Cultural choices about of Roots literature

Abstract roots writers and the ultimate pursuit of digging culture, but because of their own cultural backgrounds different aesthetic ideal, so they showed a different understanding of traditional Chinese culture in the process of "Roots", so in theory text and specific creative practice, showing a rather complex diversity.

Keywords: Roots literary Confucian culture, Taoism culture folk geographical cultural cultural ills

Literary and artistic creation in the new period of the main current of return to humanism. "Scar literature" reflection Literature "," reform literature revolves around the political axis of the emergence of "Roots Literature Literature from the social and political concerns turned to the discovery of the deep cultural and psychological structure, is an important landmark in the literature in the new "turn inward".

Broadly similar roots writers advocate of "Roots" and why the interpretation: Chinese literature should be established among the broad and deep cultural Dig "dig cultural strata" of this ancient land, to "World Literature" dialogue "Literature in the root of the root, literature should be deeply rooted in the soil of the national traditional culture, the roots are not deep. Han Shaogong leaves difficult Mau." Zheng Wanlong believe that our roots Oriental, Oriental Oriental culture ", he announced to constantly dug beneath their feet 'cultural strata'.

Acheng is certainly cultural constraints mankind ", to make our literary" dialogue "with the world," a new understanding of the Chinese culture should be an important part. "However, the Chinese culture has a long history and profound, while accumulation of deep, the conventionalism heavy. "Roots" Literature in the persistent pursuit of this traditional culture under different aesthetic ideal, because the writers of different unique feeling and their cultural background, they showed "root" in the process of "Roots" ( different understanding of traditional Chinese culture. comprehensive grasp of the traditional culture of the nation, that literature should look for what kind of roots, roots writers divided into a theoretical text, this divergence Youyi grasp of traditional cultural sanctions wandering and paranoia as a precondition they of literature "root" in the understanding of the difference is reflected in the specific creative practice, they showed a rather complex diversity.

Confucian culture, involvement in the world as a "cultural" roots, even though most of the writers to pay more attention to the roots is the edge of the heretics and non-normative cultural traditions and values, but they still can not avoid the center of the traditional culture of Confucian culture heritage. traditional Confucian culture is an aggressive culture, it has a strong ideological and theoretical practical, filled with strong practical utilitarian. Confucian values ​​emphasize "everything becomes subjective efforts, emphasizing a positive of the Spirit. << Book of Changes · Qian like words >> "days Gentleman to self-improvement." the roots of many of the Writers figures clearly inherited the spirit of traditional culture in the area of ​​Kin-hung, while the pursuit of heaven and earth feelings to renewing the spirit of generosity with the great virtue of tolerance linked. they treat the attitude of the natural world, stressed the main initiative, stressed that people in real life should be positive and promising, and conform to the days of "life and the virtue assume the mission.

Old the Imura man for generations << old wells "in the ancient water expensive, such as the arid mountains of the oil struggling, absolutely determined, their drilling wells dedication, Tolerance and sufferings, sacrifices, so we clearly felt that a shares unyielding blood boiling in rushing, their ancestral perseverance in search of water, not only embodies the toughness of the old wells, but also reflects the enthusiasm of old wells of life support old wells generations Continuously constant is the traditional Confucian culture the endless energetic toughness, perseverance and consistent pursuit of the Heaven Is << >> King of Trees, although the authors focus on praise is guarding Xiao pimple nature, but also refuted by Li Li Xiao pimple said, one out fields, feed themselves, refining iron, "causing the tool to transform nature, emphasizing the dominance of the people in the community and the dominant position in the natural universe << far village >> Hearty gesture with the Taihang Mountain area wolf fox and more, more than a stone's poor ravine, tried to render the Yang Wan cattle, and leaves on the suffering of the feelings of the story, profound performance of Yang Wan cattle, leaf, Yang Fan into the misery of life's persistent and firm and the desire and pursuit of the future life; << GUCHUAN >> presents devotes considerable space to the endless race between Zhao, Sui, three families, revenge, and bloody, even depression raccoon town retained Blood River, but Sui hold Pu Duisheng live with the reasonable pursuit of life, but no does not show a positive attitude towards life.

