Actual combat: Taobao short video product requirements and short video channel distribution rules

Taobao short video products and copy what are the requirements? How is short video distributed to different channels? Here will tell about one by one out, while there will be a seller who is most concerned about the issue, I hope to help you dispensers!

Taobao short video

Taobao short video of the merchandise requirements

Commodity: must be used in the video, the emergence of key commodities as far as possible (the type of video as much as possible), in accordance with the time of the goods appear in the camera commodity card

Quantity: Set the base number of the baby as expected

No watermark, no stitching, no logo, no psoriasis, no extra words, background clean, try to choose the white map Taobao short video copy requirements

Title: 1.16 words within; 2. not have 'and other special symbols; 3. highlight the video Aspect, people have click desire, but not with a clear title party and pornography; 4, in line with advertising

Introduction: 1.150 words or less; 2. Communicate the theme, Aspect, so that users can quickly understand the video worthy of attention, learning place, do not repeat, copy the vivid and appealing; 3. Do not pile the selling point, do not appear marketing words, How the video is distributed to different channels

Video upload can choose classification words, there are four kinds of words, one is the field, the second is the type, the third is the crowd, the fourth is the style. All the shopping guide entrance is based on the classification of thousands of thousands of people to show, so the classification is very important, please businessmen must fill in the correct classification of video.

How is the video reviewed?

Video audit has three processes, one is the machine audit, filter video clarity is not enough, length, proportion, the number of goods does not meet the requirements of the video; second audit shop DSR is greater than or equal to 4.6, and whether to meet the rules of day cat marketing, Whether the violation of advertising law and yellow gambling; third manual review, the main audit video content and cover, whether the violation of the content requirements, and video tags.

After the three audits, the video will be distributed to each channel according to the classification.

Short video quality system

According to the video itself's clarity, duration, and your copy, title, the contents of the goods each video will have a content quality, video to the channel, the user comments on your video, sharing will affect the quality of points, quality Sub-high content will get more exposure.

The first focus of the month, marketing activities, the shopping guide entry theme page, all kinds of promotional marketing activities, will be with the short video show, show the opportunity to be based on the quality of the content, the score is about high, the greater the opportunity to show the greater. At the same time short video is doing a 500 industry to build IP plan, each year 3w content quality of the video will be marked on the image of Taobao official watermark, have the opportunity to pass the official microblogging network and online resources push. (Source: Walking the net; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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