[Marketing case] Shunfeng rookie dispute ended, but the big data of the war has started

The Internet industry war every day, for the social, security, for the electricity business ... ... but these relatively smooth and rookie between the competition, are only part of the 'boots itch' minor , Because this is playing the 'big data' idea.

In early 2017, the Ministry of Industry and officially issued a 'large data industry development plan (2016 ~ 2020)', the big data defined as the realization of power and network power to provide a strong industrial support. More surprisingly, the Ministry of Industry forecast data show that by 2020, large data related products and services business revenue will exceed 1 trillion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate will remain as high as 30%.

It can be said that 'big data' will become the future of the Internet industry, the traditional industry to improve quality and efficiency of the cornerstone. Now, Shunfeng rookie pinch frame has ended, and then to discuss the merits and demerits too tired to discuss the missionaries and mercenaries too hurt, but the future variables still unknown, the war from ancient times is the winner of the law. Well, maybe we can describe the 'big data' secret treasure will be more fun.

Figure: Trap YunDMP large data platform

'Big data' reshape the advertising industry

As the pearls after the waves, the crystallization of the time after the crystallization of any industry has its core value, 'big data' is the Internet industry sinking bright pearl. It contains, since the beginning of the Internet, human beings in the Internet left a variety of traces, including preferences, occupation, habits, address and so on. These traces constitute the other side of the human - the Internet personality.

Internet era, the earliest use of large data industry is undoubtedly the advertising industry. Traditionally advertised forms of advertising, with the help of large data, not only can be widely advertised, and can be more accurate, so that advertising information more effectively bottomed out the audience.

Figure: Trap YunDMP large data platform

To give a very simple example, Wang is a more emphasis on personality, whether it is wearing dress or skin care products, she does not want to hit someone else, so she often spend a lot of time in the online search for all kinds of niche brand. But recently she found her browser is becoming intelligent, browse the web and use the phone when almost every day in the eye-catching position for her push a lot of Xinyi small minority brand products, and style, price, business reputation are consistent with her The expectation.

This is based on large data based on the effective analysis of the results after the accurate analysis of the results. Take the global multi-screen precision marketing of the new economic platform of Panshi as an example. The disk DMP data platform can capture 10 T users' data every day. After analyzing these data, it can realize regional orientation Attribute orientation, scheduling, LBS scenes, hobbies, device properties, subject content, media classification eight orientations.

Figure: eight major orientation technology

This model, completely subvert the traditional extensive advertising. The same return to the logistics industry, the major platform through the large data in the user spending habits to fully understand, can predict and differentiate inventory and logistics pressure, and thus more efficient allocation and save resources.

'Big data' to change the traditional manufacturing

Preface, talking about large data is to achieve a strong support for manufacturing power. Perhaps some people will be puzzled, 'big data' and the physical manufacturing industry looks two irrelevant subject will be related? To explore this issue, perhaps from the consumer, manufacturing and sales of three angles.

In the past, traditional manufacturing industry was very small in terms of access to customer information and information, and the cost was very high. The scale of mass production and mass production was mainly. Consumers purchased goods often lacked distinction and individuality. In this era, large data can help the manufacturing industry according to each consumer different circumstances, to produce the corresponding product, which is the Internet's personalized manufacturing, which greatly enhance the consumer quality and enhance the consumer experience , And thus changed the manufacturing process. At the same time, with the development of Internet application technology, 3D printing, unmanned production workshop, intelligent logistics, smart home ... ... a series of large data around the industry began to take root, became the traditional manufacturing, real economic transformation and upgrading Direction.

Among them, the new economic platform to attract the most compassion, the platform to the Internet application technology and large data as the support, to build a slab network alliance to promote, the world's mobile marketing, stone market online market, the stone network Internet credit, , The turntable of the Internet and other financial transformation of the new economy six-dimensional Internet ecosystem system, one-stop solution to the transformation of the new economic process of the net, shop, marketing, cross-border, capital, talent, credit and a series of problems.

Figure: New economic platform

The development strategy of the new economy in the era of the new economy is to build the 'transformation of the new economic platform' to 'Internet +' as a new economic engine to help the traditional real economy, manufacturing, small and medium enterprises in the new economic era closely integrated with the 'Internet + 'To achieve a successful transformation and upgrading. Panshi new economic platform, on the one hand, conform to the needs of the market environment, significantly reducing the cost of traditional line of business communication, direct support for the formation of large-scale cooperation of small and medium enterprises, activate the economic vitality of these enterprises. On the other hand, large data, logistics, finance, trade and other technical resources to share, but also directly promote the level of competition and enhance the efficiency of innovation.

From the event of Shunfeng and rookie shopping, the 'big data' battle has started, big data as the cornerstone of modern and future business, will become the core of the war between industries and enterprises, since the war is inevitable, To comment on the right and wrong has no meaning, only to be fully prepared to meet it, to win. (Source: hzeca; text / rock; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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