Net red economy Fallen history: knowledge, live, food

Because the KOL, Luo Zhenyu, colorful beauty anchor gradually lost when the freshness of the capital market in addition to the contents of the head to continue to make an article outside the head of the Internet, as the popular product of the Internet popular, after twists and turns, attributed to calm , But also committed to looking for a new tipping point, it seems that food has become the next day the main body of the red signs.

Such as the recent fire around the circle of friends lobster, also received the favor of electricity business giants. This season's season due to coincide with the Jingdong, Lynx mid-year shopping section, crayfish usher in 'concentrated heavy volume', just in the past 6 days cost-effective activities, the days of cat fresh record excellence, which is a meteor shower, A burst of crayfish, 1 hour sold 150,000, as if worthy of the night night 'super network red' the first name.

Not only that, hi tea, mourning tea, abalone and other food and beverage have also been triggered by a burst of sought after, although not like crayfish as a phenomenon-level products, but from the catering industry to create a new net red brand, is tantamount to breaking A New Idea of the Silence of the Red Economy.

But when the net red through the microblogging, WeChat, short video and live the rise of the times, the development of the current food network red, the main body from the people into things, the essence of content creation is being submerged, this is not a net red economy Kind of decline? Or the stage of the flash in the pan, is not meant that the net red economy can only be a short business phenomenon?

From the people to the thing, is not the net economy of a recession?

When the Internet or mobile Internet has gradually become the mainstream of the media, the birth of the red will become inevitable, which is derived from the television era of film stars similar to the situation, so widely speaking, all the people on the Internet platform fire can be called For the net red. But the net red economy is slightly slower, it is the premise of the formation of the net red seeking to become a universal phenomenon, which also determines the foundation of its existence is the popularity into value.

The earliest red card can be traced back to the early days of Internet access, many literary sites and communities gave birth to thought and writing known 'Internet people', such as the Chinese Internet first reading community under the banyan tree, has brought together Anne baby, Han Han, God of Wealth, Guo Jingming and a number of quite well-known writers, and Tianya wind and water when they were removed from here, to create the 'most humane community.'

Although this is not a narrow sense of the net red, but obviously you can see the celebrities of this period, the same is the use of online media to obtain fans, but more inclined to use pure text message expression, which corresponds to the text Exchange-based social way.

After 2010, microblogging and WeChat have come in addition to the emergence of a number of early stars and large V, and also makes the network red from the elite gradually shift to civilians. On the one hand, because the social platform changes directly from the media era, all kinds of marketing or content production accounts emerge in an endless stream, especially the major platform help, resulting in the threshold from the media continue to decrease. But now can really have a large number of fans, popular in the ordinary Internet users from the media 'net red' more and more.

On the other hand, this period of net red generation, apparently not by virtue of the output of this single way, appearance, spoof, sharp words and so can become a 'odd' winning method, so the number of red population showed an exponential rise The At the same time it is precisely because of this, the net red began to promote their own accumulation of fame turned to the realization of commercial value, popular sense of the network of red economy came into being, and electricity business network red, since the media network red branch also means that the net red economy in To the vertical and vertical direction.

Followed by short video and live the tide gradually, this new way of social interaction, can be described as to promote the red economy to the peak of development, of course, behind the mobile Internet is not only brought about by the change, but also because the network red and pang entertainment trend More easily attract the attention of Internet users, especially the popular era of the popular, even fleeting, but also makes the 'net red' deeply rooted in the people, as the 2016 capital competition and the market sought after concentrated object.

And regardless of the difficulties of the implementation of red, from the popularity of the accumulation or the soaring of the time point of view, whether it is microblogging big V, since the media V or today's short video network, red, behind more or less correspond With a turnaround, or even in other words, these social platform product changes gave birth to a batch of different styles of network red groups. But when these voyages prevail, we can visually see the real face of the exposed red economy.

Of course, the development of online red economy so far the role of policy and intervention, especially in the past two years, the Internet economy changes, are directly linked with it, but also directly cut off the network of the advanced road.

A live network of red stifled because of its increasingly vulgarity of the wrong direction, which makes the net red economy touched the bottom line of the policy, two related to the contents of the output of short video, from the media and other forms, recently because of the ideological awareness of the Become more treading on thin ice. So now want to come, and only only the appetite of the food and the combination of the Internet, it will not be caused by flying risk policy risk, thus short video network red and live network red to the food network red.

But look at these are not the outlet of the food network to support the red, hi tea, abercrombie france, etc. are fleeting, and more just a small public range of hot, so the development of the red economy to this stage, is not representative of a The recession?

Now the net red economy has deviated from the essence of content creation

With the voyage continued to subside, net red economy of course into the slow growth period, and even many have been eliminated in the market during the shuffle, so this recession trend can only be seen from the relevant data.

To broadcast network as an example, Tencent Institute recently launched the '2017 network anchor new fashion' report shows that more than 4500 countries in the country after the survey survey found that the monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan head of the host Than only 5%, while the monthly income of 10,000 yuan in the ordinary host accounted for up to 95%, of which the monthly income of only 100 yuan in the following accounted for more than 7 percent.