, Tranquil detached Taoist culture as a non-normative the culture's Laozhuang culture, has always been a broad activity of Confucianism is more far-reaching than in the civil springs from a long it broad spirit of freedom, it comes naturally inaction requirements of the most contented life truly fit the mentality of the survival of the poor people in the big mountain forest. A certain extent, the spirit of the Road has become a powerful life-consciousness, nurtured generations of Hua Xia Zimin Road school spirit characterized by the pursuit of spiritual freedom, I put forward the concept of "Silence", "Silence" implies the mind maintain cohesion paper assumes that there is an undetermined state I earnestly appeal to the people to pay attention to their own inner life savings.

Years the Zhang Wei << GUCHUAN >> hero hands holding two books, a << Communist Manifesto >> << days of a Qu Yuan asked >> political ethics behind the governing and prosperous human total liberal relieved masked self, calling for contemplation of the universe to life in the heart of strong free. hole Jiesheng << big Mang Lin >> Deng Gang << charming sea >> novels publicity in the realm of "Heaven" Heaven concept of traditional Taoist culture in harmony with nature, and any of its natural, natural inaction. Acheng works both << Chess >> or << Tree King > reveal the harmony between man and nature, the the Taoist implication. contentment Wang Yisheng, Shaw pimple, stumps Lee II, and "I" and love to write talk of the town should I the voice, the weight of their life Now all was indifferent inaction, the Quantm detachment. and Wang Yisheng "Chess" attitude, in fact, it is his attitude toward life to chess to kill the pain of life, the pursuit of purity of the soul and the spirit of freedom. thus reached The anguish of life beyond the hustle and bustle of earthly transcendence, embodies Laozhuang "Doing Nothing" philosophy Chinese Chess clear demarcation line between the condensation of the spirit of the Chinese Taoist culture, so Wang Yisheng in a chaotic and manic years go seek Laozhuang demeanor reflects the author's yearning for a traditional Taoist culture.

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Third, when most of the writers of the civil geographical and cultural roots, focusing its attention on the civil specification Slang, unofficial history, legends, jokes, folk songs, genie story, habits and customs, sex methods "on the cultural level, and not standardized to break norms, to enter the national multiply true the great spiritual endless internal forces. Hangyu that" the essence of our national culture, more reserved Zhongyuan norms outside ....... outside the norms, what we need 'root', because they are distributed in the vast earth, deeply rooted in the fertile ground for folk. "Roots writers trying to be based on the homes of native soil cultivation, dig out of a region, a nation of ancient and deep cultural heritage, in order to achieve the roots and reality and the world of dialogue.

Jia Pingwa long-term infiltration into the ancient culture of the Qin and Han, deeply appreciate it heavy, earthy, muddy discharge of style, he will be considered a national spirit of self and society have meaning. He Narrations the Shangzhou the history, geography, folklore, shows like a "paradise" like a quiet and tranquil rural scenery, and closely linked to the land tough and honest men, kind and gentle woman, Han Shaogong the novel, rendering the Xiangxi style dazzling, odd deceitful, his masterpiece << dad >> artistic means of allegory and symbolism, revived the Chu culture in bizarre, mysterious and magnificent myth system, Li Ge Chuanjiang Hangyu series excavated Wuyue culture strong and free spirit of life, to explore the meaning of life values ​​fulcrum, Wureertu wrote Ewenki people in the northeast jungle wild charm Zheng Wanlong watching hunters and gold prospectors in the in Heilongjiang mountains crease, how In the "while creating material to create their own" In addition, Zhang Wei, on the Shandong Peninsula, supple, Cheng, Shanxi, Yunnan, Zheng Yi, etc. are tireless in their respective territories reclaimed thick plot at the foot of "cultural strata . "
Critique of cultural ills is worth noting that, Root Literature and the the aesthetic implication personality and shaping embody the essence of the traditional civilization, however, in fact, many roots writers in the roots of the process, more only see the traditional culture dross factors, exposure and criticism of the traditional national culture in the works for a long time under heavy accumulation of negative factors, and the defeat of the "ideal" Lost Root Literature and writing has become a truly mainstream.

