Program Design Course Teaching in Higher Vocational Computer Application arranged in proportion to explore

Vocational Computer Applications currently teaching plan new issues prevalent arrangement is relatively large proportion of program design courses, course number ones, when an insufficient number of single science, eventually leading to ineffective teaching paper and the reasons for this phenomenon in-depth analysis, and gives practical advice on setting Vocational Computer Application programming courses, with some reference.

A vocational computer application currently in process design curriculum new problems

Vocational Computer Applications currently teaching plan new arrangement more common problem is relatively large proportion of program design courses, course number ones, when an insufficient number of single science. Taking a school's instructional program, for example, in all 15 professional A total of eight required courses course is programming courses, not including software engineering, data structures and program design guidance curriculum, it relates to the specific data shown in Figure 1 Summary:

Have seen the program design courses professional courses in the proportion of about 50%, the student needs to grasp Programming Languages ​​C, C + +, VB, JAVA, VC + + and OO (Object Oriented), there are some school teaching plan arrangement also requires students to grasp c, c + +, VB, JAVA and DELPHI. However, the final result is not satisfactory.

As the number of program design courses ones, when an insufficient number of single science, so this teaching model to focus only on the surface inculcation of knowledge, while ignoring students' knowledge of the internalization process, ignoring the students to explore the subject, it makes learning becomes boring courses , after school programs, students learn some stiff sentence in addition to outside, and its level of programming and analysis, the ability to solve new problems actually not been given to improve the school's training objectives and training methods and business needs a serious out of touch, out students who work in the future is difficult to adapt to the actual job requirements.

2 Analysis and Solutions

I believe that the root of the problem is to generate new teaching programs arranged new problems. Vocational education is not vocational training, not to say in college to learn programming language, the more the more capable of performing the work of the future With the rapid development of computer technology The new program design platform emerged is that our students need to go back to school to learn it? answer of course is no, so this teaching plan layout mode is not beneficial to promote, on the other courses taught in the program design new problems, most of the argument is the "mouthpiece" to the language syntax as teaching focus, and the focus of assessment (standardized tests is extraordinary) did so for students to recite language concepts and syntax rules as the core point, the result is the students spend great effort to learn grammar, even the students get a high score in the exam, but still do not know how to solve practical by programming new problems.

I propose two ways to solve this new problem, first teaching programs arranged for the new problems can be arranged one programming language (recommended as C + +), increase the lectures and hands-on the number of hours the system through this course specifically learning, thorough explanations and plenty of hands-on student exercises will provide students with the last of the program design methods, object-oriented programming ideas and perspective to solve new problems, and even programming skills, style and all have good habits skills, while other high-level languages, such as JAVA, VB, VC + +, DELPHI, PB, NET, etc., can take elective manner specified in order to solve the resulting shortage of teachers new problems, you can take elective courses across the college offers specified way, of course, this requires effective consultation between the various schools operating methods, mutual recognition of credits.

Secondly, program design courses taught by new problems, on the one hand, in the process of teaching in the program design of the main line, each chapter covers a large number of examples. Example not to explain language concepts, but starting from the construction algorithm that focused on the algorithm logic to exercise students' actual programming ability to target in order to broaden students' ideas, you can give a different algorithm with an example solution, on the other hand, in the machine and the training process, the cultivation of students' ability to increase to enable students to discover their own side of the new problems, using programming tools to solve their own, and finally practice sessions through a well-known company and national human resource management personnel exchanges found that internships are not willing to accept student interns, the other schools are recommended to ask the company's technical director As a visiting professor at the school to elective or lecture in the form of front-line work experience and new technology developments teach students to compensate for teaching the theory and practical application of a decoupling of the current situation as well as internships defects.

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3 practical effect

(A) improve the teaching content and methods to improve the learning ability of students. Program design materials is basically a series of statements to explain the basis of statements, grammar and other knowledge, eg, c + + language textbook first introduces the general concept of the C language, and then introduce statements, functions, classes and objects in object-oriented programming concepts and their descriptions. Although these materials can be a high-level language of the basic concepts, statements, and other elaborate system was more comprehensive, accurate, but on the students' abilities and explore type of facilitator of learning that much functionality, so teaching in program design, we added to explain the "how to program" "How to improve the programming capabilities," and so, in the classroom to increase algorithm design analysis and discussion, emphasizing algorithm design optimization and process optimization, through a typical case teaching, guide students from the life of the community choose their own topics to explore practical learning in the learning process and actively use the knowledge to analyze new problems and solve new problems.

(2) strengthen the algorithm design thinking approach guidance algorithm is the basis for program design, in particular to explain the specific examples should focus on analytical methods and processes, and guide students to self succinctly describe the mathematical model and the problem-solving algorithm Practice has proved to guide students to discuss, through divergent thinking to expand and improve their programming skills in teaching full advantage of clues to guide students to explore, learn by analogy, by analogy, to encourage them to bold innovation on the traditional algorithms, the pioneering spirit of the students and divergent thinking Ability effect is very obvious.

(3) to strengthen the programming ability. Program design throughout the whole process of teaching computer science, computer science programming capability is the first student should have the ability in the teaching program should be designed to enhance students' abilities, step by step guide Students establish procedures designed distinctive symbols abstract thinking and inductive reasoning process in this process, and fully mobilize the initiative of students' learning preferences and the students take the initiative to think, analyze, thus improving the analysis of new problems and solve new problems capacity.

(4) increase in course design aspects of co-ordination ability to strengthen the system in the final program design layout teaching curriculum designed to allow students to use a relatively long time, apply their programming knowledge to complete a more complex issue in this session, the use of advanced programming topics theoretical guidance designed to enable students to learn through the use of object-oriented curriculum design theory to analyze the system, to grasp the object-oriented programming methodology and algorithm design methods while focusing procedure writing style exercises , the machine debugging and testing procedures abilities, so that students abstract thinking skills, logical thinking ability and practical ability in practice has been further improved, but also enhance the students' ability to co-ordinate system.


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