[Infographic] a chart of the initial Inclusive Finance Index

(Research papers Download News) July 30, the initial level of disclosure inclusive finance development of urban and rural areas, 'Peking University digital Inclusive Financial Index' (2011-2015) published in Shanghai. The index is a composite measure except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, 31 provinces in the Mainland (including municipalities and autonomous regions), 337 prefecture-level cities, counties and digital 1754 inclusive financial development, the time span from 2011 to 2015 .

Index shows that in the field of inclusive finance digital gap between regions is narrowing. On some indicators, the Midwest and even better performance than in the eastern region, showing the 'corner overtaking' possible.

In addition to GDP, in fact, there are other criteria can be measured in the past five years, China's development, where progress, where regressed.

(Source: Cover News)

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