This part of the work focuses on examining critical national culture in chronic illness and evil, the kind of long-term form of ignorance, closed expose Conservative vices. << Far Village >> million cattle indisputable not anger, submissive, < <Old Well >> SUN Wan-water Qiao-ying, Wang Quan love violence curb, bright son's vulgar and backward barbaric, all imbued with national misery and the incorrigible crazy jump another example, the the Han Shaogong pen << dad >> << female female female >> Returning Home >> works only see the gaps in national culture.

>> << Dad the "beheaded Walled" wilderness, chaos and ignorance, almost retained the original barbarism people superstitious taboos, ancestor worship, not human concept of a feud, the Great Migration. C. cub is a body shape and intelligence always remain childish state, bestiality far more than the degradation of human nature atavistic image, is the combination of all bad "root" of the traditional culture of the nation, and he also has a super vitality, took poison rather die. "propionate cubs in fact is a symbol, a symbol of national character closed conservative blindly inherited traditional, self survival unconsciously. super vitality symbolizes the bad" root "in the tradition is not an easy thing to clear. Wang Anyi << of the small abalone Zhuang >> on traditional culture and ethical also examines Xiao Bao Zhuang Jian Feng "selflessness" tradition since ancient times, their simple goodness, elders and love children, be able to help each other, self-sacrifice, shines humanitarian light but also because of "selflessness", they thought, the spirit was being detained, human nature was dampened. the cultural sub and Komidori innocence love dare not openly, Ershen and pick up to the combination of being people looked down upon and oppose everyday life, small Bao Zhuang people are cautious, ascetic and repressed personality that the role of "selflessness" the entire Little Bao Zhuang became the psychological structure of national culture super stable, is one of the small abalone Zhuang people, almost no way to shake it. works on the one hand is certainly a positive factor in the traditional culture, and denies the negative impact of this factor is Wang Anyi traditional culture unearthed in the civil society, regional culture "root "'s ills.

Although these roots writers continued pick up the May Fourth tradition of cultural criticism, revealing the "agony to attention of" Liaojiu ", but As for how Liaojiu", they are still at a loss, they and can not and unable to answer the question of the historical and cultural legacy to them.

V. Conclusion roots writers based on the awareness and understanding of traditional Chinese culture, making their creation shows a different aesthetic form and value orientation, from an objective and enrich contemporary Chinese literature, in the succession of traditional Chinese culture undoubtedly played a role but its limitations are obvious. the most roots Writers understanding of the concept of "culture" is "inaccurate", they tend to seize some sort of folk habit of deliberately rendered while ignoring the real anatomy of "national character".

Intimacy of folk remained strong main spirit, also resulted in a more fantasy in their search of cultural roots, it is difficult to say that is has reached a true recognition of civil today "Roots" is a failure to find the reason for the failure and its further deepening the consequences are the same, that is, the traditional culture of the nation lost in the literature. due to long-term loss to the cause of literature anemic condition of the national traditional culture inspired roots who are in a specific period of time to explore the wishes and interests of the root of the literature, and it is for the same reasons, the roots have no thorough understanding of the target itself looking with cognitive understanding fuzzy direct result of looking for bias . Barriers in addition to the knowledge-based system, it is clear that, after the May Fourth New Culture baptism intellectuals difficult to return to traditional cultural areas thought. The "Roots" the literary trends seen on this particular period of the 1980s, it appears inevitable failure (the Find Lost is inevitable.

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