Contemporary Web-based technology university proctor arrangement system analyzes the different roles

For today's college artificial distribution invigilation work brought heavy task, inefficient, error rate and other defects, we design a Web-based technology university examiners layout system. Through the analysis of different roles in the system, the establishment of relationships between roles. After testing, the system can be well used dean proctor layout work.

O Introduction

Examination Management is the most important task of the management college, strict examination management system can help colleges and universities to measure objectively the correct level of teaching, strengthen the management style of study and improve teaching efficiency, however, the examination administration has its own complexity, Because each class each semester has eight, nine subjects needs to be laid around the exam, so arranged scientific and efficient management of the invigilator is the examination of the core. And today, when arranged invigilator teachers still use manual processing methods, had a lot of forms and data queries, so that the examination management has become more complex and inefficient. In order to meet the practical requirements of university examiners, for better management, this article uses B / S mode built a complete and unified, technologically advanced, highly efficient and stable management of the Senate examiner system, which set academic work automation and information into one, you can Academic departments work to provide quality and efficient business management and transaction processing, to achieve a unified view of information, examination information management and layout, layout invigilator teachers and examiners statistics and other functions.

A university examiner management system design

Row proctored exam classrooms need to be considered, classes, courses and invigilator, when asked, and many other factors, especially the difficult thing is to take into account various factors in order to ensure that the time does not appear, classes and other re-scheduling situation. Through repeated practice, examiners determined step by step to complete the task row, so that can avoid too many factors to consider, at a loss, but also make modular program design, enhancement procedures scalability and reusability. The main steps are proctored row, the first time asked discharged each time slice (half of a time slice) are ranked courses, which were requested at the same time slice can not have the same classroom, the same class, but also exhausted the classroom as much as possible, Then in each time slice row invigilator. For extraordinary row proctor requirements, a separate program modules can be built to deal specifically. In order to facilitate students and teachers to operate, the system uses B / S model development. The system will be divided into four roles that various user students, teachers, educational administrators and system administrators, and its functions are described as follows Summary:

(1) Student Role Summary: You can only view the layout of the course of the semester exam time, place and discipline information.

(2) Teachers' Role Summary: The author guitar lessons course information, you can schedule your exam time, or make extraordinary arrangement proctor requirements, Senate Office review and correct allocation of examinations arranged for teachers, but teachers can see all the courses this semester invigilator.

(3) Professional Academic Admin Role Summary: Professional Academic administrators by the hospital or the Senate secretary served as dean, their competence with summaries: View hospital courses this semester all teachers are arranged in the premise of adequate number of teachers, According to teachers exam appointment times or special requirements, see the idle time student, and can find the time no classes for teachers and classrooms, if, then according to the number of classrooms to accommodate the exam proctor for the courses assigned teachers. If the number of teachers is not sufficient, then the Senate administrator the right to refuse teacher request, and assign additional examination time. Meanwhile, the Senate, the administrator has to add teachers and students cheating on exams, and printing proctored arrangement reporting capabilities.

(4) System Administrator Summary: The system administrator can act as an administrator by the Office of Academic Affairs, and its main function is responsible for information management departments, and for other roles to grant users permissions to edit and modify. The system involves classes, courses, teachers and other types of entities, the system's E-R shown in Figure 1, both one relationship, there are many relationships and many relationships.

2 Academic examiner management system function structure

The system function modules include Abstract: basic information maintenance, feature set, database management, reporting and statistics modules, each module of the system after thinning, its organizational structure shown in Figure 2

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3 Senate examiner data flow management system

Data flow diagram (DFD) is a graphical technique, depicting the flow of information and data from the input to the output of the transformation process. In the data flow diagram without any specific physical elements, but the rendering information flow in the software and the handle. Design data flow diagram to complete the system must be considered when the basic logic functions, completely without regard to how concretely implement these functions, therefore, the data flow graph is the future of software design good starting point.

Step 1 Abstract: Basic information table from the teacher, the curriculum of basic information table, class basic information table were extracted from the classroom teacher's name and number, course number and name, class number and name and semesters

Step 2 Abstract: In a class, a semester course settings, including school subjects, classroom teachers, class time per week, semester, etc., stored in the "classroom curriculum layout table",

Step 3 Summary: Results of the classes currently semester courses have been arranged exam will test time, location, and other information stored in the invigilator teachers' exam schedule ", the

Step 4 Abstract: The end of the examination, the examiner circumstances (including the invigilator teachers and students discipline case) stored in the "examiner case record form" in Figure 4 is a dean proctor management system data flow.

4 Senate examiner management system implementation

1. Development environment

The front of the system using ASP. NET programming languages, the background using SQL SERVER 20O0 databases, software environment requires Abstract: WindowsXP, hardware configuration requirements Abstract: Computer with Pentium processor, VGA and compatible monitor, 256M of RAM memory.

2. Programming Techniques

The use of structured programming techniques, try to refine row invigilation work to make each job modularity, which can be any combination of examiners for the realization of a variety of exclusive basis, the use of object-oriented programming techniques, can produce efficient database that provides information and making it easy to maintain, use the controls can enhance the application interface, improve system availability.

5 Total Results

Academic work in schools, ranked courses row examiner is the most difficult program design work, this is because each school teachers, classrooms and other resources are configured differently, more importantly, a lot of schools artificial rules, thus causing that can not design one-size-fits-all general program, the paper design an exclusive examiner program, although strive for perfection, but it is difficult to be one hundred percent universal. Therefore, to establish a true universal row examiner system, while in the course scheduling algorithm and program design and development tools continue to make an effort to explore the other hand, we should also attach importance to the standardization of the examination system, this is still a worthy of continued attention and to explore new problems.

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