Actual combat: hand scoop home how to get traffic

Free papers download center news: 'priority recommended buyers favorite baby'

'And the most in line with the needs of buyers baby'

It is necessary to understand the principle that the system will never change. I then according to the current situation for a different expression:

'Preferred buyers are interested in labeling the largest weight'

'And the buyer attributes the label the weight of the biggest baby'

So, the owner of the search is based on the keyword sorting logic, is flat, is the river catch fish logic. While the player is the small pond fishing page, more three-dimensional. So the focus to fall on your baby above, and your baby in the end is a small shrimp love to eat the bait, or a large crab favorite food, clear this is essential.

For example:

The first step: the system is not clear you are a small shrimp or a large crab love to eat the bait, but the system will be a rough recommendation to a wave of traffic to you, click rate, conversion rate and other related indicators will be poor, and the system will determine you Shrimp like to eat the bait;

The second step: the system will be targeted to recommend a wave of shrimp over, if you find that you really eat shrimp, and better than other shrimp bait;

The third step: the system will gradually recommend the mass of shrimp over, if found to recommend the shrimp are very loving to eat, then the system will occasionally recommend a wave of big crabs and small fish come to try, if you do not like it will be reduced, If you like will increase, so the flow will fluctuate;

The fourth step: shrimp is divided into many varieties, crabs and fish are the same, will be divided into many varieties, the system will automatically analyze and filter, and ultimately come to which you are in line with what kind of shrimp food and what kind of crabs, fish The food will fall from the peak to a fixed value, and has been stable, unless there is another more delicious food to replace you.

This is the principle of hand recommended home flow!

How do I get through the straight-through traffic?

On the train, we are good at and most attention to what? ----- keyword promotion.

Wrong, since then, you have to pay more attention to directional promotion. Such as '2' said, the system is not at first, you know whether you like to eat in the end of the bait or bait like to eat bait, and bait varieties so much, why give priority to recommend traffic to you?

A lot of baby is actually able to get a lot of traffic flow, because this is lost, hand Taobao home did not identify what you are bait, or even simply did not test the flow of the recommended, so you engage in all engage in Do not come out.

How to do? ------ direct train direct pull!

Build a straight train plan.

Visitor orientation:

Like my shop visitors

Like visitors to the same shop

If you are a tedious shop, to like my shop visitors to increase the premium, like the same store visitors premium low;

If you are a low-cost shop, the likes of my shop visitors premiums lower, like the same class of visitors to increase the premium;

Shopping intent targeting:

Inside each keyword is an independent small fish pond, as long as they can come in the system to determine your baby, all the unified premium, and then slowly adjust the situation according to the situation;

Search Redirection:

Must be opened, a lot of children's shoes, do not know why this thing can be turned off. Search redirection is to let the system to help you statistics, analysis, calculation, in the end you like shrimp like to eat or crab like to eat the bait, in the end is what kind of shrimp like to eat and what kind of crabs like to eat, he will continue To help you determine the targeted delivery, so that you are through the direction of the train to tell Taobao who is the dish, so that the recommendations of the flow of the first page will be more targeted, the outbreak of the speed will be faster.

You can only stay on the home page is enough, but are the flow, if the data is better to see if you can not Well, the initial plan is still the best to keep, but the best time to keep the phone, Premium to hand Taobao home a little higher, the message center can be relatively low.

Set up, you will find that your data is very ugly, with your keywords immeasurably, maybe many people will give up at this time, absolutely sucker !!

Search redirection is still counting it, give him a week to calculate the time, you do not worry, optimize 1 times a day, or 2 days to optimize a good times, the system itself will be optimized, do not you too much intervention The

As long as your baby itself is tested, the data no problem, that directional data will be more and more good-looking. The charge is getting lower and lower, put into production higher and higher, traffic will be more accurate, more critical is that you help the system to determine whether in the end is shrimp or crab like to eat the bait. Hand Taobao home traffic will gradually increase, and hand Taobao their own will count, combined with your train to tell him the data, the recommended traffic will be more and more, the final results you know.

At the beginning of this article on the show, not necessarily you can get the hand flow 10 million + daily traffic, but this flow will gradually increase, even more than your main search and direct traffic to be more than any one traffic entry flow. (Source: Amoy six six; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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