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To write papers network: Abstract: Women Writing in the moment facing a double dilemma, the view from the text, either express feminist political flesh writing either fall into the opposite gender writing them .21 century complicity with the patriarchal discourse the women poetry lead in breaking the confusion, more Pioneer's attitude, the overall performance of the technology is more intrinsic, another promise of the Enlightenment and advance body narrative literature for women face in the new century, the existence of the identity of the conversion, opened a pioneer of the road must pass through.

Keywords: women, poetry, technology internalization, freedom, Pioneer

1980s, Zhai Yongming, irene have a bold imagination to create the "black consciousness", let the world the convulsions praise, thus completing the awakening of female writing, to confirm the course of the 1990s, women entered a poetry the regression words, face the words world, more emphasis on the technical elements of the language than before writing stage.

Fast forward to the face of the wheels of the times, however, the constraints of its own technology and intends to play down gender awareness is not the original pioneer status of women poetry stick. Seem lively indeed disorderly poetry, the general lack of a broad and open-minded the ideal ultimate pursuit and Gaomai stalwart Poetic Soul support. entering the 21st century, profound changes in historical scenes gives the poet a new historical identity and social status, forcing tried to continue writing the poetess repositioning, re-design their own, and thus a kinds of new dimensions, new narrative, new vanguard of the calls for extremely urgent. and female poetry exceptionally spiritual, keep up the pace of female literature again lifted. moment under our smell this poetry, it seems We regret from the last century female literary glory which re-inspired, so that we can hear and vaguely see the poetess establish a new attitude and a new character is female literature.

, Internalization of technology such as poetess Zheng Min said: "feminist poetry should not just women's self, and only when the female world, the universe only true female self. [1] into the 21st century, women poets in creative, expand their new exploration of poetry more plain appearance, technology is more intrinsic, clearer stance, the goal is the stereotype of the the extreme "Private" in order to get rid of before is no longer confined to body and desire, but the projection horizon farther. them more as a survival of the individual things with the mind itself fully targeted expression of a more reasonable grasp of things and their texture detail and more convincing Total current personal stance, let us truly feel they stand here and life speak.

Such strengthening the powers of the mind to explore, effective correction of the 80s and 90s of the last century women writing them too much attention to the individual heart, very few external things favored Writing orientation, which made in the text of an expression of the inner soul the feelings given external things move to the sincere gaze Pioneer.

This is the first performance to enter the 21st century after the formation of the new style of the old generation poet Zhai Yongming as early as the end of the 20th century, Zhai Yongming introspection article said: "poetess new examine silence, that is to think about a new form of writing, one beyond its own limitations, beyond the original idealism, not gender but showed independent style sound. "[2] Clearly, this passage that Zhai Yongming has come out passion rebellious stage in the 1980s, beyond the sex sounds to summon the arrival of the new landscape. Zhai Yongming out of the night, her poems still has the feminine consciousness, just dilute the color of gender confrontation, focusing on the performance of the process of history and civilization which the big event. written in Berlin to a final poem << minor injuries, serious injuries Cities, for example, we see the woman writer in a few years time grinding, still extraordinary creativeness experience things in a woman's unique and delicate emotional processing and excellent imagination and external awareness of the world war in Berlin, in the poem are not historical facts presented, more than fiction, it relies on the poetess's "Memory "," city "," construction "as the main body of the memory, to imagine, to give readers more worth examining here the poet to capture Berlin experienced a baptism of fire." minor injuries, serious injuries city / six thousand bombs hit down / left a burning ordnance "--- this sympathy urban architecture misfortune simultaneously guide the reader could not help but look back in the nature of the war, then, that once << the woman >> poems rise poet, moment, her feminist consciousness is not limited to the outside display technology eloquent rebel patriarchal, the theme of war, trickery, guilt inherent technical focus on simple appearance, this historical field domain events through the personal stance expressed as the starting point for the presence of female poetry conversion clear direction.

