On the new media event of the new

Abstract scholars on the meaning of the new media event has three different understanding of the broad and narrow sense, neutral, in favor of a neutral definition of new media event of the "new" performance in the new media event has a new gatekeeper, bear new features, the formation of the new structure of the media, to bring new challenges.

The paper Keywords new media events gatekeeper new feature new media structure

First, the meaning of the new media events

What is new media event, scholars are also different opinions as "new media" and "new media", the concept of "new media" controversy, many researchers put forward their point of view the concept at the same time in the study of new media event They also pointed out the characteristics of new media events precisely to study the characteristics of the new media events, in order to generalize the concept of new media events.

Most scholars first clear the defining event of the new media and new media event for the technical basis for the Internet, mobile phones, on this basis, divided by the extension of new media events, can be divided broadly defined, narrow definition.

The broad definition: new media event is formed by the technical support system of the network, mobile media and new media widespread concern for the people and take the appropriate action hot events, dramatic events. Chiang Rochelle pointed out that the so-called new media event is mainly by the network, removable media, the new media to release information, the formation of the corresponding public opinion and thus widespread concern for the people hot events can take appropriate action. Jiang Jianguo, new media events in new technical support system using Internet, mobile phones and other media spread recently occurred in the community and compelling things. Han Min pointed out that the event is a network of so-called new media, mobile phone, open media technology based citizen journalism movement has significant social The influence of the media event.

Neutral definition of the new media event is defined as emergencies. Zhou Baohua pointed out that the "new media event" (New Media Event concept must be traced back to the "media events" (Media Event that "new media event" main point burst The event, "media event" more non-emergencies - that is pre-planned event.

Narrow definition of new media events defined event of emergencies revolt authoritative. Xu Xin event of new media and traditional media events, new media event is the event of the "new" media event, not the "new media" new media events mainly refers to that media transmitted by the Internet users, and to promote the course of events and to challenge the authority of the ideology and the existing social power structure, with controversial social event of the new features of the new media events fundamentally embodied in two points: First, the significance of the event is not entirely by the power elite to define, the grassroots have a greater say over the social effects of the event is not to maintain the existing ruling order, more mainstream ideology of social power structure of challenge.

Above definition of new media event, from the extension of the progressive narrowing, from hot events → → emergencies incident to challenge mainstream society. These three definitions, have their own characteristics. Defined broadly by most scholars accepted , the advantage of universality, the paper argues that this definition is too broad, in addition to different forms of media, new media events and media events is difficult differentiated. distinguish the form of media communication is certainly important, but more important is a function of the difference lies. narrow definition of the new media event is defined as authoritative event of emergencies in revolt, and the actual situation in China is currently compatible. because China is in a transition period, all levels of conflict of interest is relatively serious, combined communication of information between the various strata channel is not smooth, new media event in China basically involve the public domain, and to challenge the social mainstream ideology and social resonance with Chinese traditional media has long been the lack of an independent spirit the relationship between new media such events is also this article focuses on core content but from a practical point of view, this generalization too single that exclude other types of modern society, there are a lot of new media events at the same time, as China's social development and advancement of new media such as the proportion of events will gradually reduce the paper in favor of a neutral definition that this definition is not only the difference between the new media events and traditional media events, and provide for the development of the theory of new media events The vast space.

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Second, the "new media event" "new"

First, the new gatekeepers. Wilbur Schramm is an important point, media = gatekeeper, he said: "We called the media 'gatekeeper', instead of the filter, the word library the Walter Lewin enabled social psychology terminology. mass media is a major gatekeepers of information in the social process of circulation. "new media event platform carrier shift from traditional media such as newspapers, radio, television, news website, blog, forum , phone, video, search engine, SNS community, such forms of media conversion, making the traditional media gatekeepers were retired. lowering the threshold of the new media, interactive, ordinary people and even the bottom of society and the powers elite, or a star, like a new media event participants or to empower the people. certain events in real life, after the disclosure and dissemination of new media, under certain conditions, by a solitary event developed into a sustainable movement. in to affect mainstream society to create a group atmosphere based on its spread effect is amplified not only morphological changes of the media, or the expansion of the media ecosystem, but also the media content, the right to speak, the main changes is the further development of the network and transition I think this is the crux of citizen journalism and mass writing ", is marginalized letter added to create the key historical events in the middle and lower income groups, is also the most fundamental of the" new "characteristics of the new media event.

