On the Chinese traditional culture and contemporary college art education

[Paper Keywords] to enhance the development of traditional culture art education

Papers Abstract] fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation tradition endless spiritual wealth, the article pointed out shortcomings in the analysis of the practical needs of today's college art education on traditional culture based on proposed based on traditional culture soils, in many aspects efforts to enhance development.

His Stone Mountain - absorb the essence of traditional Chinese culture is the traditional culture of the practical needs of the college art education should not be overlooked. Forging humanities perfect personality After thousands of years of traditional Chinese culture, the formation of an all-encompassing culture ecological, and valuable organic unity, mutual integration. Throughout the ages, education stressed Man Road, binding to cultivate moral quality at the same time preaching Tuition college art education in addition to the focus on the dissemination of knowledge and skills exercise, the more important by the influence of the arts temper moral quality, improve the cultivation of personality, shaping the world of the spirit of the people and to achieve this goal, the spiritual wealth of the traditional cultural heritage of the inexhaustible treasure of traditional Chinese culture, shining noble humanity brilliant, mind, love, honesty, self-cultivation, determined, honesty, sacrifice ... the traditional culture of these virtues are faith, should also forging humanities perfect personality belief.

The traditional culture of great benefit to broaden the aesthetic vision to improve the artistic accomplishments. Condensation crystallization of philosophy and art of traditional Chinese culture, and numerous works very charmed accumulation in various fields of Chinese medicine, science and technology, literature, art, education, its shape, function, connotation fully embodies the unique Chinese aesthetic taste and spiritual state, is a valuable asset in the process of development of human civilization. artistic accomplishments of the accumulation of empty talk from the traditional culture can only be a source of water, without trees. appreciate when people << Gu Kai Lo River map >> << Lo River >> without knowing, it is difficult and the mood of the paintings in the show's plot has a profound understanding of, and thus realize its great artistic value, but also can not enter "painting, poetry, poem painting art realm. Similarly, if you do not understand the" moiré "in the history of traditional Chinese culture, ancient architecture, sculpture, widely used, especially their representatives," the origin of symbiosis harmonious and inclusive "concept, the birth of the" clouds "of the Beijing Olympic torch is unthinkable. between traditional culture and university art education relationship can not be fragmented art learning and creation of an inexhaustible source of wisdom, only have a deep understanding of traditional Chinese culture, can really broaden the aesthetic vision to improve the artistic accomplishment, enhance cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence to go deeper into the realm of art.

Second, the inheritance and development - today's college art education and traditional culture combined with the urgent need to strengthen the "heavy knowledge light literacy" deep-rooted. College art education in enhancing the humanities lot of useful exploration, and achieved good results, but " re knowledge, light literacy situation has not been fundamentally improved. First, pay attention to the fine arts skills to teach, neglect the cultivation of aesthetic experience, focus on learning art forms, ignore the accumulation of cultural heritage, and focus on the fine arts disciplines itself, ignoring the interdisciplinary exchange. kinds of situation, art education become a mere formality, the part of the students' cultural quality pale difficult Houjibaofa, therefore, strengthen the influence of the traditional culture, learn the essence of historical accumulation of thousands of years to enhance the aesthetic quality of the students, and the accumulation of cultural foundation, is a real and urgent task.

"Ocean light soil once widespread. Needless to say, our college art education practice persists ocean light soil", showed a large number of Western art teaching mode, ability to exercise focuses on Western art, such as painting too much Western painting styles educational emphasis on drawing, color (gouache, watercolor, oil painting, sketch, ignore the performance of Chinese painting techniques and forms. attention to these there is nothing wrong, the focus of Western perspective, anatomy, light and shadow sketch ability to exercise is very important, nothing wrong with favoritism, ocean light soil this case, it is easy to make in the the vague cultural awareness Shangju state, the blind pursuit of "the combination of Chinese and Western, the pursuit of the surface form of neglect spiritual connotation of culture really good art talents are not beneficial to today's world cultural trends merging each other, we should always be soberly aware that only based on traditional culture, we can "bring" more confidently, to avoid falling into blind obedience and negative.

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three Duocuobingju both material civilization - the development of art education in colleges and universities based on traditional culture soils enhance the Chinese nation stand among the nations of the world, the establishment of a and spiritual civilization and harmonious society in all aspects of heritage and development of traditional culture will be of great benefit, in terms of college art education, I believe that the following efforts.

Optimized curriculum efforts. Classroom teaching is the most direct, the most basic teaching methods can be considered to increase the proportion of traditional culture and traditional aesthetics courses in college art courses, increase the intensity of the interdisciplinary exchange of outstanding works of art into the classroom, and take full advantage of the exemplary role of the curriculum, to encourage students to an extensive and in-depth understanding and learning the traditional culture. guide students to appreciate the artistic value of the traditional culture, traditional culture nurture students depicting.

Efforts in innovative educational model art education has a certain degree of particularity, either excellent content into the classroom, but also allows the students out of the classroom and into the museums, galleries, and went into the holiday customs, rituals, The conditions of the colleges and universities can also encourage students to "go out to go", "read a trip, social practice, to the major national cultural and natural heritage sites, key cultural relics protection units, historical and cultural city town village fieldwork feelings, to understand our country's intangible cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage, and to establish the deep feelings of the fine traditional culture, and thus protect and pass on., under the conditions of information technology, the popularity of the Internet, mobile Internet, the use of network interactive educational platform to carry out the proper meaning of education and communication, but also innovative educational model, the educational relationship between students and teachers should also be a corresponding expansion in this educational environment, the development of the full exchange, cooperation and incentives.

Exchange platform efforts. Exchange platform is the extension and expansion of the curriculum of education, combined with college actual strengthening the fine traditional culture of teaching and research bases, and to strengthen the sharing of resources among colleges and universities, and take full advantage of the academic study, research, art exhibition , visiting scholar, set up various forms of traditional communication platform for cultural exchanges, and actively encourage students to participate. both emphasize learning exchanges, but also focus on the development of innovative, close to fully absorb the cultural resources on the basis of students looking for a source of inspiration, exploration development in the creation of traditional cultural inheritance.

Culture is a country with the nation's blood, the Chinese civilization, after thousands of years of development experience, leaving such a great spiritual wealth of our future generations, how to draw nutrients from the traditional culture, and to develop a high degree of cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence, the vast art educator's responsibility. based on traditional cultural soil, adhere to nationalization, localization, international integration and globalization, art education must be more fruitful.


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