Moreover, the popularity of the era of the popular broadcast of the well-known online red is also facing a large number of fans lost the problem, according to industry sources, the first half of 2016 several large live platform on the top five of the main anchor, active fans can reach a few One hundred thousand, but by the end of last year, active fans data has slipped to 50,000.

Live itself suffered a blow to make the industry brought to its knees, more than that, 'live + red + electric business' this was optimistic about the capital market business model, and now because of live damage, destroyed the original triangular support business relationship, thus Tumbled the net red power industry development. In addition, the logical thinking and papi sauce break seems to be an important signal is difficult to follow the net, in short, all kinds of data and events are implied in the loss of the net after the red economy, is to silence.

However, in the heyday of the net economy, the government's forced intervention played a too important role in blocking, which made the pace of live stop abruptly, so that short video, from the media industry development is limited, so this external obstruction seems Became the culprit of the economic downturn. And many people think that the policy clean-up vulgar content is understandable, but it is in the 'one size fits all' way, undermine the red economy has formed a business model, it is bound to bear the primary responsibility. But the reality is really the case?

Obviously this is only the appearance, the voyage boost, after all, is an external force, although it plays a leading role in the process of the rise of the net red, but the internal cause is still the red mind to convey the idea, values and even personality traits, because these To some extent to meet the needs of ordinary Internet users or some Internet users, so to the brand transformation, and thus spawned commercial value. Once only rely on external mode, until the tuition will naturally be exposed to the market under the test, out of only sooner or later.

So alone has been swept out and struggling to survive the network red comparison, even if there is content output of the net red, in the homogenization of competition has also been difficult, not to mention some grandstanding, the picture of the moment of speculators, this Also once again proved that the net economy in the final analysis or a form of content production, whether it is marketing rally or capital operation, are in the personalized brand service.

But from the knowledge network red to the current food network red, you can find, with the user groups of civilians and the form of diversification, content elements gradually by the strong impact, not only its connotation has become increasingly shallow, and the content of the core of the development of red The role is constantly being diluted. Such as from Guo Jingming to Xifeng, and then will only show off the body of the beauty of the anchor, the content value can be described as decreasing step by step, and bad money to drive out good money, this part of people just can quickly become the mainstream of the network red group, which can not Is the development of the malformed red economy.

And then look at today's food network red, with the established goods, paste a certain spirit of the needs of the label, but a disguised form of marketing fills, not to mention in this process even the substantive content output are not, Which also led to all kinds of net red food or net red shop can only small-scale, short time to survive. And this red body from the individual into the trend of goods, it is the content elements almost abandoned the performance.

All in all, like the industry and ultimately manufacturing the core, the virtual economy and ultimately the platform and service base, the net economy completely deviate from the elements of content, in fact, is a recession.

Net red economy at this stage is still just a business phenomenon

Net red economy is often used and entertainment industry compared to, especially the night burst of red chance and rely on fans and other characteristics, so that the two have a lot of similarity, coupled with the well-known online red and entertainment each output, A sign of reality. It is also because, through the comparison of the two, more can find the net red economy is difficult to change from commercial phenomenon into a mature industry reasons.

First, the film and television content is the average audience or user entertainment needs, and even can be said that in the TV era has just been formed, so even though now where the mobile Internet era, essentially only to expand its media, which determines the film Resources in the entertainment industry take the initiative.

And the net red group to meet the diversity of entertainment needs, in the scope and durability of the difficult and compared to film and television drama, and they are more dependent on the Internet platform, especially over the excessive dependence on the capital sought after. That is, in the course of operation in a passive, often in the formation of a stable business model, it was abandoned by the capital, so the net red economy with a very strong transient.

Second, the film and television industry after years of development has formed a solid mode of operation, and its music, film and television, variety and other market segments, not only has a broad market development, but also between the formation of a virtuous circle, and related entertainment companies, media Film and television has long been the pattern of established, so as long as the content clearance in general can get the source of interest.

And the net red economy is still in the search for the realization of the road, relying on the reward and a small part of the advertising, it is difficult to maintain a stable income. And behind the maintenance of the network operation of the hatching company and the carrying platform, there are many and the same as in the early development of the Internet, on the one hand to face their own development difficulties, on the other hand their interests and net income is not completely coincident , That is, even if the platform is bigger, net red is not the ultimate beneficiaries.

Of course, after all, the film and television industry has developed a few years, the net red economy is only emerging products, if there is enough time is not able to become a mature industry? There are many practical difficulties, especially in the case of the net economy has not yet a solid foundation, the impact of capital operation is too deep, the short time and time to bring the overwhelming majority of a chicken feathers, this ups and downs Type of development in the net red economy is a great disadvantage.

In addition, the net red economy ultimately depends on the content to maintain, which inevitably involves the content to pay, in the content of the spring before the real arrival, how many net red can safely through several shuffling period? All in all, the current network of red economy may only be a short business phenomenon.

For a long time will be minutes, will be a long time together, perhaps until the collapse of the red network can be self-contained, the net red economy can form a fixed industry may. (Source: crooked thinking; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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