Actual combat: do a good job of straightforward weight to do so

Big promotion period, now the train to how to play? Straight train account has been unable to do, how to deal with? Now the deduction is too high, is there a good way to do the account weight?

Now, are a vicious cycle, the account weight is low, can not get to show, only a high price, click to spend high, this is a pit! Burn a lot of money, the account did not get up!

I hope I can share this content, spend money to learn is also worthy of sharpening firewood workers, adjust the good, save money, but also enough, after all, is once and for all the operating skills!

Since there are more friends to find a ghost sword, I will share a hair, so that friends look at how the operation of the ghost sword is the weight of the train!

Look at a map, you know, why should we pay attention to the weight of the train account!

Through train

Average click cost, so high What type, men's class Mody, or what competition is a big product, local tyrant can be so burn! Tate can find me, let's talk about business!

And then his home to do is the home products, selling summer sofa cushion. Look at the data, together to the store to diagnose it. PC-side quality score seventy-eighty-eight, wireless score looks good ah PC-side basically did not put, but out of a very low price, mobile side ranked burning front, comprehensive view of the first three in the move Look at the offer. Four or five of the level of the high bid.

Through train

The result is not to show much, deductive very touching. Although it seems good to click, but the cost of drainage is too high. The daily necessities of the profits are not much, with the same price competition. So burn down, not ordinary people, you can continue to engage in.

Look at a case of operation, you can directly understand the importance of the weight of the account. Data on a lip balm product:

Through train

Quality score of 10 points, put the location, hot words placed in the first place or move the first three appear. But look at the price, the bid is only a few cents, you can get a good show. Such a stable weight to get enough exposure at low prices, at the same time, click-through rate, conversion rate can be guaranteed!

Comprehensive analysis, two accounts, are 10 points word, put the location are both front. One to bid four or five, in order to get a small amount of show, another account only a few cents, you can get a good show.

Why the bid gap is so big, there is a big gap between the show. The two categories of peer competition is not small, make-up baby more competitive.

The same is 10 points keywords, we must consider the weight problem. Here to tell you a point, you know, in the operation through the traffic, the quality of the score is a direct expression of weight. However, the keyword's quality score is 10-, the same 10+.

The same is 10 points keywords, but the weight difference is 10-, meaning that the actual score of less than 10 points. Often concerned about the account quality score changes in the business must have encountered. The keyword has been shown to be 10 points, but the point of the key when the show is 9 points. And 10 +, it is better to understand, showing 10 points, but the actual score is higher than 10 points.

There is such a distinction, is to put the business in the business when the train. To avoid multiple businesses choose the same keywords, the same match, the same bid, the quality score is the same. All the same, how to show, we must join the other reference weight!

Thinking through the direct flow through the train, the premise is to open the traffic gate before the weight, stability, weight, in order to gain the most!

Remember the train, not the burn tool, but the drainage tool!

Do not mistake the firecrackers, you think through the train through the drainage, thinking to hand hand flow (weight can not bring up, only burn money) before the first to get the most important issues. Not learn to go, would like to run quickly, will be exhausted their own. All kinds of problems emerge in an endless stream, you do not know how to engage in the end!

Well, since it is a very important question to see how this is coming out. The rest of the ink, I will focus on you, how to optimize the weight, so that you will not lose at the starting line!

Do a good job of weight, go straight to optimize every step!

The key points, keywords, click-through rate, and conversion rate that affect the weight of the train will have an impact on the weight of the through train operation. So the operation of the time, the account of each optimization point, can not be ignored. Have to operate the overall field of vision, rather than just staring at one aspect, life change. Get, and not necessarily the result of your efforts.

The direction of the wrong, effort in vain, in the promotion, operation of the shop, this is the truth!

Optimize the weight, that is, in the optimization of keywords, the primary nature of this piece from the key to adjust.

Optimization techniques

Optimization keywords should pay attention to the direction of optimization. Multi-analysis, ground optimization, daily for individual keyword adjustments. 3-5 days or so, according to the overall account of the system optimization time. Delete useless keywords, enhance the keyword drainage capacity!

Clearly through the traffic is to do the explosion of the tools, so the initial optimization of keywords, we should pay attention to from the show, click, conversion gradually to optimize. Get effective show, high-quality click, in order to get a good conversion, and then push the account weight, enhance the drainage effect!

Choose keywords is the first step in optimizing your keywords:

There are many ways to choose keywords, where the emphasis is on a point, keyword matching. Keyword matching, is based on the product attributes, product title, promotion of the title of the selected words.