Second, to take on new functions. Been fully developed social form of media freedom under the supervision and criticism of the traditional media power elite has given full play media event this is not too prominent, outstanding entertainment community functions - this is one of the original function of the media. However, in most developing countries, the impact of ideology or traditional thinking, media supervision or checks and balances did not function effectively as traditional media is largely dominated by the political elite and planning, program a single, easily controlled, but the emergence of new media event makes the political elite the originally effective management approach of the traditional media quickly toward failure, its underlying empowerment and public writing characteristics that make development direction is full of uncertainty, it breaks the the event propagation opinion progress the development direction of the one-way, while showing a complex state, events, and the end result is often very difficult for a single force in the event that can be completely decided to get out of control, which the kinds of conditions, warning failure event has become the norm. new media events are not hosting the new features just forms of communication and changes in the way this new media event will lose its practical significance.

Third, the formation of the new structure of the media. New media structure here is the status of the new structure formed between traditional media and new media. Due to the different social structural difference, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Western countries, there is a great difference. Therefore, the performance of the new media event is not the same new media event in Hong Kong and Taiwan society, students borrow network platform often be absorbed into the mainstream media spectrum gradually "routine", new media events thus becomes effective material for the traditional media to obtain economic benefits, while in mainland China, the new media relative to traditional media have "alternative" colors, between old and new media more reflected in the competition, even confrontational relations fewer RTHK society that the species absorb characteristics. generate system events toward, the routine it will absorb the effects of traditional media in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but in mainland China, the prospects of the new media events full of uncertainty, new media events or because development sex change, or due to the power structure to combat and suffered repression, fruitless. frequent new media events in China, making between new media and traditional media in general formed a relatively independent status of the competitive structure .

New media events characterized it is derived and the comparison of traditional media events, Xu Xin through the list of the two were compared, although he is narrowly defined new media events, but the characteristics of new media event broad or inclusive, not limited to challenge the authority of the occasional controversy Therefore, the subject borrowed Xu Xin research, and slightly modified, a clear description of the characteristics of new media in China:
Fourth, bring new challenges to the emergence of new media and gradually expand, a profound impact on the social structure of the transition period, the network public opinion has become an important driving force for change in social relations and social institution in a transitional stage, new media the frequent incidents raised profound challenge to the traditional government management mode. prior to the emergence of new media, public power running negative news is rarely known to the public related news blockade and restrictions in a very limited range of new media era all become impossible. microblogging, for example, "This show was originally a simple self-stage platform, also jumped station to the public opinion in the forefront of profound change propagation pattern and a direct impact on the reality of social ecology. those active microblogging users 'fans' number of the hundreds of millions or even ten million, far more than the traditional newspaper readership, mouse or finger gently like nuclear fission forwarding, more geometric level to increase the propagation speed and intensity. transition, China has too many events can crowd: a User hair microblogging disclosure of a fact or issue a questioned all users follow-up comments and forwarding, followed by the relevant network derivatives such as comic books , scripts, spoof songs began to appear, then appear on the network or traditional media depth reviews and surveys, follow-up microblogging uninterrupted 'broke the news', a microblogging events can culminate in a short period of time. " social development in China has made great strides, and enjoy full democratic rights and freedom of people began to enjoy unprecedented material wealth, but the new media event expression of justice, equality, freedom and longing, the public authority hate the abuse but more and more obvious. like Tocqueville analysis, it seems that the fairness and justice of the people get more and more and more difficult to tolerate the phenomenon of abuse of public power and violations of fairness and justice, the emergence of new media to the public express this concern is to provide a "everyone is a reporter," the platform on the platform of public power is almost no way imposed new media event largely bypassing the similar kind of control and influence. both news system allows ordinary people to speak, by traditional politics to "media politics" and "political" transformation process in China was particularly prominent.

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