to follow the laws of nature in the objective world, so people must protecting the natural protection of the environment, the protection of life on Earth, is to protect the human beings themselves. coincides with today's interior design concept, seen from a modern interior design influenced by how far-reaching!
Enlightenment, the traditional culture of modern interior design "from complex to simple" Design is a very broad subject areas, including interior design, decoration design, landscape design, industrial design, fashion design, etc. have a design science then called "easy to add a sum less a sum difficult", meaning whether it is what type of design, including paintings, calligraphy, and adhering to the guidelines of "Jane from fan creation. advocating the use of minimal design language or design elements to express the richest and most exciting mood, like a fashion design is not to judge the merits of how much clothing ornaments, plane posters success not by the number of lines, shapes or colors to decision, the same interior design pay attention to space partitioning reasonable air flow against piling up too much, too much decoration.

"Jane from fan creation guidelines detail never completely abandoned the contrary, it is the details of a high-level summary and unity, even up to the point where" is fat by one point, one less than the thin "on the details requirements strikingly harsh. contains the essence of traditional Chinese culture "silence speaks here sound" and "Cherishing such as gold," as early as there thousands of years ago << Te Ching >> Description: "There thought Lee, None of that use. "visible" from complex to simple "by traditional Chinese old saying" cut tedium best left blank thin ".

Social progress, culture and technology is the rapid development of interior design are constantly changing, but we should recognize that the impact of traditional culture in which there is always, regardless of the interior design of the future will be how to develop traditional culture will always accompanied, will also play its strong support and source of the role of providing the driving force behind the development of interior design, I believe that the traditional culture of interior design will always exist, and play a greater role.


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