Give the most obvious example, recently done, in terms of keywords on behalf of the category. But now the baby is selling, rapid rise period. To prevent some people malicious competition, only to show some keywords. Do the car cushion baby, four seasons common models. Car goods as a hot category, in the current household car ownership to keep the case, the demand is naturally great.

The title is the product core word + car brand words

Through train

In the promotion, are around the relevant title to add the keywords, can have a good match. The standard product is to do so, other attributes of the word more products, but also to match the good attributes.

Through train

There is a good match, in the initial optimization, in order to more easily do the weight! After all, such a high single-standard products, competition is great! Play method, nature to be more detailed!

The best initial keyword selection, it is necessary to add associated words, derivatives, etc.! Add a keyword, we should pay more attention to timely optimization, do not drag the account!

Keyword adjustment is the second step in optimizing the keyword:

Through train operation, not good words, good pictures, you can really drain. But the need for the owner to continue to analyze the data, adjust the keywords in order to run through the train.

The key to effective drainage is that keyword optimization!

Through train

There are other data to have a reference. Put into the initial stage, do not limit the display of keywords, first get enough to show, with data feedback, and then how much control to show. This time the control, not because of the data gap affect the keyword quality score!

Bidding determines the location of the baby to determine the competitiveness of products and peers. And the front of the show is a direct relationship. Often, individuals are directly out of the industry average price, and then make adjustments.

Keyword optimization is through price changes, to improve the drainage effect, control the display of keywords, reduce the ineffective show, improve the click, improve the transformation and so on. Bid adjustment, the need to do more analysis of promotional data, timely optimization, the focus is to put the cost into the high value of the keywords!

Through train

Especially in the set the time to set, you can use the template, the better is to increase their own under the shop before the increase in premium, click to reduce the reduction. The main optimization direction, to focus on what data, in order to click on the rate, according to the click rate of change time set!

Match the way flexible use, different keywords with different matching methods. The basic principle is that the hot words with precise matching, precise words to see the quality of sub-selection match, long tail words match! The main purpose is to control the show, a view to prevent excessive display, click too little, one is to prevent the show less, can not get the click! Optimize the matching method is to improve the accuracy of the click crowd.

Delete keywords, replace the keyword, is to pay attention to the operation. Not because of reluctant, feeling pretty good, to keep some of the delicious taste of the abandoned words. Clearly, you want the word, for what. He has a real positive effect, you can keep, and throw away. Tail out big, sick of you!

Do weight period, based on click-through rate, lower than the industry, and decisively not

To traffic, based on click-through rate, only 1.2 points higher than the industry, you can consider not

To output period, to roi-based, consumption of large, low output, do not directly, tired feel do not love!

Keyword deletion principle, based on click-through rate, conversion rate, roi, quality score increase or decrease based on the situation to adjust!

When it comes to the principle, the quality score has been said. The most direct expression of weight is the level of quality score.

Quality Score is mainly concerned with the data dimension: click rate, conversion rate, DSR, collection purchase, jump rate, etc. will affect the final quality score. The most important is the front two, behind the dynamic feedback weight. For some long-term words, the weight of dynamic feedback is low, but for hot words precision words, dynamic feedback is affected, your quality is 10-, or 10 + weight!

General tricks:

A small number of high scores

To precise words, especially the long tail word

Relevance, high matching keywords

Release the match, high-priced burning, get an effective show, in order to obtain high clicks (the use of the buyer is to search for long words, clear and accurate needs)

Only put the station within the wireless side, pc is slag residue, the station can not engage in more

Do not loose network, as long as the precise delivery, control ineffective show, harvest high-quality click

In the optimization of keywords, has been involved in the click rate of this piece of analysis. Now just separate in the talk, but the actual operation of the time, is to analyze the adjustment. This point you should pay attention to share separately, just let friends see more clearly, I optimize the shop, are doing what!

Optimize clicks, select keywords for high click on keywords. At the same time, also pay attention to the optimization of click-through rate. Focus on optimizing the promotion map, and keyword show qualifying.

Promotion chart - the impact of the level of click

Location - how much impact is affected

Promotional title - affects matching

Conversion, is the result of through train promotion. The front of the operation, whether it is done, to see how the conversion! With the transformation, the weight can be real accumulation, in order to stabilize the weight of live!

Conversion optimization points:

Conversion rate is multifaceted, the first is to improve the accuracy of traffic, highlighting the product selling point, full display of products, so that buyers recognize the price of the product!

Through train


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