Outlined the produce of China's modern national capitalist development and its characteristics

To write papers Network: Modern Chinese national capitalism and Western capitalism compared to a lot of different places, with many of its own characteristics, these characteristics on the development of China's modern history had a significant impact, understanding and grasp of the modern Chinese national capital 'the production, development, and its characteristics, very important for us to correctly understand and explain the historical phenomenon of the modern Chinese, this article briefly discusses the modern national capitalist production, development, and its characteristics.

A modern national capitalist background

A natural economy began to disintegrate. Invasion of capitalism is the most direct and most important reason for the disintegration of the natural economy of China before the Opium War, China or the full sense of feudal society, in spite of the impact of the commodity economy, the natural economy of a these areas, some areas there are some signs of disintegration, but the entire social and economic infrastructure in China, is still the absolute dominance of self-sufficient economy after the Opium War, especially after the Second Opium War, the West capitalist countries, the use of the privileges of the aggression in a series of unequal treaties and signed by the Qing government authorities, crazy to Chinese dumping of goods, the plunder of raw materials, the Chinese into the world capitalist market, the gradual disintegration of self-sufficient economy in China, especially Sino after the disintegration of the natural economy of the speed of China's greatly accelerated. Secondly, the continuous expansion of the domestic market is a prerequisite of the disintegration of the natural economy as the domestic market continues to expand, individual manual labor-based decentralized handicraft production, small-scale, low technology and have been extremely limited in terms of production, reduce costs, improve quality, under strong attack in the capitalist machine production appears to know what weakness, which can be said that natural economy disintegration of the internal reasons.

(2) the modern industry. Exist in modern China's modern industry: foreign capitalist enterprises, Westernization, founded by the military industry and civil industry and national capitalist industry after the Opium War, foreign capitalists in the treaty ports opened factories, with the Over time, they run factories in China, more and more during the Westernization Movement, Westernization advanced Western technology to maintain the feudal rule, called for "self", and the pursuit of wealth, the founder of a group of modern military-industrial and civilian industry, so that we appeared in the modern government-run enterprises. foreign capitalist enterprises and the Westernization Movement in China and under the impetus of China's national capitalist industry began in the southeast coastal areas.

Second, the modern national capitalist course of development

A generation: after the Opium War, China's natural economy gradually disintegrated, and induced the stimulation of foreign capitalism and Westernization Movement, China's national capitalism before and after the 1970s, 19th century.

Preliminary development: the late 19th century, with the major capitalist countries, the transition to the stage of imperialism, the imperialist countries have stepped up to the world of aggression and expansion. Failure in Jiawu Sino-Japanese War and the surrender of the Qing government policy contributed to the powers to carve up China's ambitions, they have to become China's creditors, to snatch the road right to the exploitation of mines and factories competing powers while the export of capital goods output is still expanding.

The natural economy of the Chinese society to further disintegration, promote the development of urban and rural commodity economy, provided the conditions for the development of China's national industry, stimulate the development of national capitalism. Defeat of the Sino-declaration of bankruptcy of the Westernization Movement, the Qing in order to expand the tax base, to solve the financial crisis, to pay huge reparations, had relaxed the restrictions on civil and set up factories, folk and set up factories in the upsurge of Chinese national capitalist industry to obtain the initial development. Share the free paper for download http :/ / eng.hi138.com 3. Further development: a revolution overthrew the feudal monarchy, and clear away some obstacles for the development of national capitalism, the status of the national bourgeoisie to improve the industrial policy of the Provisional Government of the Republic of China Awards , and aroused the enthusiasm of the national bourgeoisie investment in modern enterprises. during the First World War the Western powers to temporarily relax the economic aggression against China, China output, capital and commodities relative reduction in their industry due to the needs of war into war service reduce the production of some light industrial products, not only for the Chinese national capitalist industry to give up part of China's domestic market, also provided an opportunity for the Chinese national industry into the international market, the objective for the development of China's national capitalism strong external conditions, this period of national capitalism, the rapid development of a brief spring.

Tortuous development: the Nanjing National Government unified the country after the introduction of policies and measures that are conducive to the economic development, the national industry to get the support of the National Government after the establishment of the Nanjing National Government, and soon realized the country's fundamental unity, the national capital the development of doctrine, coupled with the efforts of the national bourgeoisie, the National Government a decade ago, the national industry and rapid development. Anti-Japanese War, Japan's economic plunder and the National Government repression of the bureaucrat-capitalism, the national industry was heavy blow.

Increasingly shrinking: during the liberation war, the United States to intensify aggression against China, the Nationalist government betrayed the national interests. Bureaucrat-capitalism, economic monopoly, cruel squeeze the national industry. Exorbitant taxes and levies of the Nationalist government after another, inflation, raw material is expensive and unmarketable products of these factors national capitalist industry in dire straits, have been closed down.

Three, the characteristics of national capitalism in China

(1) the enterprise: the road from the Chinese national capitalist enterprise is unique, it is not a handicraft workshop to machine production, but in the powers of invasion, has accelerated the disintegration of the natural economy of the premise, direct input from the foreign machine, technical founder up Therefore, it is not on the basis of the seeds of capitalism in China's feudal society has gradually grown up.

The industrial structure: basically light industry (such as the textile industry, flour industry. Chinese national capitalist industry the lack of a strong economic foundation itself can not produce the machine, only from a small investment, quick turnaround and profit more light industry. irrational industrial structure, not formed a complete industrial system.

Regional distribution: the geographical distribution is extremely uneven, the Chinese national capitalist industry is mainly concentrated in the southeast coastal cities. For this situation because these cities are mostly the powers dumping of goods and plunder of raw materials base, the natural economic disintegration of earlier these areas to facilitate the use of foreign technology, the introduction of machinery, the use of cheap labor. this deformity layout reflects the nature of China's semi-colonial.

Equipment, technology and management: industrial equipment basically rely on imported technology is mostly dependent on foreign management behind.
Enterprises have the whole process: Chinese national capitalist industry and foreign capitalism and domestic feudal forces both inextricably linked, by oppression, and thus slow the development of this decision to the Chinese national capitalist industry to foreign capital doctrine and domestic feudal forces, both dependent and contradictory complexity. This is the most important features of China's national capitalism. Share Free paper Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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