Actual combat: big data tell you how to go after the Taobao Road

Everyone who is going to operate Taobao shop, everyone should want to shop more and more customers, sales performance is getting higher and higher, get more profits; but every shop Business success, its success is not to say that rely on luck, want to run a good shop it needs to pay a lot, the market rules and development trends, the analysis of user behavior, shop layout planning, product promotion and publicity, service And after-sales, every link needs to be done, only in this way, the store can quickly and steadily develop, then today to share with you the future development direction of Taobao, Taobao later how to do it will not be kicked out?

First, understand the general direction of the market and the development trend of the platform

1, the platform threshold to improve

In 2015, when the rules of lodging mall, to change to investment, then only by the invitation of the big brands and businesses can join the day cat platform operators, but this led to some of the strength of domestic and foreign brands to join, Their funds are very adequate, and high visibility, will be more recognized, their arrival will bring a great impact on the existing business, the first will be divided into the original resources of the flow of resources, while advertising in the above, they Not bad money, this piece of resources in general small sellers may also play, however.

2, the platform traffic is no longer explosive rise

Taobao began to build to now, has been more than a dozen years, during which the platform has been in the high-speed increase in the flow, see the annual sales of 21 can see, but to 2016, by Up the slowdown, the main reason is that Taobao is now basically full popularity, will play mobile phone computer shopping, have been using Taobao, the demographic dividend is also disappearing, the number of new users will not be so obvious , While other platforms continue to emerge, in the slowly eroded and melted flow.

3, Taobao operating costs increase

Because the market competition becomes more and more big, the environment has become more complex, Taobao operations also need to invest more money to develop new models, and spend more to promote the cost of more traffic, and other labor costs The increase in staff training investment, continue to increase the cost of operations.

4, the user's spending power and demand

Because the changes in all aspects of consumer groups have become different, and now the rapid economic growth, rising living standards, increased income, while some of the previous consumption is not strong, no income students, with the work time longer , Income doubled, and now spending power, the quality of the product and services are correspondingly higher.

In the shop to promote operating expenses, done Taobao years old drivers should have known, put into production than the ROI is declining every year, and click on the deduction PPC is rising, such as through train, a few minutes before a click, to now The number of hair to a few, especially the big competition in the industry, the bid has reached a large number of pieces. The face of such advantages and disadvantages of the situation, then the small sellers should be how to adapt?

Second, the small sellers of coping methods

The market changes, the consumption environment is different, then we have to do the corresponding Taobao shop to adjust, keep up with the changes in the times, to seize market opportunities, so that our impact is reduced, and quickly grow up to enhance their overall nature Traffic and sales, thus breaking the bottleneck. So what should we do in the end, simply, can be divided into the following aspects to operate:

1, do not blindly pursue the ROI value of the train

In front of us we have said that many times not to say that through the train after the request to produce how many orders to calculate in the end there is no profit or loss, because it is only a simple direct profit calculation, and the indirect income we can not see Such as the increase in natural traffic, search for the top of the rankings, so some bosses blindly asked to run the ROI value of the train to reduce the input is not correct, although the ROI value is more important, but it is not the only indicator, When the overall flow of data when the store is down, that is, need to use the train to maintain, if only consider ROI production is certainly the result will be worse.

2, analysis of products, understand the market demand

The first is the customer unit price upgrade, we all know that foreign imports of product prices are relatively high, but the purchase of people is still very much, which is not the main reason is not strong with their spending power does not care about the price, but because of word of mouth And quality, then we want to improve the customer unit price, but also can go from the quality of the product to start, to find a better quality of the supply, the shop to re-planning and layout of the whole, improve the baby's customer unit price and overall profit.

And then the basic sales, for example, I saw a women's shop, the product price is 200 - 300 or so, but no sales did not evaluate, so, even if someone into the store to see, because there is no basis for sales, Fear of buying, and traffic is not difficult to promote the transaction.

At the same time even if the user's economic capacity is relatively strong, product quality clearance, pricing is reasonable, but the women's style is very important, will play a decisive role, so choose to meet the user's favorite style becomes very important, so we often say Of the train pass, through the train data to analyze, what kind of style will be more by the user's favorite, is the user wants.

Finally, to say that the mall, such as the battlefield, unpredictable, we have to understand the latest rules and the new play in real time, so as to go further. (Source: Taobao University; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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