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  • Of life in the modern knowledge economy. Perspective "
    In China, thinking about the fate of ancient times, there has always been associated with this knowledge, the so-called "life science" (numerology, fortune tellers school) hanging by a thread. Broadly speaking, this knowledge is "learning" "technique" or "Road" "" "lear

    Apr 15,2013

  • This stage of the review of the literature of the "madness" of cognition and the Jia Yuehan contribution
    The late Qing period is the Chinese society the concept of "madness" shift recognized the critical period of the the lunatic hospital system function as Michel Foucault said: "Crazy is not a natural phenomenon, but a product of civilization no such phenomenon as crazy a

    Apr 15,2013

  • On the history of the world and world peace: of Chen Hengzhe world view of history Preliminary
    , Chen Hengzhe (1890 to 1976) is a batch Geng students taught at Peking University, and after returning, is China's first female professor. >> << Western history published in the 1920s, she was the China thesis Union http:/ the earliest one of the world hist

    Nov 28,2012

  • On the three days of world history teaching
    Three years fleeting, students quickly which has entered into a tense three days of learning, many students invariably ask me the same question: "teacher, how to learn the history of the world?" Faced with the confusion of the students, I more need to think carefully ab

    Nov 28,2012

  • Contemporary Significance analysis of Marx's theory of world history
    Papers network: a Marxist World History Theory of Discrimination contemporary economic globalization value Early in the century and a half ago, Marx based on reality, starting from the human material production practice, the process of development of human history to

    Nov 28,2012

  • On the Ming Dynasty the prime minister system the abolition of
    Abstract: China's prime minister auxiliary system originated in the Xia, Shang, termination of the Ming Dynasty. Highest feudal rulers of both the powers and also to enjoy the pleasure of the emperor is a necessary basis for the prime minister system; deal with national

    Jun 10,2012

  • Seniors on the fate of the unequal treaty change
    Abstract: In the late Qing period, the fate of many officials and foreign representations and rests in the war, seniors are no exception, have called him a traitorous surrender of the originator, it was said he created the honest diplomacy, this paper these ideas to com

    Oct 24,2011

  • About On the "white Ma Wangbiao gift" in the Three Kings and the relationship between Pi
    Abstract: AD 220, Cao Pi ascended the throne. Cao Zhi's position more than before, more exclusion and the fight against the political status on the frustration and rapidly changing, so he is very depressed mood. Huangchu four years (AD 223) wrote << Bai Ma Wangbia

    Oct 4,2011

  • On the political ethics Lu Jia Han
    Paper Keywords: Political Ethics Inaction Falluja people seeking re-sage Abstract: Lu Jia is a pioneer in the early Han Dynasty revival of Confucianism, his masterpiece <"New words>> to Ru virtue and morality-based home, Legalism also absorbed some of the fac

    May 26,2011

  • On military reform in Late Qing
     in the late nineteenth century, with the invasion of Western colonizers, the Qing Dynasty army steadily lost, so lost a lot of national interest. "Boxer of the change" after the Qing government of national crisis and the growing crisis of governance. To meet the growi

    May 12,2011

  • Of "one of Mongolia Oirat Code" of the Legislative Ethics
    Paper Keywords: <<Mongolian Oirat code a>> Mongolian Legislation Legislative Ethics Ethics Abstract: <<Mongolian Oirat code a>> legal literature is one of the three ancient Mongolian, is well-known Orientalist 雅金夫比丘林 Russia known as the "sevent

    May 6,2011

  • On "One of Mongolia Oirat Code" of the Legislative Ethics
    Paper Keywords: <<Mongolian Oirat code a>> Mongolian Legislation Legislative Ethics Ethics Abstract: <<Mongolian Oirat code a>> legal literature is one of the three ancient Mongolian, is well-known Orientalist 雅金夫比丘林 Russia known as the "sevent

    May 6,2011

  • On the Ethics of Genghis Khan
    Paper Keywords: sincerity and kindness Ethics Genghis Khan Abstract: Genghis Khan is one of our great statesman, military strategist. He was good at running the army, while his long political career, he also places great emphasis on ethics, the "sincerity," "kindness"

    May 5,2011

  • Institutional Change and Politics in Mid Western Han Dynasty
    Abstract: The history of the ancient rule of the Western Han Dynasty imperial power constraints on the relative rights and special rights Han mid-wife's family, especially Huo Guang more than twenty years of Bingguo have arguments, then reached a wife's family in the ca

    Apr 27,2011

  • On the trend of re-unification Wei
    Abstract: The Wei-Jin to the Sui reunification completed by the northern regime, is an inevitable trend. This trend is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is cultural awareness and economic development constitute the background, and second, political and military power