With respect to the generation of the transformation of the old poet, in the performance of the new century, more prominent in some cutting-edge poets, the blue poetry to the strong performance of things to keep the "temperature" and sensitive force, striking highlights grow into the new century. Their poetry not only a wide horizon singular imagination, plain text specific skills and more showing an abundance of beauty and vitality in this swift change and temptation era, blue sad sigh, thanksgiving praise and immortal innocence, let Celebrex has a never give up the quality of her restrained expression questioning of the spiritual world and the things in depth and inner thinking. << Hegang reed >> << wild sunflower >> on recollections of the poetry of life --- "I saw the autumn live in a reed / calling me in. / annihilation or sink like an avalanche of snow / Barred Plymouth Rock / have covered with swamps, wild sunflower to fall we should be / decapitated heads / hit her suddenly walked around / back / gold dust and smoke with the sunset as the sky is almost dusk, / her face, / together with the whole myriad of summer. "poet creation subject object main set, the original wild sunflower "," reed "will be so important to make people feel life, At the same time, the poet in a sad but beautiful lyrical appeal to the spiritual resonance of the world's love of nature and sympathy with the the poet Huang ceremony child blue Rating: "blue is walking in the completion of its own way, is to go on his way to give the world more love and believe." We might as well say, women's poetry is out of intolerance are towards the way to wide to reach the mind itself and things.

Enlightenment another commitment Undoubtedly, the women of the 1980s poetry is the poetry of the Pioneer the poetess who stressed personal freedom, rebellion patriarchal target enlightenment of "female consciousness awakening but in experience after the 1990s writing awareness collective inheritance and gradually complete confirmation of feminist consciousness in the field of literature, such enlightenment seems mediocre and traditional new century, some of the poetess intends to seek change at the same time, continue to pioneer the momentum assume highest ideals of this literature when they mature concept involved in the entire world, in human nature, there is light, maintains dignity, ideals, Passion, and fraternity, justice, freedom, equality coming into view in the new mode.

Hong Zhigang mentioned with Pioneer temperament literature, they are "not for the cultural ignorance of social reality, not only emphasize rational thinking construct, but the self-awakening of the spirit, to testify against the human potential of their own life << Rye Pioneer >> state of the excavations, the torture of human nature, the description of the non-rational life landscape, it is a human nature, enlightenment and the enlightenment "[3] is such new century poetess en route to explore in the Pioneer seems each array, but they are from a different angle, a different experience, show feelings about life in a different situation. Inspired by the Enlightenment, they promise to be as independent "person", and elevate the soul into the unique sexual characteristics "woman" Minds, which enrich the spirit of the sacred mission.

As a woman, female poets in the construction of the Enlightenment proposition can do first is that they are inherent in human nature broad and warmth, love, in good faith, to look at the world, sympathy and affection, care for the weak, sadness and fear in the suffering. Wise they do not take too much of the social reality to criticize, but a personal awakening, suggesting that they should do their own guide yourself. Zhai Yongming start-ups were made in this century, such as << child prostitutes << home >> the weak poetry such as caring for the community. << child prostitutes >> poem, expressed deep sympathy with an underage girl torn encounter: "her 12-year-old skinny and wearing dirty / eyes can hold the next World / or do have not fit even shed a tear, "<< home >>:" flocked / addition to corn mast arm / arm dense holes ...... all home skin oozing and blood / blood spots bloodshot panic read this poem, we see changes in Zhai Yongming sharp pain and a simple soul the world deep compassion massage. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
as readers, we sympathize with the poetry of the people, while at the same time is to give yourself a discernment after the mournful spirit to grow, is to call their own intellectual awakening.

