[Infographic] smart devices and networking equipment will completely change people's payment

(Research papers Download News) In recent years, the rapid development of technology. In 2007 the first iPhone was released, like a science fiction movie props. Then the iPhone now looks really clumsy, and less functional. Now what we are networked, extending from the cell phone to each of us to see things, our homes, and even our car. The figure below summarizes the key aspects of our new network of life, as well as its impact on the payment method.

The number of networked devices in 2016 will reach 40 million by 2020 will reach 13.5 billion, an increase of 236%;

2016 Things consumer hardware spending $ 546 billion by 2020 will reach $ 1.534 trillion, an increase of 181%;

Global steadily growing number of non-cash transactions, paid in 2020, the European network will become the mainstream;

2016 Global network the number of cars will reach 37.06 million by 2020 will reach 160 million;

Cars in the near future will support automatic payment of parking fees and other costs;

2030 global use of the autopilot car population will reach 400 million;

Uber has established a convenient non-cash settlement drive sharing services;

2020 tickets online, ticket size will grow by 50%, an increase from $ 353,836,000,000 to $ 528,375,000,000;

Networking cars will become automotive purchase content and services new point of sale, in-car entertainment content sales growth from 1396 to 6539 million US dollars, real-time navigation spending growth from 2468 to 7155 million US dollars;

Next four years, the global smart homes from 11.1 million to 44.1 million increase;

Smart home technology spending will grow to $ 15,624,000,000 $ 42,987,000,000;

2019 Global home networking device shipments grew 67% over the previous year;

2020 global consumer spending in terms of high-quality online video will grow from $ 18.346 billion to $ 29.302 billion this year;

2015 to 2018 global Smart TV shipments will grow 60%, up from 149.5 to 240.2 million;

2016 streaming media content will account for 54.8% of online media subscription revenues;

By 2020 the global smart phone penetration rate from this year's 43.7% increase to 55.8%;

2020 global wearable device shipments will grow from 110 million units this year to 237 million units;

With the popularity of these smart devices, intelligent mass consumption will move toward a subscription model;

Moreover, the networking equipment will also promote in-store and online shopping used during online payment growth.


(Source: Wirecard)

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