    Apr 19,2011

  • Historical reasons for the transformation of the Ming Dynasty
    History of Ming Dynasty, in the minds of most people, I feel no results at all, in fact, the number of Ming history books is astonishing, and its quality is also not be ignored. To Jiajing late after the emergence of a wide range of trends, this article will review the

    Apr 12,2011

  • The failure of the Nanchang Uprising
    Abstract: Nanchang Uprising of great historical significance, its failure for two main reasons: First, did not want to combine exercise with local farmers, local implementation of land revolution and the establishment of rural revolutionary regime, but taken alone strat

    Mar 26,2011

  • What is the history of the field system from the disappearance of the sky
    Late Spring and Autumn, the gradual disintegration of well-field system, and material factors contributing to this change is the improvement of productivity. One is the use of iron was a sign of higher productivity levels Began in the Shang Dynasty in China iron .20

    Mar 25,2011

  • Copy of Knowledge - Ancient private copies of the impact of activities on the dissemination of knowledge
    Paper Keywords: knowledge, intellectual property rights copy make private copies of Liyan Abstract: China with private copies of copy generation of the most fundamental way of knowledge has its origin and development of the origin, the later also had a profound impact

    Mar 16,2011

  • Emperor Kangxi's strategy of Success and Failure of reunification with Taiwan
    Abstract: Taiwan is Chinese territory since ancient times. A lot of history books and documented the early development of the Chinese people of Taiwan through .1683, the Qing government reunification of Taiwan, Taiwan returned to the motherland. Emperor of a unified str

    Jan 19,2011

  • Analysis of Chinese culture in English in the position and role
    Abstract: College English, should not be limited to English language teaching, should be in English, Chinese culture to the world. To work with China's status in the world consistent. However, the current College English Teaching and the requirement far apart. Therefore

    Jan 13,2011

  • On the Japanese colonial period "cultural penetration" strategy
    [Paper Keywords] Japanese rule, and cultural infiltration, religious, Chinese culture [Abstract] "cultural infiltration" of Northeast China during the Japanese rule, which applied to thought and religion, basic education and social and cultural aspects, to the Chinese

    Jan 13,2011

  • On the analysis of the historical process of modernization in Russia
    Paper Keywords: modernization, reform of serfdom, the Industrial Revolution Abstracts: Modern caused by industrialization, modern as the core of economic related social and political systems, economic patterns, lifestyles and ideology and a series of historic changes,

    Jan 12,2011

  • On the Meiji Restoration and the number of policy reform in Russia serfdom Comparison
    [Paper Keywords] Meiji Restoration, the reform abolition of serfdom, policies, compared [Abstract] mid-nineteenth century, Japan embarked on the Meiji Restoration through the rapid development of capitalism. The abolition of serfdom in Russia as the starting point of

    Jan 11,2011

  • Personality of Xun Yu
    [Abstract] Xun Yu Wei in the early first counselor, and his strategy to play a major role in Cao Cao Chengjiubaye. His superb intellectual terms, but his personality is also exceptionally high, with a high charisma, can be described as the Millennium example since the l

    Jan 11,2011

  • From "local" to "whole" - Social History from the Perspective of Political History
    [Paper Keywords] where the whole, social history, political history [Abstract] can study political history, social history and how the study of political history? This is the historians under discussion. In support of social history is a new "paradigm" view of the sch

    Jan 10,2011

  • Analysis of Russia after 1861 and farmer welfare of the land question
    [Paper Keywords] the reform of serfdom in Russia, the land, the revolution [Abstract] the reform of serfdom in Russia in 1861, is a shameless exploitation of farmers, land reform issues in Russia and the welfare of farmers is still severe, this is the beginning of Rus

    Jan 10,2011

  • Movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of the information dissemination activities
    Paper Keywords: dissemination of information dissemination function of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Abstract: In Chinese feudal society, history, information and communication industry was the feudal culture of despotism part has always been the ruling class of the ma

    Dec 28,2010

  • Shang Ching of people and information dissemination
    Paper Keywords: Shang, Zhen people, information, communication Abstract: Shang Zhen who lived about a hundred or more, most of them man-made tribal leaders, have their own possessions and economic power, but also for Chen Shang Dynasty who served as the post, and try

    Dec 28,2010

  • Thousands of miles to build knowledge of history teaching
    Paper Keywords: knowledge of history teaching of history textbooks System Summary of thesis: Construction of history learning system is a system engineering knowledge, history, teaching knowledge system, this system is an important part. The new curriculum philosophy

    Dec 20,2010