The rise in the new century poetess Yu, she began from the stand in the ranks of a mature poet, written in 2005, a << Hung "---" My sons and daughters of the news came from afar / before me / join death / but still hang around the people in this world / you still do not come / curse me for your death / I have been writing poetry for many years "--- a painful sense of people deeply shocked, however more concern is the time of writing this poem it is clearly the primary and secondary schools of life and death is difficult tragedy by 2005 a town mountain flood triggered wrote, but a poet poems posted in the forum, the state not as a result of this " initiated by the tragedy "and" Anniversary Issue "and write. Poet writing attitude can be seen, that she tried to go beyond a social care, and to achieve a more deep personal commitment to self-examination and self-confidence for female poetry, the enlightenment proposition construct performance in their total in a delicate way of thinking, the the clever angle changes in social and historical focus on the "spiritual existence" above. "spirit existence may only appear survival in people's spiritual life, that is to say, only to live a spiritual The life of the people would pay attention to perceive their existence "[4]. female poetry creators, they of the presence of the new century with a special way to express, through the experience of a physical substance and external experience, eventually captured with the spirit of the catch, to feel, realize, so as to achieve the vanguard of the Enlightenment in experimental poet Lin who wrote the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake as << in Mianyang >>, << Please allow me to sing a broken such as Shao west >> poetry, poems her tragic and unfortunate existence to give attention to and contemplation, which affectionate Call: "A poem can save what? / can allow a person to live in / and bring back the souls of wandering in the corn fields / and empty wilderness ground, in addition to some verses, she will be the visual scene into their own feelings, experience object. "Here, I learned that, before / I used 'broken', never felt so desperate now / I can see, completely ", but in the end of Let moved": broken, we have a soul / complete and inherited '/ coast earth, above the earth that the sun ', heavy thick feeling, they are already the author drawn from the external experience promoted endowed with intrinsic qualities of enlightenment is in place, the authors self-referral and erect naturally aggressive enlightenment factor.

Third, the longing of the soul and the body of free narrative is well known, presented last century female literary pioneer narrative features mainly thanks to their bold exploration of sexual and physical but they are rebellious and fearless spirit, pioneer attitude maintained confrontation placed extreme personal publicity and excessive desire aesthetic misunderstanding and digestion, puts women poetry Yin Lichuan, the irene their poetry, from the flesh and the lower body, stressed that "this is just a starting point" proved which internalize male viewpoint Digestion hand. Indeed, as the critics Xie Youshun stated "writing the body is not the pure sense of the flesh --- the flesh only after the Poetics conversion, toward the body's ethics, it finally became real body of literature "[5] 51.

In comparison, women in the 21st century poetry aesthetic narrative never give up the involvement of the body, 20 years came, they understand, Poems of Women should not dare to stand in order to express the opposite of a certain force, to flesh Changlu for the price, but more should stand on the position of the women themselves, to discover the soul to the body with the ability to feel beyond the physical unconfined flesh feel different understanding of power is bestowed soul "[6]. moment female poetry, some creators trying to do for the physical placement on the wings of the soul, free text poetic dwelling. poetess Angel << like Duras life >> throughout and Frightening words, but by the rhythm of the terms used to create the atmosphere of the "sex", "the brain quickly hand and then quickly the love go faster longer / faster / quicker faster and then faster and faster some of my Duras Dear Elsie / Las ...... I tired my dear Duras I can not / like your life "than before the body writing" erotic "description, the Angel of poetry can not be considered subversion She affirmed the existence of the body, slightly messy but freedom was sort organized these common words and her only by a sense of the presence of such a body, emphasizing her reflective thinking --- "I can not / like you life ", effectively form a rebuttal of" lower body "full of" sex "atmosphere of poetry, we can see more from the female poet rather speculative soul speaking.

An advocate freedom poetess Wang xiaoni come a female poetry course of 20 years, in her opinion, the most magic is let her down this "free" The Wang xiaoni poetry rarely depict the passions, but also less She was seen as representatives of the body writing, but as the body is the last bastion of freedom to blossom "[5] 49 of her freedom often with her independent attitude of writing closely linked, however, the practice of free, independent, Wang xiaoni her mature female body and mind experience in the new century, completed on behalf of her again peak masterpiece like << ten Shuilian >> This poem, we see the body, soul and freedom organic combination of the three pioneer traits poet the experience observed Shuilian moved into the mother, "laugh" on the water, "sleep standing liquid", "excited bottles up purple" Obviously, all of this scene and fetus, reproductive-related, water lilies evoke the author had with the pain and happiness birth experience level of poetics, narrative poetry main before or goddess or witch realm completely broke into soulful injection, but without losing certainly the physical significance of the day-to-day body writing.

Conclusion female poetry experienced a hundred years of development, now going into the main independent, grow and mature, female poet has written in their own language and ideas real female rather than male symbolism they experience a long absence, is shielded from the darkness behind the scenes to go out to the big stage of the new century, and issued their own voice, to sing his own songs. perhaps, away from the real mature singing, there is a certain distance , but a little progress is worth the wait and should be of whom the shot rang encouraged the applause.


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