On the three days of world history teaching

Three years fleeting, students quickly which has entered into a tense three days of learning, many students invariably ask me the same question: "teacher, how to learn the history of the world?" Faced with the confusion of the students, I more need to think carefully about how to Shanghao modern world history class. ultimately, I summed up the gain and loss of nearly two Year teaching, and now talk about the experience.

An explanation of terms to comply with junior high school students' cognitive level.
The emergence and development of capitalism ", the main line of the modern history of the world, master its junior school students is essential if you want the students to seize the line, first you must understand what is capitalist as early as Chinese modern history, which the students have been exposed to "capitalism", but more explanation: "Generally speaking, capitalism is a system of an economics or economic sociology, in the vast majority of such a system means of production are owned by private appropriation, by means of wage labor to produce tools to create profits. "[1] this interpretation precise, professional, but in the end what is capitalism, students not only understand, but contact with more like "means of production", "economic sociology unfamiliar professional term. Final, not only the students who have fallen Wuli fog, teachers also think the lesson is difficult.

Because of this, in the interpretation of the term "capitalism", I first creation of a scene: "I have the money, the machine (capitalists to make money now hired you (by selling their labor artificially labor., You I have created a lot of goods, but I sold them again - you, eventually I will be getting the money, I will be increasing the scale of production. "On this basis, I set a series of the problem: (1) between you and me is what kind of relationship? (2) produced goods is how to deal with? ③ If I want to further increase our strength, need to have what favorable conditions? answer after we summed up: "Capitalism characteristics of wage labor and commodity economy, an essential factor in the development of capitalism, including labor, capital, institutional, market and raw materials ". After students see when the wage labor market, labor and other words it will certainly think of capitalism .

This explanation may not be very professional, there may be some problem to a certain extent, but it is in line with the level of students' cognitive, will simplify complex things, life, and not only allow students to learn easily, and willing to learn.

Second, to seize the main line of historical development.
(A) asked the question whether the penetration of the main line of the modern history of the world, that modern history is the generation of capitalism, the history of the development (for better foundation students.

Students basic grasp of capitalism, we can consciously in the class set up a number of issues: the Renaissance to the development of capitalism what? Opening of the new route to meet those needs of the development of capitalism? By intentionally penetration, The students will gradually event in the modern history of capitalism Contact thinking, when we only need to use professional terminology in each unit to review the help they can summarized.

(Guide students to establish a history of the development of longitudinal clues, that is, to states to build the country history framework (for the basis of weak students.

Country history learning time clues, so relatively easy to understand. First State history, not only help to strengthen students' overall understanding of this country's history, and it helps to alleviate the pressure on the basis of weak students to improve their confidence.

Following the development of the UK as an example. Posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
first step, students finishing the recent history of events with the British this step we ask students to Chinese history, he knew related events to write about. (students quickly summarize: English bourgeois revolution, the industrial revolution, the East India Company, triangular trade, the Opium War.

The second step, we asked the question: British capitalism to develop, What conditions are required or beneficial to the environment? (Government support, advanced technology, markets, raw materials, capital.

The third step, the first and second steps of the corresponding connection. (Bourgeois revolution - the government support, the Industrial Revolution - advanced technology, the East India Company, the triangular trade, the Opium War - markets, raw materials and capital.

The fourth step, the form of the use of braces summarization, strictly regulate the language and writing of students (must be carried out under the guidance of teachers.

When students gradually master the national basic historical facts, we can replace the United Kingdom, the United States and other words "the world" to allow students to apply summarize.

, With informative historical text, data, set the problem, and the ability to train students to analyze historical issues.
Data applications, not only because it is informative, but also because it is applicable to this lesson, whether arouse students' thinking and resonate. Stresses the fundamental cause of the outbreak of the First World War, initially I used directly about the law: the First World War is the imbalance of political and economic development between the capitalist countries, as well as the conflict between the old colonial ", and then explain the result, the student was more confused. Later, after adjustment, I only gave two materials for students to say. materials are as follows:

Material 1: [2]

Material: in 1914, 33.5 million square kilometers of the British colony, Russia was approximately 17.4 million square kilometers, France was 10.6 million square kilometers, and the 1880s, Germany had no colonies to 1914 years ago, his colony only eighth of that of the United Kingdom. [3]
Asked the question: ① material a capitalist world can be seen what changes occurred? Fastest growing two? ② If Germany is to accelerate the pace of development, but also need to have or create what conditions? ③ the 20th century, the beginning of the colonial basically carved up Germany how to do?
Preparations are complete, I let the students choose the countries, he is the head of state, and then combined with the international situation to find a way out for their own more and more intense, their discussion with the students gradually interested, I eventually got what I wanted The answer: Germany wants to develop faster, certainly to external expansion plunder, and certainly old capitalist countries such as Britain and France clashed when I would summarize the students more easily understand.

Timely practice, training the skills of reading questions.
Practice is the last link, the most important aspect of teaching. They talk about practice is not to consolidate the knowledge, but the exercises can not just deal with, see the questions on the use, we must adhere to the principle is the careful topics, materials novel, because it is the third test requirements from start better (preferably in the examination of the original title. appropriate exercises not only to achieve timely consolidated, and allows students to again learn to understand information and access to knowledge, really improves the ability to apply their knowledge of the purpose. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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